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Glynbyerful Male (voice) Choir's Very Own Page

Cun it be trew?

Someone with cartoon skills
and a correct view?


Oh... look out!
They're back!!!

The world infamous psychotic

recorded this at their
Christmas party...

and it shows.

They Said We Wouldn't Laugh...
at Armageddon - but the real
laugh is on the U.S. public...
as Karmala pushes all the
wrong buttons.

Fed up with your government?
Hate the Covid 19 mess?

Forget about it all, sink
back into your hovel,
and relax...

As we humbly present

A Special History of Wales...

Many years ago, we Welsh woz happy...

after workin' down ower sheep mines,
we would jus' sit on benches all day,
an' sing ower little hearts out.

Then we'd go the Labour club,
an' sing ower little hearts out
orl evenin', an' then we'd go
home, an' beat the missus
(at skrabl) - happy days!

Then God, in 'is infinite Wisdom, invented Tories,
an' ower lives turned to sh*t.

But - after many years of gettin' stuffed by wet
nobs - a miracle happened, an' Maggie came -

an' did us orl a big favour - by dyin.

So things could only get better, with Tony,
he said - but could we trust a man whose
name included two body parts?

We orl said "No Tony, no! Not in ower name!"

But would 'e listen to me, Gerald Snot, an' my mate,
Gorgonzola Crudass?
No, 'e wouldn't not would 'e.

So I left the Labour Party an'
Gorgonzola joined UKIP an'
started hatin' Muslims;-  it
just seemed the right
to do...

We saw this crowd carryin' on about politics...
but it all seemed so pointless, goin' to demos,
so we turned to pot, an' Blair turned to Brown,
an' then the Tories got back in, so we drank
a bit more... an' anyway, who did that (hic)
Corbyn tw*t think he was?

Wonder wot's on the telly? OOH, SHE's NICE !

Course, we woke up proper, when Angelina Jolie
wos on the telly - fancy her standin' against that
hippie hard left trot weaklin' Corbyn...

Then that Owe Smith stood up an' said the
weak hippie Trot could never be his leader
never, never, ever, ever, ever again.

Well! A fellow Welshman!
An' 'e sold drugs...

so me an' Gorgonzola joined the Labour Party
agen on a bargain 3 quid offer - magic, butt !!!

Then that other Marx brother, Red Miliband, backed
ower Owe --
Shock! Horror! We wuz confused...

(or wos it Moira Dundee?)

But then, butt, that NEC 'ad the neck
to chuck me an' Gorgonzola out of
the party - unless we paid 25 quid!

That's 2 bags an' a Bulmers !!!

So we joined the 'ippy for a larf !

Cor, wasn't that hustings a terrible trial?
So I've cut just this little bit for you...
followin' strict BBC guidelines of
fairness, of coarse.

That Smith wants a nuclear war - again !
He's triple-sh*t nuts !

I'm tellin' orl my mates about 'im...

Sod 'is drugs.

So orl of Wales started to realise that Smith
was a creep an' we orl joined Labour agen
an' Gorgonzola stood on an MP.

Wot a story.

Course, Angelina fell in love with Jeremy's prowess.
Wot a man !  'e's a future Prime Minister, or my
name's not Snot.

So.. The Tories May have dug up dirty Maggie agen...
butt wha' could we do about it, butt? We could NOT
purrup with it, so we called on ower comrades in the
S...  (I means Russia), to see if they 'ad enny inPut!

an' they did! Cummin' up with a Super-Slavonic tonic:
an' the good ol' rednecks saw Putin, an' wished they
'ad a real man jus' like 'im, so they invented Trump!

an' 'e fought the democrat's liberal humanitarian
WW3 causin' lesbian devil worshipper... an' won!

so we're orl filled up with love an' rejoinin' the Cath'lic church,
(to find out where they're 'idin' a certain war criminal... )

...an' that's the true history of Wales.

We orl looked forward to Jeremy being elected
as Prime Minister, in about fifty or sixty years.

Then horror of horrors as what looked like Thatcher's
corpse announced a quick flash election to beat
Labour back into financial fascism...

But wait -- THIS IS NOT AN ELECTION -- as
FIRM & STABLE May, kicks the traces: and
gets locked in the stable by Tory grandees!

What's happening to Theresa?

After Effects Animation | CLIENT PROJECT:
 The Poke | MayBOT by LeeDanielsART

So, Jeremy woz kicked out by the Zionist press

an' orl Labour's traitor MPs (that's most of em)

Donald an' Boris looked set to rule the Anglosphere
(otherwise known as the new white world order)
but now poor honest Don has been placed on
a conveyor belt to Hell (a US prison).

So Britain stands alone...
an' Wales is  ****ed

Croeso y chi !

Sum peepoles say Sir Keir is a sly treacherous Tory,
but we in the Glynbyerful (male) voice choir
believe he's not sly.



Plus, the world famous Glynbyerful Male (voice) Choir

appears at last (briefly) in their very own video !!!

As Glyn Glyn-Glyn their hyphenated superstar explains:

"Hiya peeps !

We've had special permission from Social Services
to appear in two stills of this movie, an' HOPE
YEW take FULL ADVANTAGE of this hysteric occasion.

Ower choir is completely composted of Glyns -
there's HUNDREDS of them (except for Nigel,
ower dyslexic poet, known as N. Glyn).

We're workin' flat out on ower album now, in a minute,
called "Peace On Yew" which - with good behaviour -
might be released in time for next Christmas!

Yours, (well, for 8 minutes,)

Yewer congenital Host,

Glyn Glyn-Glyn"

A song of eternal friendship.

(Well, it seems like it after a while)

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