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Journalist: To end war ------

prosecute UK, US officials

who wage(d) it illegally

October 22nd, 10:12pm (PressTV)


The world must finally put an end to the impunity of war

 criminals, by holding US and UK officials responsible 

for launching the illegal war on Iraq, done without

 the approval of the UN Security Council, and 

prosecuting them --- under the Nuremberg 

principles, US journalist Don DeBar said.


DeBar made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while

commenting on a report which has revealed that the British

military inquiries into abuse against Iraqi nationals... have

been closed without a single prosecution being brought,

even though the credibility of many "shocking and 

shameful incidents" during the war in the Middle 

Eastern country, have been confirmed.


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement 

this week that the Service Police Legacy Investigations, 

which was looking at claims of abuse in Iraq, had now 

"officially closed its doors."


In March 2003, the US and Britain invaded Iraq in blatant

 violation of international law and under the pretext of 

finding WMDs; but no such weapons were ever 

discovered in Iraq.


More than one million Iraqis were killed - as the result of

 the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq

--- according to the California-based investigative 

organization, Project Censored.


The US war in Iraq cost US taxpayers $1.7 trillion with

 an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war
expenses that could grow to more than
$6 trillion over the
 next four decades counting
interest, according to a study
 called Costs of
War Project  ---  by the Watson Institute for 

International Studies at Brown University.


DeBar told Press TV that the Iraq war 

was illegal from the very beginning.


"It is illegal for a nation to make war on another nation if it 

does not have the approval of the UN Security Council, if 

any of those nations are signatories to the original UN 

Charter. And it’s been adopted - that happened with 

the US, as a charter member of the UN -- and it was 

approved by the US Senate in the 1940s.

the US involvement in Iraq from
the beginning, and 
the UK involvement in Iraq
from the beginning, 
was illegal,” he said.


“And under the Nuremberg standards, which would then

 apply, each and every death consequent – intentional 

or not - to either US or UK military action there, or 

condoning of the US action there, by the media 

or public officials, or any act facilitating that, 

is an individual war crime. And, by the way,

 there’s a death penalty for that,” the 

journalist noted.


“No one will prosecute these people. That’s why I started

 with the word impunity. And we might bookend with that

 because that’s the problem. And until the world puts an

 end to that impunity, until the world sees the major 

contradiction in all international relations, is US, 

UK, and EU imperialism, then it’s going to 

continue until this eats our species,” 

he stated.


A damning White House memo had revealed details of the

 so-called “deal in blood” forged by former British Prime

 Minister Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush

 over the Iraq war.


The document, titled “Secret... Memorandum for the

 President”, was sent by then-US Secretary of State 

Colin Powell to President Bush on March 28th,
a week before Bush’s summit with Blair
at his 
Crawford ranch in Texas.


The sensational memo, revealed that Blair had agreed to

 support the war a year before the invasion even started

 while publicly, the British prime minister was working
 find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.


The document also disclosed that Blair agreed to act as a

 spin doctor for Bush and convince a skeptical public that 

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass

 Destruction, which actually did not exist.


In response, Bush would flatter Blair and give the 

impression that London was not Washington’s 

poodle but an equal partner in the

 “special relationship.”


Powell told Bush that Blair “will be with us” on the 

Iraq war, and assured the president that “"the UK 

will follow our lead in the Middle East."


Blair has always denied the claim that he and Bush 

signed a deal “in blood”, at Crawford, to launch a 

war against Iraq that began on March 20th, 2003, 

that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.


The Powell memo, however, showed how Blair and 

Bush secretly prepared the Iraq war plot behind 

closed doors at Crawford.


Powell told Bush: “He will present to you the strategic, 

tactical and public affairs lines, that he believes will 

strengthen global support for our common cause.”


Image: Free Assange human chain rocks British capital



 Julian Assange wins High Court bid 

to appeal against extradition to US 

over spying charges

by Amy-Clare Martin

(May 21st, 3:42pm

(The Independent)


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has won a last-

ditch bid to appeal his extradition to the US 

to face espionage charges.


High Court judges on Monday granted him permission to 

appeal his removal to the US where he is being 

prosecuted over an alleged conspiracy to 

obtain and disclose national defence 

information over the publication of 

hundreds of thousands of leaked 

documents on the Afghanistan 

and Iraq wars.


The decision has granted the 52-year-old a reprieve in 

order for lawyers to challenge his extradition at a full 

appeal hearing at a later date.


It was feared he could have been put on a plane within 

days if his bid was denied. However, his legal team 

had vowed ---- to apply to the European Court of 

Human Rights for an emergency injunction to

halt his removal, if they were unsuccessful.


Members of Mr Assange’s legal team and family, including

 his wife Stella Assange and his father John Shipton, 

could be seen embracing after the ruling.


Hundreds of supporters gathered outside the Royal Courts

 of Justice for the crunch hearing on Monday, with cheers 

erupting after the judgment was handed down.


Addressing crowds Ms Assange accused the US of 

“fumbling through their arguments” and “trying to 

paint lipstick on a pig”, adding: “Today marks a 

turning point.”


“Julian must be freed. The case should be abandoned.

 He should be compensated,” she told supporters.


“He should be given the Nobel Prize and he should walk

 freely with the sand beneath his feet. He should be 

able to swim in the sea again. Free Assange.”


The victory comes after lawyers for the Australian-born 

publisher, who is being held at high security prison 

HMP Belmarsh, asked for the go-ahead to 

challenge a previous ruling over his 

extradition in a two-day hearing 

in February.


His team claim that he could face up to 175 years in prison 

if he is convicted of publishing hundreds of thousands 

of leaked documents and argue that the decision to

 prosecute him is “state retaliation” for his 

political views.


Last month Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Johnson 

dismissed most of Mr Assange’s legal arguments but 

said that unless assurances were given by the US 

he would be able to bring an appeal on 3 grounds.


These assurances were that Mr Assange would be

 protected by and allowed to rely on the first 

amendment – which protects freedom of 

speech in the US --- that he is not 

“prejudiced at trial” ...due to his 

nationality, and that the death 

penalty is not imposed.


Judges later confirmed the US had provided an 

assurance to the court, however Ms Assange 

dismissed the promises as “blatant 

weasel words”.


Edward Fitzgerald KC, representing Mr Assange in the

 latest hearing... accepted a promise that he would not

 face the death penalty but insisted other assurances 

provided by the US were “blatantly inadequate”.


On the issue of whether he would be prejudiced by reason

 of his nationality or use the first amendment as a defence

 at trial, Mr Fitzgerald said: “This isn't an assurance at all. 

It assures only that Mr Assange ‘may seek to’ raise the 

first amendment.”


He added: “What needs to be conclusively removed is the 

risk that he will be prevented from relying on the first 

amendment on grounds of nationality.”


However James Lewis KC, for the US government, insisted

 that Mr Assange’s conduct was “simply unprotected” by

 the first amendment.


In written submissions, Mr Lewis said: “The position of the

 US prosecutor is that no-one, neither US citizens nor

 foreign citizens, are entitled to rely on the first 

amendment in relation to publication of 

illegally obtained national defence 

information - giving the names of 

innocent sources to their grave

 and imminent risk of harm.”


At the hearing on Monday, the two judges granted 

Mr Assange permission to appeal --- over the 

freedom of speech and nationality points.


Mr Assange was not present at the hearing in London, 

with his barrister telling the court that “for health

 reasons, he has decided not” to attend.


In February Mark Summers and Mr Fitzgerald, for Mr

Assange, had argued ---- that the US was trying to 

suppress those who were “willing and prepared”

to hold officials to account for alleged wrong

-doing during the..... “war on terror”. 

“Mr Assange was one of those

 targets,” they said.


However, lawyers for the US said Mr Assange had put lives

 at imminent risk by publishing the names of those who 

had helped the country... in unredacted classified 

documents in “one of the largest compromises 

of classified information in the history of the 

United States”.


“These were documents that disclosed to the world the 

unredacted names of human sources who'd provided 

information to the US,” C. Dobbin KC told the court, 

adding.... that this separates Mr Assange from The 

New York Times and other news outlets ---- which 

also published information exposed by WikiLeaks.


Ms Assange previously warned... that the outcome of the

appeal bid ------- is life or death for her husband – whose 

health has deteriorated in prison, where he spends 22
hours a day in confinement. He has been in prison 

since he was removed from the Ecuadorian 

embassy in 2019.


Following the victory on Monday she said the case was

 “taking an enormous toll on Julian” and that he had 

been in Belmarsh Prison in southeast London

 for over five years.


She continued: “We are relieved as a family that the 

courts took the right decision today but how long 

can this go on for?”


watch the above video for inspiration!




War's continuation means

------ more Israeli captives

May 28th, 9:38pm

(Al Mayadeen English)


Hamas senior official Bassem Naim highlights that 

Hamas' position on negotiations, alongside other 

factions, relies on the fighters' legendary 

performance on the battlefield.



Hamas senior official Bassem Naim affirmed on Tuesday 

that the continuation of the Israeli aggression "means 

more Israeli captives in the hands of  the Palestinian 

resistance in the Gaza Strip."


In an interview for Al Mayadeen, he responded to

 comments from Israeli Channel 12 --- regarding 

"Israel's" readiness for a long-term ceasefire, 

saying that "Israeli manipulation of words is 

unacceptable, as it must be clear from the 

beginning that a complete ceasefire 

is demanded."


Naim highlighted that Hamas' position on negotiations, 

alongside other factions, relies on the fighters' 

legendary performance on the battlefield.


He also noted the movement's previous acceptance 

of a proposal that met Palestinian aspirations.


The senior official confirmed that no one has contacted 

the movement recently, and no new proposals were 

made, underscoring the movement's unwillingness 

to engage in new negotiations while "Israel"

 occupies the Rafah crossing.


Naim added, "We are not prepared to open the door 

to discuss any new proposals, as per Benjamin 

Netanyahu's tactics which he adopted over 

recent months."


Furthermore, he clarified that the Resistance "will not 

accept using negotiations as a means to let the 

enemy buy more time to proceed with its plans 

against the Palestinian people," emphasizing 

that the priority for the Resistance is

 "protecting the Palestinian people 

from massacres."


Naim pointed out in his exclusive interview with Al 

Mayadeen that there is "an Israeli attempt to cover 

up the massacres against our people by claiming 

that there is a recent movement towards



Earlier today, a top Hamas official told Al Mayadeen 

that the Resistance movement is yet to receive any

 ceasefire proposals from the ongoing indirect 

talks with the Israeli occupation.


In the same context, a source in Hamas, speaking to 

Al Mayadeen, denied the return to the negotiations 

on Tuesday.... as claimed by Israeli media.


Earlier, a senior Palestinian Resistance source, told Al
Mayadeen that the Israeli occupation is not serious in 

its attempts to return to negotiations, emphasizing 

Hamas' insistence on stopping Israeli massacres 

against the people of Gaza.


The senior source emphasized that Hamas "believes that

 Israel is not serious" about reaching a deal, perceiving 

"Israel's" maneuvers as attempts to obscure and

 justify its continued perpetration of criminal 

acts against the Palestinian people.


This comes after conflicting reports have been handled 

by Israeli media, whose source appears to all be 

journalist Barak Ravid., who himself, in a post 

on X, denied that any negotiations are set for

 later this week ----- right after announcing 

their resumption. 


Negotiations expected to renew?


CIA Director Bill Burns met with Mossad Chief David

 Barnea in Washington and upon the latter's return, 

Israeli i24 News and Barak Ravid both noted that, 

according to Israeli officials, "Israel", the US, and 

Qatar had agreed to resume indirect negotiations 

with Hamas on the release of Israeli settlers and 

soldiers held captive in the Gaza Strip, the 

liberation... of Palestinian detainees in 

Israeli prisons, and a potential truce

 in Gaza.


According to reports, the upcoming round of talks, which 

the US, "Israel", and Qatar are reportedly ready to hold

 is set to be mediated by Egypt and Qatar following the 

Paris Paper put forward by CIA Director Burns,

 Mossad Chief Barnea, and Qatari Prime 

Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman 

Al Thani.


On that note, Ravid stressed that the mediation 

will include the "active involvement of the US."


Ravid, shortly after, posted that the Biden administration 

was surprised by the Israeli announcement about the 

resumption of negotiations on a captives deal.


Allegedly, the Israeli occupation's war cabinet has 

expanded the mandate of the Israeli negotiating

 team. Initially, it was claimed, that Israeli 

occupation PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, 

opposed this expansion, but he was 

swayed by widespread support for 

the move and the recent release 

of a video by the Palestinian 

Resistance movement 

al-Qassam Brigades.



Source: Al Mayadeen







US says --- Israeli massacres in 

Rafah not to impact aid, policy

May 28th, 9:47pm

(Al Mayadeen English)


The US underlines that the death, destruction, 

and despair in Rafah ----- just as elsewhere in 

Gaza, will not waiver its policy on "Israel".


The Biden administration....... merely expressed deep 

concern on Tuesday over a deadly Israeli airstrike in 

Rafah, Gaza, labeling it "beyond tragic." However,

 despite the death and paramount destruction -- 

officials stated that the recent massacres do 

not signify a major operation that crosses 

established red lines.


National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, 

addressing reporters at the White House, 

reiterated the declared Israeli claim

 that the bombing of refugee tents 

in Rafah, which was said to be a 

safe area, was a "mistake."


"The Israelis have said... this is a tragic mistake," Kirby 

noted when asked if the weekend's events constituted 

the "death and destruction" US officials had warned

 against, completely adopting the Israeli narrative 

without the slightest bit of due diligence.


Kirby emphasized the absence of a specific "measuring 

stick" or quota for such incidents, but stressed the 

importance of avoiding a major ground operation 

in Rafah that could lead to extensive damage 

and significant loss of life. "We have not 

seen that yet," he said, continuing 

to ignore the civilian deaths and 

practically saying... they would 

only count --------- in light of 

an invasion.


When questioned about whether recent ground 

operations in Rafah... would lead to the US 

withdrawing military aid, Kirby affirmed, 

"I believe that's what I've been 

saying here."


Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking at a ceremonial 

event in Washington, called the Israeli airstrike on 

Sunday "beyond tragic," after it caused a fire in

 a tent camp in Rafah, killing 45 Palestinians, 

many of whom were burnt to death.


Kirby warned of the potential for the Israeli occupation to

 become increasingly isolated on the international stage

 due to the manner of its operations. "So this is of
concern, clearly, because it's not in Israel's 

best interest," he said.


"And it's not in our best interest for Israel to become 

increasingly isolated on the world stage."


Rafah massacre


On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces 

committed a new massacre against dozens of 

displaced persons by bombing their tents set 

up in UNRWA warehouses in Rafah, southern

 Gaza Strip, an alleged safe zone.


The Government Media Office reported that the Israeli 

occupation committed a horrific massacre through 

the... concentrated and deliberate bombing of a 

centre for the forcibly displaced, established 

in UNRWA barracks, northwest of Rafah 

Governorate. The centre was bombed 

with more than seven missiles and 

large bombs, each weighing more 

than 2,000 pounds of explosives.


According to the Government Media Office, this violent 

bombing led to the martyrdom of dozens and caused 

numerous injuries, some of which are very serious,

 indicating a confirmed rise in the number of 

martyrs from this massacre.


In turn, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that 

there were a large number of martyrs and injured due 

to the occupation's airstrike on the displaced 

persons' camp in Rafah, noting that the 

search for missing persons at the site 

remains ongoing.


Palestinian media also reported that "a large number 

of martyrs and injured are still in the camp --- while
ambulance & civil defense teams are struggling 

to reach them," adding that "the fires are still 

burning in the camp due to the bombing."


The Gaza Civil Defense announced that it had 

transported at least 50 people, including 

martyrs and injured ---- as a result of the 

occupation's bombing of the displaced 

persons' camp in Rafah, revealing that

 the targeted area includes 100,000 

displaced persons.



Source: Agencies







UN reinforces support to UNRWA 

before Israel attempts to

 discredit it

May 28th, 4:42pm 

(Prensa Latina) 


The UN today reiterated its support for its Palestinian 

Refugee Agency (Unrwa) in the face of Israel's 

attempts to designate it as a 

"terrorist organization."


Seeing a preliminary vote within the Israeli parliament 

for this purpose --- the spokesman for the Secretary 

General of the United Nations (António Guterres), 

Stéphane Dujarric, insisted on the fundamental 

role played by UNRWA.


The Agency, considered the main UN actor in the 

occupied territories, has been working since 

1950 with the aim of deploying aid programs 

and direct works for Palestinian refugees.


The UN has defended the neutrality of that entity in

 the face of the discredit campaign by the Israeli 

authorities, who for their part are pressing to

 end its operations.


Last January, accusations disclosed by Israel linking 

several of its members to the Hamas group, caused 

a pause in funding from major donors at a key time

 to meet needs such as food, water, shelter and 

medicine for civilians in Gaza.


However, most countries - except the US and UK - 

resumed support in the absence of solid evidence.


According to Guterres’ spokesperson, the new 

designation attempt --- could compromise the 

Agency’s essential humanitarian operations.


“If UNRWA can no longer operate in Gaza or the 

occupied West Bank, Israeli authorities, as the

 occupying power, will have to assume 

responsibility for many of those 

operations,” he said.


Dujarric expressed concern about the consequences 

of these acts after several attacks against UNRWA 

facilities in Jerusalem were also reported.


In early May, UNRWA Commissioner, General Philippe 

Lazzarini announced the closure of the organization’s 

headquarters in East Jerusalem after an arson attack.


Israeli residents set fire to the perimeter twice while

the institution’s own workers put out the flames --- 

due to the delay of the firefighters, he explained 

at the time.


The fire was preceded by a violent 

protest that same week.


According to the UNRWA chief, nearly 160 Agency 

premises have been damaged or completely 

destroyed in Gaza since the outbreak of 

hostilities on October 7 --- and at least 

400 people have died while seeking

 the protection of the UN flag.






Global echoes of recognizing 

a Palestinian state

May 28th, 2:41pm

(Al Mayadeen English)


The actions taken on Tuesday by Ireland, Spain, and 

Norway, announced last week, are likely to pressure 

other European nations, such as the UK, France, 

and Germany, to join them in supporting 

Palestinian self-determination.


The prospects for the Palestinian people achieving their 

state might seem more distant than ever amid the 

ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza ....and the 

escalating violence against Palestinians

 in the occupied West Bank.


However, several European countries are moving forward 

with the formal recognition of a Palestinian state. The 

actions taken on Tuesday by Ireland, Spain, and 

Norway - announced last week - are likely to 

pressure other European nations, such as 

the UK, France, and Germany, to join 

them in supporting Palestinian



Dive deeper


Most countries — approximately 139 in total — formally 

recognize a Palestinian state. On May 10, 143 out of 

193 United Nations General Assembly members 

voted in favor of a Palestinian bid for full UN 

membership, a status that is available only 

to states.


Currently -- Palestine holds an enhanced observer status 

at the UN, which allows them a seat but no voting rights 

in the assembly. Additionally, Palestine is recognized by 

various international organizations, including the Arab 

League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.


A minority of European countries already recognize a 

Palestinian state. These include Hungary, Poland, 

Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia.... and 

Bulgaria, which adopted this stance in 1988, 

as well as others like Sweden and Cyprus.


However, many European nations and the United States 

have stated that they will recognize a Palestinian state 

only as part of a comprehensive political resolution to 

the Middle East struggle. This approach is often 

referred to as the "two-state solution".


The big picture


European countries and the US have different views on 

when to recognize a Palestinian state. Ireland, Spain, 

and Norway are choosing to do so now to jump-start 

a political process. They believe that a lasting 

solution to the current crisis --- will only be 

possible if both sides can work towards

 a political goal. These countries... are 

also responding to domestic political 

pressures to show greater support

 for Palestinians.


Historically, many Western countries held the position 

that Palestinian statehood should be a reward for a 

final peace agreement. However, Lord Cameron, 

the UK Foreign Secretary, along with officials 

from several other European countries, have 

recently shifted their stance. They now 

suggest that recognizing Palestinian 

statehood earlier could help to

generate momentum toward 

achieving a political 



In February, French President, Emmanuel Macron, stated, 

"The recognition of a Palestinian state is not a taboo for 

France." Earlier this month, France supported 

Palestinian membership in the UN during 

the General Assembly vote. 


The central debate behind the scenes seemingly 

revolves around the timing of recognizing a

 Palestinian state.


As of last week, several additional European countries 

now support the establishment of a Palestinian state.


Spain's top diplomat announced that Spain, Ireland, and 

Norway will collectively deliver a "firm" response to 

"Israel's" angry reaction to their decision to 

recognize a Palestinian state.


The plans announced last week by these three countries

 provoked a furious response from "Israel" ------ with its

 Foreign Minister Israel Katz notably posting several 

contentious messages on X, the platform formerly

 known as Twitter.


Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares criticized 

Katz for attempting to deflect attention away from

 Israeli actions.


"I am well aware that my Israeli colleague has spent days

 creating provocations, posting vile false allegations on 

social media about our government and the Irish and 

Norwegian governments," Albares said.


"I totally get his strategy ..... that rather than talking about 

a Palestinian state, a ceasefire, releasing hostages and 

access to humanitarian aid, we focus on (Israel's) 

online posts and provocations," he added.


He went on to say that the three governments would 

issue "a coordinated response... which will be calm

 but firm."



Source: News websites + Agencies









Did 'Israel' cross Biden's red line

in Rafah? White House ''unsure'' 

May 28th, 2:26pm

(Al Mayadeen English)


The Biden administration is still assessing 

whether killing 45 Palestinian civilians in 

refugee camps crossed Joe Biden's 

red line or not.


United States President Joe Biden and his administration 

are yet to put out a final statement on the Israeli strike

 that killed at least 45 forcibly displaced Palestinians

 who were living in camps set up in Rafah on Sunday. 


Two US officials told Axios that the Biden administration 

is still assessing whether the blatant murdering of 

displaced people in makeshift camps... is a 

violation of Biden's "red line". Nearly two 

days have passed since the attack 

occurred on Sunday --- showing 

clearly, Biden's intent to draw 

a line in the sand..... to the 

Israeli attack on Rafah.


It is important to note that the Biden administration 

conducts its own investigations of such incidents, 

hundreds of which have occurred in the Gaza 

Strip over the past eight months, yet has 

failed to condemn any of them as war 

crimes or genocidal actions. 


For some, the Israeli attack on the campsite in Rafah did 

not only test Biden's "red line" but also came as a direct 

response to the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) 

order demanding "Israel" halt its military operation

 in Rafah. 


Israeli occupation forces said that the incident is being 

investigated, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 

said that the  multiple firing was "a tragic mistake."


A US official said that the White House is still in the 

process of determining what exactly happened in 

order to decide if the blatant crime warrants US 

action. If it does, one must ask why other well-

documented crimes condemned by

 international organizations do 

not warrant US action. 


Despite what Israeli and US officials are leading the 

public to believe, the incident is not an isolated 

case, in fact following Sunday night, the Israeli 

regime intensified its bombing of Rafah, in 

what has been described as the most

 intense bombardment campaign 

on the city.


Israeli crimes are not isolated incidents


Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported that Israeli forces 

concentrated their attacks on the western part of Rafah, 

unleashing relentless airstrikes and shelling that 

persisted for hours without pause, resulting in

 dozens of martyrs and wounded.


Forcibly displaced families were also entrapped due to 

the nonstop bombing preventing rescue teams and 

medics from reaching them. The vicinity of the 

Emirati Hospital in western Rafah was heavily 

targeted by Israeli artillery, while quad-

copters roamed around the facility 

opening fire at civilians and 

journalists trying to flee 

the area.


Israeli military vehicles stormed the area covered by 

intense shelling, which directly hit several homes.


Occupation forces also stormed the cemetery of the 

Zaarib family and exhumed a number of graves.


Additionally, Israeli artillery targeted the Tell al-Sultan 

neighbourhood in western Rafah with dozens of shells, 

two of which hit houses in the Saudi neighbourhood.


 The occupation forces shelled the Indonesian field 

hospital, while aircraft simultaneously targeted 

ambulances and civil defense crews near the 

Tell al-Sultan police station. Forces fired 

shells and opened fire at the Tell al-

Sultan clinic, trapping the medical 

staff and over 70 displaced 

persons inside.


Several people were martyred as a result of Israeli 

attacks on tents sheltering forcibly displaced 

families in Tell al-Sultan. Meanwhile, due to 

artillery shelling, a fire broke out in the 

Abu Marqa residential building and 

nearby agricultural greenhouses.


Additionally, helicopters directed heavy machine gunfire 

at the eastern and southeastern areas of Rafah. 


Moreover, The Israeli forces launched fire belts targeting 

the Brazil neighbourhood in eastern Rafah, causing fires 

in the area. They also targeted the Yebna and Shaboura 

refugee camps in the city centre.


All of these war crimes occurred, while a White House

 committee studied the events leading up to the crime

 on Sunday, to no avail. 




Source: Axios









Israeli economy shrouded with

 uncertainty, hanging by... 

a thread

May 28th, 1:21pm

(Al Mayadeen English)


The Israeli occupation is suffering from an economic 

downturn mostly due to its war on Gaza, leaving

 policymakers incapable of taking 

effective measures.


The Bank of Israel has assessed that there are "several 

risks of potential acceleration in inflation" ---- most of 

which are directly linked to the Israeli war on Gaza. 


This includes possible geopolitical developments and 

their effects on economic activity, a depreciation in 

the shekel, continued supply constraints on 

activity in the construction and air travel 

industries, fiscal developments, and 

global oil prices. 


Moreover, government spending economic easing

 policies are pushing inflation to the top of the 

Israeli regime's 1% to 3% target range after 

a two-month acceleration. 


According to Bloomberg, the Israeli shekel's historical 

volatility (HV), which measures how much traded 

prices... move away from a central or moving 

average price, currently stands at 10%, 

the agency added. 


Moreover, "Israel's" wartime bill has amounted to 

$16 billion, swelling its budget deficit over the 

past 12 months to 7% of the gross domestic 

product (GDP) for that period, as of April.


In the meantime, the Governor of the Central Bank 

continues to call on the government to adopt a 

responsible fiscal policy, amid substantial 

defense spending.


In this context, the Bank of Israel said that it expects 

the total annual deficit "to continue to climb in the 

coming months and to converge back to an 

environment similar to the current one 

toward the end of 2024."


However, the statement did say that notable deviations

 in security expenditures will undercut its expectations. 


Prices in Israeli markets are rising just as the country's 

economic outlook worsens after some recovery in the

 first quarter. The length and severity of the ongoing 

Israeli aggression on both the Gaza Strip and 

Lebanon have shrouded the economy with

 uncertainty, according to Bloomberg. 


Various industries, from construction to retail, are being 

affected by the war. As a result, economic growth is 

expected to slow down in the coming months, 

while the economy is still 2.8% smaller than

 it was before the war.


The Bank of Israel predicts the economy will grow by 2% 

this year, but S&P Global Ratings and Moody's Investors

 Service expect much weaker growth, closer to 0.5% 

to 0.6%.


However, the central bank has less ability to stimulate 

the economy now because inflation is rising. In April, 

inflation reached 2.8%, the highest this year.


 A central bank survey found that expectations for price 

increases over the next year rose for the fifth straight 

month in May, reaching 3%. This has significantly 

affected prices for foods, especially dairy 

products, and air travel. 


Given the severe economic challenges posed by war-

time expenditures and geopolitical uncertainties, 

policymakers in "Israel" find it increasingly 

challenging - to implement the necessary 

adjustments for economic recalibration.



Source: Bloomberg








Egyptian Nasserist Party ---- calls for 

cancellation of Camp David Accords

May 28th, 12:29pm

(Al Mayadeen English)


Following the martyrdom of an Egyptian soldier on the 

border with Palestine, the United Nasserist Party 

calls for a list of demands to be implemented

 in support of the Palestinian people.


The United Nasserist Party in Egypt condemned the 

"disgraceful positions" of Arab regimes, especially 

on the Israeli invasion of the southernmost city
the Gaza Strip, Rafah. 


The movement pointed out that Arab states are "true 

partners" in the genocidal crimes committed by the 

Israeli regime against the Palestinian people in 

the Gaza Strip.


In a statement, the movement rejected the stance of the 

Egyptian government, saying that it has not taken any 

decisive and deterrent measures that reflect "the 

prestige and value of Egypt."


Specifically, the United Nasserist Party pointed ---- to the 

inaction of the Egyptian government vis-à-vis the Israeli 

invasion of Rafah, which it believes has encroached on 

Palestinian lives and Egyptian national security.


Regarding the latter, the Nasserist movement is referring 

to the fact - that the invasion of Rafah along the

 Palestinian-Egyptian border and the Israeli 

occupation of the Rafah border crossing 

are actions that violate the terms of 

the Camp David agreement and 

Egyptian sovereignty. 


On that issue, the statement pointed to the recent 

clashes between Egyptian troops and Israeli 

occupation forces near the border, which 

led to the martyrdom of at least one

Egyptian soldier. 


The movement said that the martyred soldier should 

be hailed as "a symbol and embodiment of Egypt's

national conscience - and its steadfast doctrine 

in war and struggle against the enemy."


In this context, the Egyptian United Nasserist Party

 called for a series of actions to be taken by the

 Egyptian government, including:


Severing all ties with the Israeli regime, canceling all 

treaties, foremost of which are the "shameful" Camp 

David Accords and "peace agreement", and

criminalizing all forms of relations and 

normalization with "the 

Zionist enemy";


Providing all forms of support to the 

valiant Palestinian Resistance;


Asserting Egypt's sovereign rights over the Rafah border

 crossing by opening it for humanitarian aid and the 

transfer of injured people without coordination 

with the Israeli regime;


Lifting the security restrictions imposed on the citizens 

and releasing the prisoners of conscience, especially 

those detained due to their participation in 

pro-Palestine protests;


Supporting campaigns boycotting the companies 

and products affiliated with the Israeli regime.


The movement also affirmed the right of the Egyptian 

and Arab people to utilize all means and methods of 

expression in support of the Palestinian people 

and their Resistance. 



Source: Al Mayadeen







Iran's acting FM urges Muslim elite’s 

pressure on Israel ----- to end 

Gaza brutalities

May 28th, 12:11pm



Iran's acting Foreign Minister, Ali Bagheri Kani, has called

upon scholars in the Muslim world to explore all available

 avenues and exert more pressure on the Israeli regime 

in order to stop its onslaught against Palestinians in 

the Gaza Strip.


Bagheri Kani made the appeal during a meeting with

 former Iraqi prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi

 in Tehran on Monday evening,.


During the meeting, the Iranian diplomat pointed to the 

strategic changes and developments that have taken 

shape at regional and international levels following 

Operation al-Aqsa Storm launched by Gaza-based 

Palestinian resistance groups on October 7 last 

year, and Operation True Promise, through 

which Iran made Israel pay the cost 

ofthe criminal attack against its 

embassy in the Syrian capital.


On April the 1st, the Israeli regime carried out terrorist 

airstrikes on the consular section of Iran's embassy 

in the Syrian capital Damascus, which killed two 

IRGC generals, Brigadier General Mohammad 

Reza Zahedi and General Mohammad Hadi 

Haji Rahimi, as well as five of their

 accompanying officers.


In retaliation, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) 

targeted the occupied territories on April 13th --- with a 

barrage of missiles and drones. The retaliatory strikes, 

dubbed Operation True Promise, inflicted damage on

 Israeli military bases across the occupied 

Palestinian territories.


Bagheri Kani underlined ---- that prominent thinkers and 

elites of the Muslim world must play much greater role, 

and heap pressure on Israel and its sponsors, above 

all the United States, so that the occupying regime

would stop its crimes and genocide in the

Palestinian territories.








Trump vows to crush pro-Palestinian

 protests, throw Out protesters 

if re-elected

May 28th, 10:51am



Former US president Donald Trump, has vowed to suppress
ongoing pro-Palestinian demonstrations in US universities,
saying that he will “throw out” students who attend the
protests, if he was elected back to office.


Speaking to a small group of predominantly Jewish donors
at an event, Trump said he will deport all pro-Palestinian
student protesters to ensure that they “behave.”


“One thing I do is, any student that protests, I throw them
out of the country. You know, there are a lot of foreign
students. As soon as they hear that, they’re going to
Trump said.


Trump, 77, who is the presumptive Republican candidate,
referred to the protests against Israel's genocide in
Gaza as a "radical revolution" and assured donors
that he would set the movement back 25 or 30
years with their support in defeating Joe
Biden in the upcoming presidential
election in November.


“If you get me re-elected, we’re going to set that movement
back 25 or 30 years,” Trump replied, according to the
Washington Post, which first reported the event.


In recent months, demonstrations against the Gaza war
have rocked various educational institutions throughout
the US. The movement began at Columbia University
in New York, where the use of tent enclosures and
campus occupations led to the disruption of the
final weeks of classes and the cancelation
of the graduation ceremony.


The ex-president commended the New York police for their
efforts in clearing the encampments at Columbia
University and suggested that other cities
should follow suit. “It has to be
stopped now," stated


Republicans have been actively attempting to turn the
campus protests into a focal point of the upcoming
election, portraying them as a representation of
"chaos" running rampant under
Biden's leadership.


According to The Washington Post, Republican donors
have urged Trump to adopt a more assertive position
in backing Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.


Trump has also reportedly told the donors in private
that he backs Israel's right to persist in its
ongoing genocide.


His latest remarks do not mark the first occasion he
has shown backing for Israel during the ongoing
Gaza conflict, as in a previous interview on Fox
News in March Trump declared his unwavering
support for Israel and endorsed their military
actions against Gazans, stating that “you
to finish the problem.”








OIC urges UN Security Council to 

‘assume responsibilities’ after 

Rafah massacre

May 28th, 10:22am



The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has 

denounced the Israeli military’s recent airstrike 

on tents housing displaced people in the city 

of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, as a 

“heinous massacre,” calling on the UN 

Security Council to assume its 

responsibilities to force the 

regime into stopping its

 acts of aggression. 


The 57-member OIC said in a statement on Tuesday that 

those responsible for the war crime attack on the camp 

in Rafah must be held to account and face international 

criminal law.


“The Secretary-General held the Israeli occupation 

accountable for the consequences of its crimes, 

terrorist practices -- and brutal attacks against

the Palestinian people, which are inconsistent

with all human values,” the intergovernmental 

body noted.


“The OIC --------- renewed its call on the international 

community, especially the UN Security Council, to 

assume its responsibilities in compelling Israel to 

implement the orders of the International Court
Justice ---- to stop this Israeli aggression 

immediately,” it added.


Rafah, situated on Gaza's southern border with Egypt,

 is home to about a million displaced Palestinians 

who have fled from the rest of the besieged 

territory amid a genocidal Israeli war.


The Rafah carnage came two days after the 

International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered

 Israel to “immediately” halt its military 

offensive in the area.


Terrifying scenes of tents in flames and burned victims, 

many of whom were women and children, sparked an 

international outcry. 


So far during the military onslaught, the regime has killed

 at least 36,050 Gazans, most of them women, children, 

and adolescents. Another 81,026 Palestinians have 

sustained injuries as well.









Rafah Hit by Most Violent

 Israeli Bombings Since 

Start of Gaza War

 May 28th, 9:22am

(al Manar)


In a brutal escalation of violence, the city of Rafah in 

Gaza experienced the most violent Israeli bombings 

since the Israeli aggression began last October.


The attacks, which continued throughout Monday night, 

targeted residential areas and resulted in a high 

number of casualties.


The Israeli occupation forces focused their airstrikes and

 shelling on the western part of Rafah, with the Emirati 

Hospital and the Tell al-Sultan neighbourhood 

suffering heavy bombardment. 


Civilian structures, including homes and a clinic, 

were hit by Israeli artillery, trapping medical

 staff and displaced persons inside.


Forcibly displaced families in Rafah found themselves 

trapped as the relentless Israeli bombardment 

prevented rescue teams and medics from 

reaching them. Israeli quadcopters 

roamed the area, opening fire at 

civilians and journalists 

attempting to flee 

the violence.


Amid the intense Israeli attacks on western Rafah, fierce 

confrontations erupted between Palestinian Resistance 

fighters and Israeli occupation forces near the Zaarib 

roundabout. The central Rafah City also saw heavy 

battles around key locations, resulting in further 



The Israeli assaults extended beyond Rafah, with 

strikes reported in central Gaza, eastern Khan 

Younis Governorate, and northern Gaza.


Residential buildings were demolished, and airstrikes

caused casualties in various areas including Jabalia, 

Beit Hanoun, and Deir al-Balah.




Source: Al-Manar English Website

 and Palestinian media








Iraqi Resistance Strikes Target 

in Eilat, Vows Continued 

Support for Gaza

May 28th, 9:20am

(al Manar)


The Iraqi Resistance has targeted a vital Israeli site in 

Eilat, using one-way drones in a recent attack. The 

group has announced that this operation was in 

retaliation for the Israeli atrocities in Gaza and

has promised to continue striking the

enemy's strongholds.


This marks the second attack by the Iraqi resistance 

group on Israeli sites, with a previous strike on the 

Port of Eilat. The group also targeted Haifa Port, 

a crucial hub for the occupation’s trade.


The Resistance’s actions come in the midst of escalating

 tensions in the region, with the Israeli invasion of Rafah 

sparking outrage. The group’s attacks on Israeli sites 

have intensified in recent weeks, showing their 

unwavering support for Gaza.


Source: Iraqi media (Translated 

by Al-Manar English Website)








'Most cruel abomination': 

UN blasts Rafah carnage 

as EU weighs sanctions 

on Israel

May 28th, 7:44am



The United Nations humanitarian chief has hit out

 at Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for 

claiming that the recent deadly aerial assault in

the southern Gaza Strip was a “mistake,” 

saying the carnage was possibly the

 “most cruel abomination.”


UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and 

Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths made the 

remarks on Monday, one day after the Israeli strike hit 

a camp for displaced Palestinians in the city of Rafah 

and killed at least 50 people & wounded 200 others.


Terrifying scenes of tents in flames and burned victims, 

many of whom were women and children, sparked an 

international outcry. 


However, Netanyahu called the air raid a "tragic mistake" 

and claimed that Israel was investigating the incident.


“Whether the attack was a war crime or a “tragic 

mistake,” for the people of Gaza, there is no 

debate. What happened last night was the

 latest – and possibly most cruel – 

abomination,” Griffiths said

in a statement.


“To call it ‘a mistake’ is a message that means nothing 

for those killed, those grieving, and those trying to 

save lives.”


The UN relief chief ----- also pointed to the widespread 

warnings of a slaughter, ahead of Israel's incursion 

into Rafah, saying, "We've seen the consequences

in last night's utterly unacceptable attack."


He further noted that no shelters, hospitals and 

so-called humanitarian zones are safe in Gaza.


The Rafah carnage came two days after the 

International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered 

Israel to “immediately” halt its military 

offensive in Rafah.


The occupying regime began a ground offensive

in the overcrowded Palestinian city on May 7th, 

defying calls from the international community

-  including the United States, not to proceed.


Rafah, situated on Gaza's southern border with Egypt, 

is home to about a million displaced Palestinians 

who have fled from the rest of the besieged 

territory amid a genocidal Israeli war.


EU ministers discuss anti-Israel sanctions


Ireland’s Foreign Minister Micheal Martin, meanwhile, 

said the EU has for the first time engaged in a 

“significant” discussion on sanctioning 

Israel over its Gaza onslaught.


He said the imposition of EU sanctions was discussed 

as a possible measure to be taken if Israel does not 

comply with the ICJ’s ruling to halt its attack on

 Rafah, Irish public broadcaster RTE reported.


“Certainly, if compliance isn’t forthcoming, then 

we have to consider all options,” he added.


Martin also said that a number of EU foreign ministers 

had raised the prospect ---- of bans against Israeli 

officials who were aiding and abetting violent 

settlers in the occupied West Bank.


Israel unleashed its US-backed war on Gaza on October 7

 after the Palestinian Hamas resistance group carried 

out a surprise operation against the usurping entity 

in retaliation for its intensified atrocities against 

the Palestinian people.


The Tel Aviv regime has so far killed at least 36,050

 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and

 injured 81,026 others.









Exposed: How Israeli ‘watchdog’ 

behind October 7 ‘mass rape’ lie 

ate its words

by Maryam Qarehgozlou

May 28th, 7:23am



After the New York Times story about Hamas' “mass 

rape” was discredited --- for poor sourcing and a 

striking lack of evidence --- an Israeli "watch-

dog" has also walked back its “unverifiable”

 report about "sexual violence" during the 

October 7 operation.


Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) acknowledged 

in a recent statement that its November 2023 position 

paper on sexual violence, which was heavily relied 

on by Western media as proof of bogus rape 

allegations against Hamas resistance 

fighters during Operation Al-Aqsa 

Storm, never reached any 

conclusions.. and solely 

aimed to “raise aware-

ness” about the issue.


“In the extensive investigations conducted in the months 

following the publication of the position paper in

 November, some testimonies referenced within 

it have been disputed or deemed unverifiable, 

and more may face similar scrutiny in the 

future,” the group acknowledged in 

the statement.


“We regret their inclusion in the position paper.”


It said that the “primary objective” of the position paper 

was to “advocate” for a comprehensive investigation 

of the matter and that the report did not mean to 

“authenticate” or “discredit” the claims.


“Our focus was on raising awareness of the issue, 

advocating for an official investigation, and 

pressing for immediate action to ensure 

that potential victims receive 

professional care.. suited to 

the nature of their trauma,” 

the statement added.


The claim ---- that was amplified by this Israeli group 

after the events of October 7 last year and reported 

extensively by many Western media outlets ----

was eventually proven to be bogus.


How was the story discredited?


Amid the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on Gaza that was 

launched more than seven months ago, already killing 

over 35,900 Palestinians in the besieged territory, 

baseless claims accusing Hamas resistance 

fighters of mass rape and sexual violence 

on October 7 have floated around.


The claims circulated on social media platforms and 

Western media outlets without basic fact-checking, 

in an attempt to vilify and demonize the 

Palestinian resistance.


On December 28, the New York Times ran a so-called

investigation --- which was followed by other media 

reports, hundreds of news articles, and interviews

citing Israeli sources and the same Israeli group

 in order to convince readers that Hamas “used 

rape as a weapon of war.”


However, the story narrated by NYT and other 

mainstream Western media ----- soon fell apart 

and exposed systematic issues. Independent

 media outlets began examining the reports, 

so-called “investigations”, and finally 

concluded that there was “no 

evidence that mass rape 



“The [New York Times] article is an emotionally 

manipulative fraud aimed at justifying or

distracting from Israel’s genocide in 

Gaza,” said The Electronic Intifada 

in its report debunking 

NYT’s story.


Nonetheless, The New Yorker, New York Times, 

Associated Press, and The Nation treated the 

PRI’s November position paper as proof of 

“rape and sexual violence” on October 7.


However, the PHRI paper, similar to other such reports, 

lacked any original reporting - and was also based on 

unsubstantiated media claims with no corroboration.


It also did not include any forensic evidence, 

survivor testimonies, or video evidence.


In March, Hadas Ziv, director of ethics and policy at PHRI, 

also acknowledged that there were numerous problems 

with the position paper she had co-authored.


Ziv admitted credibility problems with sources and 

that she did not review all available evidence.


She also said that she was “unaware” numerous sources 

included in the report had fabricated atrocity stories 

including ZAKA, a scandal-plagued extremist 

Zionist group, that the Western media 

misleadingly described...... as a non-

profit “emergency response team.”


In fact, ZAKA and its leaders, most significantly Yossi 

Landau, have been caught fabricating atrocity 

propaganda about October 7, including the 

debunked tales of beheaded babies, 

children tied together and shot and 

burned, and of a pregnant woman 

whose fetus was torn out of 

her belly.


“I didn’t know that they [ZAKA volunteers] are unreliable. 

… But maybe I’m just trusting people who tell the story 

as it is and I don’t look into [it],” Ziv was quoted 

as saying.


Other media like Reuters, CNN, The New York Times, 

BBC, The Guardian, NBC, Politico, The Wall Street 

Journal, and The Washington Post also quoted 

ZAKA volunteers with no mention of past 

scandals or present controversies 

surrounding them.


Moreover, investigations revealed that none of the 

sources mentioned in PHRI’s paper and other 

media outlets, who claimed they saw 

corpses that bore signs of rape or 

sexual violence, were trained to 

make such assessments, and

 nearly all of them fabricated 

those stories.


The PHRI report also stated that some of its sources, 

including Raz Cohen, who claims he saw rape, were 

connected to the Israeli military. It also disregarded

----- that his story has changed numerous times.


Mission accomplished


Now that the PHRI itself has retracted its report, 

observers believe that mainstream media and 

Zionist organizations that amplified those

 same bogus claims have nothing to fall 

back on.


“PHRI is now heavily walking back its report, noting it 

never reached any conclusions and only advocated

 for an investigation, and regrets the inclusion of 

erroneous and unreliable information,” Ryan 

Grim, the Washington DC bureau chief at 

the Intercept, wrote in a post on X, 

formerly Twitter, last week.


“We will continue to hear similar statements in the 

months and years to come -- when the issue can 

safely be talked about, and its purpose ------ is 

horrifically complete,” he added.


Rights organizations also warn that the Israeli regime

 has already “exploited” the discredited reports of 

sexual violence committed by Hamas and 

“weaponized” it as a propaganda tool to 

justify its genocidal war campaign 

against Palestinians and 

dehumanize the 2.3 

million civilian 


of Gaza.   


The Feminist Solidarity Network for Palestine, an 

international collective of anti-imperialist, anti-

colonial feminist academics and lawyers says 

the Western media campaign against Hamas 

is an Israeli-led attempt to “counter the 

humanization of Palestinian men” as 

they film and share their own images 

online — contrasting starkly with

 racist depictions in the 

hegemonic media.


“The charge of systematic and brutal rape is a tool used 

not only to demonize the Palestinian resistance but to 

dehumanize Palestinian men in general. By framing 

Palestinian resistance ---- not as an anti-colonial

liberation movement but through the trope of

the terrorist-rapist, the right of Palestinians 

to armed resistance against occupation 

under international law ------- is also 

erased,” the rights group added.









May 27: ‘Axis of Resistance’

 operations against the

 Israeli occupation

May 28th, 7:19am

By Press TV Website Staff


Amid Israel's genocidal war on Gaza, which has killed 

over 36,100 Palestinians so far, resistance groups in 

Palestine and across the region continue their 

operations against the Tel Aviv regime and

 its Western backers.


The major operations carried out by the Palestinian 

and regional resistance groups on Monday, May 27,

 are as follows:


AL-Qassam Brigades’ operations on May 27:


Bombed a gathering of Israeli forces at the Civil 

Administration site east of Jabalia in the 

northern Gaza Strip, using mortar shells.


Targeted a special Israeli military force fortified in

 a home with a 107mm rocket east of the city of 

Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.


Seized a spying drone east of the city of 

Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.


Bombed a group of Israeli troops advancing east of 

the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip with 

mortar shells.


Al-Aqsa Brigades’ operations on May 27:


Targeted an Israeli military Merkava tank with an RBG-85 

shell, hitting it directly on the axis of advance in the 

Tabet Zari area, east of Rafah in the southern 

Gaza Strip.


Targeted a gathering of advancing Israeli soldiers and 

their military vehicles east of Al-Maghazi camp in the 

central Gaza Strip with a barrage of heavy-calibre 

mortar shells.


Al-Quds Brigades’ operations on May 27:


Targeted the "Enab" occupation checkpoint in the 

occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem with a 

heavy barrage of bullets.


Bombed a group of Israeli soldiers and their military 

vehicles invading the vicinity of Salah Al-Din gate

 in southern Rafah with standard 60-calibre 

mortar shells.


Mujahideen Brigades’ operations on May 27:


Targeted an Israeli military tank with an RPG shell in the 

Jabalia camp axis of advance, northern Gaza Strip.


Bombed a gathering of Israeli forces stationed in the 

"Netzarim" axis south of Gaza City with a barrage 

of mortar shells.


Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades’ operations on May 27:


Targeted a gathering of Israeli forces in the Saad Sayel 

barracks east of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza 

with several mortar shells.


Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces’ operations on May 27:


Targeted the settlement of "Sderot" from the axis of 

advance in the north of the Gaza Strip with 107mm 

short-range rockets.


Targeted an Israeli military Merkava tank with an RPG-85

 shell in the Tabet Zari area east of Rafah in the southern 

Gaza Strip.


Hezbollah’s operations on May 27:


Eastern sector:


At around 8:25 local time, a military building in the 

Margaliot settlement was targeted with 

appropriate weapons.


At around 12:25 local time, surveillance equipment at the 

Miskaf site was targeted with appropriate weapons.


At around 12:40 local time, Israeli soldiers and Iron Dome

 platforms at the Beit Hilal base were targeted with 

appropriate weapons.


At around 17:00 local time, Israeli soldiers in the Metulla 

settlement were targeted with appropriate weapons.


At around 18:30 local time, Kiryat Shmona was targeted 

with dozens of Katyusha and Falaq rockets.


At around 18:15 local time, the Al-Samaqa site 

in Lebanon's Kafr Shuba was targeted with 

appropriate weapons.


At around 18:15 local time, the Zibdin barracks 

in Lebanon’s Shebaa were targeted with 

appropriate weapons.


Western sector:


At around 23:30 local time, Israeli soldiers at the 

Al-Malikiyah site were targeted with appropriate 



At around 8:30 local time, the Al-Malikiyah site 

was targeted with guided missiles, artillery 

shells, and drones.


At around 16:50 local time, the settlements of 

Meron, Safsofa, and Tasfa’un were targeted 

with Katyusha rockets.


At around 21:30 local time, the 411th Artillery 

Battalion, east of Nahariya was targeted with

 a barrage of drones.


Yemeni military’s operations on May 27:


Targeted the American ship LAREGO DESERT

 in the Indian Ocean with naval missiles.


Targeted the Israeli ship MSC MECHELA 

in the Indian Ocean with naval missiles


Targegetd the ship MINERVA LISA in the 

Red Sea for violating the decision to 

ban entry to the ports of 

occupied Palestine.


Islamic Resistance in Iraq’s operations on May 27:


Targeted a vital military site in the occupied 

“Eilat” (Umm al-Rashrash)” with a barrage

 of drones.




Al Jazeera: Israel resumes attacks 

on refugee camp and hospital 

in Rafah

May 28th, 2:23am



The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) resumed heavy shelling 

of a refugee camp and an Indonesian hospital in the 

southern Gaza City of Rafah.


According to the Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera, doctors 

and patients cannot leave the clinic building, and 

ambulances cannot reach the wounded 

as a result of the shelling.


Earlier, Mexico condemned the Israeli strike on the tent 

camp in Rafah. Australia also called on Tel Aviv to 

immediately stop the ongoing operation in

 the city.



Image: #BanIsrael: Campaign to ban Israel from intl. sports competitions ---gets impetus

 Israeli genocide -------- 

amid Olympic Games

May 1st, 8:23am



The Olympic Games are meant to be an occasion 

when global political differences are put aside 

with the hope that global harmony is every 

nation's ultimate goal.


Unfortunately, the Olympics have long appeared to be 

under disproportionate Western control, who have

 repeatedly politicized the games to advance

 their own agenda.


This year at the Paris games, Russia and Belarus have

 been banned from the opening ceremonies and their 

athletes who actively support the war in Ukraine

 are totally banned.


Paris protest: ban Israel from Summer Olympics 


There is a growing international chorus calling for Israel to

 be banned from the upcoming summer’s Olympic Games.


If even temporary sports-related harmony is not possible, 

then many say equality would be the next best thing. 

That explains the global campaign to ban Israel

 from the Olympics for their horrific attempted 

genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.


Right after their invasion ---- Russia was

immediately banned from the Olympics.


And yet after more than half a year of carnage
and murder, 
it is totally unacceptable
that we are still
asking for just 

one sanction on Israel.


The Olympic Committee is clearly in
total complicity 
with Israel. And
we can't accept this in France.


Ban Israel Protestor 01


It's a double standard and besides that, the Olympic
games, as I said earlier, are games about bringing 

all the nations together with solidarity, peace, 

and that's not the mood of the genocide.


And that's why we asked for the state who is 

committing genocide to be sanctioned, 

because that doesn't respect the 

value of the Olympic Games.


Ban Israel Protestor 02


On the rare occasions when the Olympics are not 

held in Western nations, mainstream media 

coverage is almost uniformly negative of 

the host country.


But this time, Western arms and support for the 

unprecedented bombing and massacre of 

Gaza appears certain to discredit 

France and her allies.


I don't know if our leaders will listen to us; they 

certainly don't have a very good track record 

of that.


But the people of France do not support this genocide 

and the Olympic Committee should not, either.


Ban Israel Protestor 03


It appears certain that many individual athletes and 

nations will refuse to compete against Israel even 

if the Olympic Committee continues to side with 

Tel Aviv and their war.


There is a non-binding United Nations resolution, 

known as the Olympic Truce, which encourages 

countries to avoid war during the games.


It is broadly held that if Israel continues its genocidal 

campaign during the Olympics, it could provoke

 unprecedented outrage - on behalf of long 

suffering Palestine.


Image: No thanks to Israeli goods App

The "No Thanks" application's logo


Google reinstates app that 

helps boycott Israel-linked


December 5th, 9:15pm



Google has reinstated a mobile phone application that helps

 people identify and potentially avoid the products that

 have been made by companies that are linked to the 

Israeli regime.


The application, named "No Thanks," was made available 

again on Google's Play Store on Sunday, days after it 

was removed.


The app was launched last month amid a genocidal and

 yet-ongoing war by the Israeli regime against the Gaza

 Strip, which has so far killed more than 16,000 people.


The developer, named as Ahmad Bashbash, is a Hungary-

based Palestinian from Gaza, who has lost his siblings
the regime's campaign of bloodletting against the 

coastal sliver and its crippling siege.


"I made it (the app) on behalf of my brother and my sister 

who I lost, because of this brutal occupation, and my 

goal is to try to prevent what happened to me from

 happening to another Palestinian," he told 

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.


"No Thanks" allows customers to scan products'

 barcodes and be notified if they have been 

made by Israeli-linked companies.


It was taken off the Play Store on November 30th owing to 

its description that read, "Welcome to No Thanks, here 

you can see if the product in your hand supports 

killing children in Palestine or not."


Before being removed ------ it was 

downloaded over 100,000 times.


The new version's description says, "Our app simplifies 

the process of scanning barcodes and searching for 

products that are listed for the boycott movement."


A version designed for Apple products has reportedly 

been developed ----- and is currently under review.

Image: Betty Shabazz's Birth Day

Today, May 28th, in 1934,


Betty Shabazz,


educator and civil 

rights advocate,


is born.


Shabazz grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where her foster 

parents largely sheltered her from racism. She 

attended the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, 

where she had her first encounters with it.

Unhappy with the situation in Alabama, 

she moved to New York City, where 

she became a nurse. 


In New York.. she encountered a different form of racism.

At Montefiore Hospital, where she performed her
clinical training, black nurses were given worse
assignments than white nurses. White patients
  were sometimes 
abusive toward black nurses. 


While the racial climate in New York was better than the 

situation in Alabama, she frequently wondered whether 

she had merely exchanged Jim Crow racism, for a less

 violent prejudice.


She met Malcolm X at a dinner party. They had a long
conversation about her life: her childhood in Detroit, 

the racial hostility she had suffered in Alabama, 

and her studies in New York. 


He spoke to her about the condition of African Americans 

and the causes of racism. Sanders began to see things 

from a different perspective. "I really had a lot of pent-

up anxiety about my experience in the South," 

Shabazz recalled in a 1990 interview, "and 

Malcolm reassured me that it was 

understandable how I felt."


Soon Shabazz was attending all of Malcolm X's lectures 

at Temple Number Seven, in Harlem. He always sought 

her out afterwards and would ask her lots of questions.


Shabazz was impressed with Malcolm X's leadership and 

work ethic. She felt he was selfless when it came to 

helping others, but he had no one to lean on when 

he needed help. She thought maybe she could be 

that person.


He also began to pressure her to join the Nation of
Islam. In mid-1956, Shabazz converted. Like many
members of 
the Nation of Islam, she changed her
surname to "X" -- 
which represented the family
name of her African 
ancestors -- whom she
could never have known.


Betty X and Malcolm X did not have a conventional 

courtship. One-on-one dates were contrary to the 

teachings of the Nation of Islam. Instead, the 

couple shared their "dates" ..with dozens of 

other members. Malcolm X frequently took

groups to visit New York's museums and 

libraries, and he always invited Betty X.


Although they had never discussed the subject, Betty X 

suspected that Malcolm X was interested in marriage. 

One day he called - and asked her to marry him, and 

they were married on January 14, 1958, in Lansing, 

Michigan. By coincidence, Betty X became a

 licensed practical nurse (LPN) on the 

same day.


At first, their relationship followed the Nation of Islam's

 strictures concerning marriage; Malcolm X set the 

rules and Betty X obediently followed them.


In 1969, Shabazz wrote that "his indoctrination was so 

thorough, even to me, that it has become a pattern for 

our [family's] lives."


 Over time, the family dynamic changed, as Malcolm X 

made small concessions to Betty X's demands for 

more independence. In 1969, Shabazz recalled:


''We would have little family talks. They began at first 

with Malcolm telling me what he expected of a wife. 

But the first time I told him.. what I expected of him 

as a husband it came as a shock. After dinner one 

night he said, "Boy, Betty, something you said

--- hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I've been 

going along, having our little workshops, 

with me doing all the talking... and you 

doing all the listening." He concluded

 that our marriage should be a 

mutual exchange.''


On February 21, 1965, in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom, 

Malcolm X began to speak to a meeting of the 

Organization of Afro-American Unity when

 a disturbance broke out in the crowd. 


As Malcolm X and his bodyguards moved to quiet

 the disturbance, a man rushed forward and shot 

Malcolm in the chest with a saw-off shotgun.

 Two other men charged the stage and fired 

handguns, hitting Malcolm X 16 times.


Three men, members of the Nation of Islam, 

led by Louis Farrakhan, were convicted 

and sentenced to life in prison.


After the 1995 arrest of her daughter, Qubilah, for

allegedly conspiring to murder Louis Farrakhan, 

Shabazz took in her ten-year-old grandson, 

Malcolm. In 1997, he set fire to her

apartment. Shabazz suffered 

severe burns and died three 

weeks later as a result of 

her injuries.



“I have internalized the practicality of Malcolm’s
message – that if you want something done, 

you have to do it yourself.”


the NHS 
--- Taking 

Since 2022 - OAPs and you
have to have ear-syringing
done ''privately'' and this
is just one example.



Police in Britain need ‘significant 

overhaul,’ inquiry says, amid

 run of scandals

February 29th, 3:31pm



Police in Britain need “a significant overhaul,” an inquiry 

says, against the backdrop of the case of an officer 

who committed rape and murder in 2021.


Officer Wayne Couzens was off duty in March that 

year when he forced Sarah Everard, in her 30s,

 from London, into his car, using his police 

credentials. Couzens raped and 

murdered her, later.


Attorney Elish Angiolini, who led the two-stage inquiry, 

said on Thursday the investigation had found a total 

of eight similar incidents reported before the

tragic death of Everard. She was a 

marketing professional.


The police department, the inquiry said, had failed 

on multiple occasions to recognize indicators 

of Couzens’ unsuitability for the role of 

an officer.


“Wayne Couzens was never fit to be a police officer,”

 Angiolini said. “And without a significant overhaul 

----- there is nothing to stop another Couzens 

operating in plain sight.”


Couzens, the inquiry showed, had allegedly
 a very serious sexual assault
against a child ---- 
before his policing
career began.


“Now is the time for change,” Attorney Angiolini said. 

The lawyer urged -- “all those in authority in every 

police force in the country to read this report 

and take immediate action.”


“Given the known under-reporting of sexual offences,

 I believe --- there may be even more victims of 

Couzens’ offending.”


In a statement released on Thursday, Everard’s parents 

and siblings said they hope the “significant findings”

 announced in the first part of the inquiry could

 lead to changes to keep other women safe.


“We believe that Sarah died because he was a 

police officer --- she would never have got
a stranger’s car.”


“As a family, the inquiry has helped us, not just 

because of its significant findings, but 

because its implementation, made 

us feel Sarah’s life was valued 

and her memory honoured.”


The investigation into Couzens generated a major 

purge... which led to more findings in the police 

force, including a cop who had committed 

24 rapes.


Mark Rowley, the Commissioner of Police of the 

Metropolis, initiated the purge. “The scale of

 the change that is needed inevitably 

means.. it will take time,” the

 London police chief said.


In December 2023, over 1,100 police officers 

across England and Wales were under 

investigation for sexual or 

domestic abuse. 


Those serving with the Metropolitan police had the

bleakest record, with 657 individuals accused 

of sexual or domestic abuse --- or both.



United Nations Universal Declaration on Bioethics and 

Human Rights, Article 6 - Consent: Any preventive, 

diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention 

is only to be carried out with the prior, free and 

informed consent of the person concerned. 

Article 3 - Human dignity and human rights: 

The interests and the welfare of the 

individual should have priority over 

the sole interest of science 

or society.



Roger Waters formerly of Pink Floyd, in an open letter,
 calls on his fellow musicians --- to boycott the Zionist
Israeli regime and follow the example of the cultural
boycott against the ex S. African Apartheid regime.

“Given the inability or unwillingness of our governments
 [to act] …. I write to you now, my brothers and sisters …
 to ask you to join with me, & thousands of other artists
 around the world, to declare a cultural boycott
on Israel,” 
Roger Waters says in his letter.

Waters says the Zionist regime has been found guilty of
 major breaches of human rights and international law
 by international organizations, UN officials and the
International Court of Justice.

He touches on two such cases, saying the regime has been
 identified as perpetrating the “crime of Apartheid”, including
 in a statement on March 9th, 2012 by the UN Committee on
the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the “crime of
ethnic cleansing” including in East Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Waters adds that he has been a member of the Boycott,
 Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the
 Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian lands and
 Tel Aviv’s violations of Palestinian human rights for 7
 years, and now wants other musicians to also join
anti-Israeli front.

“Please join me and all our brothers and sisters in global
 civil society in proclaiming our rejection of Apartheid in
 Israel & occupied Palestine, by pledging not to perform
 or exhibit in Israel or accept any award or funding from
 any institution linked to the government of Israel, until
 such time as Israel complies with international law
universal principles of human rights.” 

The former Pink Floyd Musician also says he has recently
 faced a boycott by the US media after his November 29th,
 2012 address at the UN on behalf of the Russell Tribunal.

In the address, he sought accountability for the Zionist
 regime’s violations of the international law and the lack
 of United Nations resolve that prevents the Palestinian
 people from achieving their inalienable rights,
the right of self-determination.



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