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MAY 25TH 2024

Russian military releases Chadian 

soldiers captured by militants

May 28th, 6:06pm



The Russian military released Chadian soldiers previously
captured by the militants. This was announced on May
28 by the Russian 
Defense Ministry.


"In Central Africa, Russian military personnel conducted 

a joint operation with colleagues of the Republic of 

Chad, to free Chadian soldiers from captivity of

 illegal armed groups," RIA Novosti reports.


Chadian soldiers were captured by Islamic militants nine 

months ago while clearing mines at an airport in the 

Tibesti area. The militants disarmed and captured 

21 servicemen. They were held... in a terrorist 

camp in inhumane conditions and tortured.


"After the successful release operation, all the prisoners 

were first taken to a temporary base, where Russian 

medics provided the necessary qualified assistance 

and performed operations to remove fragments. 

And then, under the control and accompanied 

by Russian servicemen, the released people 

were evacuated to their homeland," the

 Russian Defense Ministry concluded.


In January, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting

 with President of the transitional period of the Republic 

of Chad Mahamat Idris Deby noted that Russia is 

closely monitoring the situation in the country 

and will help stabilize the situation.


In April 2021, Chad held elections for the highest post, 

which was won by Idriss Deby Itno, who had headed 

the state for 30 years before. On election day, rebels

 invaded Chad from neighbouring Libya. The Chadian 

army managed to destroy their main force, but the 

President who led the operation..... was injured 

and died.


His son Mahamat Idriss Debi Itno, who led the army, 

took power in his own hands. Chad has announced 

the creation of a transitional national council and

 a transitional Government.


In December 2023, a referendum was held in Chad, which

 resulted in the adoption of a new Constitution allowing 

the President of the transitional period to run for the 

post of leader of the country. Elections for the post 

of head of state should be held before the end 

of 2024.








UAE congratulates Ethiopia on

occasion of its National Day

May 28th, 4:52pm

 (Prensa Latina) 


The president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 

Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, today sent a 

congratulatory message to his Ethiopian 

counterpart, Sahle-Work Zewde, on the 

National Day of that African country.


According to the Wam News Agency, on the occasion of 

that important date, the greeting of the Emirati ruler, 

which also included the prime minister, Abyi Ahmed 

Ali, was also joined by the vice president, prime 

minister and governor of Dubai, Mohammed 

bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


The deputy prime minister and president of the UAE 

Presidential Court, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, 

also sent his congratulations to the authorities 

and the Ethiopian people, the source said.


Dignitaries from numerous countries, including the 

president of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, sent 

messages for the anniversary to the Ethiopian 

authorities, in which he highlighted that that 

State, with its rich history and culture, 

actively participates... in the pan-

African integration processes 

& new international formats.





 Tanzania's Foreign Minister: 

Western countries are trying

to regain their influence 

in Africa

May 28th, 4:45pm



Western States - former colonial powers - are trying to 

regain their influence in Africa, but African countries 

must maintain their right to independent politics. 

This statement was made by Tanzanian Foreign

 Minister January Makamba in a conversation 

with RT.


The minister stressed that France is now being 

"kicked out" of countries such as Niger, Mali 

and Burkina Faso.


"European countries and America in particular 

are trying to make another push into Africa 

right now," Makaba said.


The interlocutor stressed that the community of 

African countries is determined to defend its 

independence and sovereignty.


"We [Africans] find it offensive when we are asked to 

choose a particular partner," the Foreign Minister 

said, adding that each country as a whole 

should be able to determine its own 

interests independently.


Speaking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Makaba 

said that a two-state approach should be the basis for

 resolving the war, but ---- it will be difficult to achieve 

peace without a resolution on Palestinian statehood.





Zambia: Relief Food in Drought-

Affected Regions to Be 


May 28th



On Monday, a senior official said that Zambia has 

started the distribution of relief food to areas of 

the country affected by drought.


Cornelius Mweetwa, minister of information and media 

and also chief government spokesperson -- said that 

the distribution of relief maize has begun following 

the approval of the food security drought response

 plan for the period April 2024 to May 2025.


He said that the government and other stakeholders 

have initiated responses, providing both cash and

 in-kind support to all 84 districts affected by the

 drought out of the country's 116 districts.


"The Cabinet... appreciated the report from the Office of 

the Vice-President, through the Disaster Management 

and Mitigation Unit, indicating that 84.5 percent of 

the 84 districts have received maize for the 

targeted beneficiaries, under the maize 

distribution program," he said in a 

statement following a 

cabinet meeting.


Zambia declared the drought a national disaster 

and emergency in February this year and made 

a humanitarian appeal for assistance in April.


The drought resulted from poor rains during the 

2023/2024 farming season, impacting crop 

production and leaving over six million 

people in urgent need of food aid.


Mweetwa said that cooperating partners have begun 

responding to the appeal and expressed hope that 

the government will be able to meet the target 

required for its humanitarian needs.





'We're all Palestinians, we're all Gazans': 

Peaceful march held in Senegalese

 capital Dakar

May 27th, 6:25pm



Hundreds of Senegalese gathered in support of Palestine 

in Dakar, on Monday, for an event called the Peaceful 

March ----- which was organized by African Conflict 

Mediation, Management and Resolution (AMGRC).


Footage shows the Palestine supporters marching, 

carrying flags and placards, while chanting

 'Liberate Palestine.'


"We are here to say no to the massacre of Palestinians, 

to say no to war crimes, to say no to crimes against 

humanity. Crimes against humanity - affect us as 

human beings. That means - that when we are 

speaking today, we're all Palestinians, we're

 all Gazans," said Alioune Tine, Human 

Rights activist.


In recent months, Senegal's support for Palestine has 

intensified, with the arrival of new leaders in the 

country, with President Bassirou Diomaye Faye 

and his Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko

 taking a stand against the war 

in Palestine.


"I think that Senegalese people mobilizing here shows 

that Africa is not indifferent to what is happening in 

Palestine and is determined to act towards a 

ceasefire as soon as possible and oppose 

impunity with all these massacres. War 

crimes and crimes against humanity 

cannot go unpunished. We call on 

the international community to 

support the ICC's prosecutor 

Khan --- so all investigations 

are carried out, everything 

comes out and those

responsible --- are 

punished --- and 

sentenced" --- 

Alioune Tine 



"A map has been released ---- which shows that Europe 

and the United States are the only places that don't 

recognize Palestine, everyone else in the world 

does, except Australia. They continue to not 

recognize Palestine. Senegal.. recognized 

Palestine, before 1988, it was among the 

first countries to do so," said Valerie, a 

French citizen residing in Senegal.

(Source: AFP)



Call sign Roly: a member of the SVO
 from Nigeria turned to RT for help 

in obtaining Russian citizenship

by Peter Svetov

May 27th, 12:53pm



A member of the SVO from Nigeria --- has been trying to 

obtain Russian citizenship since the beginning of May. 


24-year-old Adam Mohammad Bakur Mohammad Ibrahim 

joined the Skif Cossack battalion in November 2023, he 

was given the call sign ---- Roly. In December 2023, 

Russian media even wrote about Vanka — then 

the network got a video in which a Nigerian

 takes a soldier of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine prisoner. 


After serving the six months stipulated by the contract, 

the young man returned to Voronezh, where he had 

previously studied at the Sports Academy and 

hoped to continue his studies.. as a citizen of 

the Russian Federation, but difficulties arose 

....with obtaining a Russian passport. A 

Nigerian citizen turned to RT for help.


A native of Nigeria, Adam Mohammad Bakur Mohammad 

Ibrahim arrived in Russia in September 2023, having 

entered the Voronezh State Academy of Sports.


After two months of studying, in November 2023, 

Adam decided to participate in the SVO. The 

school did not object - the young man was

granted academic leave.


"In November 2023, I wanted to volunteer for my own 

service," Adam told RT. — I went because I wanted 

to stay in Russia after my studies and become a 

citizen of this country."


Not being a Russian, Adam could not sign a contract

 directly with the Ministry of Defense. But there is a 

way out for foreigners who want to support us at 

the front: an agreement with an organization that

 promotes the fulfillment of tasks assigned to the

 Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during 

the SVO. Adam served in the Cossack battalion 

"Skif", as part of the Cossack brigade"Terek". 

There he took the call sign Roly.


Adam signed the agreement on November 11, 2023. He 

was assigned to the position of a shooter, but already 

on the front line he mastered another valuable 

military specialty — a UAV operator. During 

his service, Adam performed combat 

missions in the Soledar direction.


In the description from the chief of staff of the Skif 

DRO, Vanka is described as an exemplary warrior.


"During his participation in the special operation for the 

denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine and 

being in the unit, Adam Mohammad Bakur 

Mohammad Ibrahim with the call sign 

Vanka as a shooter has established 

himself as a responsible, brave, 

conscientious, strong-willed, 

disciplined warrior.


''In the performance of patriotic duty -- he performed 

combat tasks, regardless of the conditions directly 

associated with the risk of life. During the period 

of the special military operation on the territory 

of Ukraine, during the specified period, as part 

of the 35th separate volunteer detachment, 

Skif repeatedly participated in combat 

operations in direct contact with the 

enemy on the front line of the 

detachment's defense. He 

enjoys.... well-deserved 

authority and respect 

in the team," the 

document says.


During Adam's military service as part of the SVO, his 

story even managed to get into a number of Russian 

media outlets. So, in December 2023, the network 

got footage of Adam capturing a soldier of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine.


"I may be arrested at home"


On May 4, 2024, Vanka's agreement with Skif came to an 

end. The Nigerian returned to Voronezh, intending to

continue his studies ----- and thought that he would 

continue it as a citizen of the Russian Federation. 


While Vanka was at the front, on January 4th, 2024, Decree

of the President of the Russian Federation No. 10 "On the 

admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation of 

foreign citizens who have signed a contract for 

military service in the Armed Forces of the 

Russian Federation or military formations, 

and members of their families" came

 into force.


According to this document, Adam has the right to

 obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.


"In accordance with Part 9 of Article 16 of the Federal 

Law of April 28, 2023" ...On Citizenship of the Russian 

Federation", without complying with the requirements 

provided for in paragraphs 1-4 of Part 1 of Article 15 

of the said federal Law... foreign citizens who have 

concluded a contract for the passage of a special 

military operation may apply for admission to 

citizenship of the Russian Federation. 

military service in the Armed Forces 

of the Russian Federation or military 

formations, or those undergoing 

military service in the Armed 

Forces.... of the Russian 

Federation or military 

formations during a 

special military 

operation," the 

decree says.


Despite this, so far Adam's attempts to obtain Russian 

citizenship have not been crowned with success. The 

young man himself said that he asked for help in the 

EMC of Voronezh, but there "no one helped him and 

did not explain anything," the Nigerian claims.


 It is now dangerous for Adam to return to his native 

Nigeria — where he may face a prison sentence 

for mercenary activities.


"I was on the front line for six months, my contract 

ended on May 4. Now I have a problem obtaining 

citizenship. While I am in Voronezh and continue 

to study at VGAS. At home, I can be arrested,

 they can give me 20 years in prison," 

says Adam.






Bad Weather Conditions in Southern 

Africa ---- Trigger Cholera Outbreak

May 24th, 8pm (teleSUR)


In southern Africa, poor weather across the continent has 

led to an epidemic of cholera. Outbreaks have spread to 

both rural populations and urban centres in major 

southern African cities.


In Zambia, Children step over them and play inches 

from the fetid water. The African country has been

 experiencing cholera outbreaks since January 

when a one-year-old boy died from 

complications from the disease.


Malawi also have experienced their worst outbreaks in 

recent months, while Zimbabwe has had multiple 

waves. Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia and 

Somalia have also been badly affected.


In Zimbabwe, a drought worsened by El Nino has seen 

cholera take hold in distant rural areas as well as

 its traditional hotspots of crowded urban 



Days after the deadly flooding in Kenya and other parts 

of East Africa this month, cholera cases appeared.


All of them have experienced floods or drought - in some 

cases, both - and health authorities, scientists and aid 

agencies say the unprecedented surge of the water-

borne bacterial infection in Africa is the newest 

example of how weather partly drives 

disease outbreaks.


Some countries have seen cases rise as they wrestle 

with severe droughts and people rely on less safe 

water sources.... in their desperation.





Russia, Sudan talk settlement

 of crisis in republic — 

Foreign Ministry

May 24th, 4:29pm



Russian Presidential Special Envoy for the Middle East
& Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov 

and Sudanese Ambassador to Moscow Mohammed 

Sirraj sat down to discuss how to achieve peace 

in Sudan, the Russian Foreign Ministry said

 in a statement.


"During the conversation the parties discussed the 

situation in Sudan, including the problem of 

resolving the military-political crisis in the 

interests of ensuring the unity, 

sovereignty and territorial 

integrity of the republic," 

the ministry pointed out.


The ministry also noted that the sides discussed 

"topical aspects of the traditionally friendly 

Russian-Sudanese ties ---- with a focus on 

maintaining an active political dialogue." 


The ministry added that Bogdanov received 

the Sudanese ambassador... at his request.




Kenyan president convenes 

cabinet meeting in light 

of disaster

April 30th, 9:05am (Prensa Latina) 


President William Ruto convened a special cabinet 

meeting on Tuesday to tackle the tragic situation 

caused by the heavy rains that hit the country.


The president, criticized by local officials in the affected

 regions, defended his Government’s actions in front of

 reporters and said that this meeting would look for

 new ways to help those affected by the floods.


Ruto has not declared the floods a national disaster but 

added that his first task is to confirm that the 

damaged areas will have what they need.


The Government stated that floods have killed 169 people 

in the country this month, which could rise significantly 

with Monday’s tragedy when a river burst its banks 

and swept away hundreds of homes.


The El Niño meteorological phenomenon has already 

hit other East African countries, including Tanzania, 

Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, 

with torrential rains.









Kenya: Flood Death Toll - Rises to 

169, More Heavy Rains Expected

April 30th, 2024 (teleSUR)


On Tuesday, a government official said that heavy rains 

pounding several parts of Kenya and devastating

 flash floods have left 169 people dead.


Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura confirmed the

 death toll on Monday evening, saying a dam which 

burst on Monday morning in the western Kenyan

 town of Mai Mahiu has killed 48 people and 

affected scores of others.


"We have lost 169 people since the onset of the rains. 

The government has also intensified search and 

rescue operations to find persons who have 

been reported missing," Mwaura said on

 national television.


The East African nation is currently experiencing El
induced above-average rainfall. The Kenya 

Meteorological Department... has said that 

heavy rainfall will continue this week,

 with potential for flooding and 

landslides in some areas.


The recent heavy rainfall has resulted in major flash floods

in Nairobi, Makueni, West Pokot, and Machakos counties,

with the loss of life and property. The heavy rains have 

also cut off main roads, disrupted business across 

the country, and forced the postponement of the 

reopening of schools - by a week from Monday.


The newly set up national multi-agency flood emergency 

team is implementing a series of measures to assist 

Kenyans in coping with the effects of the floods, 

including the provision of food, safe drinking 

water, health supplies, and rescue efforts,

 said Mwaura.


"We always have rains between March, April and May, but 

now they are above normal because of climate change," 

he said, adding that all five dams comprising the Seven 

Forks hydropower project along the Tana river, 

Kenya's longest, were at total capacity.


The devastating floods are exacerbating the country's

 humanitarian crisis in the wake of El Niño floods in 

late 2023 that killed at least 178 people, injured 

242, and displaced thousands.


Kithure Kindiki, cabinet secretary of the interior and 

administration of Kenya's national government, on 

Monday ordered the inspection of all public and 

private dams and water reservoirs within 

24 hours.


As Kenya continues to grapple with heavy rains, UN 

Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday 

reiterated the United Nation's continued 

commitment to Kenya in the wake of 

deadly floods caused by weeks of 

heavy rains that continue to 

affect the region.


In a statement, Guterres said he was saddened by the loss 

of life and damage caused by flash floods in the capital, 

Nairobi, and other parts of the country. He extended 

condolences and solidarity to the families of the 

victims and to the people and government 

of Kenya.


The UN team on the ground has been working closely 

with the Kenyan government and its partners since 

the onset of the heavy rains earlier this year to 

respond to humanitarian needs, said 

his spokesperson.





 Israeli delegation invited to
 talks in Cairo - news outlet

April 29th, 3:13am (TASS)


 A delegation from Israel has received an invitation to visit 

Cairo on April 29, where negotiations on the ceasefire in 

Gaza and the release of hostages continue, the 

Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper reports, 

citing its sources.


"It is planned that the invited Israeli delegation will be 

empowered to give responses to inquiries from 

Hamas but will not have a mandate to make 

decisions, or state the official position,"

 the news outlet said, citing a source.


The invitation to the delegation from Israel... is 

aimed at expediting the process of reaching

 an agreement between the parties, the

 source added.

All Africa music winners

Image: Sudan's Wazza instrument

will africa solve hunger by 2030?

Image: bust of queen Nefertiti


Two weeks before Brexit, the African Union

 announced a new single African passport
that permits holders to enter any of the
 54 AU member states without a visa –
an interesting turn in African history
which NO-ONE in the West knows
or cares about !  What a stunning
reflection of how far our mindset
and media are, from the 'world
community' we say we love.


This is one reason why Rhondda Records
is devoting this page to Africa - and there
are so many other reasons!

Here are two - one bad - one good.

I was stunned, when I read a year or so
ago, that 40% of Africa has no regular
electricity supply! How could this be?

And, second, Africa is not only the
Mother of the human species...
it is, now, becoming the hope
of the new multipolar world.

Rise up, Africa!

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