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The Miners' Next Step and Donbass news

Image: DAN News Digest May 28th, 7:22pm

DAN News Digest

May 28th, 7:22pm 


Ukrainian militants shelled the village of Aleksandrovka 

in the West of Donetsk. Damage was received by a 

private residential building on Gorky Street.


Martial law in Ukraine will not prolong 

the results of the last election - Putin


The West in Ukraine, under the guise of mercenaries, 

disguises its military instructors, the head of state 

also noted.


Russia has never abandoned negotiations

 on Ukraine and is ready for them - Putin


Russia has identified the perpetrators of the terrorist 

attack in the House of Trade Unions of Odessa 

in 2014.


The perpetrators of the terrorist attack in the House of
Trade Unions in Odessa, where Ukrainian neo-Nazis 

used chemical weapons in May 2014, were 

identified by law enforcement agencies 

of the Russian Federation. 


This was announced today by the chief of the radiation, 

chemical and biological protection troops of the Armed 

Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General 

Igor Kirillov.


"Let me remind you that for the first time chlorpicrin was 

used by Ukrainian neo-Nazis ------- during the siege of the 

House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2, 2014, 

against those who did not agree with the armed 

coup organized by the US and its allies. There 

is reason to believe that the action carried 

out in the city of Odessa was planned in 

nature, was based on a thorough 

account of the peculiarities 

of the action of the toxic 

substances used --- and 

was aimed at defeating

the maximum number 

of people.


''In connection with this terrorist attack, Russian law

 enforcement agencies conducted an investigation, 

as a result of which its perpetrators were

 identified," he said at a briefing.


The general noted that the use of the toxic substance 

was previously prepared by militants who had filter

gas masks. Attempts... to hide the use of toxic 

chemicals were made by using a fire... which 

explains the yellow-green smoke that came 

from the House of Trade Unions after the

 fire was extinguished.


The tragedy in Odessa occurred on May 2, 2014. On this 

day, extremists from the banned Right Sector and the 

so-called Maidan self-defense burned down a tent 

city on Kulikovo Pole in Odessa, where local 

residents collected signatures for a

 referendum on the federalization 

of Ukraine and the status of the 

Russian language. 


Then supporters of the Anti-Maidan movement --- took 

refuge in the House of Trade Unions, but the radicals 

surrounded the building and set it on fire. The 

victims of the tragedy, according to various 

sources, were from 48 to 200 people. The 

perpetrators have not yet 

been punished.


The actions of the Russian military in the Kharkiv 

direction were provoked by the behaviour of 

Western countries, which are now

 "reaping the benefits".


Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated 

employees and veterans of the FSB border guard 

service on their professional holiday.


Pushilin noted the contribution of veterans of the 

border service to the protection of Donbass.


The operator of VGTRK was blown up 

by a mine in the Kharkiv region.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces are using banned 

chemical substances in the area of the Free 

zone, the Defense Ministry said.


The Defense Ministry announced the advance in

 the areas of Krasnogorovka and Karlovka.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost hundreds of 

militants in the Kharkiv direction, including 

Liptsy, during the day.


Since the beginning of the year, 30 children have 

been killed and 95 others wounded in the front-

line regions of the Russian Federation.


Fragments of ammunition delivered by the West to Kiev 

with the names of children of Donbass who died from 

Ukrainian strikes will be sent to the UN General 

Assembly (GA).


Victoria Nuland will be presented with a rose forged

 in Donetsk ---- from fragments of Ukrainian shells.


Rosgvardiya soldiers neutralized about 100 

explosive objects in the DPR in a month.


In the DPR, the commander of the AFU squad was 

sentenced in absentia for shelling Gorlovka 

and Dokuchaevsk.


In the DPR, three Marines of the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine will be tried for shooting civilians 

in Mariupol.


The Russian Federation announced a collection of 

intelligence drones for volunteers from the Higher 

School of Economics.


Iconographer Anton Belikov examined damaged 

icons in the church of the liberated Avdiivka.


DPR enterprises were invited to attend business

 forums in eight countries.


In Donetsk, it was proposed to convert abandoned 

premises into housing for workers.


The fuel and energy complex of Donbass has 

received a steady boost to development due 

to reunification with Russia.


Products from Donbass and Novorossiya are 

actively supplied to the Russian regions,

 the Rosselkhoznadzor said.


Almost 80 thousand tons of various cargoes 

have been shipped from the seaport of 

Mariupol since the beginning of

 the year.


As of today, 410 schools and 121 kindergartens 

have been restored on the territory of the DPR,

 and 118 health facilities have been completed.


Vladimir region completes restoration work in 

Dokuchaevka, which until January provided

 patronage assistance.


In Mariupol, 4 km of the heating main will be 

replaced with a boiler house that provides 

heat to about 56,000 people.


You can register real estate located in 

the DPR in 13 MFC Rostov region.


In the DPR, they expect a decrease 

in yields due to the May frosts.


In the DPR on May 29, an emergency 

class of fire danger was declared.


More than 1,100 graduates have written 

the Unified State Exam in Russian.


A cannabis farm was found in one of 

the garage boxes in Shakhtyorsk.


In the zoo of Mariupol, they intend to 

build separate enclosures for newly 

born cubs.


A Mural "Donchanka", will appear in the 

centre of Donetsk for the Day of Russia.


Weather conditions in the regions of the 

Russian Federation practically did not 

affect the cherry harvest.


The country has started harvesting


Of course the song below can inspire if you
think you are brave, and know something
of suffering... but keep your heart and
soul intact... because you are the
son or daughter of a miner; yet
the film above will inspire you
and touch you and help you
understand so much more.

Many many thanks to Richard Gould,
a true genius --- who has his own
group, and now solo career ---
yet gave up his time to
generate this music.

Also to Ceri of Big Pit, who might not
necessarily have agreed with the
politics, but was so generous
with his time and photos.

And to the Clydach Vale lake and cafe,
which is the best nearby example
of what is possible!

And last, but definitely not least,
a massive thank you to Becs...
who has the smile to warm
the world - and the guts
and generosity - to
appear on video.

Image: New waterway to Seversky Donets — Donbass canal to be built by end of summer — DPR ministry June 9th, 9:49am (DAN) The construction of a new water duct from the Olkhovskoye and Khanzhenkovskoye reservoirs for filling the Seversky Done


Russian integrated treatment 

systems --- help DPR cope
water shortages

June 2nd, 11:35am (DAN) 


The water purified with Russian integrated treatment

 systems which were provided to the DPR, will be 

used as the main source in cases of water 

supply shutdowns, the Donetsk city 

administration head, Alexey 

Kulemzin, told the Donetsk 

News Agency, Thursday.


''The tests carried out by the city sanitary

epidemiological service, show --- that the 

treated water can be used for household 

and practical needs such as cleaning, 

laundering or face washing,'' 

Kulemzin said. 


''In the case that the water supply fully stops, 

it will be used as drinking water --- after 

settling and boiling.''


The Russian equipment can purify 408 cubic metres 

of water in 12 hours. Its maximum usage... reaches 

20 hours a day with an output of 680 cubic metres. 


Kulemzin said that there is no need to operate the

equipment at full capacity at present, but if the

situation worsens, the water treatment 

systems will be utilized to 

the maximum.


In mid-April, Russia handed over to the Republic SKO-

10 and SKO-8 integrated water treatment systems. 

They had been installed at three Donetsk water 

reservoirs and two ponds in Makeyevka. 


SKO purifies water.. from solid particles, suspensions, 

colloidal compounds, ferric iron, artificial substances,

organic poisons, radionuclides, bacteria and viruses.


The system can take water from any source. 

All treatment processes are fully automatic.


The authorities are making efforts to provide residents

 of frontline areas with water. Kulemzin said that at

 least 100 tons of drinking and service water are

 supplied daily to Donetsk’s Kievsky, Kirovsky,

 Kuibyshevsky and Petrovsky districts, 

Yelenovka, Staromikhailovka, 

Alexandrovka and other 

settlements that 

regularly come 

under fire.




 v v v v v v  Z  v v v v v v 

 Water problems in the DPR will be 

resolved only after the capture
Slavyansk – Eduard Basurin

May 25th, 3:33pm


Water problems in the DPR will be resolved only 

after the capture of Slavyansk, said Eduard 

Basurin, deputy head of the DPR UNM.


''We need the conduit that runs from Slavyansk

 towards Gorlovka, where there are three 

pumping stations that create pressure 

and pump water.'' 


''Until we take Slovyansk and this entire canal, we 

will have a very big problem with water”, he said 

on Channel One.

Image: The Miners' Strike mementos of love

The Miners' Next Step

In 1912 - this year that will be 111 years ago -
some of the best minds in Wales met 
produced a pamphlet:- 'The Miners' Next
Step' to guide miners to a 
better world,
so working people can build 
a future
without parasites or back-stabbers,
or bosses, or short-sighted greed.

Just like the people of Donbass, who, before
Russia's revolution, lived in the Free Lands
and worked to build their world... with love.

Their vision became - unfairly, in my opinion -
labelled as anarcho-syndicalism..... so was
discounted as a way forward by socialists
in Wales and the U.K.

Yet their analysis is as relevant today,
as ever, on questions like true
democracy and leadership.

Their pamphlet can be accessed
online, and I would urge you to
read it! If you want to create a
fab future for your loved ones..

P.S. hope you like the song!


The people of Donbass (pictured) are united and organised..

The Donbass and Wales and
The Miners' Next Step

people of Donbass run their own army, police and civil

affairs, and run a successful economy, based on soviet
style factory 
and mine local democracy --- so they
decide how 
their buildings and parks, facilities
and arts and 
crafts, fulfill their needs
and values.

Because the Kiev government - brought into being
by US money and the Maiden violent insurrection
and coup - helped to power, extreme nationalist
forces.. the rest of Ukraine is trapped and
being stripped of its material wealth.

Local oligarchs, bowing to a West desperate to
keep its old role, as ''the chosen ones'' - plus
a group of psychotic 'US 'neo-cons'', who
genuinely welcome a ''decider'' world
war, now run things in Ukraine.
Millions of Ukrainians are leaving the country...
as prices rise and their economy is stripped,
and the war on the Donbass, backed by
 US-led NATO, is an open sore.

All in the middle of  a pandemic
and the Earth being poisoned
against humanity...  well!

And the miners of Wales who met in 1912,
planned.. then explained... how to work 
and achieve a better life, by realising
dreams of the vast majority.

Their solution was to use the power
of organisation, to create

They, at that time, planned to have 
lodges use their organisational

skills.. to set up many businesses...

but any organisation can, right now,
call on a number of volunteers to
gladly work an hour a month...
and many will be happy to do
more. From each, according
to their ability and to each,
according to 
their need. 

the spirit. 

It's simple... and the only way
to achieve a beautiful world,
is bit by bit, until it's done. 

If three people or a few hundred
give one hour a month...  then
an affordable child nursery
for working parents, or a 
centre to entertain the
children after school,
are all possible.

 The reward?

No-one has to fight against anyone,
or rob or borrow money, as people
will volunteer, either their time,
gifts, or 
money, to a cause
benefits all in your

Love will grow even stronger
in your community.

The better place everyone wants,
will grow slowly, in peace, 
like a baby grows in
the womb.

That's the miners' Next Step 2.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

This does not mean, by the way, that 
public ownership is a bad thing, but
that creative thinking is necessary.

We have seen how nationalised industries
 lack democratic accountability, and can
be used badly, by both Labour & Tory
governments --- as milk cows by the
private sector, or to massage the
unemployment figures.

And time and time again, after the public
has paid for 
investments, to make them
profitable...  they are ''re-privatised''.  

There are alternatives to the old failed model
of public ownership, as seen in this country.
Worker co-ops, Foundations, even charity
status... could be tried.

There's nothing especially socialist, about
nationalisation - Tories, even fascists use
it, when private ownership has failed..

successful public ownership and
control... that brings real lasting
benefits, that's what we want!

The 'National Coal Board' closed more
collieries down, than even Thatcher!

Image: DAN news info about Donbass

 Donbass Post to issue strip 

honouring reunification 

with Russia








Donetsk, September 13th,1:06pm (DAN) 


Donbass Post will dedicate its next issue - to Day of the

Donetsk People’s Republic's reunification with Russia

- and prepare another two issues with the coat-of-

arms of the towns awaiting liberation, the press 

service of the state unitary enterprise said,

 on Wednesday.


“As for immediate plans, we’re working on the issue dedicated

to the Donetsk People’s Republic's Reunification with the

Russian Federation,” a press service representative

 told the Donetsk News Agency. 


“I’ll withhold details; I can only say that it will be a strip 

which is ideal for presenting several vignettes as a

 single whole.”


The company has long been ready to follow up its largest

 heraldic series and has already prepared two issues 

featuring the coat-of-arms of the towns awaiting 

liberation. Donbass Post has not named 

the towns.


Donbass Post philatelic products are unique. They are not only 

dedicated to holidays or benchmark dates but also highlight 

beautiful landscapes of the region, its military glory, labour 

and rich history.


Donbass Post issue - to honour 

Russia/DPR Hero Olga Kachura

September 4th 11:39am (DAN) 


Donbass Post will issue a miniature sheet and a postal

 envelope to honour the memory of Donetsk People’s 

Republic rocket launcher unit commander,

 Olga Kachura, who was killed in the 

line of duty last year.


 The Donbass Post Head Office will present

 the new products on September the 5th.


Guards Colonel Olga Kachura, call sign “Korsa,” had been a 

police officer for 16 years before she joined the DPR militia 

in April 2014. She had worked her way up from investigator 

to district HQ chief. 


She commanded a “Grad” multiple rocket launcher unit and 

some 140 personnel including servicemen mobilized in

 February 2023. Kachura’s unit took part in the 

liberation of Ilovaisk, Uglegorsk and 

Debaltsevo, and later on, joined

 the special military operation.


Kachura was killed in the line of duty on the Yasinovataya 

axis on August 3. She was posthumously awarded the 

DPR Hero title and on August 4, she was awarded 

the Hero of Russia title. Kachura is buried in

the Alley of Heroes, in Donetsk.


Donbass Post’s new stamps 
highlight famous “Moskvich”

 car maker timeline









Donetsk, August 10th, 12:50pm (DAN) 


The new philatelic products released by Donbass Post 

are dedicated to “Moskvich, ” one of the most popular 

Soviet and Russian car brands, the press service of 

the state-owned company reported on Thursday.


“The latest issue is a follow-up of the domestic car 

production history series, which will go on sale 

on Friday morning,” the press service said.

 It withheld the stamp design details.


However, the Donetsk News Agency learnt that the series 

would feature the top seven models: Moskvich 400, 408, 

407, 411, 412, 2141 and, lastly, the Moskvich-3 that has 

been batch-produced since November 2022.


 Earlier, Donbass Post issued stamps dedicated to 

the Soviet-era Zaporozhets and Zhiguli car brands.


Russia officially puts in circulation 

postage stamps featuring

 new regions

 June 12th, 2:31pm (DAN)


 Russia has released postage stamps... dedicated to the 

Donbass Republics for the first time, the press service

 of the “Marka” stamp publisher, said on Monday.


“On June 12, two stamps dedicated to the Donetsk and

 Lugansk People’s Republics have been brought out 

as part of the Russian Regions series,” the press

 service said.


The DPR stamp shows the Saur Mogila memorial, the 

Transfiguration Cathedral and roses, the traditional 

symbol of the capital of the coal-mining region, 

with slag heaps and wheat fields... in the 

background. The stamp face value

 is 27 rubles.


“Marka” has also issued first day covers and special 

postmarks for Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk, 

together with maxicards (postcards with a 

postage stamp placed on the picture side 

of the card cancelled with first-day-of-

issue postmark).


Earlier reports said.. that “Donbass Post” 

had presented vignettes and envelopes 

dedicated to the coal-mining region.


Donbass Post issues vignette 

to celebrate Artyomovsk's 


May 22nd, 9:52am (DAN)


Donbass Post has released a new vignette, dedicated to 

the liberation of the town of Artyomovsk in the Donetsk 

People’s Republic, the press service of the state 

unitary enterprise reported on Monday.


The centre of the vignette features the Artyomovsk coat-of-

arms in the form of the French shield, typical of all towns

of the 19th century Russian Empire. 


In the three-colour hereditary symbol, green is for soil fertility,

black for mineral wealth and silver-white for salt,
which made 
the reason for founding the town.


The Artyomovsk coat-of-arms, established by royal decree 

on July 29th, 1811, is the oldest in the Donetsk region.


The vignette is on sale at the FILATELIA 

specialized shop in Donetsk.


On May the 20th, the Wagner private military company 

reported that it had taken Artyomovsk... under full 

control. The operation lasted 224 days; it began

on October 8th, 2022. All these days, the PMC 

fighters made gains kilometre by kilometre: 

liberating Artyomovsk from the

 Ukrainian invaders.


Artyomovsk is a large district centre and fortified area of

the Ukrainian army north of Gorlovka. Ukrainian forces
occupied the town in 2014.

The prewar Artyomovsk 
had machine building,
metallurgical and 
construction companies...
and the 
famous Artyomovsk Champagne 

Wines Factory.

Kiev kept on 
trying to hold the
despite the losses.


“Wagner” PMC vignettes, Stalin stamp
 rate as most popular in Donbass 

Post's history

 April 12th, 9:30am (DAN)


The vignette in honour of the “Wagner” private military company

 has become one of the most popular philatelic products in the

 history of Donbass Post, the press service of the state-owned 

company told the Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday.


“The stamp dedicated to Joseph Stalin is probably the most 

popular stamp, but the recently issued ‘Wagner’ PMC 

vignette might rival it,” the press service said. 

“It sold out within a few hours after the 

announced product launch.”


On March 23rd, 2023, Donbass Post issued envelops, cards 

and commemorative vignettes dedicated to “Wagner” 

Group fighters, with a print run of 4,400. The stamp

 featuring the portrait of Stalin, the first in the 

“Great Personalities” series, was released 

for circulation in December 2019.


Vignettes are shaped like stamps but cannot used in mailing. 

Earlier this year, “Donbass Post” started to use Russian 

stamps in mail delivery payments.




DPR Post issues stamps featuring 

Welsh engineer John Hughes, 

founder of Donetsk industry

April 2nd, 2021 at 2:28pm

 (DAN news agency) 

The DPR's State Post has issued a postal stamp featuring 

John James Hughes, a Welsh engineer, businessman and 

founder of the city of Donetsk, originally from Merthyr.


The stamp is decorated with Donetsk coat-of-arms and 

Hughes portrait. The stamp can be used for registered 

letters with receipt up to 20 gr, in accordance with the 

current fee rate of 44 rubles.


The number of copies issued is 30,024.


The envelope for the new stamp features pictograms 

representing industrial objects and clippings of 

Donbass geological map.


Hughes moved to the Russian Empire, in the summer of 1870, 

at the age of 55, as Millwall Iron Works Company received an 

order, from the Imperial Russian Government, for the plating 

of a naval fortress being built at Kronstadt on the Baltic Sea.


He immediately started to build metal works close to the 

river Kalmius, at a site near the village of Alexandrovka.


Over the next twenty years, the works prospered and
first under John Hughes and then, after
his death, in 1889, 
under the management of
four of his sons.


John Hughes died on June 17th, in 1889,
a business trip to St Petersburg.


According to some sources, Hughes taught
to write, and could only read
capital letters.



Hughes Metallurgical Plant
 - relaunched in spring 2017
January 12th, 2017

One of the biggest industrial enterprises of the
Donetsk People’s Republic, founded by a Welsh
entrepeneur in the 19th century, relaunched

 in the spring of 2017, the press-service of
DPR's Ministry of Industry and Trade,
reported. Did you know this?!?



DPR issues stamps 

devoted to Donbass 

defense operation

March 24th, 9:27am (DAN)










 The Donbass Post state-owned unitary

 enterprise has issued three stamps 

devoted to the special operation to

 defend Donbass, the company 

press service said Thursday.


The print run of the strip and each stamp is

 4,000. The #Za Pobedu strip costs 118 

rubles. The envelope has a print run of

 2,500 with the price of the first day 

cover at 30 rubles.


Different perforations were used in stamp

printing - for the first time - the press 

service told Donetsk News Agency.


 The other side of the envelope features a 

quote from Russian President Vladimir 

Putin’s address to the nation.


“We are having a rush for the stamps and the

 envelope. A third of the print run has already 

been booked,” a press service employee said.


DPR Post issues postal card

 on the October Socialist 

Revolution anniversary

November 1st, 4:28pm (DAN)


 DPR State Post issued post cards with an 

original stamp, for the Day of the Great 

October Socialist Revolution.


"The "Soviet Holidays" series... is supplemented 

with a postal card commemorating one of the 

greatest holidays of the Soviet state. Postal 

cards with the "Great October Socialist 

Revolution" stamps... were issued on 

November 3rd, 2021," the Post said.


Cards are available at the Post shop,
at 72 
Artyoma Street, Donetsk. 


The October Revolution was a revolution in Russia 

led by the Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin. 

November 7th, 2021 marked the 104th 

anniversary... of the uprising in 

Petrograd (St Petersburg). 


The following day, the Winter Palace (the seat of the

 Provisional government located in Petrograd, then 

capital of Russia) was captured. This coup, is 

considered to have started the creation of
the state 
known as... the Soviet Union.



Donbass Post
 issues its first 

stamp featuring metal & coal

Donetsk, October 25th, 11:03am (DAN)


 DPR State Post has issued a metal stamp, 

for the first time ever, featuring samples 

of coal: to commemorate the 300th 

anniversary of the discovery of 

coal deposits in Donbass.


"We are extremely proud to present our new 

"stamp in metal" - an installation combining

the real rock and metal," the press
issued by the
Post, says.


The stamp is made of brass, it is 

30 mm in diameter, its weight, 

is 17 grams.


The installation is decorated with 

a guiding star, and mining tools.


The first-day-envelope, with a black-and-

gold lining is also available for purchase.


The price of the commemorative sign is 

900 rubles, the envelope in a frame 

costs 1,000 rubles, at the store
 72, Artyoma street. 


Image: Construction company completing Mariupol blood centre in first ever renovation

Restoration of new Russian 

regions to be completed 

within next 2-3 years

November 4th, 10:59am (TASS)


 The Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and 

LPR), as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, 

will be fully restored within the next 2-3 years, 

Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Marat 

Khusnullin said.


"The team has been formed ---- and I believe that in the next

 2-3 years.. we will restore these regions," Khusnullin said. 

"We have a program for the socio-economic development 

of the regions, where the task is... set to bring the 

standard of living of the regions ---- to the 

average Russian level," he added.


The Deputy Prime Minister stated...  that developing the 

infrastructure of new regions is a difficult undertaking. 

However, according to Khusnullin, 9,800 objects have 

been restored in the last year and a half, and more 

than 36,000 construction workers are working 

on construction sites.





 Construction company 

completing Mariupol 

blood centre in first 

ever renovation

November 3rd, 5:32pm (DAN) 


Repairs on the blood transfusion centre of Mariupol’s

 intensive therapy hospital, are nearing completion, 

said the state-owned organization engaged in 

the project. 


“The facility’s area exceeds 6,500 square metres.  It was 

built in 1980 and has not seen major repairs since,” the

 press service of the Single Customer on the Field of 

Construction, reported.  Medical personnel are 

already working on the first floor ---- whose
 totals some 4,000 square metres.


The renovation deadline was set for December. 

The restoration of the in-patient hospital, food

 unit, and other facilities, will continue.


In October, the company finished the repairs of the

primary care and diagnostic centres on hospital 

premises. The Russian government allocated 

698 million rubles to the city’s intensive 

therapy hospital in late September for 

repairs and the purchase of 1,600 

medical supplies --- including 

ultrasound machines and 

medical ventilators.







100,000 DPR residents get 

social benefits in October

November 3rd, 12:53pm (DAN)


About.. 100,000 residents of the Donetsk People’s

Republic were granted social benefits in October

DPR First Deputy Labour and Social Policy 

Minister, Tatyana Litvinenko, told the 

Donetsk News Agency on Friday.


“As of November 1, 14 types of regional benefits 

had been granted to more than 99,000 DPR 

residents,” Litvinenko said.


These payments can only be collected in the DPR

 territory; the Republic terminates them for those

 who settle in other regions, she said.


Ten of the 14 benefits are intended for families with 

children, such as maternity and childbirth benefits, 

monthly allowances for children up to three years 

of age, bereavement & single parent benefits, etc.


The number of regional welfare payment 

recipients, can change from month 

to month.







Moscow region spends 6 billion rbls 

on DPR rebuilding projects in 2023

November 3rd, 11:33am (DAN) 


The Moscow region has allocated some 6.2 billion rubles

 this year to fund rebuilding projects in the Novoazovsk 

and Telmanovo districts of the Donetsk People’s 

Republic ------ said the regional Ministry of 

Information and Social Communications.


“The regional budget allocated two billion rubles for the

 restoration of the Telmanovo district and 4.2 billion 

for the Novoazovsk district” ----- a Ministry 

representative told the Donetsk 

News Agency.


The money ---- was used to restore civil infrastructure 

facilities including hospitals, schools, kindergartens, 

bridges and water and power supply lines.


Last year... the Russian sponsor delivered specialized 

vehicles, New Year gifts for children, Christmas trees 

and food kits to Novoazovsk and helped it repair 

roads and homes. It also arranged recreation 

for schoolchildren & passed on four mobile 

offices which provide state & municipal 

government services.


 A Telmanovo district rebuilding plan for the next two

 years, is in the works. It includes repairs of social 

infrastructure, and healthcare, water and power 

supply facilities.*


Image: Russian lawmakers expect --- explosive economic growth in new regions --- after special operation

Russian lawmakers expect --- 

explosive economic growth 

in new regions --- after

November 1st, 4:34pm (DAN)


The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the 

Zaporozhye and Kherson regions are expected to 

show high economic growth rates after the end 

of the special military operation, said head of 

the Russian parliament committee on 

industry and trade, Vladimir Gutenev. 


“The work done ---- the ties between enterprises across

 Russia and ongoing cross-sector collaboration suggest 

that when peace comes, we’ll see explosive economic

growth in these territories which regrettably, still lack 

human resources,” TASS quoted Gutenev as saying.


“Thanks to support measures, one can see a spurt in 

the revival of industry in the new regions. In 2023, 

41 companies launched operations in these 

territories while last year, 100 companies 

were launched.” 


“It’s a large number; they weren’t built from scratch, as 

the Donetsk macro region has very serious industrial, 

educational and research facilities,”
lawmaker said.


Russian authorities are trying integrate Donbass 

enterprises in the national fabric cooperation 

in the country, he said.


Earlier reports on Wednesday said that wages

 had increased in the DPR industrial sector.







DPR athletes win almost 600 

gold medals ----- at Russian, 

international tournaments 

in 2023

November 1st, 2:14pm (DAN)


More than 4,400 athletes from the Donetsk People’s

Republic have taken part in All-Russian and

international competitions since the 

beginning of the year, DPR Acting 

Minister of Youth, Sport and 

Tourism, Yury Martynov, 

said on Wednesday.


The athletes competed as members of 321 teams winning

 539 gold, 523 silver and 589 bronze medals, Martynov 

said adding that 184 sportspersons with disabilities

 had won 39 gold, 34 silver and 41 bronze medals.


The official cited figures for the first ten months of this 

year. Earlier reports said that a DPR bodybuilder had 

won gold --- as a Russian team member at an

 international tournament.







Wages increase ---- in

DPR industrial sector

 November 1st, 10:30am (DAN) 


The Donetsk People’s Republic Industry and Trade

Ministry Wages --- has reported a considerable 

increase in wages in the consumer goods 

industry and the sector producing 

construction and non-

metallic materials.


“The average wage has increased 11.4 percent in steel-

making, 23 percent in pharmaceuticals and 

36.5 percent in machine-building from 

2022, ” the Ministry’s press service

 told the Donetsk News Agency.


Those industries producing consumer goods, 

and construction & non-metallic materials, 

posted the highest payrises ------ of
and 89.4% respectively.


The regional Economy Development Ministry earlier

 told DAN that the Republic’s average pay had

 increased 41.4% --- by August, from 2022.


Image: DPR -- sells 400,000 tons of grain, oil bearing crops in other regions


DPR -- sells 400,000 tons of grain, 

oil bearing crops in other regions

October 31st, 12:53pm (DAN)


 Donetsk People’s Republic agribusinesses.. have sold 

more than 400 tons of grain and oil bearing crops in 

other Russian regions since the beginning of this 

year, Russia's Agrictulrue Ministry told the 

Donetsk News Agency.


“More than 400,000 tons of grain and oil bearing crops

 were sold to other regions of the country in the first

 nine months of this year,” the Ministry said. “Sale 

prices have reached the price level in the

neighbouring Russian regions.”


The sales volume is expected to grow - together with

 production next year. In March, the Donetsk News 

Agency reported on DPR grain export plans. 


Back then, the regional Agriculture Ministry said that 

as an incentive for agribusinesses, the Russian 

government had exempted DPR farmers from

paying export duties on 143,000 tons of 

wheat and barley.


This year, the DPR harvested more than 720,000 tons of 

grain and grain-legumes. The regional authorities said 

that the Republic had achieved self-sufficiency in

 grain, oil-yielding crops, flour and sunflower oil.


The average crop yield in the Republic 

increased by 28 percent.







Social Fund: on how DPR 

residents use maternity


October 31st, 10:20am (DAN) 


The right to manage maternity capital has been granted 

to 639 residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic who

 mostly opted for monthly payments, the press service

 of the Social Fund Department for the DPR told the 

Donetsk News Agency.


“As of October 16, 2023, 21,974 maternity (family) capital 

certificates had been issued in the DPR territory,” the 

press service said. “The Fund made 639 decisions 

on putting the benefit at recipients' disposal.”


Of those, 571 people requested monthly payments for

 children up to three years of age, 36 families decided 

to spend the money on children’s education, 29

 families would improve their living conditions 

and three would contribute to the funded 

component of the state pension, the 

Social Fund said.


Maternity capital is a method of state support to Russian

 families as part of the national project “Demography.” 


Maternity capital has been provided after the birth of the

 first child since January 1, 2020. At present, it is worth 

586,900 rubles ($6,294.27) for first child and 775,600

 ($8,318) rubles for second child if the family did not

 claim the subsidy for the first child. In 2024, 

maternity capital payments will be worth 

over 495 billion rubles ($5.3 billion).


Image: In the Novoazovsky district of the DPR, 19 construction teams were formed for restoration work


In the Novoazovsky district of the DPR, 
19 construction teams were formed 
for restoration work
 October 28th, 1:55pm (DAN)


Nineteen construction teams were formed in the

 Novoazovsky district of the DPR -- to carry out 

restoration work on war-damaged facilities. 

This was also announced by the head of 

the district administration,

 Vasily Ovcharov.


"In total, we have created 19 construction teams in 

the district, which are engaged in the restoration 

of damaged housing, repair of social facilities," 

Ovcharov said.


He added that the area continues 

to actively restore facilities.


Earlier it was reported that two brigades were

sent to the destroyed village of Shirokino

 in the south of the DPR, to restore it.







The National Assembly of the DPR

 is engaged in the formation of a 

unified system --- of patriotic 

education of young people

October 28th, 12:14pm (DAN)


 Deputies of the People's Council of the DPR --- intend to 

establish a complete system of patriotic education of

 young people in the region at the legislative level.

 This was stated to the Donetsk News Agency 

by the chairman of the regional parliament,

 Artem Zhoga.


"Now the People's Council is working on a draft law "On

 patriotic education in the Republic".  The main goal 

facing the deputies is to form an integral system 

of patriotic education of young people living
 the DPR," Zhoga said.


He added that first of all ---- the law is aimed at creating 

the conditions for strengthening feelings of belonging 

and involvement... in the great history and culture 

of the Fatherland, as well as maintaining the 

continuity of generations.


Earlier, Zhoga reported that the parliament of the DPR 

-- will fix the payment to the Heroes of the Republic,

and deputies are also preparing a draft document 

on the introduction of the title "Veteran of
of the DPR".


 In addition ----- the National Assembly intends to regulate

the provision of targeted assistance to the population, 

establish norms for timely repair of houses damaged 

by war, maintain social support measures that were

 in effect before joining the Russian Federation, and 

introduce regional payments to young families and

 families who adopted children.







The Russian government will allocate 

300 million rubles to support SMEs

 in new regions

October 28th, 10:40am (DAN) 


The government will allocate 300 million rubles for grant 

support of small and medium-sized businesses in the 

DPR, LPR, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. This 

was announced today in the press service
 the Russian Government.


"In 2023, 300 million rubles will be allocated to the 

program of grant support for small and medium 

sized businesses --- implementing socially 

significant projects, in the Donetsk and

 Luhansk People's Republics, as well 

as in the Zaporozhye & Kherson 

regions," they said.


The Government added that the maximum grant amount 

is 300 thousand rubles. They can be applied for ----- by
businessmen from the fields of medicine, education, 

culture, sports, hotel businesses & social services.


Earlier it was reported that the Government launched

 grant support for SMEs in the new regions. It will be 

possible to spend the received funds on the rental 

and repair.. of non-residential premises, special 

equipment of vehicles for transporting people

 with limited mobility, as well as on the 

purchase of raw materials and 

consumables... for

 industrial needs.







More than 30 schools and kindergartens 

were restored in Volnovakha Municipal 

District ---- after the liberation

October 28th, 9:40am (DAN) 


More than 30 schools and kindergartens were restored in 

the Volnovakha Municipal district, after the liberation of 

Volnovakha and its environs from the Ukrainian army. 

This was also reported in the press service of 

the district.


They noted - that five kindergartens and schools 

were repaired in Volnovakha, and another 28 

such facilities were restored in the 

settlements and villages of 

the district.


The work was carried out with the support of the

 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the 

Chelyabinsk Region-the Volnovakha 

chief regions.


Earlier it was reported that almost 17 kilometres of 

roads were repaired in Volnovakha ---- after the 

liberation of the city from the Ukrainian army.


Volnovakha municipal district is located southwest 

of Donetsk. Its administrative centre, Volnovakha

city - came under the control of the DPR on 

March 11, 2022, and most of the area has 

also been liberated to date. 


Volnovakha is a key railway and road transport hub on

the way to Mariupol. During the fighting in the city, 

85% of buildings were damaged --- including 19 

social facilities: hospitals, kindergartens, 

and schools. 


The Chelyabinsk Region and the Yamalo-Nenets

 Autonomous Okrug, are helping with the 

restoration there.







More than 4.5 billion rubles will be

allocated to the regions of the 

Russian Federation ------ for 

benefits for housing and 

communal services

 October 28th, 8:39am (DAN) 


More than 4.5 billion rubles will be allocated to the

 regions of Russia for benefits for the population 

to pay for housing and communal services. 


This was announced today

by the Government of the 

Russian Federation.


"The government will allocate more than 4.5 billion 

rubles to the regions --- to provide social support 

measures for housing and communal services. 

Such assistance can be counted  on by

federal beneficiaries - disabled people, 

veterans of military operations --- as 

well as those citizens affected
radiation and man-made 

disasters," -------- the 

Government noted.


They added that this category of citizens, when paying 

for housing and communal services, is compensated 

up to 50% of the amount. Regional expenditures

 for these purposes, are reimbursed from 

the federal budget.







In the Russian Federation, the margin

 for selling fuel to farmers has almost

 halved, the Government said

October 28th, 7:49am (DAN) 


Fuel surcharges for agricultural producers in the Russian

 Federation have almost halved. This --- was reported 

today in the press service of the Government
 the Russian Federation.


It is noted, that a meeting on the domestic market of 

petroleum products was held with the participation 

of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian
Federation, Alexander Novak.


"During the meeting, participants reported on the

 stabilization of fuel prices at gas stations and in

 the small wholesale segment, as well as when 

it is supplied to agricultural producers.'' 


''The mark-up of intermediaries in the sale of fuel to 

farmers, has almost halved. Small wholesale 

prices continue to decline, in line with 

stock market dynamics " the 

Government said.


They noted that according to Novak, the differential 

price difference.. between the filling stations of

 large oil companies and independent gas 

stations, should be stabilized at the 

market level.


"It is necessary --- to provide consumers with a choice: 

buy basic fuel at lower prices, or expensive branded 

fuel," Novak was quoted as saying, by 

the Government.


In addition, today it became known that at the gas

 stations of the largest network in the DPR - the 

Republican Fuel Company, the cost of A-100 

gasoline brand decreased immediately by 

8 rubles to 78 rubles per litre. The price 

of other brands of gasoline and gas 

has not changed.


Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said 

that Russian companies, should primarily 

supply fuel to domestic consumers.







The average grain yield in the DPR --- 

exceeded last year's figure by 28%

October 28th, 7:34am (DAN) 


The average yield of grain crops in the DPR reached 34.2
centners per hectare ---- exceeding the same indicator in
Russia. This was reported to the Donetsk News Agency 

by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of 

the Russian Federation.


"759 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops, have 

already been collected on the territory of the Donetsk

 People's Republic. The average yield of grain crops

was 34.2 c / ha, which is 28% more than
last year,"
 the report says.


It is noted that the average yield of grain and 

leguminous crops in Russia was 30.9 c / ha.


Earlier, the Ministry of Agro-Industrial Policy and Food of 

the region reported that most of all wheat was threshed

-over 580 thousand tons. Barley, rye, oats, rapeseed, 

peas, lentils and mustard were also harvested. 


Now the region is completing the sowing of winter crops, 

as of October 26, it exceeded 84%. Winter crops are

 planned to be planted on 183 thousand hectares.







The Ministry.... of Natural Resources and

Environment of the Russian Federation

intends to transfer more than 50 units

of special equipment to the DPR 

in 2024

October 28th, 7:29am (DAN) 


More than 50 units of special equipment for garbage

collection, will be transferred to the Donetsk 

People's Republic in 2024. This was 

reported to the Donetsk News 

Agency by the Ministry of 

Natural Resources and 

Ecology of Russia.


"In 2024, it is planned to purchase and transfer 54 units 

of equipment - to the Donetsk People's Republic," the 

ministry answered DAN's question about how many

 units of special equipment for garbage collection

 will arrive in the region - next year.


Earlier it was reported that more than 120 pieces of

 equipment for garbage collection were transferred

to the Republic, after the region became part of 

the Russian Federation. Also in the DPR... by 

2028, three waste processing complexes 

will be created.


Image: Donetsk Railways gets nine electric trains in 2023


Donetsk Railways gets

 nine electric trains

 in 2023

October 26th, 10:14am (DAN)


 Donetsk Railways has added nine trains to its fleet

 since the beginning of this year, company 

director Vladimir Kabatsiy said 

on Thursday.


 “These are complete six-car trains --- which fully meet 

Donetsk Railways’ current needs, Kabatsiy told the 

Donetsk News Agency, adding that train fleet 

renewal plans, are in place for 2024 and 

subsequent years.


The Donetsk Railways website said that it had received

 trains of the ED4M series produced by Demikhovsky 

machine-building plant in the period from 1996

 to 2016.


 Overall, 500 ED4M trains were manufactured for commuter 

rail systems.  Train cars are equipped with padded seats 

and safety systems. Donetsk Railways tested the
 two trains of the series, last summer.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 

the restoration of railways in the new 

regions, is among the priorities.



Three more apartment buildings 

under construction on Left 

Bank in Mariupol

October 25th, 12:34pm (DAN)


 Specialists of the “Single Customer in the Field of 

Construction” and a contractor company from the 

Voronezh region have launched the project to 

build three apartment houses in Mariupol’s

 Left Bank district, the press service of 

the state-run company said 

on Wednesday.


“The total area reaches over 23,000 square metres,” 

the press service told the Donetsk News Agency.


 “Each house will comprise 90 comfortable spacious 

apartments featuring functional layout. The new 

neighbourhood will have 162 one-room 

apartments, 54 two-room apartments 

and 54 three-room apartments.”


The houses will be built by the end of the first quarter 

of 2024. Finishing works will be completed in all the 

apartments which will be equipped with bathroom

 facilities and electric stoves. The apartments 

will be distributed to 270 families that lost 

their property during hostilities.


In Mariupol, the ''Single Customer'' has already 

commissioned 33 apartment buildings 

comprising more than 1,800 

dwelling units.







50 km of roads repaired

 in Mariupol in 2023

October 25th, 11:38am (DAN) 


More than 50 kilometres of the road network have 

been restored in Mariupol this year, said Russian 

Deputy Prime Minister, Marat Khusnullin.


“We keep the pace of road repairs in the new regions,” 

the government press service quoted Khusnullin as 

saying. “In Mariupol, 53 kilometres of city roads

 have been restored.”


Priority was given to the busiest streets that lead to 

social infrastructure facilities Construction workers 

also repaired the road surface along the shortest 

link between the left and rights banks of the 

river Kalmius. Renewed roads provide a 

comfortable approach to the sea, 

he said.


More than 300 workers with 68 pieces of 

equipment are repairing the Mariupol 

road network.


Mariupol is the largest city on the Sea of Azov coast, 

a key Donbass metallurgy centre and seaport. It 

was established in 1778, and named in honour 

of the spouse of Grand Prince Pavel Petrovich

 (future emperor Pavel I, the grandson of 

Peter I) Maria Fyodorovna.


 It was liberated from Ukrainian troops on April 21, 

2022. The city ---- is actively repairing its war-

damaged housing  stock and infrastructure.


Image: Two fire and rescue units -- began to be built in Mariupol to replace the destroyed ones

Two fire and rescue units -- began

to be built in Mariupol to replace

 the destroyed ones

October 24th, 12:49pm (DAN) 


Two new fire and rescue units have been built in Mariupol. 

This was reported to the Donetsk News Agency by the 

press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.


"In Mariupol, the construction of two new fire
and rescue 
units has begun to replace the
completely destroyed 
the report says.


DAN wrote that in Donetsk, the repair of a hostel and the 

reconstruction of the property complex of the Donetsk 

Institute of the State Fire Service of the EMERCOM 

of Russia, began.


In November 2022, a modern rescue centre with an area 

of 5 hectares was opened in the seaside city, with 

an administrative building, a training tower, an 

awning shelter, warehouses, garages and an 

outdoor sports complex. The construction 

of the complex, was carried out by a 

military construction company of 

the Russian Ministry of Defense. 

It was built in 95 days.







The Ministry of Internal Affairs of 

the Russian Federation reported 

almost 80% of the population 

is certified in the DPR

October 24th, 9:31am (DAN) 


Only 20.8% of the population of the Donetsk People's

 Republic needs to get Russian passports. This was 

announced today by the press service of the 

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.


"We inform you that 79.2% of residents of the Donetsk 

People's Republic --- applied for the issuance of a 

passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation 

certifying the identity of a citizen of the 

Russian Federation on the territory of 

the Russian Federation1, while 

20.8% remained to be

documented" --- the

department noted.


They added that to organize the reception of applications

 for issuing passports, temporary document collection 

and issuance points were deployed in the region, 

passport printing facilities were used, and the 

possibilities of mobile groups and mobile 

points and offices for receiving and

 issuing documents -- to residents 

of the Republic living in remote 

areas, as well as seriously ill, 

disabled and sedentary 

people, were used.


Recall that before the entry of the DPR into the Russian

 Federation, the issuance of Russian passports was

 carried out in the Rostov region in a simplified 

manner, which was approved in the spring of 

2019. After the reunification of the new 

regions with Russia, passporting 

began on the ground.






The National Assembly of the DPR 

intends to maintain the social 

support measures that were 

in effect before joining the 

Russian Federation

 October 24th, 8:21am (DAN) 


The People's Council of the DPR intends to fix at the 

legislative level the preservation of social support 

measures that were in effect before the Republic

 became part of the Russian Federation. This 

was announced today to the Donetsk News 

Agency by the chairman of the regional 

parliament, Artem Zhoga.


"We are working on the draft law ..On the specifics of 

establishing social protection (support) measures for 

certain categories of citizens living in the territory 

of the DPR". 


''The draft law proposes to establish the specifics of social 

protection (support) measures for certain categories of 

residents who permanently resided on the territory of

 the Republic as of September 30, 2022, if such 

social protection (support) measures were not 

included in the legislation of the Russian 

Federation as of the specified date. Or

 their value exceeded the level of 

social protection (support) 

measures, established in 

the Russian Federation,"

 Zhoga said.


He also added that the deputies propose to keep social 

protection measures in the amounts and volumes that 

were provided for by the legislation of the DPR and 

Ukraine, which was applied in the Republic.


In particular, according to Zhoga --- the provision of 

compensation payments for the purchase of coal 

for household needs and the volume of social 

support measures for disabled people -- in 

terms of providing them with technical 

means of rehabilitation, will continue.


Earlier, Zhoga reported that the Parliament of the DPR at 

the legislative level will fix the payment to the Heroes 

of the Republic, and deputies are also preparing a 

draft document on the introduction of the title 

"Veteran of Labour of the DPR". 


In addition, the National Assembly intends to regulate the

 provision of targeted assistance to the population and

 establish norms for the timely repair of houses 

damaged by the war.


Image: Moscow volunteers bring 10 tons of humanitarian aid to the DPR

 Moscow volunteers bring 10 tons 

of humanitarian aid to the DPR

October 23rd, 6:09pm (DAN)


Volunteers of the Moscow Helps headquarters collected 

and brought 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk. 

This was reported today to the Donetsk News 

Agency in the press centre of the Donetsk 

headquarters # MYVMESTE.


"The aid of 10 tons -- was collected by Moscow volunteers 

"Moscow helps" and delivered thanks to the Autonomous 

Non-profit Organization "Integration of Opportunities". 


''This is far from the first batch of aid sent from

colleagues from Moscow," the source said.



The humanitarian cargo included food products: cereals, 

water, pasta, as well as personal hygiene products and 

a large batch of school supplies. Volunteers of the 

Young Guard, People's Squad and volunteers of 

the #MYVME campaign will distribute and 

deliver aid throughout the Republic.


It is specified that, first of all, it will be sent to people who

 were injured and lost their homes from shelling by the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine. Assistance... will also be 

transferred to military personnel, their families, 

and inclusive children, and will continue to 

be delivered --- to all citizens in need.







#MYVME volunteers - have created 

a chat for direct dialogue between 

volunteers ....and those in need

October 23rd, 5:36pm (DAN) 


Volunteers of the #MYVMESTE campaign have created a 

Telegram chat for direct dialogue between volunteers 

and people who need help. This was reported to the

 Donetsk News Agency today, by the press service 

of the headquarters.


"Our new chat - will allow you to directly conduct a dialogue 

between people who need help and those who are ready to

 provide it. Volunteers act as coordinators and assistants 

both online and offline. You can contact the volunteers 

directly in the chat for specific requests & questions 

that the guys will fulfill in order of priority," the 

source said.


It is specified that the chat creators plan...... to gradually 

introduce a system for differentiating useful information 

for the convenience of users. Volunteers also plan to 

advise residents of the Republic on issues related to

 housing and communal services, public services 

and other topics, based on official information

 from the regional authorities.


The press service clarified that, at this stage, the chat 

will only work in Telegram, but other platforms may
 considered in the future. 


Also, members of the #MYVME campaign, together with

 the Ministry of Youth Policy of the DPR, are developing 

a chatbot for volunteers and those who want to help 

the people of the DPR, in order to develop this
as much as possible.







25 million rubles will be allocated for 

reclamation of the territory of the 

Gorlovka Chemical Plant

October 23rd, 3:39pm (DAN) 


Reclamation of the territory of the Gorlovka Chemical Plant

 (GCP) --- is planned to begin in 2024. This was announced 

today by Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Vladimir 

Yezhikov, during a telegram broadcast.


"We have an important event planned for implementation

 next year — the reclamation of the Gorlovka chemical 

plant. The enterprise, which has not been operating 

for over 30 years --- was engaged in the production
of explosive dangerous 
substances, so there are
areas that require reclamation," 

said Yezhikov. 


''The program.. plans 25 million rubles for this event, and, in

 general, the plant's territory will be cleaned up in the next 

stages and brought into compliance with all the norms 

and requirements of environmental control."


He added that we are talking about isolation, recultivation

 and removal of harmful substances that may be located 

on the territory of the plant. DAN wrote that the 

elimination of landfills of HPP waste is 

included in the action plan of the 

Ministry of Natural Resources 

of the Russian Federation 

for 2023-2025.


The gas processing plant was put into operation in 1939, 

specializing in the production of chemical products for 

the coal, mining and military industries. Among other 

things, they produced explosives, rocket fuel 

components, acids and resins.


 For some time during the Great Patriotic War, the plant was

 evacuated to Kemerovo, where it produced explosives for 

the front.


 In the '90, the company's production volumes gradually
decreased: in 1992, the tnt production line was moth-

balled, and the production of dinitrotoluene 

was discontinued.


 in 1994, the production of diphenylol propane was closed, 

and in 1995, the production of mononitrochlorobenzenes 

was closed. Until the early 2000s.... the plant still 

produced household chemicals, for some time.


Currently, there are still burial grounds of hazardous waste

 formed during its operation on the territory of the State

 Farm. As of 2013.. more than 2,500 tons of chemicals 

and 30 tons of TNT were stored there. Pipes, barrels 

and tanks were in disrepair, which created a risk of 

toxic substances entering the groundwater.


 In 2022, specialists of the Ministry of Defense of the

 Russian Federation, were engaged in the study 

of burial grounds.







The month of Belarusian Culture ---- 

starts in Donetsk Children's Library

October 23rd, 12:59pm (DAN) 


The Month of Belarusian Culture opened on the basis of the 

children's library, named after S. M. Kirov, in Donetsk. This 

was reported today in the press service of the All-Russian 

public-state organization "Assembly of Peoples of Russia".


"Studying culture allows us to build bridges between

 different countries and peoples, and overcome 

differences and possible misunderstandings, 

which lays an excellent foundation --- for 

world peace," said Victoria Romanyuk, 

head of the Assembly of Peoples of 

Russia, in the DPR.


With the support of the Assembly, the Donetsk public

 Organization of Belarusians "Neman" on the basis 

of the Donetsk Republican Library for Children 

named after S. M. Kirov opened the Month of 

Belarusian Culture - "Zyamlya pad 

balymi krylami".


The program of the event includes meeting with prominent 

figures of science, culture and art of Belarus, conducting

 master classes and educational conversations, as well

 as expressive, loud readings of Belarusian literature.


The Donetsk National Library for Children named after S. M.

 Kirov has been hosting exhibitions, festivals and other

 events dedicated to the multinational culture of 

Donbass, for more than 10 years.

Image: Russian budget to allocate funds for all programs in new regions



Russian budget to allocate funds 

for all programs in new regions

October 20th, 12:50pm (DAN) 


Russia’s three-year budget --- earmarks funds for the

 implementation of all rebuilding and development 

programs in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s 

Republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson 

regions, said ''United Russia'' faction 

member, chairman of the parliament 

committee on construction, housing

 and utilities, Sergey Pakhomov.


“The budget will fund all rebuilding and development 

programs in the new regions, including construction 

of road and utility infrastructure and repairs of 

water supply facilities,” United Russia’s 

press service quoted Pakhomov

 as saying.


He said that an additional ten billion rubles was needed for 

area improvement and comfortable urban environment as 

part of the People’s Program implemented by the 

United Russia party.


In late September, the Russian government approved the 

federal budget draft for 2024-2026.  Budget allocations 

for the socio-economic development program in the 

new territories will amount to 37.5 billion rubles

 in 2024.






The United Russia party brings together 

more than 126,500 residents of the 

Donetsk People’s Republic, 

secretary of the Party’s

regional branch Denis 

Pushilin, said Friday.

Donetsk, October 20th — DAN. 


 “They make up a power that has taken responsibility for

 the Republic, each town, district, village and resident,”

 Pushilin said in a post on Telegram. “We’ll certainly

 live up to the trust they put in us.”


Donbass is a synonym of work ethic, creativity and loyalty 

to Russia. “Each successful project strengthens our

 awareness of our path and future,” he said. 


The year that has passed since the Party established its

regional branch in the DPR has been rich in events and

points of pride. This period saw the launching of the 

United Russia’s People’s Program to revive and 

develop the Republic, and the first 

parliamentary election, in which

the Party won 74 mandates, 

Pushilin said.


On October 6, 2022 Secretary of the “United Russia”

 General Council Andrey Turchak said that the party

 would set up regional branches in the new Russian 

regions: the DPR, the LPR and the Kherson and 

Zaporozhye regions.

Image: Mariupol port transships 107,000 tons of cargo since start of 202

Mariupol port transships 

107,000 tons of cargo 

since start of 2023

October 19th, 5:11pm (DAN)


 Some 2,000 tons of grain have been loaded on a vessel at 

the Mariupol port in a day, the Donetsk People’s Republic 

Transport Ministry press service said, on Thursday.


“Thanks to optimized transshipment and professional

 stevedore crews, the port has achieved faster grain 

loading rates,” the press service said. “Some 

2,000 tons were loaded within a workday.”


The port has transshipped some 107,000 tons of various 

cargoes since the beginning of the year, it added.


The Mariupol port resumed operation in late May 2022 as it 

dispatched the first vessel with a load of metal products to

 the Rostov region. It became a transport hub which 

receives construction materials for rebuilding the 

region and dispatches grain ships.






Zhdanovka kindergarten --- repaired 
for first time since its construction
October 19th, 2:50pm (DAN)

 A nursery and kindergarten has resumed operation in 

Zhdanovka, after the renovation carried out by the 

Magadan region, the Town Hall told the Donetsk 

News Agency on Thursday.


“All windows were replaced in 2022, the roof was replaced

 in April-May 2023, insulation and facade works were 

carried out from July to October and 23 fireproof 

doors were installed,” the Town Hall said. 

“Decorative stucco was applied to walls 

and the premises were asphalted.”


Repairs have also been carried out on utility rooms, 

entrance gates and partially on sandpits. The 

nursery and kindergarten was commissioned 

in 1987 and has never been repaired since, 

local official said. It currently, has ten 

groups ---- 140 children, overall.


 The Territorial Development Fund, 

co-financed the rebuilding project.







Sponsor regions help DPR launch

 17 new offices of government 

services centre

 October 19th, 11:34am (DAN) 


Forty offices of the multi-functional government services 

centre (MFC) have been opened in the Donetsk People’s 

Republic and another one -- is due to be launched in the 

foreseeable future, DPR Acting Economic Development 

Minister Vladimir Zverkov said in an interview with the 

Donetsk News Agency.


“As of now, the DPR operates 40 MFC offices,” Zverkov said.

 “Sponsor regions have recently helped launch 17 MFC

 offices that were built from scratch and carry out

 repairs on other MFC facilities.”


One more MFC office will be launched in

the Republic by the yearend, he added.


“My Documents,” a multi-functional centre for state and

 municipal services, is a Russian organization which 

provides important one-stop shop state and 

municipal services to natural persons and 

legal entities. As of today, the MFC in the 

Donetsk People’s Republic offers 46 

types of services.

Image: DPR parliament to adopt law on payment to Republic’s heroes

DPR parliament to adopt law on 

payment to Republic’s heroes

October 18th, 3:51pm (DAN) 


The Donetsk People’s Republic parliament will legally fix 

the monthly payment to the DPR residents who were 

awarded the title of Hero of the Republic, DPR 

parliament speaker Artyom Zhoga said 

on Wednesday.


Cementing the monthly payment to DPR heroes..... at the

legislative level, is in the immediate plans,” Zhoga said. 

“The bill is currently under review by the parliament’s 

dedicated committee.”


These payments can be collected by relatives of killed

 or deceased heroes of the Republic, he added.


DPR Head Denis Pushilin set the monthly payment to heroes

 of the Republic at 36,410 rubles in March 2022, i.e. before

 the DPR’s accession to Russia, but it was not 

supported legislatively.







70 percent of people with disabilities

 find jobs through DPR employment 

centres in 2023

 October 18th, 3:50pm (DAN) 


Donetsk People’s Republic employment centres found jobs 

for 245 people with disabilities in the first nine months of 

this year, said DPR Republican Employment Centre 

Director, Yelena Goloborodova.


“Seventy percent of 350 job seekers were employed,” 

Goloborodova said, at a press briefing at the 

Donetsk News Agency.


DPR employment centres have found temporary jobs for

 more than 33,000 people since the beginning of the 

year and permanent jobs for more than 7,000 

people, she added.


DAN earlier reported that DPR employment centres’ job 

placement rate reached 90 percent. The number of 

registered jobless in the beginning of the year 

amounted to 46,700; of those, some 42,000 

were employed.

The residents who have 
been unable to get jobs
the employment centres --- are 

eligible for unemployment benefits.

Currently, the 
DPR has 193 recipients. 


Most of them receive the maximum 

benefit ---- worth 12,792 rubles.







37 kilometres of key road 

to be restored in DPR

October 18th,  3:07pm (DAN) 


Preparations have been launched on the P-280 federal road

 in the Donetsk People’s Republic ahead of major repairs,

 the regional Transport Ministry said, on Wednesday.


“The length of the section under repairs is 37 kilometres. 

The road runs from Rostov-on-Don to Simferopol via 

Mariupol and Melitopol,” the Ministry said.


A mine clearance operation and road reservation cleaning

 are underway in the area. The preparations currently 

involve 74 specialists and 43 pieces of equipment 

from contractor organizations. Overall, some 

900 people and 470 pieces of road 

construction equipment, will 

take part in the project.


Earlier reports said that the number of lanes on P-280 will 

increase from two to four, and that workers would build 

rest areas for transit vehicles, with speed change 

lanes --- and construct roadway lighting.


Image: Moscow ---- working on Donetsk road infrastructure development strategy


 Moscow ---- working on Donetsk road 

infrastructure development strategy

October 13th, 11:51am (DAN)


 Moscow region authorities plan to help Donetsk develop

 its road network and facilities, the Donetsk City Hall 

press service said on Friday.


“The sponsor region (Moscow) and the Donetsk

administration, are jointly working on a
strategy ------
 to restore and develop
the city’s road 
infrastructure and
to renew its fleet 
of passenger
the press service
told the 
News Agency.


The work is being carried out within the framework of the 

agreement on trade and economic, technical and cultural 

cooperation between the governments of Moscow and 

the Donetsk People’s Republic.


Earlier this year, Donetsk received 35 

NEFAZ and LiAZ large capacity buses.

Image: Four DPR towns -- to have new cinemas by yearend


Four DPR towns -- to have 

new cinemas by yearend

 October 12th, 6:46pm (DAN) 


New cinemas will start operation in the town of Zhdanovka, 

Snezhnoye, Khartsyzsk and Starobeshevo by the end of

 this year, Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Prime

Minister, Larisa Tolstykina, said on Thursday.


“In 2023, five modern cinema houses were launched in the 

Republic, with the assistance of the Russian Culture 

Ministry and Cinema Foundation,” Tolstykina said. 


“Residents of Yenakiyevo, and Shakhtyorsk, and the

 Pershotravenevoye, Volodarskoye and Novoazovsk 

districts --- have the opportunity to see new films
the date of their release. We plan to launch 

cinemas in other towns: Zhdanovka, 

Snezhnoye, Khartsyzsk 

and Starobeshevo.”


The new cinema houses have run 1,500 films gathering more

 than 12,000 viewers. Cinema attendance sharply increased 

during the Cinema Night all-Russia action when viewers 

had the opportunity to watch the key Russian films for

 free: Cherburashka, The Challenge and the 

Righteous Man.


In late summer, a modern cinema house and a cinema

 museum.... opened at the Alexander Khanzhonkov 

Shakhtyorsk college of Cinema and Television.

Image: Two Telmanovo hospital buildings restored ------ repairs ongoing

Two Telmanovo hospital buildings

 restored ------ repairs ongoing

October 10th, 1:06pm (DAN)


 Repairs have been completed on two buildings of the 

Telmanovo district hospital, local authorities told the 

Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.


“The contractor has renovated the outpatient clinic and 

the department of obstetrics and gynecology and is 

now working on the main building, ” said district 

administration head Natalia Velikodnaya.  


“Facade tiling, interior finish and utility line installation have 

been carried out in the outpatient clinic; roof and frontage 

renovation and replacement of doors and windows are 

underway in the main building.”


Furniture and medical equipment have already been brought

 into the repaired buildings. The project is sponsored by the 

Moscow region.


Velikodnaya earlier told DAN, that the sponsor planned to

 restore all the three hospital buildings. The facilities will 

be repaired one by one, so that doctors can continue 

seeing patients.


The Telmanovo hospital had been damaged by artillery 

fire six times...... before the frontline was pushed away.


Image: DPR adopts program to improve rural medicine

DPR adopts program to 

improve rural medicine

October 10th, 12:50pm (DAN)


 Donetsk People’s Republic authorities have approved a

 regional program to modernize primary care, the DPR 

government reported on its official website.


Under the document, the program will be implemented in 

the period from 2023 to 2025. It is aimed at increasing 

the availability and quality of primary care in rural 

areas and small towns. 


The idea is to bring medical services closer...... to places of 

residence, study and work and improve the accessibility of

 medical organizations including for people with disabilities.


The DPR healthcare, construction and transport ministries

 are joining the program, which will be funded from the

 Republic’s budget.


The regional government adopted the resolution on

 modernizing primary care on October 3. It came 

into force on October 9. 


Image: 310,000 DPR residents have pensions recalculated --- under Russian norms


310,000 DPR residents have

pensions recalculated --- 

under Russian norms

October 9th, 6:17pm (DAN)


 Pensions have been recalculated under Russian norms 

for over 310,000 residents of the Donetsk People’s

 Republic, regional Deputy Prime Minister,
Tolstykina, said on Monday.


The work to review pensions under Russian laws was

 launched on March 1, 2023,” Tolstykina said. “As of 

now, payments have been recalculated for almost 

310,000 pensioners.”


Earlier reports said that Russia’s Social Fund would 

allocate more than 16 trillion rubles for the

payment of pensions and benefits 

in 2024.


On February 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 

a federal law on pensions in the Donetsk and Lugansk 

People’s Republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson

 regions. The law launched the transition to the 

Russian pension system starting March 1. 


The persons eligible for pensions are women and men 

who have reached the retirement age of 58 and 63, 

respectively, and have a Russian passport with 

residence registration.


Image: 2,000 apartment buildings restored in DRP — Construction Ministry

2,000 apartment buildings restored

 in DRP — Construction Ministry

October 9th, 6:16pm (DAN)


 More than 2,000 apartment buildings have been repaired in 

the Donetsk People’s Republic with the assistance of the

 Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, 

the Ministry’s press service told the Donetsk News 

Agency on Monday.


“As many as 2,151 apartment houses have been rebuilt; 42 

have been built from scratch over the whole period of work 

in the DPR,” it said adding that country was implementing 

the largest construction projects in the new regions.


Earlier reports on Monday said that more than 1,600 

kilometres of heat supply networks in the DPR had 

been prepared for the coming heating season.

Image: Investigative Committee branches in new regions send 700 criminal cases to courts in 2023



Investigative Committee branches

 in new regions send 700 criminal

 cases to courts in 2023

October 6th, 1:16pm (DAN) 


Some 700 crime and corruption cases, have been sent to

 courts by the Investigative Committee (SK) departments

 in the new regions since the beginning of this year, the 

SK press service reported on Friday. 


“SK chairman Alexander Bastrykin received the reports at the 

SK session in Lugansk on investigators’ work in the Donetsk 

and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Zaporozhye and 

Kherson regions,” the press service reported. “Some

 700 cases have been brought to courts this year, 

including crime and corruption cases.’


Bastrykin urged to continue the efforts in prosecuting officials 

from Ukraine’s military and political leadership and step up 

the work on estimating the damage caused by Ukrainian 

aggression and identifying the bodies of civilians and 

servicemen killed in the conflict.


The SK set up its department in Donetsk in August 2022. 

After the accession of the new regions to Russia, 

Bastrykin ordered, on October 10th, 2022, to 

establish SK branches in these territories.


Donetsk residents... told about 

changes in the city --------- after

joining the Russian Federation

 September 30th, 6:13pm



In honour of the anniversary of the annexation of 

new territories to Russia, residents of Donetsk 

on September 30 told Izvestia correspondent 

Sergey Prudnikov about the changes that 

have taken place in the city.


"I really like that we started doing household chores, 

roads made. The main thing --- is that a start has 

been made," said one of the residents.


Donetsk residents also pointed to a decrease in the 

number of attacks — according to them, the city 

has become calmer and quieter. In addition, 

the restoration of destroyed facilities and

 the construction of new ones,

 have begun.


Many residents also expressed hope for future changes 

and work to restore the city. According to them, life is 

beginning to improve.


"Life has become much better, transport has appeared, 

buses have been replaced with new, beautiful ones, 

and water has been provided," said one of the 

residents of Donetsk.


On the same day, a rally-concert was also held in Moscow 

on Red Square in honour of the Day of Reunification of 

the new regions with Russia. Thousands of Russians 

gathered on the main square of the capital with 

Russian flags. Residents of Makiivka, Horlivka 

and Donetsk... also arrived there. They note

that they wanted and have been waiting

for this event.... for a long time.


Earlier in the day - Putin said in his congratulatory message 

that the regions showed courage and unyielding character, 

even though they were being intimidated. Putin also 

thanked all the citizens of the country for their 

solidarity and patriotic spirit.


On September 28, the Russian leader signed a law on

 celebrating the Day of reunification of new regions 

with the Russian Federation on September 30.

 Corresponding changes were made to the 

law "On Days of military glory and 

memorable dates of Russia".


The Federal Constitutional Law ---- on the admission of 

the liberated regions to the Russian Federation -- was 

signed on October 5, 2022. Before that in the period

 from 23 to 27 September, referendums on joining 

Russia were held. 


According to the law, residents of the republics of 

Donbass, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions --- are 

recognized as Russian citizens --- from the day

they became part of the Russian Federation.


Image: President signs law on celebrating the Day of Reunification between the new regions and Russia

President signs law on celebrating 

the Day of Reunification between 

the new regions and Russia

September 29th, 8:19am (DAN)


President Vladimir Putin has signed a law - establishing 

the commemorative date in honour of the reunification 

between the new regions and Russia (September 30). 

The document is published on the legal acts website.


 “September 30 is Day of Reunification between the 

Donetsk People’s Republic, the Lugansk People’s 

Republic, the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions 

and the Russian Federation (2022),” the 

document says.


The law, signed on September 28, enters

 into force on the date of publication.



New regions of Russia. 

Results of the first year

September 29th, 10:20pm

by Margarita Semenyuk



The new regions --- summed up the results of the first year of 

reunification with Russia. Thousands of residential buildings 

have been renovated, new roads have been laid, and cities 

are returning to peaceful life. The achievements were

 appreciated – after the election of the heads of 

regions, all acting heads of their regions 

were appointed.


Hundreds of kilometres of roads, new and renovated schools 

and kindergartens, universities, cultural facilities, hospitals. 

The achievements for the year - are impressive.


"This is road repair – and we are already seeing completely 

different roads – this includes agriculture, food security – 

this applies to residents of the Donetsk People's 

Republic -- and the country as a whole," says 

Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk 

People's Republic.


Now, it is important - to fill the staff with highly qualified 

employees - doctors, teachers, managers. Thousands

 of specialists from all over Russia, worked in the
regions --- throughout the year.


"During this time.... more than a thousand apartment buildings

 have been restored. In Alchevsk, the first three new buildings 

have been completed, more than 60 medical institutions have

 been restored, today they are equipped with the most 

modern medical equipment, the ambulance fleet has 

been updated by almost 80%," says Leonid 

Pasechnik, head of the Luhansk 

People's Republic.


Regional authorities pay a lot of attention to attracting 

investors and entrepreneurs. Working in a free 

economic zone is much easier – there are 

benefits, and a lot of issues can be

 resolved much faster.


 Industrial Donbass – both in the Soviet and post-Soviet 

space - is a powerful locomotive of industry. And the 

task is to revive and launch the entire production 

base: mechanical engineering, chemical and 

metallurgical industries, and re-develop 

the Azov water area – fishing 

and tourism.


This year ---- also marked a new historical milestone for 

Zaporizhia region. The healthcare sector is developing 

progressively. New medical equipment, professional 

development of specialists, delivery of medicines 

at a social price. 


During the year, seven medical institutions were renovated 

here, 29 are in the process. They also revived the system 

of medical examinations, which did not exist under the

 previous government. The whole of Russia helps.


"Every district in our country today receives huge help from

 their bosses, who were the decision of the President and

 the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation. It is 

mainly related to those issues that were not taken into

 account in the budget," says Yevhen Balytsky, 

Governor of Zaporizhia region.


The development vector is not only to restore all production,

 but also to introduce the latest technologies. Now --- the

 Zaporozhye region's own income, is 10 billion rubles.


By the anniversary of the reunification, the results of the year 

were summed up in the Kherson region. For example, more

than 40 thousand Kherson residents --- purchased new 

housing under state certificates. Almost 90 thousand

residents receive regional pensions, 34 thousand 

people – federal. Tens of thousands of people

are provided with social benefits.

Image: 149 kindergartens repaired in DPR since 2022

149 kindergartens

 repaired in DPR 

since 2022

September 27th, 9:44am (DAN) 


Construction companies have repaired 149 kindergartens in 

the Donetsk People’s Republic since the beginning of 2022, 

the press service of the Education and Science Ministry 

told the Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday.


“Eighty-seven kindergartens were restored last 

year... and 62 in 2023,” the press service said.


Russia marks Day of Educator on September 27. It was

established less than a decade ago at the imitative of
  preschool education workers, who wanted to have
a professional holiday. 


This date has been marked at kindergartens and nurseries

across the country since it received official status in 2016.

Image: Central Makeyevka --- to have new neighbourhood

Central Makeyevka --- to 

have new neighborhood

September 26th, 12:07pm (DAN)


 Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Prime Minister Yevgeny

 Solntsev said that a new neighbourhood will be built in 

the centre of Makeyevka.


“The town’s central park is uncomfortable and ill-kept; there’s

 the smell of stagnant water in the air. There are several two-

storey houses in advanced state of disrepair in the adjacen

 street,” Solntsev said adding that he had asked local

 residents how they felt about having a 

neighborhood built in this place.


“The idea was supported, so I instructed our Construction 

Ministry to come up with a development plan,” he said.


The official also said, that Makeyevka’s main park had to be 

modernized. “I see two ways: to put up a park development 

project for a contest or find an investor; we’ll be working 

on both options,” he said.


Makeyevka’s history is traced to the first mentioning in 1690 

of the Yasinovka settlement, which is now part of the town. 


Several hundred thousand people live in Makeyevka, famous 

for its industrial giants including a steel mill and a coking 

plant. In 2020, it became the first settlement in 

the DPR, to be awarded the title of 

Labour Glory Town.

Image: Denis Pushilin - elected Head of Donetsk People’s Republic

Denis Pushilin - elected Head 

of Donetsk People’s Republic

September 23rd, 9:03am (DAN) 


The Donetsk People’s Republic parliament, has 

elected Denis Pushiln as Head of the Republic.


Under the DPR Constitution which was adopted

after the Republic’s accession to Russia, the

regional parliament elects the DPR Head 

for a term of five years.


President Vladimir Putin presented three candidates 

for regional leader: DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin 

(nominated by the ruling United Russia party), 

Andrey Kramar (head of the regional branch 

of the Liberal Democracy Party of Russia) 

& Kazbek Taisayev (Russian parliament

member, representing the Communists.)


After the Saturday vote, Pushilin took the oath of 

allegiance to the people and the Constitutions 

of Russia and the DPR.


The DPR Head is the senior executive official who protects 

the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, ensures the 

functioning and interaction of government bodies, 

forms the regional government,  sets the main 

guidelines for regional development -- and 

represents the regions in relations with 

the Russian president, Federal 

Assembly, government, State 

Council... and other bodies, 

organizations or officials. 


He has the right to sign agreements and 

treaties, on behalf of the Republic.


Denis Pushilin, a veteran Donbass protest movement leader,

 has headed the DPR since 2018. He was born in 

Makeyevka into a family of factory workers. 


Pushilin studied at the Donbass National Academy of Civil 

Engineering and Architecture. In 2020, he graduated from 

the Donetsk Academy of Management and Public 

Administration. He stood --- at the origins of the 

movement against the Ukrainian government 

overthrow and participated in the 

proclamation of the Donetsk 

People’s Republic.


In the spring and summer of 2014, he had executive jobs in 

the interim government and Supreme Council. In November 

2014, he was elected deputy speaker of the regional 

parliament, and in September 2015, he was elected 

parliament speaker. 


He represented the DPR at the Minsk talks in 2014-2018. 


Pushilin led the region after the death of the DPR’s first 

Head, Alexander Zakharchenko. 


Following the Republic’s accession to Russia, he was

appointed DPR Acting Head. Pushilin is married,

with three daughters.

Image: commemorative coin in memory of the entry of new regions into the Russian Federation


The Central Bank - issued a commemorative 

coin in memory of the entry of new regions

 into the Russian Federation

by Matvey Ignatiev

September 22nd, 1:20pm



The Central Bank issued a commemorative coin 

dedicated to the entry of new regions into the 

Russian Federation


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued a 

commemorative coin with a face value of 3 rubles 


"Entry into the Russian Federation of the Donetsk People's 

Republic, Luhansk People's Republic, Zaporizhia region 

and Kherson region "in the series "Historical events". 


This is stated in a press release on the website of 

the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


It is noted, that the coin is made of 925 sterling silver, has 

a round shape with a diameter of 39 mm. Made by "proof"

 quality. The circulation will be 3 thousand units.


On the reverse side of the coin --- is a stylized image of the

 Constitution of the Russian Federation, revealed in Article 

65, and the names of the regions that became part of the

 Russian Federation following the results of referendums 

last Autumn.


On September 8, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

 issued a gold investment coin "St. George the Victorious" 

with a face value of 50 rubles. The coin is made of 999 

gold, the circulation was 150 thousand pieces. 


On the front side of the new banknote is a relief coat of arms 

of Russia, on the reverse side - St. George on horseback, 

striking a snake with a spear.


Earlier, the Central Bank dispelled four myths: about 

new banknotes in denominations of 5 and 10 rubles.


Image: All 615 polling stations in DPR begin operation, no incidents reported


 1.9 million people ---- vote in 

DPR parliamentary election









Donetsk, September 11th, 10am (DAN)


 Nearly 1.9 people have voted in the election to the Donetsk 

People’s Republic parliament, DPR Election Commission 

Chairman Vladimir Vysotsky said on Monday.


The United Russia party won 74 of

 90 seats in the DPR parliament.


“The number of people on voter lists as of the end of 

ballot-casting, made up 2,013,774,” Vysotsky said. 


“District commissions received as

 many as 1,899,712 ballot papers.”


The Republic held early voting from September 31 through

 September 7. The main voting days in the parliamentary

 and municipal elections were September 8 — 10. 


For DPR residents who were away from home, voting was

arranged at exterritorial polling stations in other regions

of the country.

Image: Teaching profession increasingly popular in DPR

Teaching profession 

increasingly popular

 in DPR

September 6th, 12:41pm (DAN)


The number of prospective students wishing to enroll in

teacher training programs has increased by 10 percent 

in the Donetsk People’s Republic compared with 2022, 

the DPR Education & Science Ministry press service

told the Donetsk News Agency.


“As many as 1,815 applications were submitted for teacher 

training programs in 2023, up 161 (10 percent) from 2022,” 

the press service said.


The Ministry explained it by higher pay in the education sector

 and new motivation measures for teachers, such as contests 

and prize money.


In March, DPR authorities increased the wage fund 

and salaries of public sector employees.

Image: 50 Yasinovataya children to go to school in Chelyabinsk

50 Yasinovataya children to 

go to school in Chelyabinsk

September 1st, 1:35pm (DAN)


Yasinovataya schoolchildren will study in the Chelyabinsk 

region because of the difficult military situation in the 

town, Yasinovataya mayor Dmitry Shevchenko 

told the Donetsk News Agency.


“Our schools do not provide onsite training for well-known 

reasons, so we’ve launched a program to send our 

children to study in the Chelyabinsk region,” 

Shevchenko said.


The authorities have agreed changing school with 

the parents of some 50 children, he added.


Yasinovataya, a regional railway hub, is located 

20 kilometres north of Donetsk. It has been a

 frontline town since 2014 and comes under 

Ukrainian artillery fire almost every day.

Image: Back wages, worth 820 million rubles paid to DPR coalminers

Back wages, worth 820 million 

rubles paid to DPR coalminers

August 29th, 3:53pm (DAN)


 A 820-million-ruble wage debt has been paid to workers 

of eight coal mining companies in the Donetsk People’s

 Republic following supervisory agencies’ intervention, 

the Federal Service for Labour and Employment  

(Rostrud) press service reported on Tuesday.


“The Southwestern Regional Labour Inspectorate checked 

eight coal industry enterprises on prosecutors’ demand,” 

the press service said. “Measures were taken towards 

clearing a 820-million-ruble wage debt.”


Wage arrears were reported in the spring at such companies 

as Komsomolets Donbassa, Donetsk Coal Energy Company 

and Mospino Coal Processing Enterprise.  


Donetsk People’s Republic authorities joined the efforts 

to resolve the problem, using federal resources. DPR 

Acting Head, Denis Pushilin, kept track of the 

backpay issue.


Image: Mariupol maritime lyceum renovated

Mariupol maritime

lyceum renovated

August 29th, 10:57am (DAN)


The “Single Customer in the Field of Construction” and a 

contractor, have finished the renovation of the Maritime

 Lyceum in Mariupol, the press service of the state-

owned company told the Donetsk News Agency 

on Tuesday.


“The total restored area reaches some 5,000 square metres; 

the school can provide training to 300 students,” the press

 service said. “Workers restored and reinforced all load 

bearing structures, refinished rooms and replaced

windows, the roof and service lines.”


On September 1, the school will admit new students 

and hold the traditional “Day of Knowledge” 

start-of-the school year ceremony.


The workers also installed CCTV and access control 

systems and upgraded the food unit, gym and 

classrooms, the company said.


The Maritime Lyceum was founded in 1992. It offers 

vocational training to schoolchildren in grades 7 

to 10, both to girls and boys. The school was 

damaged during the 2022 fighting.

Image: Central Donetsk square to be named after Russian sponsor

 Central Donetsk square to be 

named after Russian sponsor

August 24th, 8:04pm (DAN)


 “Kremlin Square” will be built at the intersection of

 Univesitetskaya and Bogdan Khmelnitsky Streets 

in central Donetsk, city mayor Alexey Kulemzin

 said on Thursday.


The Donetsk People Republic launched an action on

 National Flag Day --- to rename public places in 

appreciation of help from sponsor regions, 

he said.  In Donetsk, “Kremlin Square” 

was the preferred option ------ in 

Kulemzin’s poll on Telegram, 

which involved more than 

1,700 people.


“All Donetsk residents are immensely grateful to our 

Moscow friends; the memory of brotherly help will 

be eternalized,” he said.






Makeyevka to relaunch - the

department store fountain

August 24th, 2:35pm (DAN) 


The fountain at the south entrance of Makeyevka 

department store.... will be restored, town mayor 

Vladislav Klyucharov, told the Donetsk

 News Agency.


Klyucharov earlier announced plans to rebuild 

the department store, which was badly 

damaged by fire in 2008.


“The fountain will be repaired as part of 

the urban infrastructure development,” 

he said.


The five-storey Soviet-era department store in central 

Makeyevka, currently has retail outlets on the first 

floor and in the basement.  The burnt frontage is

covered by banners. The fountain at the south 

entrance, one of the largest in the town, 

has not worked for 15 years.






Russian Highways to repair 10

 kilometres of Starobeshevo 

district road

August 24th, 2:32pm (DAN) 


The regional branch of the Russian Highways company 

(Avtodor) plans to repair more than ten kilometres of 

the Novoyekaterinovka-Kumachovo road, in the 

Starobeshevo district this year, the Donetsk 

People’s Republic Transport Ministry 

reported on Thursday.


“It’s an important road linking Starobeshevo with several

 settlements in the district and a school bus route,” the

 Ministry said, adding that 30 workers and 18 pieces 

of road construction equipment, will carry out 

pothole repairs.


Earlier reports said that Avtodor had restored the road 

infrastructure in central Yasinovataya and launched 

repairs of the road to Gorlovka.

Image: Mariupol port sends grain ship to Russia

Mariupol port sends 

grain ship to Russia

August 23rd, 12:17pm (DAN)


 Another grain vessel has sailed from the Mariupol seaport,  

the regional Transport Ministry reported on Wednesday.


“A new vessel loaded with 1,300 tons of wheat has left for 

Rostov-on-Don, ” the press service said. “The port has

 transferred more than 74,000 tons of cargoes since 

the beginning of this year including construction

 materials and grain.”


The Mariupol port resumed operation in late May 2022, as it

dispatched the first vessel - with a load of metal products -

to the Rostov region.   In early May, DPR Acting Head, 

Denis Pushilin, announced that the first ship had 

been loaded with grain at the Mariupol port.

Image: Crimea sends prefabricated houses --- to Mariupol port

Crimea sends prefabricated 

houses --- to Mariupol port

August 22nd, 1:07pm (DAN)


 A vessel chartered by the RosKapstroy construction 

company - has delivered to Mariupol a new batch of
prefabricated houses, produced in Crimea, the 

Russian Construction Ministry press service

 reported on Tuesday.


“One apartment building can be assembled from three 

prefabricated home kits” --- the Ministry said. A kit 

includes concrete wall sections, elevator shafts,

ventilation units, stairways and broadsteps. 

The ship arrived in Mariupol,

 from Sevastopol.


The Mariupol port resumed operations in late May 2022 as it 

dispatched the first vessel with a load of metal products to 

the Rostov region.   In May 2023, DPR Acting Head, Denis 

Pushilin announced that the first ship had been loaded 

with grain in the Mariupol port.

Image: Moscow to supply 30 low-floor buses to Donetsk by year-end

Moscow to supply 30 low-floor 

buses to Donetsk by year-end

 August 21st, 5:36pm (DAN)


Donetsk is expecting 30 new low-floor buses from its 

sponsor region this year to replenish its public 

transport fleet, the City Hall told the 

Donetsk News Agency.


The existing network of routes in Donetsk is based on

 community recommendations and currently meets 

city folks needs, the City Hall said. Damage to 

transport infrastructure and a shortage of 

drivers and vehicles, result in longer 

intervals between bus runs and 

suspended bus lines.


DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin earlier ordered the 

authorities to put public transport in order since

passengers’ complains about its poor sanitary 

and technical condition. City residents also 

asked to increase the number of bus runs 

and extend the operating hours. More

 buses have been added to Routes 

16, 20, 20A and 20B.


Inspectors noted certain improvements following two-week 

checks of public transport vehicles in Donetsk and other 

towns in the Republic.


Earlier reports said that Yasinovataya authorities

 launched a bus link with Donetsk ---- after an 

18-month pause.

Image: Unusual monument in Mariupol honours Russian builders

Unusual monument in Mariupol 

honours Russian builders

 August 21st, 11:56am (DAN)


 An excavator has been installed on a pedestal next to the 

Nevsky neighbourhood in western Mariupol in gratitude 

to the Russian construction workers who helped to

rebuild the maritime city.


Several years ago, a monument to the white Kamaz truck 

was installed in Ilovaisk. It is a symbol of the Russian 

Emergency Situations Ministry convoys that 

delivered dozens of thousand tons of 

relief supplies to the region during

the conflict.


A snow cleaning tram due to be installed in Mariupol after

 renovation, will expand the list of unusual monuments

 in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Image: Makeyevka mine launches new coal face


Makeyevka mine 

launches new 

coal face

August 18th, 1:55pm (DAN)


 The Gornyak-95 enterprise in Makeyevka has formally 

launched a new face with an estimated daily output

 of 150,000 tons of high grade coking coal, the 

Town Hall press service told the Donetsk 

News Agency on Friday.


''The coal bed is 0.75 metre high and 200 metres long; 

the depth of excavation, is 356 to 400 metres. The 

ceremony was attended by company executives,

local officials ....and representatives of the 

Donetsk People’s Republic Coal & Energy 

Ministry,'' the press service said.


Gornyak-95 has been operating since 1898. It produces 

K-grade coal for coking plants in the DPR and other 

Russian regions.


Earlier this week, the first coal mine in the DPR

 obtained a license to retrain personnel.

Image: 571 war monuments restored in DPR in 2023

571 war monuments 

restored in DPR

 in 2023

 August 18th, 11:06am (DAN)


 Five hundred and seventy-one Great Patriotic War

 monuments and memorial premises have been 

repaired in the Donetsk People’s Republic this 

year, DPR Acting Deputy Prime Minister,

 Larisa Tolstykina, said on Friday.


“Another nine monuments have been renovated in

 Debaltsevo, Yenakiyevo, Makeyevka, Torez, 

Khartsyzsk, Zugres, Pershotravnevoye and 

Telmanovo district, ” Tolstykina said,

noting the active help from the

sponsor regions.


Annual monument repairs in the DPR, are a tribute 

to the fellow countrymen who died for a peaceful 

future of the Motherland, she said.

Image: DPR approves plan for inclusive education, children’s recreation

1.6 billion rubles of budget money to be 

reallocated for equipping DPR schools

August 18th, 10:33am (DAN) 


The Donetsk People’s Republic government will amend 

the DPR budget law 2023 to reallocate over 1.6 billion

 rubles for equipping science classrooms in regional 

schools, an official said on Friday.


 It is also planned to purchase more textbooks -- including 

history textbooks for grades 10 and 11 edited by Vladimir 

Medinsky. The amendments have been submitted to the 

regional parliament, DPR Prime Ministerm Yevgeny 

Solntsev, said.


Earlier, the DPR government approved a plan 

for inclusive education and children’s 

recreation and health improvement.






300 infrastructure facilities

to be rebuilt in Makeyevka,


August 18th, 9:39am (DAN)


 “Single Customer in the Field of Construction” Director 

General Karen Oganesyan has checked infrastructure 

repairs and rebuilding in Makeyevka, the Town Hall 

reported on Friday.


“Oganesyan and Donetsk People’s Republic Housing and

 Utilities Minister Nikolay Tsiganov visited Makeyevka to

 meet with contractors and inspect rebuilding progress

 at the school and apartment buildings damaged in 

July 4 artillery strikes,” the report said.


The “Single Customer” is building and repairing more than

 300 houses and social infrastructure facilities in Donetsk

 and Makeyevka.


Earlier reports said that the company had finished frontage

works on the active treatment hospital in Mariupol - and 

begun the installation of a modern ventilation system 

for its in-patient facility.

Image: 1.6 billion rubles of budget money to be reallocated for equipping DPR school


DPR approves plan for 

inclusive education, 

children’s recreation

 August 18th, 9:23am (DAN)


The Donetsk People’s Republic government -- has approved 

an integrated plan for inclusive general and supplementary
education and children’s recreation & health improvement 

until 2023, DPR Prime Minister, Yevgeny Solntsev, said

on Friday.


“A psychologically comfortable remedial and ‘barrier-free’ 

environment has to be created for children with special

 care needs,” Solntsev said. The approved measures

 provide for teaching aids and didactic materials, 

education system infrastructure development, 

outreach programs and the social adaptation 

of children.


The DPR Education and Science Ministry, 

will coordinate the plan's implementation.

Image: Road from DPR to Crimea.... fully repaired, Avtodor says

Road from DPR to Crimea....

fully repaired, Avtodor says

August 17th, 9:41am (DAN)


Specialists of the Russian Highways State Company 

(Avtodor) have repaired the road that runs through

the Donetsk People’s Republic --- to Crimea, the 

Avtodor press service reported on Thursday.


 “The company has repaired over 60 kilometres 

of the road --- in three months,”
the press service said. 

“It laid more than half a million square metres of 

asphalt, installed some 4,000 lineal metres of 

guard rails... and more than 10,000 linear 

metres of curb stones.”


Avtodor also put up 19 bus stops and built more than 2,000 

square metres of pavement in the territory adjacent to the 

road. Repairs of the road to Crimea in the Kherson and

 Zaporozhye regions... are ongoing, it said. 


One of the key land routes to the peninsular runs from

 Taganrog via Mariupol. its length is 387 kilometres.

Image: Yasinovataya authorities arrange rehabilitation for 250 relatives of killed servicemen

Yasinovataya authorities arrange

 rehabilitation for 250 relatives 

of killed servicemen

 August 16th, 8:42am (DAN)


 Some 250 relatives of fallen servicemen and utility company 

personnel, in the town of Yasinovataya, have taken a health 

improvement course on the Sea of Azov coast in 

Berdyansk... local administration head Dmitry 

Shevchenko told the Donetsk News Agency.


“We’ve launched a program for the families of killed servicemen

 and utility companies employees this summer,” Shevchenko

 said. “Some 250 people belonging to this category

--- recreated in Berdyansk.”


The authorities covered the travel and accommodation 

costs. The Town Hall received many letters of thanks

 for the arrangement of such trips, the mayor said.


 quickly restore power

 to 6,000 Donetsk customers 

after Kiev artillery strikes

August 16th, 11:07am (DAN)


Regional Power Supply Company specialists -- have restored 

electricity to two districts of Donetsk in less than two hours 

after the outages caused by Ukrainian artillery fire, the

 Donetsk People’s Republic Fuel and Energy Ministry 

reported on Wednesday.


”Power was restored at 11:28 to 6,400 customers in the
Kievsky and Kuibyshevsky districts,” the Ministry said.


The electrical substations in the 

affected area went offline at 9:48.


Ukrainian forces have delivered more than ten strikes at 

Donetsk, Gorlovka and Yasinovataya on Wednesday, 

said the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination 

of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes.

Image: 1,400 homes restored in Mariupol single family residential area

1,400 homes restored in Mariupol 

single family residential area

 August 15th, 1:30pm (DAN)


 Mariupol mayor Oleg Morgun has checked the progress in 

the rebuilding of the city’s single family neighborhoods

 on Tuesday, the City Hall press service reported.


Almost 1,400 war-damaged single family homes have already 

been repaired in the city, the press service told the Donetsk 

News Agency.


Construction teams bring together more than 180 people, 

mostly local residents who got jobs through the 

Employment Centre.   Their monthly pay is 

some 50,000 rubles. More than 100 

rebuilding projects are being 

implemented in Mariupol, 

the City Hall said.


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin earlier 

said that a Mariupol airport rebuilding survey is 

scheduled for 2026.






Repairs on second building of 

Volnovakha hospital enter 

final stage

August 15th, 11:19am (DAN)


 The “Single Customer in the Field of Construction has 

finished insulation works at the 2nd building of the 

Central District Hospital in Volnovakha, the press

 service of the state-owned company told the 

Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.


“Repairs are running on an area of more than 

4,000 square metres, ” the press service said.


“Specialists have installed new windows and doors, 

replaced the roof and reinforced the foundation and 

walls.” They are now completing the installation of 

service lines and finishing hospital rooms.


The repairs of the treatment and neurology blocks are 

ongoing. The hospital rebuilding project involves more 

than 150 construction company personnel.


Earlier reports said that the “Single Customer” 

had renovated a three-storey building of the

Volnovakha District Hospital.

Image: DPR parliament passes law on local government bodies

DPR parliament passes law 

on local government bodies

August 14th, 3:11pm (DAN)


The Donetsk People’s Republic parliament has approved the 

1st and 2nd readings of the law on local self-rule on Monday, 

the parliament said, in a press release received by the 

Donetsk News Agency. 


“The document, drawn in accordance with the Constitutions 

of the Russian Federation & the Donetsk People’s Republic,

sets the legal, territorial, financial & economic principles

of local self-rule in the Republic,” said Alexey Sukhinin,

the DPR Head’s representative in parliament.


It also regulates municipal control, assessment of 

local government bodies’ performance and direct
participation in self-rule by the population.


The law -- in the main -- will come in force on 

September the 10th, 2023, except for those 

provisions effective on other dates.

Image: The Yasinovataya multi-functional centre project is halfway finished

The Yasinovataya multi-functional 

centre project is halfway finished

August 14th, 9:01am (DAN)


The construction of two multi-functional public
services centres in the frontline town of
Yasinovatya is due to be completed by
September, Yasinovataya's mayor,
Shevchenko, told the
Donetsk News Agency
on Monday.


“To meet the end-of-the-month deadline, the work continues

- even at the weekends and in the evenings,” Shevchenko 

said, adding that he visits the construction sites
almost every day, to check on progress.


The town launched the construction of two
multi-functional public services centres in
Ordzhonikidze & Leningradkaya Streets
in June. 

At present, the Yasinovataya residents have

 to travel to other towns to get  documents
they need.


Yasinovataya is located 21 kilometres north of Donetsk. 

It is a key railway hub in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The town has come under Ukrainian artillery
almost every day ----- since 2014.


“My Documents” is a multi-functional centre -- which 

provides one-stop shop state & municipal services

to both persons... and legal entities.

Image: Performers to donate Donbass tour earnings for Donetsk Circus repairs


Performers to donate Donbass 

tour earnings for Donetsk 

Circus repairs









Donetsk, August 10th, 11:36am (DAN)


 Russian State Circus Company (Rosgostsirk) performers 

will give more than two million rubles worth of their 

Donbass tour pay to the Donetsk Circus “Kosmos” 

which is currently being rebuilt, the Rosgostsirk 

 press service said.


“Rosgostirsk performers have regularly toured new Russian 

territories since 2022; the first tent circus in Mariupol’s 

contemporary history has performed to packed 

houses starting June 10, 2023,” the press 

service said. 


“The performers will donate all their earnings, currently worth

 2.3 million rubles, to the administration of the Donetsk Circus

- which is under repairs.”


The mobile tent circus will close its summer season

 in Mariupol on September 24. It also performed

 in Lugansk. 

Image: Mine supports designed in DPR to substitute counterparts from US, China, Germany

Mine supports designed in DPR

 to substitute counterparts 

from US, China, Germany









Donetsk, August 10th, 10:54am (DAN)


Powered supports for coal faces up to 4.1 metres high

 designed in the Donetsk People’s Republic are no 

worse than foreign counterparts and can 

substitute them, DPR Science and 

Technology Committee Chairman 

Oleg Demchenko told the 

Donetsk News Agency

 on Thursday.


“Designing high-level mining equipment is our strong point 

in research and development,” Demchenko said. “The 

immediate priority is to design and produce 

competitive machines --- which will be 

supplied to coal producers in the

Russian regions, Kazakhstan 

and other countries.”


In Russia, a considerable number of coal faces are equipped

 with powered supports supplied by Poland, German, the 

USA, and China, he said. 


A double coal drill auger is being designed for thin and gently

 inclined beds of coal mines in the Donetsk and Lugansk 

People’s Republics and the Rostov region where 

standard equipment cannot ensure profitable 

production, Demchenko said.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that 

three DPR institutes had designed a cutting-

edge coal-mining machine.

Image: Mariupol and Grozhny become twin cities



Mariupol & Grozny 

become twin cities









Donetsk, August 8th, 12:03pm (DAN)


Mariupol and Grozny have signed an agreement on 

a twin city relationship, maritime city mayor,

Oleg Morgun, said on Tuesday.


“The document envisions broad cooperation, including 

the development of economic and cultural ties,”

Morgun said, on Telegram. 


“The signing ceremony was attended by Chechnya

government chairman, Muslinm Khuchiyev and 

Donetsk People’s Republic government 

chairman, Yevgeny Solntsev.”


The mayor said that, together with the guests, he unveiled 

the memorial plaques - honouring Major-General Vladimir 

Frolov (call sign “Shaman”), who was killed in action on 

March 10th, 2022 - and the Ilyich Metallurgical Works

administration personnel, who fell in battles for 

freedom, during the Great Patriotic war.


A delegation from Chechnya, arrived in the DPR 

earlier on a working visit --- as the two regions 

agreed to cooperate.

Image: Samara region to repair 60 facilities in Snezhnoye this year

Samara region to repair 60

 facilities in Snezhnoye

 this year

August 7th,1:07pm (DAN)


 More than 60 infrastructure facilities will be repaired in the 

town of Snezhnoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic, 

with the assistance of Russia’s Samara region, by 

yearend, Snezhnoye mayor, Sergey Yermakov, 

told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday.


“The sponsor region is doing a lot of work -- to repair social 

infrastructure facilities and roads,” Yermakov said adding 

that the repairs on two schools, will be completed soon.


The Samara region government and Snezhnoye authorities

signed a cooperation agreement, in May 2022.  The 

sponsor sent specialized vehicles, ambulances, 

computers, school textbooks, water and 

foodstuffs to Snezhnoye, as part of

 the assistance.






Pushilin criticizes DPR hotlines,

 ...orders to improve situation

August 7th, 11:43am (DAN)


 Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin 

has said that many government bodies’ hotlines are 

not working, and that urgent measures are needed 

to rectify the situation.


“I’ve ordered to check the hotlines and phone numbers on

the government bodies’ official website,” Pushilin said, 

after a meeting with regional government officials 

on Monday. “The result --- is unsatisfactory; a 

considerable part of the hotlines could not 

be reached - and some phone numbers 

are unavailable.”


The regional leader ordered to quickly restart

 the hotlines, which are important links with 

DPR residents.

Image: Over 1,100 apartment buildings in Mariupol connected to gas supply

Over 1,100 apartment buildings in 

Mariupol connected to gas supply

August 2nd, 1:47pm (DAN)


 More than 30,000 customers have been connected to the

 Mariupol gas supply network, Donetsk People’s Republic 

Prime Minister Yevgeny Solntsev said on Wednesday.


Solntsev urged city residents to more actively conclude 

contacts with the gas company which has already 

provided 1,119 apartment buildings with gas 

connection. “Use this opportunity by all 

means, ” he said.


Earlier in the day, the premier visited education facilities 

which are being rebuilt in the maritime city with the

 assistance... of Russian sponsor regions.  The

 renovation projects must be completed by 

the beginning of the new school year,
told the contractors. 


The premier also met with experts to discuss 

utility companies' preparations... for the
 and winter periods.



In the Kherson region, the 

dismantling of Ukrainian 

road signs began

August 2nd, 10:15pm 


Specialists of the enterprise "Kherson Avtodor" have started 

dismantling Ukrainian road signs in the Kherson region.

This is reported by the Regional Ministry of Transport 

in its Telegram.


It is noted that work began on August 2 on the highway 74 OP

 RZ 74R-001 Kherson-New Kakhovka-Genichesk. New signs 

purchased with funds from the federal budget are being
 in accordance with Russian standards.


"Dismantling road signs and installing new ones is 

an important part of maintaining the safety and 

efficiency of road infrastructure," the 

ministry added.


Earlier it was reported that the overhaul of one of the busiest

 sections of the highway from Lugansk to the border with the 

Antratsytovsky district is coming to an end. In the future, 

this road will connect the LPR and DPR and will become

 the safest route from Luhansk to Donetsk.


Image: Debaltsevo road repairs target for 2023 - is exceeded by 20%

 Debaltsevo road repairs target

for 2023 - is exceeded by 20%

 August 1st, 10:18am (DAN) 


Construction companies have repaired 57,227.94 square 

metres of roads in the town of Debaltsevo, since the
beginning of this year, which exceeds the target 

by about 20 percent, the Town Hall press 

service said on Tuesday.


  In 2022, 15 roads with an area of 72,260 square metres 

were repaired in the town with the assistance of the 

Khabarovsk Territory sponsor. 


Debaltsevo is located in the northern part of Donetsk

 People’s Republic. It was liberated from Ukrainian 

troops by joint DPR and LPR forces in February 

2015. In May, 2022, Russia’s Khabarovsk 

Territory began to provide assistance 

to the town, in rebuilding 

its infrastructure.

Image: Donbass companies send first batch of construction materials to Rostov


 Donbass companies - send 

first batch of construction

 materials to Rostov

July 31st, 11:15am (DAN)


 A ship carrying construction materials manufactured by 

Donbass companies, has sailed for the first time from 

the Mariupol port to Rostov-on-Don, Deputy Prime 

Minister Marat Khusnullin, said on Monday.


“Metallurgical companies in Makeyevka, Yenakiyevo and 

Alchevsk, have sent the first batch of reinforced steel
Rostov-on-Don,” Khusnullin said.


Donbass companies’ entry into the Russian market is 

another stage of integration of the new territories 

into the country’s economic space. 


“Each of the new regions has a tremendous potential 

which will be realized --- to develop the whole of 

Russia”, he said.


Earlier reports said that eight  apartment buildings

for 680 families, had been commissioned in 

Mariupol’s Lenin Avenue.






DPR meets consolidated budget

 targets for first half of 2023

July 31st, 9:14am (DAN) 


Revenues to the Donetsk People’s Republic consolidated 

budget have reached 14 billion rubles in the first half of 

this year, which exceeds the target by 5.2 billion rubles

 (60.5 percent), the Federal Tax Service told Donetsk 

News Agency.


The consolidated budget, is a sum of budgets in a 

certain Russian region, which does not take into 

account, local interbudgetary transfers.

Image: People bring flowers, toys, to Alley of Angels in Donetsk

People bring flowers, toys, 
Alley of Angels in Donetsk









Donetsk, July 27th, 12:36pm (DAN)


Donetsk residents gathered at the Alley of Angels memorial 

complex in Donetsk, on Thursday, to honour the memory of

 children killed in Donbass fighting.


The event was also attended by representatives of the 

“United Russia” party and members of its social 

organization “Young Guard.” The participants 

held portraits of killed children - and laid 

flowers and toys at the stone inscribed

 with the victims’ names.


The Alley of Angels is located in the Pobeda Park of 

Donetsk’s Kalininsky district. It features a forged 

arch of iron roses with machine gun shell 

casings in between and forged doves as

the symbol of peace. Under the arch,

there is a granite slab - inscribed 

with the names of the children 

killed as a result of the Kiev

regime's aggression. 


City residents often bring flowers 

and toys to the monument.

Image: Sverdlovsk region to allocate another 150 million rubles... for Makeyevka road repairs


Sverdlovsk region to allocate 

another 150 million rubles... 

for Makeyevka road repairs









Donetsk, July 26th, 11:41am (DAN)


 Nearly 85,000 square metres of roads have been repaired 

in Makeyevka with the assistance from Russia’s 

Sverdlovsk region this year, the Sverdlovsk

 region Information Policy Department 

reported on Wednesday.


“The sponsor region is allocating 150 million rubles
to restore another 38,000 square metres of
road surface in Makeyevka,”

 the report said.


The list of facilities scheduled for repairs is in the works.  

New roads will link Makeyevka districts and increase 

the significance of rebuilt facilities.


Earlier reports said that the Sverdlovsk region had repaired 

eight boiler houses in Makeyevka and that another 14 were 

next in line. Another Russian sponsor region — the Khanty-

Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra has been providing 

assistance to the town since 2022.


Image: 90 bln rbls to be invested in DPR mortgage and housing projects


Investment projects to help 

create 2,000 jobs in DPR

July 25th, 12:11pm (DAN) 


More than 2,000 jobs are expected to be created in the

course of the implementation of the first investment 

projects in the Donetsk People’s Republic, said 

DPR Acting Economic Development Minister,

 Vladimir Zverkov.


“The Investment Committee has considered eight investment 

projects; five of them have been granted the status of large 

projects in housing construction,” Zverkov told the 

Donetsk News Agency.


“They will help create more than 2,000 jobs, enlarge the 

housing stock for comfortable living, implement the 

preferential mortgage loan program, and ensure 

regional food security, thanks to the increased 

production of bread and bakery products.”


In mid-July, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin chaired a 

session of the regional Investment Committee which

 reviewed the construction of apartment buildings,

 a bread baking plant and wholesale/retail market. 


The authorities are ready to lease land to the developers 

without competitive building, and Pushilin urged local 

government bodies to provide maximum assistance 

to investors.



90 bln rbls to be invested in DPR

 mortgage and housing projects









Donetsk, July 24th, 11:08am (DAN)


 The Donetsk People’s Republic mortgage market’s housing

 construction plans reviewed by the authorities require a

 record high 90 billion rubles in investments, said the 

DPR's Acting Economic Development Minister,

 Vladimir Zverkov.


“The implementation periods of housing construction projects

--- range between 18 months and ten years; comprehensive 

development envisions the construction of more than 

one million square metres of housing and social 

infrastructure,” Zverkov told the Donetsk 

News Agency.


The Investment Committee has already considered eight 

proposals; five of them have been granted the status 

of large investment projects, he said.


In mid-July, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin chaired a session

 of the regional Investment Committee which reviewed the

 construction of apartment buildings, a bread baking 

plant and wholesale/retail market. The authorities 

are ready to lease land to the developers without

 competitive building, and Pushilin urged local 

government bodies to provide the maximum 

assistance, to investors.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that developers 

in Donetsk and Mariupol had submitted the first land lease

 applications and that housing construction was launched 

under a program of preferential mortgage loans. 


One of the developers plans to build a 

large neighbourhood in Donetsk’s 

Kuibyshevsky district.

Image: Candidate nomination for autumn election begins in DPR

Candidate nomination for 

autumn election begins 

in DPR









Donetsk, July 24th, 12:50pm (DAN) 


Nomination of party list candidates for the regional 

parliamentary and municipal elections has begun 

in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Election 

Commission Chairman Vladimir Vysotsky said 

at a press briefing at the Donetsk 

News Agency.


“Nomination of candidates on party lists started on July 24, 

2023, ” Vysotsky said. “Beginning from this day, electoral 

associations can hold general meetings, conferences or 

congresses to finalize the lists of their candidates 

before submitting them to election commissions.”


As of today, one political party has informed the DPR 

Election Commission about the plans to hold a 

general meeting, he said.


Under election laws, up to 27 political parties can take part in 

the elections, including five parliamentary parties. It means 

that the parties currently represented at the State Duma

 lower house of the Russian parliament do not have to 

gather voter signatures.


The DPR will hold the parliamentary and municipal elections

 on September 8-10. Early voting for residents of hard-to-

access or remote areas, will begin on August 31.

Image: DPR cultural centres' procurements to be worth 170 million rbls in 2023

DPR cultural centres' procurements 

to be worth 170 million rbls in 2023









Donetsk, July 24th, 11:53am (DAN) 


The uthorities are allocating 170 million rubles to purchase

goods and equipment for about 40 cultural infrastructure 

facilities in the Donetsk People’s Republic this year, the 

Russian Culture Ministry press service said.


The socio-economic development programs....  envision the 

allocation of 152 million rubles to 13 children’s art schools, 

seven million rubles to 23 regional and municipal museums

 and ten million rubles to three cultural centres, the press 

service told the Donetsk News Agency.


Earlier reports said that in 2023, repairs would be launched 

on 14 libraries, 15 theatres, 11 museums, ten virtual halls

 and 40 cultural centres, in the new Russian regions.

Image: Construction company rebuilding key heritage site in Mariupol

Construction company rebuilding 

key heritage site in Mariupol

July 21st, 12:32ppm (DAN) 


The “Single Customer in the Field of Construction” has

 launched the project --- to rebuild Yuryev’s House in 

Mariupol, a beautiful heritage site, in the centre 

of the city, the press service of the state-

owned company reported on Friday.


“The total area of the three-storey 19th century building 

which belonged to lawyer Ilya Yuryev exceeds 1,600 

square metres,” the press service said. “Workers

 are restoring the war-damaged load-bearing 

structures and brick walls.”


Interior finish works will begin in the autumn together with

 the restoration of the historical frontage with elements of 

Baroque and Stalin’s Empire styles. The project 

completion deadline is the first quarter

 of 2024.


The history of the building dates back as far as a century. 

The house was named, after its best known owner, 

Mariupol lawyer and businessman, Ilya Yuryev. 

Before the October Revolution of 1917, it 

accommodated the editorial office of 

the “Mariupol Bulletin, ” one of the 

first local newspapers, and

 a cinema.


In the Soviet era -- it housed an orphanage, a pioneer 

organization unit, and later on a secret police office. 

Retreating German troops set the house on fire in 

1943. After the war, one more storey was added 

to the house, during full renovation works.


The “Single Customer” is restoring over 70 houses 

in Mariupol’s historical centre. The total area 

of renovated housing stock in the city,

exceeds six million square metres.


Earlier reports said that the “Single Customer” had

 commissioned more than 160,000 square metres 

of housing, since it started rebuilding projects 

in Mariupol.


Mariupol is the largest city on the Sea of Azov coast, a key

 Donbass metallurgy centre and seaport. It was liberated 

from Ukrainian troops on April 21, 2022. The city 

housing  stock and infrastructure sustained 

significant damage. Extensive rebuilding 

works are underway across the city.

Image: “Phoenix” to launch roaming services across Russia

“Phoenix” to launch roaming 

services across Russia

 July 21st, 10:33am (DAN)


Republican operator (“Phoenix”) SIM cards, will work in all 

parts of Russia after network core modernization which

 is due to be completed.... in the third quarter of 2023, 

Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Communications 

Minister Denis Kurashov said in an interview with 

the Donetsk News Agency. 


“Roaming services will be launched, after completion

 of network core modernization in the third quarter,” 

Kurashov said.


The core capacity is limited by the number of simultaneous 

sessions, he added.  Specialists will also install the System 

for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM) to track fraud.


“Phoenix” is adopting a new version of the billing system, to 

provide modern in-demand services and carry out upgrades 

to enable our SIM cards to work across Russia. It can only 

be accomplished with the appropriate software,” the 

minister said.


Phoenix is the first DPR mobile operator, test-launched in

 June 2015. After the beginning of the special military 

operation, the “Phoenix” network expanded to 

liberated areas. In addition to the DPR, its  

services are available in the Zaporozhye 

and Kherson regions.


Crimean wireless provider 

to start operations in DPR

 by autumn

July 21st, 9:49am (DAN.)


The Crimea-based mobile telecommunications company

 Miranda Media might start providing services in the 

Donetsk People’s Republic by this autumn, said 

DPR Acting Communications Minister 

Denis Kurashov.


“I believe (it will start operations) by the autumn,” Kurashov

 said in an interview with the Donetsk News Agency. “The

 company has already installed about 50 base stations

 in the region, mostly in the south of the DPR.”


In the future, the base station network will expand across 

the Republic, he said -- adding the K-Telecom company 

plans to launch operations in the DPR in 2023 and 

that it is getting comprehensive assistance

 from the Communications Ministry.


“We’re helping to organize interconnectivity between the

 three operators.” Priorities include mutual roaming 

options between them and Russia’s “Big Four” 

(wireless providers) which will also be 

available to “Phoenix” customers,'' 

the official said.


Miranda Media is a major wireless provider in Crimea. 

The company was registered in Simferopol in 2004. 

In addition to voice communication services -- it 

provides access to Internet resources, using its 

own data transfer channels. It operates its own

 fibre optic lines, with a total length of over 

4,000 kilometres. 


A part of the company belongs to Russia’s Rostelecom.

 Reports in the spring of 2023 said that Miranda Media

 was preparing infrastructure for business operations

 in the DPR.

Image: Russian regions to launch chain stores in DPR — Ministry VKontakte Facebook Twitter Odnoklassniki Telegram WhatsApp Viber Donetsk, July 20th, 11:26am (DAN) The Donetsk People’s Republic Industry and Trade Ministry is working on a DPR mark

Russian regions to launch 

chain stores in DPR — 











Donetsk, July 20th, 11:26am (DAN)


 The Donetsk People’s Republic Industry and Trade Ministry

 is working on a DPR market entry plan for chain stores

from other Russian regions, an official said 

on Thursday.


“There is an interest on the part of businesses in other 

regions,” DPR Industry and Trade Deputy Minister,

 Natalia Kozina said.  “Guests from other regions 

who plan to open shops here, have already 

visited us.”


“We’ve explored the idea and even leased premises that will 

accommodate chain stores from other regions,” she added.


The launching of these stores will be widely advertised.

Plans are in place to open 14 shops in Donetsk, 

Makeyevka and Mariupol, in 2023, as part of 

the authorities’ ongoing efforts to support 

local entrepreneurs. 


Long-term plans include the launching of at least 200

chain stores in the DPR, the deputy minister said.

Image: Mariupol sees... increased demand for housing as population exceeds 280,000 people — DPR head July 19th, 10:38am (TASS) More than 280,000 people currently live in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR)’s Mariupol, so there is a great need for

Mariupol sees... increased demand 

for housing as population exceeds

 280,000 people — DPR head

July 19th, 10:38am (TASS) 


More than 280,000 people currently live in the Donetsk

People's Republic (DPR)’s Mariupol, so there is a great 

need for new housing, Acting Head of the DPR Denis 

Pushilin said.


"We have a great need for new housing now, considering that 

there is an opportunity to get a preferential mortgage at 2%,

 considering that a lot of residential buildings have been

 destroyed, considering that people are returning as 

soon as the shelling eases. As for Mariupol, 

according to our information, more than 

280,000 people live in this city, so of 

course ---- new housing, is now in

demand. There are - now - more 

applications than construction 

sites," Pushilin said during a

 Rossiya-24 TV broadcast.


Mariupol is being rebuilt, according to the master plan for 

development of the city presented to Russian President 

Vladimir Putin in July 2022. It provides for the 

construction and restoration of housing and 

public facilities, the creation of a new 

transport hub, including a railway 

station, port and tram lines, as 

well as the development of 

the airport area.


In August 2022, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat 

Khusnullin reported that in 2021 there were about 

212,000 residents in the city. By 2025, according

to the Deputy Prime Minister, the population 

is expected to grow to 350,000 people.


Image: Elections in DPR to be held on September 8th to 10th

Elections in DPR to be held 

on September 8th to 10th

July 18th, 10:27am (DAN)


 Residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic -- will vote at 

the Republic’s parliamentary and municipal elections on 

September 8-10, regional Election Commission chair,

 Vladimir Vysotsky, said on Tuesday.


“Voting in the Donetsk People’s Republic, will last for three 

days, from September 8 through September 10,” Vysotsky 

said at a press briefing at the Donetsk News Agency.


Voting outside the polling places will mostly take place on

 September 8-9, while on September 10, residents will be 

able to cast their ballots at voting stations.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that the 

Republic had set up 36 territorial and 615 district 

election commissions. DPR residents can also 

vote at 329 polling places in other 

Russian regions.






DPR company: becomes first
 of free economic
zone in new regions

July 18th, 9:47am (DAN)


 A company from the Donetsk People’s Republic --- has 

become the first resident of the free economic zone

 launched in the new Russian regions, the DPR 

Economic Development Ministry press
reported on Tuesday.


“On July 15, 2023, ‘ZET Sputnik’ concluded an agreement on

 the terms of operation in the free economic zone (FEZ), and

 on July 17 it was granted the status of free economic zone 

participant in the DPR territory,” the Ministry said. 

“The company was entered into the
FEZ register 
as the first resident.”


“ZET Sputnik” plans to manufacture trams, trolleybuses 

and electric buses, using the infrastructure of the 

Donetsk Energy Plant.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that 

businesses from Nizhny Novgorod suggested 

producing “Sputnik Z” trams in the region.


In late June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a

 federal law on launching a free economic zone in the
Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic --- and the 

Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The FEZ will 

operate until January 31 2050. 


There are 30 potential investors who are preparing to 

implement their projects in the FEZ; 24 have already

 registered on the electronic portal of the Territorial 

Development Fund which is the FEZ 

managing company.


Image: 350,000 tons of grain gathered in new regions; harvesting ongoing

350,000 tons of grain gathered in

 new regions; harvesting ongoing

July 17th, 3:32pm (DAN)


 Farmers in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics

 and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, have 

harvested grain crops on an area of 124,065 

hectares, the Russian Agriculture Ministry 

reported on Monday.


“Our farmers are beginning to harvest winter grain crops 

and legumes, winter barley, peas, wheat and rape,”
 Ministry said.   

“Agribusinesses have already 
produced 340,400
tons of grain, 15,800
 tons of legumes and
2,700 tons 
of vegetables.''


The new territories are completing the sowing of spring

 crops; as of now, spring crops have been sown on 

1,662 hectares of fields. The Kherson region 

leads the other new territories in terms 

of sown area.


Earlier reports said that DPR farmers had gathered 

more than 40,000 tons of grain in the first weeks

 of the harvesting campaign.

Image: 40 hectares of forests planted in DPR in 2023

40 hectares of forests 

planted in DPR in 2023

July 17th, 12:11pm (DAN) 


More than 40 hectares of coniferous and broad-leaved 

forests have been planted in the Donetsk People’s 

Republic since the beginning of this year, said 

chairman of the DPR State Forestry and 

Game Management Committee,

 Alexey Shebalkov.


“We’ve planted Crimean pines, white acacia, ash and 

oak trees and maples on an area of 42 hectares in 

Shakhtyorsk, and the Amvrosiyevka, Telmanovo 

and Starobeshevo districts,” Shebalkov told 

the Donetsk News Agency.


Earlier reports said that the fire danger period had been
announced in the region from April 1 to November 1. 

It is prohibited to drive into forests, and in intense 

heat, forest areas are closed to all visitors. The 

DPR Forestry Forestry and Game Management 

Committee has launched wildfire 

prevention patrols.

Image: Donetsk Botanical Garden to launch youth labs

Donetsk Botanical Garden 

to launch youth labs

July 17th, 11:38am (DAN) 


The Donetsk Botanical Garden plans to set up laboratories

 for young specialists for research in the fields of biology 

and environmental protection, Botanical Garden

Director Svetlana Prikhodko, told the Donetsk 

News Agency on Monday.


“We plan to create youth labs next year, to develop 

new research areas;  young people can come and 

work here,” Prikhodko said. “Biologists, 

environmentalists, and IT specialists 

are welcome.”


These laboratories will operate at the junction of several 

sciences. Young people will find it interesting and 

promising. So the Botanical Garden is waiting 

for young specialists, she said.


One of these laboratories will focus on analytical research 

in the GIS (geographical information system) technology.


The Donetsk Botanical Garden is one of the largest in

 Europe. Its total area is 203 hectares. It has more 

than 8,000 plant species; some 30 percent of 

them are tropical and subtropical plants 

...including 800 rare or endangered 

species. Plant collections in five 

greenhouses, on an area of 

2,600 square metres have 

been formed, for more 

than four decades.

Image: New operator to employ railway workers of new regions

New operator to employ 

railway workers of 

new regions

 July 14th, 10:36am (DAN)


 Novorossiya Railway will employ workers of the railway

 companies in the new regions, Russia’s rail transport 

authority told the Donetsk News Agency.


“The Personnel of Donetsk Railways, Lugansk Railways,

Kherson Railways, Melitopol Railways and the Donbass 

Railways crossborder concern will get jobs with the 

new operator, including through job transfers,” the 

Federal Agency for Rail Transport said.


The administration of the federal state-owned unitary 

enterprise will decide on the precise number of staff.


Under a Russian government resolution, Novorossiya 

Railways assumes the property rights to the 

infrastructure of the above companies.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that Novorossiya

 Railways would be able to operate at break-even by 2027. 

Russian officials said, that the consolidated management 

of railways in the new regions would enhance the quality

 of transport services and reduce aggregate costs.


Image: Mariupol hospital laboratory restored, infectious disease ward next in line


 Mariupol hospital laboratory 

restored, infectious disease

 ward next in line

July 12th, 10:41am (DAN) 


The Single Customer in the Field of Construction has rebuilt a

 laboratory of Mariupol hospital No 1 in the city’s Iliychevsky 

district, the press service of the state-owned company told

 the Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday.


“The total area of the restored laboratory... exceeds 400 

square metres,” the press service said. “Workers fully 

repaired the load bearing structures and frontage, 

and replaced the roof, windows and utility lines. 

They have also completed the finishing and 

perimeter pavement works.”


The repairs on the hospital’s infectious disease ward 

are.. nearing completion. It will house 13 isolated 

rooms including two for persons with disabilities.


At present, specialist are completing the installation of the 

entrance rooms to individual boxes and testing the utility 

systems. The preparedness of the infectious disease 

ward is estimated at over 90 percent, the “Single 

Customer” said.


Earlier reports said that the company had hired 23,000 

workers from different countries to rebuild Mariupol.

Image: DPR to enter Zaporozhye region’s energy market

DPR to enter Zaporozhye

 region’s energy market

July 12th, 9:56am (DAN)


 The energy systems of the Donetsk People’s Republic and

 the Zaporozhye region are facing joint development, said

 the press service of the Russian Energy Ministry.


Russia’s Deputy Energy Minister Yevgeny Grabchak chaired a

 conference over the possibility of linking the DPR power grid

 with the Zaporozhye region’s energy system to compensate

 for the latter’s loss of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power 

plant, the press service said.

Image: Education Ministry -- names most popular fields of study with prospective students

Education Ministry -- names most popular

 fields of study with prospective students

July 12th, 9:48am (DAN) 


Jurisprudence, economics, journalism, philology, medicine 

and information technology are the most wanted fields of 

study with prospective students in the Donetsk People’s

 Republic this year,  the press service of the Education 

and Science Ministry said on Wednesday.


“Legal and economic professions, journalism, Romano-

Germanic philology, IT & medicine have been steadily

 popular with youths, ” the press service told the 

Donetsk News Agency. 


“However, their choice does not always reflect the needs

of the Republic: despite poor employability, international 

relations, customs affairs, logistics etc. --- are still in 

high demand.”


The number of state-funded places at universities....  is 

regulated by the region’s current needs for specialists. 

Priority is given to engineering and technology, 

medicine, education, agriculture and IT, the 

Ministry said recommending prospective 

students who seek free education,

 to consider these fields of study.


DPR universities opened for 2023 applications on June 20.

Documents can be submitted online or onsite.  Unlike in

 previous years, prospective students who have not

taken the Unified State Exam, must pass tests to

 enroll at a university.

Image: Moscow company restores 2 million square metres of war-damaged housing in Donbass

Moscow company restores 2 million 

square metres of war-damaged 

housing in Donbass

July 6th, 12:31pm (DAN) 


Specialists of the “Single Customer in the Field of 

Construction” have restored some 600 apartment 

buildings in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s 

Republics, said the press service of the 

state-owned company.


“Construction workers have fully restored some 600

 apartment buildings; Mariupol and Severodonetsk 

account for the largest portion of the rebuilt 

infrastructure” - the press service told the 

Donetsk News Agency. “Large projects, 

are being implemented in Volnovakha, 

Krasny Luch and other big towns 

of the two Republics.”


Overall, more than two million square metres of housing have

 already been restored. The company repaired load carrying 

structures and replaced windows, doors, heating lines and 

utility systems.


The Russian Construction Ministry coordinates all rebuilding 

projects in the new regions. The “Single Customer” has a 

23,000-strong workforce which includes local residents 

and specialists from other regions.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that a Russian 

developer announced plans to build a large residential

area with social infrastructure in a war-ravaged 

district of Donetsk.







Construction of first four houses 

under preferential mortgage 

program launched in DPR

July 6th, 11:16am (DAN) 


Donetsk People’s Republic authorities have prepared 114 

locations in the region for housing construction under a 

preferential mortgage program, DPR government 

deputy chairman, Dmitry Berdnikov, said

 on Thursday.


 “The first four developers have received permits, and have

 already launched construction,” Berdnikov said --- in a
 stream on Telegram. “They are working on the 

foundation pits; the construction of the first 

four houses is underway; we’re preparing 

to conclude the first contracts.”


The projects were launched in Donetsk, Mariupol and

 Novoazovsk. The preferential mortgage program

includes the single-family home option which 

will be available to some 3,000 families in 

the nearest future, the official said.


The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that developers 

in Donetsk and Mariupol had submitted the first land lease 

applications. A Russian developer plans to build about 

one million square metres of housing, with social
infrastructure, in Donetsk.


Image: Farmers --- to harvest grain crops on 400,000 hectares

Farmers --- to harvest grain 

crops on 400,000 hectares

July 6th, 9:46am (DAN) 


Farmers in the Donetsk People’s Republic are poised to start

 harvesting early grain crops on an area of some 400,000

 hectares, Deputy Chairman of the DPR government, 

Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food, Artyom 

Kramarenko, said on Thursday.


“We are starting harvesting in the region as planned,”

Kramarenko said, adding, that up to 3,100 pieces of 

agricultural machinery would be used including the

 equipment provided by Rosagroleasing company.


There are no problems with supplies of fuel and 

lubricants and fertilizers to the region, the 

minister said.


Earlier reports said that the DPR government 

signed an agreement with Rosagroleasing 

at the Petersburg economic forum 2023.


Image: Government allocates 330 million rubles to purchase sports goods for new regions July 5th, 9:46am (DAN) Russia will spend 326.8 million rubles in procurements for sport centres and facilities in the new regions this year, the press service of t

Government allocates 330 million rubles --

 to purchase sports goods for new regions

 July 5th, 9:46am (DAN)


Russia will spend 326.8 million rubles in procurements for 

sport centres and facilities in the new regions this year,

 the press service of the Russian Cabinet reported 

on Wednesday.


“In 2023, the government will allocate 326.8 million rubles to 

buy gear and equipment for sport schools in the Donetsk

 and Lugansk People’s Republics and Zaporozhye and

 Kherson regions,” the press service said.


The measures are expected to promote sports in these 

territories. Earlier reports said that the Russian Sport 

Ministry would allocate 1.3 billion rubles to rebuild

 and repair sport facilities in the Donbass 

Republics - and provide them 

with equipment.

Image: 30,000 primary school starters in new regions to get study kits

30,000 primary school starters 

in new regions to get study kits

July 3rd, 12:59pm (DAN)










School kits will be provided to some 30,000 first-years in the 

Donbass Republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions 

by September 1, the press service of the “Movement of 

the First” told the Donetsk News Agency.


The action is supported by the Russian Education Ministry, 

Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, non-profit organization

 “Russia is Land of Opportunities” and the Russian 

Knowledge Society.


“We are aware of the problems encountered by parents of the

 children who are starting school in the new regions,” said 

Russian Children and Youth Movement Chairman Grigory 

Gurov. “That is why we decided to support them, by 

providing special school kits for more than 

29,000 children.”


Primary school starters will get a diary, full office kit, shoe

bag, hardcover exercise books, sticker series, pencil box 

& graphic novels about special military operation heroes.


High school students affiliated with the “Movement of

 the First” will hand over the kits starting August 1.


“Our regions, and the country, are going through a difficult 

time, but this time showed the solidarity which has been 

fostered for centuries, in the Russian people and which

 the future first-years need so much,” said Sofia 

Amarskaya, a “Movement of the First”
from Zaporozhye region.


The Movement of the First is a youth movement in Russia

 created on December 18th, 2022 at the initiative of the

 country’s leadership, to educate, organize leisure 

activities for teenagers and form a worldview 

based on traditional Russian spiritual and 

moral goals.  Children can join the 

movement, starting at the
of six.


Image: The DPR to participate in Commonwealth League football tournament

The DPR to participate in 

Commonwealth League

 football tournament










June 29th,1:26pm (DAN)


Teams from the Donetsk People’s Republic will take part in 

the Commonwealth League football tournament which will 

run from August to November 2023, said DPR Acting 

Sport and Tourism Minister, Yury Martynov.


The “Commonwealth League”, will gather teams from
the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the
Zaporozhye and Kherson regions,”
Martynov told

 the Donetsk News Agency. “In the adult group,

 the DPR will be represented by football clubs 

Gvardeyets (Donetsk), Shakhtyor (Donetsk) 

and Olympia (Mariupol).”


Junior group U-16 includes Shakhtyor Donbassa (Donetsk),

 Bazhanovets-Avangard (Makeyevka), and Children’s Sport 

School No 1 (Khartsyzsk), while the U-14 group includes 

Bazhanovets (Makeyevka), and the youth teams from 

football clubs Olympia (Mariupol) and Gvardeyets 

(Donetsk), he said.


The Commonwealth League, a new football tournament was 

first announced in March 2022, and the theme was followed

up in August. The initial plan was to establish a 

championship for football clubs from Crimea, 

the DPR, LPR and the Zaporozhye, Kharkov

and Kherson regions, as well as from 

South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


Martynov also told DAN that the issue of a DPR team’s

participation in the Russian championship, is 

under consideration.

Image: Famous BELAZ truck-maker prepared to supply equipment to Donbass

Famous BELAZ truck-maker prepared 

to supply equipment to Donbass










June 28th, 11:17am (DAN)


Belarus’ BelAZ, one of the world’s largest manufacturers 

of mining dump trucks, is ready to launch deliveries of 

equipment to the Donetsk People’s Republic, the 

company press service told the Donetsk News 

Agency on Wednesday.


“OAO BelAZ, the managing company of BelAZ-Holding, is 

ready to develop cooperation with the Donetsk People’s 

Republic on a commercial basis in accordance with the 

concluded agreements,” the press service said adding 

that the company can supply the needed amount of 

quarry equipment and spare parts to the region.


In April, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin visited BelAZ

to discuss the deliveries of equipment and the repair

of 45-ton trucks used in the DPR.


BelAZ is located in the town of Zhodino, Minsk region.

 In addition to its well-known dump trucks, it

 manufactures other equipment for the 

mining and construction sectors. 

Image: Donbass Opera, Kremlin Ballet’s joint show to be premiered at Bolshoi Theatre

Donbass Opera, Kremlin Ballet’s joint show 

to be premiered at Bolshoi Theatre

June 28th, 10:25am (DAN)


 The first performance of the War and Peace ballet 

will be presented on the stage of the Bolshoi 

Theatre --- in Moscow, in September, 

A.Solovyanenko, Donetsk State 

Academic Opera and Ballet 

Theatre Art Director,

Vadim Pisarev said.


“We’d like (to show the premiere) by Donetsk City Day which

 is marked on August 27 in 2023; we’ve always observed 

large holidays, but not this year,” Pisarev said, in an 

interview with the Donetsk News Agency. “So we’ll 

probably show it in Simferopol, on August 23-24 

and start preparing for the first performance 

at the Bolshoi Theatre, on September 10.”


As of today, the choreographic part of 

Act One is fully completed, he added.


DAN reported in January that Donbass Opera, together with

the Kremlin Ballet --- were working on the “War and Peace”

show, based on Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel. Soviet composer

Vyasheslav Ovchinnikov, wrote music to the ballet in the

1960s. Kremlin Ballet Art Director Andrey Petrov, who

worked on the ballet choreography, died when the 

show was in the works.


Image: Sverdlovsk region repairs eight boiler houses in Makeyevka, another 14 are next in line


Sverdlovsk region repairs eight 

boiler houses in Makeyevka, 

another 14 are next in line

June 26th, 12:33pm (DAN)


Russia’s Sverdlovsk region has begun to repair boiler 

houses and Multifunctional Public Services Centres 

(MFC) in the sponsored Makeyevka, Town Hall’s 

press service told the Donetsk News Agency.


“The Sverdlovsk region plans to repair 22 boiler houses and 

provide them with wells this year. As of now, repairs have 

been completed on eight facilities,” the press 

service said.


Also, the sponsor region has begun to renovate two 

multifunctional centres in General Danilov Avenue 

and Gavrilov Street. Repairs will be launched on 

another two MFCs in the town later this year, 

a press service representative said.


Earlier reports said that the Sverdlovsk region had 

completed the planned repairs of 80,000 square 

metres of roads in Makeyevka.  


Another Russian sponsor region, the Khanty-Mansi 

Autonomous Area has been providing assistance

 to the town since 2022.

Image: Zakharchenko’s dream comes true