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The endocrinologist listed the 

microelements necessary
a woman's health

May 28th, 2:24am



Timely intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids 

(PUFAs) helps women maintain their youth. This is 

stated by endocrinologist, Solgar expert Lira

 Gaptykayeva..... in an interview with

 "Gazeta.En " on Tuesday, May 28.


"Studies show that this solves several problems at once: 

it allows you to lengthen telomeres and thus delay 

biological aging, helps to fight both systemic

 inflammation, which provokes heart and 

vascular problems, type 2 diabetes and 

other chronic diseases, and mito-

chondrial dysfunction.... and 

oxidative stress --- which 

are considered the key 

causes of malignant 

tumors", - said

the expert.


An equally important trace element in the female body, is 

iron. The endocrinologist warned that its deficiency can 

cause disturbances in the synthesis of hemoglobin, 

which is responsible for the movement of oxygen

 in the body.


"Normally, the iron index varies in the range of 9-30 

micromol/l . You can try to support it through 

nutrition by including meat, liver, poultry, 

fish and eggs in your diet. However, 

heat treatment and deterioration 

of the quality of the products 

themselves leads to a 

decrease in the 

content of the

nutrients in 

them," - the 

doctor said.


The third important element is folic acid, which is also 

called vitamin B9. This substance contributes to the 

proper functioning of the immune system, gives a 

healthy appearance to hair, nails and skin, and

 is also responsible for energy exchange.


"During the pre-gravidar preparation of the body and 

directly during pregnancy, the need for this vitamin 

increases by 1.5 times, since it is necessary for 

proper fetal formation, protein division, growth

 and development," the specialist explained.


You can get enough folic acid by eating spinach, peanuts,

 beets, liver, lentils, and asparagus daily. However, all 

these products must be consumed fresh, as any

 treatment -- or even long-term exposure to 

direct sunlight - destroys up to 90% of 

the vitamin B9 contained in them.


"In addition, some people have a genetic predisposition 

to non-assimilation of this substance (polymorphism
the MTHFR gene)," the expert concluded.



Taking care of yourself


Men are warned: about the 

dangerous consequences

 of loving beer

May 24th, 4:31pm



The love of beer threatens men with serious health 

problems, said surgeon Alexander Umnov. He 

warned men about the dangerous 

consequences of drinking this 

drink, in an interview with



According to him, beer alcoholics quickly develop obesity 

and metabolic syndrome. "Hence the increased blood 

glucose and the development of type 2 diabetes," 

he explained.


Umnov added that because of the heavy metal salts

 contained in beer, men's testosterone production

 decreases, which threatens to change their 

appearance to the female type, and 

problems in intimate life, 

including infertility.


Earlier, Umnov named the devastating health 

consequences of drinking vodka. According 

to him, when drinking this drink, the cells of

 the pancreas die, then the liver tissue 

becomes scarred, because of which 

this organ...... cannot effectively 

remove toxins from the body.



The doctor spoke on - the benefits of

 greens for reducing blood pressure

April 25th, 12:01am



Natalia Denisova, a dietitian, senior researcher at the 

Research Centre for Nutrition and Biotechnology, 

PhD, told how to make a diet in such a way --- to 

reduce the dose of blood pressure medications.


In a conversation with the site aif.ru on Wednesday, April 

24, the specialist pointed out that greens are one of the 

main sources of potassium, which helps to remove 

fluids. This reduces blood pressure and reduces 

swelling. According to her, in the absence of 

problems with the pancreas in each meal, 

you should eat 3-4 sprigs of dill, parsley, 

and/or lettuce - this is about 10-15 g 

per serving. Also, greens are useful

for people with excess weight ---

since the dietary fibre of greens 

helps to remove excess 

fat, and cholesterol.


In addition, according to Denisova, fresh greens contain 

antioxidants: vitamin C, carotenoids, and chlorophyll. 

Vitamin C and other antioxidants help improve blood 

circulation, stimulate hematopoiesis, and improve

the oxygen supply to tissues and organs.


The doctor added that the greens are also rich in

 essential oils. In particular, dill reduces gas 

formation, and improves digestion.


On April 18, Natalia Denisova told what foods should 

be included in the diet for people who have a 

predisposition to hypertension. 


In particular, according to her, boiled potatoes help 

reduce blood pressure due to the content of 

potassium, which removes water from the

 body. Potatoes are also considered a 

mild diuretic.


On April 16, endocrinologist and dietitian Ekaterina

 Kazachkova urged not to eat fast food more often

 than once every two weeks. According to her, 

heavy food is best combined with fibre-rich 

foods. Vegetables and herbs are able to 

absorb some of the trans fats, as well 

as help to process the dish without 

harm to health, reports TV 

channel "360".


In February, the surgeon, oncourologist Mark Gadziyan 

called chips and smoked sausage ---- the most harmful 

products. According to him it is important to consume 

sufficient amounts of clean water for the prevention 

of urolithiasis. For the same purposes --- it is 

necessary to reduce the amount of salt 

in the diet and limit meat consumption.


Earlier, cardiologist Denis Sokolov told how to properly 

measure blood pressure. According to him, this should 

be done in a quiet environment, not immediately after

 smoking or drinking coffee. 


The hand should not be held in the air, it is necessary 

to put it on the table and relax, fix it in one position. 

The middle of the cuff should be at the level of the 

heart when measuring, the website kp.ru. writes. 





Ent pointed out the connection 

between the common cold

 and the use of sweets

April 24th, 11:21pm



An otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category,

 Vladimir Zaitsev, said that sugar can lead to a 

runny nose, that is, an active discharge of 

mucus from the nose.


In a conversation with the site aif.ru on Wednesday, April 

24, the doctor explained that sugar is an ideal breeding 

ground for microorganisms.


"Micro-organisms normally live in every person - we carry 

about 2.5 kg of microflora. And without it, we would not 

have lived, we would simply have died. However, the 

question is in the number of these microorganisms:

 if their number increases multiple times, it is bad 

for the body," the expert explained.


According to him, in addition to sugar, milk, fermented milk

 products and yeast are also nutrient media for microflora.

 Sugar, for example, acts as a provocateur of 

inflammatory diseases of the 

paranasal sinuses.


The doctor explained that if a person has inflamed 

maxillary sinuses, then with a large amount of 

sugar in the diet, it will be constantly 

maintained due to the nutrition 

of bacteria.


"Further, the discharge will disturb and move from the 

sinuses to the nasal cavity. When they get there, 

active irritation of the lower nasal concha 

begins. It will be under the constant 

influence of mucus," said Zaitsev.


Thus, the nasal cavity becomes inflamed and is also 

involved in the process of the active production of 

mucus, which irritates the throat.


As lore emphasized, it is also important to take into 

account that excess sugar increases its level in 

the blood, against which there is a decrease in

 immunity. So, for example.... patients with 

diabetes suffer greatly with a runny nose.

 Due to reduced immunity, such patients 

catch any infection transmitted by 

airborne droplets.


The doctor urged to reconsider the approach to the use of 

sugar as it is not provided in a natural food chain of the

 person. It should be a treat or delicacy. If a person is 

ready to "sacrifice their sweet tooth" --- then the

 situation can be corrected, but ---- if not, then, 

according to the doctor, you should prepare

 for a constantly flowing..... nose. This is 

already...... a consequence of such a 

pathology..... as chronic vasomotor 

rhinitis of a neurovegetative form.




The doctor told about
for pensioners

April 24th, 1:31am



Elvira Fesenko, PhD, Head of the Department of Therapy, 

Geriatrics and Anti-Aging Medicine of the Academy of 

Postgraduate Education of the Federal State 

Budgetary Institution of the Federal 

Research Centre of the FMBA of 

Russia, told which diseases 

are most dangerous... for 

patients over 65 years 

of age.


In a conversation with the site aif.ru on Tuesday, April 23, 

the specialist pointed out the danger of problems of the 

cardiovascular system. According to her, these are the 

main problems of older people. She explained that 

with age, the risk of coronary heart disease and 

the blockage of blood vessels supplying it 



She noted that people of retirement age often face

 hypertension, the main danger of which is that it 

can be asymptomatic for a long time. Signs of 

high blood pressure include chest pain, pain 

in the temporal and occipital parts of the 

head, palpitations, & feelings of anxiety. 

In addition, high blood pressure puts a 

strain on the heart, blood vessels and 

kidneys, and can lead to a stroke or 

heart attack.


The doctor also considered diseases of the

 musculoskeletal system to be dangerous: 

osteoporosis, arthritis. Also dangerous is 

type 2 diabetes, as it causes problems 

with the pancreas, which becomes 

unable to produce enough insulin. 


Dangerous cataracts, which significantly 

reduce the standard of living due to the

 inability to focus on objects.


In addition, the doctor added, the exhaustion 

of the nervous system in old age can lead to

 memory loss. It all starts with short-term 

episodes, but the condition worsens and 

the person loses the ability to 

serve themselves.


In February, Olga Shuppo, scientific director of the Grand 

Clinic network of immunorehabilitation and preventive 

medicine, named the causes of early dementia. 


According to her, lifestyle, immunity, social activity, 

and diet, largely determine the risk of this disease.




Image: Link found between microplastics and heart diseases

Link found between 

microplastics and

 heart diseases

April 13th, 00:46am

(Prensa Latina) 


The accumulation of tiny plastic particles in blood vessels

 is now linked to an increased risk of heart attacks, 

strokes and deaths, according to a new study 

published in the New England Journal 

of Medicine.


The study, which included some 300 people with

 atherosclerosis, also found that they had tiny 

plastic particles (microplastics and nano-

plastics) encrusted in plaques in the 

carotid artery, a major blood vessel 

in the neck that supplies blood to

 the brain.


“Patients with plastic plaques were more than four times 

more likely to have a myocardial infarction or a stroke 

or to die from any cause within three years,” the 

report noted.


According to the experts, when plaque builds up in the 

arteries, known as atherosclerosis, the thickening of 

the vessel walls reduces the blood flow to parts of 

the body, increasing the risk of a stroke, angina 

pectoris and myocardial infarction.


Such plaques are usually a mixture of cholesterol, fatty 

substances, cellular debris, calcium and a blood-

clotting protein called fibrin or fibrinogen.


Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic no larger than 

five millimetres and are formed when larger plastics

 decompose through chemical degradation 

processes or physical wear and tear.





The doctor listed products 

that improve vision

April 10th, 4:50am



The Doctor-ophthalmologist, doctor-microsurgeon, 

doctor-laser surgeon "SM-Klinika", and Candidate 

of Medical Sciences, Svetlana Mirgorodskaya,

listed products - that can improve vision.


In an interview with Gazeta.En, on Tuesday, April 9, the 

specialist noted that vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, P, 

D and E, as well as lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and

anthocyanins, have a positive effect on your

eye health and vision.


According to her, vitamin A is present in fish from the 

cold northern seas, in eggs, milk, liver, butter, wild

 garlic, celery, and parsley, writes RT.


Mirgorodskaya noted, that B vitamins can be found in meat,

heavy cream, cereals, bananas, and vitamins P and C, are

 found in raspberries, citrus fruits, blackberries, cherries, 

black currants, grapes, rosehips, paprika, bell peppers, 

cabbage, potatoes, and tomatoes.


In addition, it is worth including sea fish and mushrooms in 

the diet, because they are rich in vitamin D. Also useful for 

vision... is zinc, which is high in pumpkin seeds, oysters, 

pine nuts and beans. kp.ru.


Earlier, on March 20, Irina Zimina, an ophthalmologist at 

Atlas clinics, said that in order to prevent deterioration 

of vision, it is necessary to take breaks during visual 

loads, exercises for the eyes, and also moisten the

 air in the room.


In February, nutritionist Alexandra Razarenova said that 

regular use of rosehip helps to strengthen the immune 

system, as well as cope with viruses and bacteria. In 

addition, red fruits can protect against premature 

aging. Vitamin A, which is present in rosehip,

 improves vision, reports the TV 

channel "360".


In August last year, dietitian Elena Solomatina, told 

"Moscow 24" - that eating pumpkin helps maintain 

good vision in the elderly. According to her, it is 

rich in fiber, zinc and antioxidants that are 

good for vision.


Prior to this, Solomatina noted that apricots restore visual 

acuity and have a beneficial effect on the nervous and 

cardiovascular systems. In addition ------ they are 

easy to quench thirst, as they (85%) consist

of water, notes NSN.




 The expert named four 

principles of longevity

April 8th, 11pm



Life expectancy in Moscow, has reached a record 78 years

 on average, Vladimir Filippov, Deputy head of the Moscow 

Department of Labour and Social Protection and head of 

the Moscow Longevity program told Izvestia. According 

to him, this is influenced by a number of fundamental 

factors, such as the quality and accessibility of 

healthcare.... a variety of leisure and self-

realization opportunities, but there 

are also four main principles 

of longevity.


To the first important principle, the expert attributed the 

ability of a person to find happiness in everyday affairs.


"For example, the Japanese, a nation of centenarians, 

have such a popular term --- "ikigai". It means, the 

meaning of life in the most applied sense ----- as 

the ability to find happiness in everyday affairs.'' 

''So ---- most Japanese retirees have a specific plan

for each day of their lives: finish tying a blanket,

feed their grandchildren, go to the market, 

clean the house, walk the dog, and so on.

They are not afraid to plan for months 

-- and years -- ahead.'' 


''This is a serious mental factor that affects life

 expectancy, " Vladimir Filippov explained.


The expert called physical health and timely passing

 of high-quality medical examinations the second 

and third principles.


"Today.... there is an opinion that the best patient, the so-

 called "patient 2.0", is the one who goes to the doctor 

in advance, and passes the necessary checkups to 

prevent or detect diseases at an early stage," 

Filippov said.


According to him, the fourth important law of 

most centenarians --------- is to load the brain.


"In Japan, where old age is probably better studied than 

anywhere else, another study proved that older people 

who were engaged in intellectual work, regularly 

read, guessed crosswords, or played Go, life 

expectancy on average, was four years

 longer," Filippov said.


In addition, one of the key factors affecting longevity, the 

expert called the human environment. Single people on

 average live five to six years less. 


Warm communication prolongs life - the authors of the 

famous Harvard 75-year study on happiness came 

to this conclusion, Filippov stressed.


Earlier, on March 31, Tamara Moseva, brand chief of the 

network of boarding houses for the elderly "Warm 

Conversations", told Izvestia that the secret of

 active longevity lies not only in genetics and 

the level of physical activity, but also in a 

certain diet.


 According to her, it is important for health that the meal 

is varied and balanced and includes: vegetables, fruits, 

cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy products, meat
 its alternatives. 


This diet helps meet the body's needs for vitamins, 

minerals, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. A lack 

of nutrients..... can lead to various diseases,

 she explained.



 The doctor named the early signs
of Parkinson's disease

April 1st, 1:02pm



Excessive movement during sleep, such as twitching,
can be the first signs of Parkinson's disease. About
this on April the 1st, in Gazeta.Ru, stated Sergey
Illarioshkin ---- an Academician of the Russian
Academy of Sciences, and Deputy Director
for Research at the Scientific Centre
of Neurology.


According to him, such a symptom may appear even 10-20 

years before motor manifestations. In this case, a person 

can wave his hands in a dream and throw objects from

 the bedside shelves.


"This is a sign of developing pathology in those parts of

 the brain that are responsible for controlling sleep 

mechanisms and are involved in the earliest 

stage of the disease," Illarioshkin said.


The specialist explained that disabling muscle tone during 

REM sleep is normal, but in people with Parkinson's

 disease, the pathology of certain nuclei of the 

brain stem leads to the fact that the tone is 

preserved. So, a person begins to 

"participate" in his dream.


Illarioshkin cited as an example a case from the United 

States, when a man at the time of such an attack in a

dream strangled his wife. As a result -- he was able 

to avoid criminal liability, since polysomnography 

proved that the patient suffers from a violation

 of behaviour... in the REM sleep phase.


"If a person has such a disorder isolated, then with a 70% 

probability he will develop either Parkinson's disease, or 

dementia with Lewy bodies, or multisystem atrophy —

 three diseases associated with the pathology of 

alpha-synuclein," the neurologist summed up.


Earlier, on March 22nd, it was reported, that Russian 

scientists have patented a drug for the treatment of 

Parkinson's disease in the early stages. It acts on

 the enzyme glucocerebrosidase, which is 

encoded by the GBA1 gene. 


Mutations in it increase the risk of developing pathology 

by 10 times. Tests on patient cells have shown that the

molecule created by scientists.... restores the activity 

of the enzyme.




Taking care of yourself

March 25th, 2:33pm



 Products that help with bloating named


Some products help with bloating, said

the proctologist, Elena Smirnova. 


Among such products, she named celery — it fights 

dehydration, thereby protecting against bloating.

 In addition -- avocados and tomatoes rich in 

potassium.. can reduce the risk of this 

problem, according to Smirnova. 


Potassium, she said, reduces the level

of sodium in the body ------ which 

causes bloating.


In addition, the doctor included kefir in the list, citing a 

study - that proved that the use of this fermented milk 

product removes gases in the gastrointestinal tract

 by 70 percent. This is due to the fact - that kefir 

helps break down sugar in milk, which leads 

to bloating, said Smirnova. She also warns:

that large portions of food, sweets, and 

fatty foods, can lead to heaviness in 

the stomach... and bloating.





Doctors named 3 cancer 

- protecting products

March 20th, 3:01am



Therapist, Elena Malysheva, and cardiologist, Herman 

Gandelman on the air of the program "Live healthy!" 

on Channel One named three products, the use of 

which is useful for the prevention of cancer. The

 program is available on the channel's website.


Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and white cabbage have been 

added to the list of foods that protect against cancer. 

"Include it in your diet," Malysheva urged Russians.


According to experts, all these vegetables contain 

the substance sulforaphane. "Sulforaphane 

prevents cancer cells from multiplying 

and, consequently, prevents cancer 

from developing," Gandelman



Earlier, doctor Alexander Myasnikov on the air of the 

program "About the most important thing" on the 

channel "Russia 1" said that the presence of 

a cyst in the ovary after menopause is a 

symptom of cancer. According to 

the doctor, such a cyst must 

be removed.






The professor listed the important

 symptoms of kidney problems

March 15th, 4:17pm



Olga Vetchinnikova, MD, Professor of the Department of 

Transplantology, Nephrology and Artificial Organs at 

the Vladimirsky Moscow State Medical University, 

spoke about what can provoke the development 

of kidney diseases - and explained how to 

recognize abnormalities.


In an interview with Radio 1 on March 14, the specialist 

pointed out that the most common kidney diseases are 

kidney damage in other diseases. We are talking about 

cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension.


"All these diseases are currently treated as non-

communicable pandemics. Chronic kidney 

disease, also belongs to these non-

communicable pandemics," 

the doctor explained.


According to her, diseases that can cause kidney damage 

also include arterial hypertension, systemic infections, 

autoimmune diseases, hepatitis, HIV infections, 

urolithiasis, tuberculosis, as well as urinary

tract infections ....and some 

urological diseases.


Vetchinnikova warned that uncontrolled medication intake 

is an unfavorable factor for kidney function. Their health 

is also affected by smoking, obesity, and lipid 

metabolism disorders, so people with such 

ailments should carefully monitor 

their health - and undergo the 

necessary examinations.


The professor noted that kidney diseases are 

characterized by an asymptomatic course of

 the disease. It is important to pay attention

 to changes in the volume and colour

 of urine. 


Also, a symptom of problems with this organ can be an 

increase in blood pressure, especially at a young age,

 the appearance of edema. Also, kidney disease in 

relatives, changes in the size and shape of the 

kidneys during ultrasound examination 

should be alarming. 


In addition, changes in the overall 

urinalysis, protein and red blood 

cell counts - are important.


On March 14, the nephrologist Olga Kozina warned against 

self-medication for kidney stones. According to her, the

 treatment of urolithiasis depends on many factors 

that can only be evaluated and taken into 

account by a specialist.


 In particular, if the stone is large and causes repeated

 episodes of unbearable pain, it is necessary to 

remove it, writes RT. 


She also advised drinking more water to prevent the 

formation of kidney stones. An adult should drink 

at least 1.5 litres of clean drinking water 

a day, the 360 TV channel notes.


On March 3, dietitian, MD Mikhail Ginzburg, in an 

interview with Zvezda TV channel, warned that

 excessive consumption of fat-soluble vitamins

 leads to dangerous overdoses. According to 

him, the main danger lies in the removal of 

excess elements from the body. 


Absorbed together with fat, excess vitamins can not 

be removed by the kidneys, as is the case with 

water-soluble drugs. The most dangerous is 

an overdose of vitamin D: first of all, the

harm is manifested --- in the form of 

calcium retention in the body.


In February, urologist-andrologist Dmitry Zhuravsky said 

that kidney stones are formed due to changes in the 

chemical composition of urine and an increase in

 its salt level. The urologist advised patients 

with oxalate kidney stones to use sorrel, 

spinach, parsley, dill, rhubarb, beetroot, 

and citrus fruits --- with caution.



Taking care of yourself

March 11th, 3:2pm



Russians listed available products

 ...............that slow down aging.


Endocrinologist Mikhaleva urged --- to eat

herring and mackerel to slow down aging.


To slow down aging, it is necessary to regularly eat 

herring, mackerel and other varieties of cold-water

 fish, endocrinologist Oksana Mikhaleva advised.

 She listed these and some other available 

anti-age products, to Izvestia.


Mikhaleva urged to eat wild fish, because it is rich in

 polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids -- which help 

reduce the risk of osteoporosis and prolong the 

youthfulness of the skin. 


Most of the fatty acids - according to her - are found in 

mackerel and herring, and not in expensive red fish,

 as many people used to think.


Herbs, fruits and vegetables, also play a significant role in 

prolonging youth, the endocrinologist continued. An adult 

needs to eat at least half a kilogram of these anti-aging 

foods a day, she said.


To slow down aging...... according to Mikhaleva, the body 

needs a sufficient amount of fibre, which is rich in whole 

grains and legumes. As a healthy source of animal 

protein --- the endocrinologist recommended
 lean meat: rabbit and poultry.


In addition, as the doctor noted, many older people face 

osteoporosis. To reduce the risk of its development, it 

is necessary to include dairy products in the diet.

is important that they are low-fat and
do not 
contain sugar, she stressed.


Earlier, endocrinologist, Natalia Tananakina, told what 

products can replace fatty and fried foods, as well as 

pastries and sweets. According to her, meat, fish, 

as well as fruits and cereals are alternatives 

to these products.




Taking care of yourself

March 6th, 3:32pm



Three available breakfast options for

 preventing bowel cancer are named.


Meredee Birdie, a dietitian who specializes in treating 

cancer patients, named three affordable breakfast 

options for preventing the development of bowel 

cancer. Her advice is provided by 

Business Insider.


According to Birdie, you can prevent bowel cancer if you 

regularly eat oatmeal porridge with milk and added fruit

 for breakfast. She explained... that oatmeal provides a 

positive effect due to the large amount of fiber in the 

composition, which feeds on "good" bacteria in the

 intestines. Also, this porridge protects the mucous 

membranes of the colon.


The second option... for a healthy breakfast for the

 intestines, she called a mixture of unsweetened 

yogurt with berries, nuts and seeds. According

 to Birdie, this simple dish is rich in calcium, 

protein, and probiotics to help support 

normal digestion.


Finally, the dietitian suggested eating scrambled eggs with

 vegetables and halloumi cheese for breakfast. For this 

dish, according to her, you need to fry tomatoes, 

mushrooms and spinach, and in another pan 

— cheese.


Next, you need to mix the ingredients, break the eggs into

 the resulting mixture and continue to fry until the whites 

thicken, the doctor explained. She noted that it is best

to serve the finished dish... with a slice of avocado.


Earlier, nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg warned against

 excessive consumption of white bread. He pointed 

out ---- that bread made from sifted flour can
provoke diseases. such as
diabetes, tumors, 

and gout.




Tories and Labour take away
your right - to see a doctor!



Ultra-processed foods - may

 increase risk of depression

February 29th, 5:35pm

(Prensa Latina) 


Eating high amounts of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) —

particularly those containing artificial sweeteners —

may increase the risk of developing depression,

 according to a new study co-authored by

 researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan 

School of Public Health.


The study was published on September 20th ---- in JAMA 

Network Open. Harvard Chan co-authors included Dong 

Wang, the assistant professor in the Department of 

Nutrition; Olivia Okereke and Mingyang Song --- 

both associate professors in the Department 

of Epidemiology & Andrew Chan, professor 

in the Department of Immunology and

 Infectious Diseases.


To assess the link between UPFs such as packaged snacks

 and frozen meals — and depression, researchers collected 

data on diet and mental health from 31,712 middle-aged 

women enrolled in the Nurses Health Study II between 

2003 and 2017. Participants filled out a questionnaire 

on their dietary habits every four years. They also

reported... if they received a clinical diagnosis of 

depression &/or started taking antidepressants

during the study period.


The study found that participants who were in the top fifth 

of consumers of UPFs — eating 9 or more servings per
day - had a 50% higher risk of developing depression 

than those in the bottom fifth of consumers, eating 

four or fewer servings per day.


The researchers also identified a link ----- between artificial 

sweeteners and depression: Participants in the top fifth of

 consumers had a 26% higher risk of developing 

depression than those in the bottom fifth.


Chan said in a September 20 article in Forbes that people 

“may wish to limit their intake of ultra-processed foods 

wherever possible” — particularly people who already 

live with depression or other mental health conditions.


He noted that the study controlled for confounding factors 

such as exercise and smoking status. In addition, none 

of the study’s participants had depression at the 

outset, which was the study’s strength, Chan

 told The Guardian. 


“We minimized the likelihood that our findings are simply

 due to individuals with depression being more likely to

 choose ultra-processed foods,” he said, in a 

September 20 article.



Image: losing weight eat no more than 25 g of dark chocolate per day


Those who lose weight are advised

 to eat ....no more than 25 g of 

dark chocolate per day

by Anastasia Rumyantseva

February 25th, 2am



Lecturer at the Russian Biotechnological University,

 (ROSBIOTECH University) Inga Belyaeva explained 

in an interview with RT -- that almost any of the 

existing diets.... involves a complete rejection

 of sweets ------ but chocolate, can be useful 

for weight loss.


"The main thing is to choose the right product and consume

 it in reasonable quantities. Preference should be given to

 dark chocolate, which contains a lot of natural cocoa 

and little sugar. Such a product helps to reduce the 

level of stress that occurs when following a diet: 

it stimulates the release of endorphin and 

serotonin -- and neutralizes the effect 

of cortisol --- thereby, preventing 

overeating," the expert said.


According to her, cocoa butter.... which is part of 

chocolate, is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.


"They speed up your metabolism and fat burning. 

And even a small piece of dark chocolate can 

effectively - satisfy your hunger. The fibre in 

this product creates a long-lasting feeling 

of satiety," the expert said.


Modern dietetics recommends using no more
25 grams of dark chocolate per day,
reducing weight, Belyaeva noted.


"This is a quarter of a 100-gram tile, six pieces. 

This portion contains about 155 kcal. The use 

of white and milk chocolate can be harmful 

- as it does not contain at all, or contains 

very little, cocoa, but a lot of sugar, 

animal fat, and sometimes other

 additives," she concluded.




Taking care of yourself

February 20th, 6:01pm



The doctor explained the reasons for the 

appearance of an unpleasant symptom 

of menopause


Hot flushes in menopause appear -- due to fluctuations 

in the level of estrogens, directly related to the work 

of neurotransmitters, explained obstetrician-

gynecologist, Ekaterina Volkova. 


The doctor explained the reasons.... why 

this unpleasant symptom occurs during 

menopause in her Telegram channel.


According to Volkova, most women learn about 

menopause by the absence of menstruation, 

and many of them - face hot flushes. The 

doctor noted, that everyone feels this

 symptom differently.


Hot flushes can ferl like a feeling of warmth, 

especially in the upper body and not even 

accompanied by heavy sweating. And...

they can be a real attack with sweat, 

fever and tachycardia.


The obstetrician-gynecologist, Ekaterina Volkova,

clarified that the occurrence of hot flushes is 

associated with a lack of estrogen.

explained, that this hormone is 

important --- for the functioning 

of neurotransmitters, which 

transmit information from 

the body to the central 

nervous system. 


If there are no estrogens, then the information is

transmitted incorrectly. "You don't overheat, 

but in the centre you "hear" ....that it is 

time to cool down," the doctor said.


Earlier, Volkova named five vitamins for 

women over 40 years old. Among 

others..... she recommended 

taking vitamins A and B.




Exercise can help ease pain 

for people with cancer

February 17th, 8:16am

 (Prensa Latina) 


Engaging in intense exercise might not be the first thing 

that people fighting cancer think to do ---- but a new

study by Trusted Source, reports that a workout 

can help ease cancer-related pain.


“It may feel counterintuitive to some, but physical activity 

is an effective, non-pharmacologic option... for reducing 

many types of pain,” said Dr. Erika Rees-Punia, a study

senior author & the American Cancer Society’s senior 

principal scientist for epidemiology and behavioral 

research, in a press statement.


 “As our study suggests, this may include

 pain associated with cancer and 

its treatments.”


In the study published in the journal Cancer, Rees-Punia 

and Dr. Christopher T.V. Swain, first study author and a 

fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia, 

looked at 10,651 adults with a past cancer 

diagnosis and 51,439 adults without 

a history of cancer.


Participants were asked to rate their average pain level 

from 0 to 10, with 0 being no pain and 10 being the 

worst pain imaginable. They also were queried 

about their engagement in exercise.


The researchers reported that more physical activity 

was associated with lower pain intensity, whether 

or not individuals had a history of cancer.


Among those with a past cancer diagnosis, those 

exceeding the physical activity guidelines 

established by the U.S. government — 

getting 150 to 300 minutes a week 

of moderate-intensity exercise, or

75 to 150 minutes per week of 

vigorous - intensity aerobic 

physical activity ----- were 

16% less likely.. to report

moderate-to-severe pain 

compared to those who 

exercised less.


Less pain also was reported by those who were

 consistently active or became active as older 

adults compared to those who remained

 inactive, the researchers said.


“Cancer pain can be debilitating and most patients

 in palliative care, often require opioid-based pain 

medications like morphine, just to get by,” Dr. 

Ryan Peterson --- a pain medicine specialist 

and anesthesiologist at NuView Treatment 

Center, a Los Angeles-based addiction 

treatment program, told Medical 

News Today.


''While pharmacological interventions are good, 

I recommend non-pharmacologic therapies 

such as gradual exercise, as tolerable 

when possible ------ so as to prevent 

muscle atrophy and further pain.'' 


''Exercise is also known to aid in the release of 

endorphins ---- which may be helpful in pain 

alleviation and tolerance,” said Peterson,

 who was not involved in the study.




The doctor named ways to reduce 

the daily consumption of sweets

February 5th, 2:13pm



Regular exercise and the use of sugar substitutes will help 

reduce your daily intake of sweets. This was announced 

on Monday, February 5, by the endocrinologist of 

Meditsina JSC (Academician Roitberg Clinic) 

Natalia Tananakina.


"It is possible to get hooked on sweets because of their

 ability to cause a person to feel pleasure and stimulate 

the pleasure centres in the brain. Giving up on this can 

be difficult because of the possible development of 

physiological dependence, as well as 

psychological habits," the doctor 

shared with RIAMO.


According to her, the difference in the use of natural sugar 

and sweeteners lies in their metabolic effects. The first 

product is high in calories, it increases the level of 

glucose in the blood, while the sweetener has 

zero calories. 


The specialist emphasized that it is impossible to

 completely switch to substitutes, since using 

them in large quantities can have a negative 

impact on health.


Earlier, in December, the surgeon, oncourologist Mark

Gadziyan, said that the most harmful products are 

sugar and salt. He explained - that an excess of 

salt in the body can cause blood clots to form 

in the blood vessels, as well as a decrease 

in testosterone levels and an increase 

in blood pressure. 


Sugar is also dangerous, as it negatively affects the 

suppression of insulin production and leads to fat 

deposition in the abdominal organs.




High blood omega-3 levels 

linked to lower risk of 

Alzheimer’s disease

February 3rd 1:28pm

(Prensa Latina) 


Having high levels of omega-3 in the blood is associated 

with a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, 

according to a study co-led by the Hospital del 

Mar Research Institute and published in 

the journal Nutrients.


This is the study with the largest number of participants in 

this field to date, analyzing data from 260,000 people from 

the UK Biobank database. Researchers from the Fatty 

Acid Resarch Institute of the United States and
CIBER de Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y 

Nutrición (CIBEROBN) have participated

 in the study.


The authors of the study, have been able to access the

blood metabolite profile of individuals included in the 

UK database. As well as examining the associations 

by different types of omega-3, being able to work 

with such a large number of participants has 

made it possible to include younger 

population groups - than those 

traditionally studied.


Thus, they have divided the participants into volunteers 

aged 40 to 50 years, 50 to 60 years and over 60 years. 

They have also been able to relate this information 

to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or other 

dementias, as distinct entities.


As Dr. Aleix Sala-Vila, a researcher in the Cardiovascular

 Risk and Nutrition Research Group at the Hospital del 

Mar Research Institute, explains, “it has helped us to 

study whether having high levels of omega-3 at age 

50 can help prevent the onset of dementia many

 years later”.


The study has taken into account the age, sex, level 

of schooling of the participants and the genetic 

characteristics associated with an increased 

risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


The conclusions indicate that “high levels of omega-3 are 

associated with lower risk for all age groups, for men
women and for both diseases, but the strongest

 associations, are found in men, in people over 

60 years of age, and for dementias other 

than Alzheimer’s disease,” explains 

the lead author of the study.


At the same time, the associations are also particularly 

beneficial for omega-3s other than DHA (docosa-

hexaenoic acid). This omega-3... is provided by 

oily fish, and, therefore, the study “reinforces 

the idea that there are some foods, which 

do not have to be fish, such as walnuts, 

that could be beneficial for brain

health,” says Dr. Sala-Vila.





Report: Progress on Cancer Survival 

in UK -------- at Slowest in 50 Years

February 3rd, 10:25am (FNA)


 Progress on cancer survival in the UK has slowed to its 

lowest rate in 50 years, a report found ----- with experts 

blaming the impact of austerity on the nation’s health.


The study - by researchers at the London School of Hygiene 

and Tropical Medicine, commissioned by Cancer Research 

UK, projects there will be half a million new cancer cases 

each year in the UK by 2040, The Guardian reported.


The report says nearly half of all patients (49.8%) now 

survive cancer for at least 10 years. But the rate of 

progress in improving prognosis slowed markedly 

after 2010 -- rising by an average of 0.6% a year 

between 2011 and 2018. In previous decades, 

10-year survival rose by 1.5%-2.7% a year.


Figures from WHO’s cancer arm, the International Agency 

for Research on Cancer, have suggested global cancer 

cases will rise by more than 75% by 2050 --- due to a 

combination of factors including tobacco use, 

alcohol consumption and obesity.


Mark Lawler --- a professor of digital health at Queen’s

 University Belfast and the chair of Lancet Oncology’s 

European Groundshot cancer commission, said the 

slow improvement in 10-year cancer survival as 

detailed in Cancer Research UK’s study 

made for startling reading.


“Good health and austerity do not mix, leading to less 

resources being focused on cancer prevention and 

treatment. And the bad news is it’s not going to 

get any better soon, as the impact of COVID 

and national lockdowns has set back 

survival for certain cancers like 

bowel by almost a decade,” 

he said.


“Inexplicably, this is the very time that the government has

 moved away from a national cancer strategy to a major 

conditions strategy, going against international best 

practice,” he added.


John Ashton, a former president of the UK Faculty of 

Public Health, said public health budgets meant 

cancer prevention --- is increasingly difficult.


“The agenda for preventing cancer is about smoking

 cessation, healthy weight, less alcohol --- and a 

healthy diet. Public health teams don’t really 

have the resources to get upstream of the 

prevention side of cancer. [Coupled with

 pressures on GP practices and the 

wider NHS] the picture is gloomy 

from a prevention point of view

 ...from an early intervention 

point of view -- and from a 

treatment point of view,”

 he added.


Jon Shelton, the head of cancer intelligence at Cancer 

Research UK, said, “Cancer survival is not improving

 quickly enough. People are waiting far too long for

 diagnosis and to start treatment, with cancer 

waiting time targets consistently being 

missed. And we need to prevent 

more cancers."


Dr Cary Adams, the head of the Union for International
Cancer Control, said, “Despite the progress that has 

been made in the early detection of cancers and 

the treatment and care of cancer patients --- 

significant disparities in cancer treatment 

outcomes exist not only between high- 

and low-income regions of the world, 

but also within countries."


“Where someone lives should not determine whether they

 live. Tools exist to enable governments to prioritise 

cancer care and to ensure that everyone has 

access to affordable, quality services. This 

is not just a resource issue but a matter 

of political will,” Adams added.




The doctor told - how 

to support immunity 

in winter

by Evgeny Odintsovo

January 5th, 8:55pm



Doctor Turtleneck recommended eating
 and ginger in winter for immunity


In winter, the immune system plays a special role in

 maintaining health, as cold temperatures and 

viruses can have a negative impact on the 

body. About this in "Newspaper.En" said 

Angelina Vodolazkaya, a nutritionist 

and endocrinologist at Biogena.


"Without enough UV light, the active form of vitamin D3 

is no longer produced in the skin — it regulates fat 

metabolism, helping to maintain a normal weight,

 and ensures the health of the skin, hair, and 

nails," she explained.


The doctor has identified several products that 

support our health and mood - even in the 

cold season.


"Vegetables are the main suppliers of dietary fibre, 

thanks to which cholesterol is removed from the 

body and the gastrointestinal tract functions. 

One of these vegetables is spinach. It is a 

source of vitamin C, and spinach also 

contains beta-carotene and anti-

oxidants that help strengthen 

the immune system," the 

expert added.


The next important product needed in winter,

 is garlic.


"It has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. 

Garlic can help reduce the risk of colds and flu and 

boost the immune system. Ginger, a product that 

can be added to tea or used in the preparation 

of various dishes, also has anti-inflammatory 

properties. It lowers cholesterol levels, 

which protects us from heart disease. 

In addition, ginger, is good for the 

brain ---- it improves memory and 

concentration ---- and also helps 

in the prevention of Alzheimer's 

disease," the doctor stressed.


Vodolazka noted that it is important to use these products 

in combination with a varied and balanced diet in order to

 get all the necessary nutrients to maintain health and 

immunity in winter.




How to avoid the negative health 

consequences..... of overeating

January 3rd, 8:47am (DAN) 


The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer 

Rights Protection and Human Welfare has 

compiled recommendations in case of 

overeating. They include 

four main tips.


It is noted that to improve the functioning of the digestive

 system and relieve stress from the body... you should 

drink more water. To reduce discomfort --- you can 

perform simple physical exercises, or stretching, 

take a walk. It is useful to arrange a fasting day 

to give the stomach a break from digesting and 

assimilating food.


After overeating, you should return to healthy eating habits, 

in particular, eat more vegetables, fruits and protein, and

less food --- with a high content of sugar and fat.





Report: Expired Pfizer COVID 

Antiviral Drugs Set to Cost 

Europe $2.2bln

January 1st  2024, 4:22pm (FNA)


 More than a billion dollars worth of Pfizer’s COVID-19

 antiviral drugs procured in Europe have been wasted,

 according to health data, as tight controls over who 

can receive the medication left millions of doses

 unused before their expiry date.


Paxlovid — designed to be given to patients shortly after 

they test positive for the virus — has been far easier to

 obtain in the US than in Europe, where access has 

often been restricted to the elderly, or people at 

high risk of developing severe COVID-19, The

 Financial Times reported.


But data from analytics group Airfinity, shows European

countries --- including the UK, France, Spain and Italy 

could have made the medication more accessible 

without using up supplies, as more than 1.5mln 

5-day courses of the pill worth about $1.1bln 

have expired despite their use dates being 

extended ------- by six to 12 months.


By the end of February 2024, a total of about 3.1mln

 courses are set to expire, pushing the cost to 

European health systems to about $2.2bln, 

according to Airfinity. The data does not 

include contracts that were EU-wide.


There have also been concerns, over how Paxlovid 

interacts with other common medications, which 

restricts how often it can be prescribed.


The European country with the biggest expiry rate is the 

UK, where an estimated 1mln doses worth $700mln 

were out of date - by early December, the data 

shows. Another 550,000 doses are expected

 to expire in February, with a further 

650,000 by the end of June.


In December 2021, at the height of the Omicron wave,

 the UK agreed to buy 2.75mln courses of Paxlovid.

 The country’s National Institute for Health and 

Care Excellence, the public health body... 

recommends the drug be used - only for 

people with serious underlying health 

conditions such as cancer and HIV 

or recipients of transplants.


The UK health and social care department said more 

courses had been used, without offering its own 

data. A spokesperson, said the government 

had “acted fast to secure enough stock 

of antivirals” at a time of “high 

global demand”.


The restrictions have been less stringent in other 

European countries... with elderly citizens and 

people with more common risk factors such 

as diabetes and obesity able to obtain the

 drug. Yet more than 200,000 Paxlovid 

courses expired before they could be

 used in Spain and about 100,000 

each went out of date in 

France and Italy.


Even in the US — the largest market for COVID outpatient 

treatments — demand for COVID antivirals has fallen, 

tracking the reduced burden of COVID and a drop

 in testing for the virus.


About 5.3mln courses were prescribed in the US this year, 

24 percent down on 2022. The US government arranged

 with Pfizer, to return 7.9mln Paxlovid courses at the 

end of 2023, at an estimated cost to the company

 of $4.2bln.





Taking care - of yourself

 December 18th, 3:03pm


The doctor revealed a non-obvious sign of severe stress.


With chronic stress, a person can have a so-called

psychogenic cough --- said neurologist Marina 

Anikina. A non-obvious sign - of a strong 

nervous strain and its difference from 

a cough caused by a cold, she 

explained, in an interview 

with Sputnik radio.


After a respiratory infection, the doctor specified, two

 weeks are enough... for the cough caused by a cold 

to fade. A prolonged cough, she explained, can 

start with chronic stress and a sense of 

global danger. 


"First ---- the presence of a pronounced anxiety disorder

increases the likelihood that the cough is psychogenic 

in nature. Secondly, such a cough has its own 

frequency ---- it occurs during an emotional 

conversation or some kind of traumatic 

situation ---- but it is not present at 

night," Anikina explained.


If you have a prolonged cough, she continued, you need 

to consult with a number of specialists and undergo a 

serious examination. 


Anikina advised to do a chest X-ray, pass blood 

tests prescribed by the therapist, and consult 

an oto-laryngologist, an allergist, and a





 Doctor Bolibok talked about ways

------- to combat whooping cough

by Anastasia Belousova

December 13th, 9:24pm



Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok in an interview 

with RT spoke about ways to combat whooping cough 

.....and outbreaks of diseases in schools.


"The most radical method is not to take your child to school.

Go to quarantine in advance. Especially if the child is often

ill. There is probably no other method that guarantees 

not to get infected," the doctor noted.


He also added that whooping cough

----- is a controlled infection.


"We need to raise the documents and see if the child has 

been vaccinated or not. According to the vaccination

 calendar, you need to repeat this vaccination. Our

 immune system is weakened. There are many 

migrant children who are not vaccinated at 

all. Accordingly, whooping cough is 

spreading. The particular danger 

is not so much the microbe 

itself but the toxin that it 

spreads," Bolibok said.


The doctor said that whooping cough is especially 

dangerous for children under four years of age.


"Mostly unvaccinated children under

the age of two --- die," he stressed.




Russian Defense Ministry has hard proof 

US conducted pre-pandemic 

Coronavirus research

December 11th, 4:34pm (TASS) 


The Russian Defense Ministry has obtained documents that 

indicate the US carried out coronavirus research between 

2016 and 2020, Chief of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical and

 Biological Protection Troops, Lieutenant-General Igor 

Kirillov, said on Monday.


"I would like to remind you - that it was four years ago, in 

December 2019, that the first patients infected with the 

COVID-19 virus were identified," Kirillov stated. "By a 

'curious coincidence' -- the pandemic was preceded 

by a series of research projects on the systematic

 study of coronaviruses funded by the 

US Government."


"Thus, since 2009, the United States Agency for

 International Development (USAID) has 

implemented the Predict Program to 

study coronavirus diseases - and 

capture their vectors," Russia’s 

military official continued. 


"According to the reporting documents available to us for

 the Project 'Assessing Risk of Emerging Infections from 

Insectivorous Bats in Ukraine and Georgia,' 

coronavirus studies were conducted 

in 2016-2020."


"The report notes '... that during the work in Ukraine, bats 

were identified that migrate up to 800 km deep into 

countries such as Hungary and Russia...'

Kirillov said.


According to him, it was suspicious, that scientists who

were experts in the field of bioinformatics participated

in the research on coronavirus strains, although they 

were tasked to study genomes of the 

detected disease.


"It is also worth noting that the research involved 

bioinformatics specialists whose work included 

editing and combining the genomes of 

identified pathogens, i.e. research 

traditionally associated with 

improving the functions of 

dangerous viruses," 

Kirillov said.


Russia’s senior military official also noted that the US 

medical establishment’s preparedness for the COVID

 outbreak points to an alleged deal between "various 

U.S. government agencies & so-called Big Pharma."


"It is, also, difficult to explain the high level of preparedness

 of US mRNA vaccine manufacturers for the pandemic of a 

new coronavirus infection," Kirillov stated. "This suggests 

collusion between various U.S. government agencies and 

so-called Big Pharma."


"The spread of the new coronavirus infection ---- has led to a 

significant increase in the profits of biotech companies that 

produce vaccines and drugs against coronaviruses, as well

 as increased the dependence of developing countries on 

the United States - and created the conditions for the

 continued implementation of dual-use programs," 

Kirillov said.


According to the latest statistics provided by Worldometer

 online stats counter --- over 699,232 million people have 

been infected worldwide with COVID-19 since 2020 

while the global death toll currently stands at 

over 6,954.100 million.



The nutritionist listed the most 

useful products for the brain

December 10th, 2:45am



Nutritionist Rusakova named foods that 

affect human cognitive functions.


Nuts, dairy products, and fish are the most brain-healthy 

foods. On December 9, a nutritionist, Candidate of

 Medical Sciences Daria Rusakova told Regnum

 news agency about this.


"If a person is concerned about the state of his brain, then 

he should focus on fish, dairy products, as well as various

 nuts and seeds," Rusakova said.


In addition, the doctor named products that negatively

 affect the functioning of the brain. Sausage products 

and bacon ----- are dangerous.


According to Rusakova, sausage products are indeed

 subjected to processing that causes a carcinogenic 

effect. Moreover, they contain excessive amounts 

of salt, cholesterol and various additives, which 

makes this product not very useful not only for 

the brain, but also for the entire body 

as a whole.


The doctor warned -- that excessive consumption of

cholesterol-containing products leads to disorders

of the cardiovascular system, impaired blood 

supply and brain function. In addition, 

processed red meat --- can trigger 

cancer of the gastrointestinal 

tract, liver and other organs.


Which foods improve mental performance:

doctors told how fish, nuts & vegetables 

slow down the aging of cells.


Earlier, on December 8, doctor Tikhomirova also 

listed harmful products for the brain. Among 

them, are alcohol, margarine and fast food.




Physical exercise

December 4th, 12:40pm

 (Prensa Latina) 


Poor sleep can reduce cognitive performance, attention

 span, judgment and the emotional state of people, but 

by opting for physical exercises the quality of sleep 

improves, a specialized source revealed toda


According to the journal Physiology and
cardiovascular diseases,
disorders and 
conspire against.....
optimal rest.


Scientists found that 20 minutes of moderate exercise

 can compensate for a poor night’s sleep.


Cognitive performance improves during a session of
moderate-intensity physical activity, regardless of

 a person’s sleep status or oxygen levels.


“One possible hypothesis why exercise improves cognitive

 performance is related to increased cerebral blood flow 

and oxygenation, however, our findings suggest that 

even when exercising in an environment with low 

oxygen levels, participants were still able to 

perform cognitive tasks better than when 

at rest under the same conditions,”
experts argued.


Scientists with this study reinforced the thesis that 

movement ------- is medicine for the body and brain.




A Healthy diet extends

your life - by ten years

November 28th, 9:30pm



An international team of scientists has found that switching

 from a typical Western diet to a healthier lifestyle can 

extend the life of the average middle-aged person 

by 10 years. The results of the research are 

published in the journal Nature Food.


The researchers analyzed data from 467,354 participants in 

the UK Biobank long-term study aged 40 to 69 years, which

 examines the impact of genetic predisposition and

environmental exposure on the development of 

diseases in humans. To learn more about
 impact of eating behaviours on life 

expectancy, researchers grouped 

people by their eating patterns

 ..tracking how they changed

 over the years.


Comparing people who switched from an unhealthy diet to a 

healthy one with participants who were still living the same

lifestyle, experts found that in the first case, life 

expectancy increases by an average of 

several years. 


In particular, middle-aged people who switched from an 

unhealthy diet to a healthy one and followed this

 regime, extended their lives by an average of 

almost ten years. Moving at a later age, 

also added extra years of life, 

but not by as much.


The results show that a diet associated with longevity

 involves the moderate consumption of whole grains, 

fruits, fish, and white meat; a high consumption of 

milk and dairy products, vegetables, nuts, and 

legumes; relatively low consumption of eggs, 

red meat, and sweetened beverages; and

 low consumption of refined grains and 

processed meat.


The strongest positive association with mortality 

was found for sweetened beverages and 

processed meat, while the strongest 

inverse association was found for 

whole grains and nuts.





The doctor named ----- the main 

symptoms of iodine deficiency

November 25th, 9:20pm 



Cardiologist Chugunnikova: main symptom of iodine
deficiency ---- the appearance of a goiter.


Cardiologist "Invitro-Ural" Anna Chugunnikova: one of 

the main indicators of iodine deficiency in the body

 is the occurrence of a goiter - an increase in the 

size of the thyroid gland.


"In most cases, in conditions of mild and moderate iodine 

deficiency, the pathology is formed imperceptibl.., with
 of a small size. In conditions of severe iodine

 deficiency ---- goiter can reach huge sizes... and

 be accompanied... by difficulty swallowing 

and breathing, discomfort in the neck, 

and a hoarseness of the voice,"
specialist said.


A long-term lack of iodine.. leads to the development of 

pathologies caused by a violation of the production of

 thyroid hormones: a decrease in the functions of the 

nervous system: a constant feeling of fatigue, 

drowsiness..... and a decreased memory, 

performance, and attention.


Iodine deficiency also leads to a violation of the metabolism

 of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, impaired functioning of

 the cardiovascular system (increased or slower heart rate, 

heart failure, fluctuations in blood pressure, shortness of 

breath), and reproductive function disorders, including 

menstrual disorders, and infertility.


It is especially important to monitor the level of iodine for 

pregnant women, as it affects not only her health, but 

also the development of the unborn child, the 

doctor explained.




Named: simple effective means 

--- to rid the apartment of mold

November 23rd, 4:52pm



You can fight mold in the house without using household 

chemicals. Remove black plaque by using a simple 

remedy based on vinegar. Folk recipes are

 revealed.... by "BelNovosti".


For the solution, you will need water and table vinegar in 

a one-to-one ratio. The concentrate is sprayed on the 

mildewed area... and then wiped with a napkin or 

brush. It is particularly noted that the product

is not suitable for surfaces made of natural 

stone and wood.


Tea tree oil has also proven its effectiveness. For a single 

treatment, the solution is prepared.. in the ratio of five to 

seven drops of oil, per tablespoon of water. In advanced 

cases — one teaspoon of oil per 200 millilitres of water. 


Before the procedure, you must first remove mold from the 

surface. This product will not only eliminate mold, but 

also fill the house with a pleasant aroma.


The fungus likes to settle in places where moisture 

accumulates: in cold weather, condensation often 

collects on window frames and slopes. Having 

decided to get rid of mold once and for all, 

you must first eliminate the cause of its 

appearance. It is also necessary to 

regularly ventilate the premises 

and monitor the humidity in


Experts of the publication remind that folk remedies do 

not guarantee the complete disappearance of mold.


Earlier, Russians named cheap means to eliminate 

fungus --- in the bathroom. Products based on 

sodium hydrochloride, whiten the surface 

well --- and kill mold.



The dentist spoke about the dangers 

of children's habit - of chewing

 pencils and pens

by Roman Polosikov

November 22nd, 11:58am





At an early age... many children often begin to chew pens 

and pencils, but this habit can adversely affect not only

 the teeth and gums, but also the development of the

 jaw. This was told by the dentist Yulia 

Zhuchkovskaya in an interview 

with Gazeta.Ru.


"If you chew something constantly, then cracks appear on

the enamel, and the teeth become more sensitive and 

can react to cold and hot food --- or even just

to cold air," Zhuchkovskaya added.


Dentist Elena Dunaeva urged not to ignore toothache and

immediately contact specialists. The earlier a person

goes to the dentist, the greater the chance to avoid 

serious consequences. 




The doctor spoke about ----- the dangers 

of low-quality snacks and canned food

November 21st, 10:02pm



Larisa Gabdulkhakova, a nutritionist, explained to Izvestia

 whether low-quality, falsified and expired canned food, 

sauces and snacks can be dangerous and whether 

there is a need to label such products.


Snacks are not the most healthy food, because most snacks 

contain dyes, preservatives, and harmful sweeteners, the

 expert explained. At the same time, according to her, 

there are exceptions: if the composition is "clean", 

then there is less harm to the body.


"There are chips made from a prepared mixture ---
stabilizers, flavour enhancers, colorants)
& others 
from real potatoes with natural spices.
difference between these products ---- is 

huge for health," said the nutritionist.


But finding healthy chips or bread rolls can be quite

 problematic. In some cases --- the product list is 

printed in small print, and it is rarely possible 

to understand it.


The expert noted that the shelf life of the product is

 important, and it is not necessary to use products 

even with a long shelf life — such as snacks — 

after its expiration.


At the same time, the doctor said that poor-quality 

and expired canned food ---- can cause serious 

damage to health.


"If it's a jar with a lid on, then you need to look at the lid.

 If it is swollen or damaged, it is not recommended to 

buy it. It is generally better not to buy canned food 

from your hands, because they are made at home.'' 

''A person can get sick with dangerous intestinal

 infections, and pathogens can get into canned 

food. This also applies to botulism — if poorly 

preserved, the risk of getting sick, is also 

high," Gabdulkhakova explained.


According to the expert, it is impossible to blame stores 

for selling low-quality canned food: if there is a fake, 

claims should be made to the manufacturer.


"If it is improperly preserved, the technology is disrupted,

 then harmful bacteria, fungi, or toxins, can multiply in 

canned food. This is a large toxic load on the body, 

which can lead to serious health problems - and 

death. Children's fragile bodies, of course, are

the most sensitive," the doctor warns.


There are not so many cases of canned food poisoning, 

Gabdulkhakova added. But there is also falsification. 

At the same time, in Russia, specialists, including 

those from Roskachestvo, conduct random 

inspections of canned food.


Speaking about sauces, the expert noted that in 

this category of goods, there is a problem of 

low-quality products.


"For example, often instead of tomatoes in ketchup 

is put applesauce, sugar and dyes. Sauces.. are a 

liquid product, and the lid can  be depressurized
and it is usually 
stored on shelves in the store 

and not in their refrigerators.'' 


''This can lead to the development of various bacteria 

and molds in the sauce ---- which can provoke
Gabdulkhakova explained.




Mediterranean diet --- improves 

brain function in older adults

November 20th, 5:03pm



A team of researchers from the University of Barcelona and 

the University of California has found that a Mediterranean 

diet can improve brain function in older adults, reducing 

the risk of cognitive decline. The results of the study 

are published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and 

Food Research (MNFR). A brief overview is 

provided by Medical Xpress.


The study involved 840 undiagnosed dementia patients 

over the age of 65, who were followed up for 12 years. 


Blood serum and gut microbiome samples were collected 

from the subjects and then analyzed for biomarkers. By 

identifying a specific indicator associated with a group 

of products included in the Mediterranean diet, 

experts assessed its association with 

cognitive impairment.


The results showed that following a Mediterranean diet 

formed a long-term protective effect against cognitive 

decline in older adults. The findings are also 

consistent with previous studies.


In September, researchers at Flinders University concluded

 that the Mediterranean diet has a beneficial effect on the

 gut microbiome, increasing the number of beneficial 

bacteria in the gut.



The doctor spoke about the benefits ---

 and harmful effects of chewing gum

November 15th, 3:55pm



Doctor-gastroenterologist, Natalia Belova, told about 

how to chew chewing gum correctly and not cause 

harm to health.


In a conversation with Pravda.En on Wednesday, November 

15, the specialist noted that chewing gum itself does not 

harm the body, but it should be borne in mind that its

 uncontrolled use can negatively affect health. For 

example, intense and constant chewing can 

cause overexertion of the maxillofacial 

joints, which is fraught with pain in 

the face and head. It can also

lead to tooth decay.... and

other dental problems.


The doctor urged to give preference to sugar-free chewing 

gums in order to minimize the risk of tooth decay. 

Chewing gum should be no longer than 20-30 

minutes, after which you need to rest the 

jaw joints for at least an hour, let the

 muscles relax.


The gastroenterologist also pointed out the benefits of 

chewing gum. So, for example, chewing movements

 stimulate the production of saliva, and this in turn

 contributes to the natural protection of the gums

 and teeth from bacteria and acid attacks. 


Chewing gum can also help reduce anxiety and stress 

levels, as well as improve memory and concentration.


In July, general dentist Lyudmila Shemyakina also warned 

that chewing gum with sugar can cause tooth decay and 

tooth decay. She advised choosing sugar-free chewing

 gums that contain a component such as xylitol. This 

will avoid damage to the enamel of the teeth and
 development of caries, writes RT.


In June, orthopedic dentist Vladimir Yeshidorzhiev said that

 chewing gum can remove all food residues between the 

teeth and remove plaque. He warned that... however, 

you should not try to replace the usual brushing of

 teeth with chewing gum, reports TV channel 

"360". Also, you can not use chewing gum 

on an empty stomach.


Earlier, gastroenterologist Alexey Bueverov warned that the

 constant use of certain chewing gums can cause diarrhea.

 The reason for this is the xylitol contained in the gum, 

which has a laxative effect on the digestive tract,

 the Moscow city news agency notes.




The nutritionist named the vegetable 

that helps "to renew" an organism

November 9th (Lenta.ru)


Cabbage helps to renew the body thanks to the sulphur 

contained in it, said Margarita Koroleva, MD, dietitian. 

She spoke about the benefits of the product,
in an 
interview with Sputnik radio.


The specialist explained... that cabbage helps maintain the

 necessary level of the antioxidant glutathione in the cells 

— a substance that helps to remove toxins from the
body, in a timely manner.


 In addition, according to her, the use of this vegetable will

 avoid chronic intoxication. "If you live in a city, with a 

lot of industrial pollution --- it is important to take 

care of detoxification of the body. Glutathione 

helps us in this, and -- accordingly -- sulphur  

containing products, including cabbage," 

concluded Koroleva.


Gynecologist, endocrinologist Olga Kaplina

 advised: eating beets, pumpkins and other 

seasonal vegetables and root vegetables 

to maintain immunity. 


She pointed out that they contain lots

 of vitamins and useful substances.






by Valentina Brykalina

November 8th, 4:39pm



Nutritionist Senatova: hazelnuts, 

buckwheat and warm water, 

will help to cope with PMS


Expert advises eating foods
rich in magnesium




A proper diet will help to cope with 

PMS symptoms, says the expert.


Premenstrual syndrome... is often accompanied by pain,

a bad mood, irritability and weakness. However, some 

products will help reduce the unpleasant sensations
the nutritionist Daria Senatova, told the online 

publication, Podmoskovye Segodnya.


''It is useful to eat foods rich in magnesium: sesame, 

hazelnuts, pine nuts, buckwheat, carrots and 

sunflower seeds. Green tea, lentils.... and

pistachios have analgesic properties," 

the specialist said.


According to Senatova, women are also recommended
drink plenty of warm water - it helps to relax the
organs and to improve the outflow of bile.


Previously KP.RU reported that the main cause of PMS is

 monthly fluctuations in hormone levels, which cause a 

decrease in the production of endorphins - which are

 responsible for.... good moods. Mood swings are not 

the only sign of PMS. This condition can seriously 

affect both the psychological and physical 

condition of a woman.




Do not eat fatty foods 

for dinner or drink soda

by Valentina Brykalina

November 2nd, 7:15pm

(Komsomolskaya Pravda)


To share


Before going to bed, it is better to 

eat light food in small quantities.


You should not eat red meat, dark chocolate or lard 

at night - these products are most likely to provoke

 insomnia. This was reported by endocrinologist 

Kamilya Tabeyeva.


''Dark chocolate contains caffeine, spicy food and 

spices.. increase the level of endorphins. This 

stimulates the nervous system and disrupts 

sleep,'' said the doctor.


According to the expert, it is better to exclude fatty 

foods, as well as red meat, from the evening menu: 

these products are difficult to digest and take a 

long time, which also interferes with the 

process of falling asleep.


Earlier, the Tsargrad TV channel reported that insomnia 

is one of the most common problems that ultimately 

adversely affects people's health. To get better 

sleep, somnologists recommend eliminating 

coffee and sugary sodas from the diet. In 

addition, it is important to sleep in the 

dark, at a comfortable temperature.


In order to improve your circadian rhythm and wake up 

better in the morning, you can give yourself physical 

activity -- and use the light more actively, Izvestia 

writes. For example, you can use light alarms 

that simulate dawn, or seasonal depression

 light therapy — a bright white lamp of 

10 thousand lux.







Nutritionist tells of foods

that can provoke

blood clots

by Valentina Brykalina

November 2nd, 5:42pm

(Komsomolskaya Pravda)




Doctors recommend avoiding

sweets and fast food, to 

reduce the risk of 



Poor nutrition, can lead not only to obvious problems, 

such as gastrointestinal disorders or excess weight, 

but also to serious diseases, explains dietitian 

Natalia Lazurenko.


''Frequent snacking instead of a full meal, the use of

 sugary carbonated drinks, or fast food... and a

 sedentary lifestyle, increases the risk of 

thrombosis,'' said the doctor.


Lazurenko clarified that the nutrition system determines

 the viscosity of blood. And if there is a small amount of 

water in the diet, then it provokes venous stagnation.


To reduce the risk of thrombosis to zero, it is necessary,

according to doctors, to move regularly, eat right, take

rest and relaxation seriously, and also increase stress

tolerance. In addition -- experts recommend reducing 

weight and using movement and nutrition to regulate 

sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.


If there are reasons to suspect thrombosis, a full

 cardiological examination is necessary, after 

which the doctor will decide on the 

appointment of drugs.




 Taking care of yourself

October 27th, 5:23pm



Cosmetologist named ways to keep

 your skin beautiful and healthy 

in winter.


In winter, the skin becomes dull, pale and dry due to

 temperature changes in the premises, and on the 

street, said the cosmetologist Nana Nosareva. 

To the Life edition, the doctor called ways 

to keep skin beautiful and healthy in the 

cold season.


In winter, the skin can peel off due to dryness, for many

during this period - wrinkles become more pronounced,

the cosmetologist warned. To prevent such changes,

it is necessary to adjust your home care, 

Nosareva assured.


A rich cream with ceramides, lipids and antioxidants 

will help protect the skin. For night use, it is better 

to choose a cream with an enhanced moisturizing 

effect ----- with hyaluronic acid algae extract,
doctor listed.


In winter, alcohol lotions, alkaline soaps and even hot 

water are harmful to the skin, Nosareva said. She 

urged to wash your face with a neutral foam, 

and then wipe the skin with a 

pH-normalizing tonic.


Finally, the cosmetologist advised to apply skin care

 products on the face at least an hour before going 

out, and also encouraged to drink more water, 

thus moisturizing the skin in a natural way.







The doctor listed 3 types of shoes 

----- that are dangerous to health

October 27th, 5:20pm



Orthopedic doctor and blogger Paul (last name unknown) 

from the UK ---- listed three types of shoes that are

dangerous to health. He shared the relevant 

information in his TikTok account.


First, the influencer with the nickname

paulthepodiatrist, called ---- flip-flops. 


According to him, they do not provide any support 

to the feet, and can also easily lead to a fall, 

since the shoes are held solely by 

special loops.


In addition, the expert also added stiletto shoes to the 

list. "A one-and-a-half-inch heel, for example, will suit

 most people. But high-heeled shoes, carry a high

 risk of injury — is it worth it? Even if you want 

to look beautiful?" He asked, indignantly.


In conclusion, the doctor noted that the shoes of the 

US company, Skechers, are unsafe. These items of

 clothing are too soft, which is why the leg is very 

tense while walking, the doctor said. In addition, 

according to Paul, models of this brand can 

squeeze your fingers. "They.... are also 

quite short-lived," he concluded.


Earlier in October, orthopedic traumatologist Sergey 

Aleksutov --- warned Russians about the danger of

unsuitable shoes --- for winter. According to the 

doctor, popular models on flat soles provoke

the appearance of --- flat feet, corns and 

fasciitis... which is accompanied by

inflammation and pain in the

heel area.


Image: Doctors named berry that reduces the risk of developing dementia

Doctors named berry that reduces 

the risk of developing dementia

October 23rd, 8:30pm 



Scientists at the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre

 found that daily consumption of strawberries increases

 cognitive abilities ---- reducing the risk of developing

 dementia. The results of the study are published 

in the journal Nutrients.


The study involved five men and 25 women aged 50 to 65 

years with moderate cognitive impairment. Scientists

collected the necessary information ----- about the 

patients' health status and took blood samples

 from them. Then the participants were

 divided into two groups.


The first group ate strawberries in dried powdered form 

for breakfast.... and the second group received a 

placebo, with the same taste and smell.


After 12 weeks of the study ---- participants completed 

cognitive tests. Patients who consumed strawberries 

performed better than participants in the placebo 

group. The berry also improved the mental 

health of the subjects in the first group.

People have been shown --- to have

 reduced symptoms of depression.


Scientists suggested that the improvement in cognitive

 abilities could occur due to the fact that strawberries 

are rich in polyphenols.


In July, scientists from San Diego State University

 recognized strawberries as useful for improving 

cognitive abilities, as well as lowering blood 

pressure in the elderly.


The study examined data from 35 healthy men and women

 aged 66 to 78 years. Experts concluded --- that in the

 strawberry group.... the speed of cognitive abilities

 increased by 5.2 percent, systolic blood pressure

 decreased by 3.6 percent, and overall

 antioxidant protection - increased 

by 10.2 percent.




Fitness trainer advised: a set
exercises for the back
a working day

October 20th, 11:03pm



Fitness coach Denis Chernoguzov advised a set of

 exercises that will help relieve tension from
back.... after a working day. 


The specialist recommended starting with head tilts. 


"Turn your head to the right -- and start bending up and down 

five times. Next, move your head to the left side and repeat 

the up-and-down inclines," he described, noting that you
should feel the stretching of the muscles. 


After that, on the inhale, you need to stretch your 

head forward, and on the exhale — take it back.


Next, you can perform 20 forward tilts of the body. Starting

position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, straight 

arms behind your back, in a "lock". 


"On the inhale, lean forward and round your back, try not to 

control the position of the hands, you should feel as if
are outweighing and pulling forward, feel the
tension of 
the back muscles. On exhalation,
you should 
straighten your back and
bring your 
shoulder blades
 he said.


To straighten the spine, Chernoguzov suggested alternately

 pulling up the knees in a supine position. This will stretch 

your middle and lower back. To complete the complex, 

he advised the child's pose - sit on your heels, lean 

forward with a rounded back and stretch your 

arms forward.


Doctor Gadziyan named fat 

- main killer of human body

October 14th, 12:16am



Fat is the main killer of the human body, said 

Mark Gadziyan, a surgeon and oncourologist.


"Obesity on average shortens life by 10 years. Every 

extra three kilograms that are dropped after the 

age of 60, increases the average life 

expectancy of a person -- by one 

year," Gadziyan wrote, in 

his Telegram channel.


According to him --- the waist size and 

body mass index should be monitored.


He noted that for men, a waist 

of more than 94cm, is already 

a problem.


Image: Nutritionist Faerman named oatmeal and buckwheat porridge as most useful

  Photo: TASS/Svetlana Denisova

Nutritionist Faerman named 

oatmeal and buckwheat 

porridge as most useful

October 10th, 4:56pm



Oatmeal and buckwheat porridge are the most beneficial for

the human body. About what important trace elements and

vitamins are contained  in oatmeal and buckwheat, is told 

in an interview with the "Gazeta.En" nutritionist, Larisa

 Faerman, on Tuesday, October 10.


According to her, oatmeal contains beta-glucans that have a 

positive effect on cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as

 B vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, including iron and

 magnesium, which help to normalize digestion 

and increase the feeling of satiety.


"For children --- it provides the energy necessary for active 

growth and physical activity, and also contributes to the 

normal development of the nervous system due to the 

content of B vitamins," the doctor said.


"Cereal, is ideal for breakfast, as it provides the body with

 energy for the whole day, supports the digestive system 

& helps to control weight. Porridge is also suitable for

 children, as it is a source of iron ----- which prevents
 development of anemia," said the nutritionist.


She added that among the healthy cereals, you can 

also distinguish kenoa porridge, which is also rich

 in vegetable protein, which contains all the 

necessary amino acids.


Faerman called semolina.. the least useful porridge. 

She explained that semolina is a product of wheat

 processing, it is high in fast carbohydrates, 

which can cause a sharp jump in 

blood sugar.


At the end of August, dietitian Elena Solomatina also spoke 

about the harmfulness of semolina porridge. She noted 

that semolina has a high glycemic index & promotes 

weight gain... and the development of diabetes. 


According to her, semolina porridge used to be valued for its 

high caloric content, but now the level of physical activity

 has decreased --- so an increase in the amount of 

nutrients in the diet, has come to the fore.


At the same time, nutritionist Michael Mosley spoke about

 the dangers of instant cereals --- due to their high sugar

 content. One bowl of instant oatmeal can contain up 

to three tablespoons of sugar, and some brands 

contain a staggering 16 grams per serving, 

he noted.



The therapist told - what vitamins 

are needed for those suffering 

from herpes on the lips

by Valentina Brykalina

October 5th, 7:59pm

(Komsomolskaya Pravda)




If herpes occurs frequently, your doctor may prescribe 

vitamins and dietary supplements


A cold on the lips is a rather unpleasant, but common 

phenomenon, the cause of which is the herpes virus. 

How to protect yourself from the appearance of 

new rashes? Life.ru's general practitioner,

 Anna Sokol answers.


''Many people have the virus, in order to protect themselves

 from exacerbations, you need to normalize the work of the

 intestines, eat right, try to exclude alcohol, avoid stress,''

 the therapist believes.


The doctor clarified that in case of exacerbations, it is

 necessary to monitor the level of vitamins and trace 

elements in the body. Namely, pay attention to 

vitamin D, iron, and vitamins A and B.


Earlier, the Tsargrad TV channel reported that the frequent 

occurrence of a cold on the lips may indicate serious

 disorders in the body. The fact is that the virus 

constantly lives in the body, but in a normal 

state, the body is able to suppress it.


With a pronounced decrease in immunity, a herpetic infection

 can affect internal organs, Izvestia was told. The result may 

be damage to the facial and trigeminal nerves.




Ukraine plans to abolish

the concept of disability

October 4th, 10:59pm



The Minister of Health of Ukraine, Viktor Lyashko, said 

the country plans to abolish the concept of disability 

from 2025, and instead introduce the concept of 

"assessment of loss of functionality".


Information about this appeared in 

A Country.ua's Telegram channel.


According to the minister, the problem in Ukraine, is that 

citizens are chasing disability, because it gives benefits 

and compensation.


"We didn't ask what a person wants ----- but we say that
can give them this. This is the post-Soviet model, 

which we must abandon," said Lyashko.


In August, it was reported that the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine - were being tricked into attacking 

disabled people.




Dr. Ginzburg named



by Maria Rurikova

September 20th, 8:20pm 



Vitamins that inhibit aging were named by dietitian 

Mikhail Ginzburg in his blog on the Yandex.Zen 

platform. According to him, these are 

B vitamins.


According to the doctor, with age, the body accumulates 

homocysteine - a toxic substance that affects blood 

vessels. Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 promote the 

conversion of homocysteine to the useful 

amino acid methionine. 


They are found in large quantities -- in cereals, berries, 

cabbage, salads and fish. By consuming these foods

 in sufficient quantities, you can extend your life for 

several years, in old age, Ginzburg noted.


A lot of methionine is also found in animal protein -- but its 

excessive synthesis in the body is harmful to the elderly. 

As an alternative, the doctor advised eating soy and

 legume products, as well as taking vitamin and 

mineral complexes




 Nutritionist - told about the 

dangers ...of oil and butter

September 14th, 12 midnight



Our body needs variety, so each product carries some benefit.

 If we are talking about vegetable oils --- their benefits in the

 form of vitamins and antioxidant properties are preserved
- only when they are cold-pressed, 
nutritionist Larisa
Gabdulkhakova, told Izvestia.


"When refined, the oil loses all its useful properties, only 

omega-6 fatty acids remain in it, which are harmful to 

the body - in large quantities," she said.


However, the expert still does not recommend frying on 

cold-pressed oils: when heated, harmful substances 

are formed, which leads to inflammation in 

the body.


"Vegetable oils retain all their useful properties if they are 

not subjected to serious heat treatment. Therefore, cold-

pressed oils are recommended to be added to salads, 

porridge, ready-made soups, smoothies, protein 

shakes, coffee, tea or in a natural cocoa 

drink," Gabdulkhakova explained.


As for butter and ghee, they also contain a lot of useful 

trace elements, just like vegetable oils, but they also 

contain animal cholesterol, which stimulates brain 

function and improves bile flow.


However, the doctor drew attention to the fact, that 

there are many low-quality products on the market.


"If butter is of high quality, then it has all the useful

 substances, but there are a lot of fakes on the 

market when good butter is mixed with trans 

fats. Trans Fats do not spoil, do not oxidize 

— manufacturers are increasingly using

 them to significantly extend the shelf 

life of the product and reduce the

 cost of the product," Larisa 

Gabdulkhakova warned.


"Natural milk fat is expensive. Unscrupulous market

 participants replace it with vegetable or beef and 

do not write about it in the composition, which is 

already called a fake. As a result, the production 

cost is lower, the shelf life is longer, and the 

addition of beef fat to vegetable oils also 

complicates the analytical control 

process. There is no benefit in 

such a product and the buyer

is also deceived," the 

expert said.


According to him, olive oil is also actively faked - they sell 

hot pressed oil under the guise of the first cold one, and 

sometimes... they simply mix olive oil with ordinary 

sunflower oil.


At the same time, he noted that the amount of counterfeit 

goods on the butter market is gradually decreasing due

 to the introduced "Honest Sign"labeling system.


He also drew attention to the fact that vegetable oils are not 

subject to labeling, so only vigilance in the store, as well as 

the work of public organizations & supervisory authorities, 

can protect the buyer from purchasing counterfeit goods.


To detect fake olive oil, the expert recommends dropping

a drop on the skin and rubbing it in: good olive oil is
absorbed and does not leave any trace.





Psychologist: up to 

how many years...

men need women

September 7th,



There was no need for a woman at his age. I think this 

phrase has been heard by many at least once, when 

it was addressed in the direction of one or another 

representative of the stronger sex. So we decided 

to ask the opinion of a psychologist, up to what 

age women are still needed by men, in reality.


Such thoughts.. were prompted by another story. Just recently, 

a neighbour started complaining about his elderly father. Tom 

is almost eighty, his wife has been dead for five years, and 

the children are adults, as are their grandchildren. Oh, my 

great-grandchildren. And so they put him in the hospital.

 There, he met a middle-aged nurse and blossomed. 

He began to take care of himself, shaved, cut his 

hair, dressed.


The last straw for the children was the statement of the

father, who was thinking of getting married. Moreover, 

she is almost three decades younger. And he 

resisted --- the taste of life, they say, 

returned, and he felt a man again.


Naturally, all the relatives are hostile. She is accused of 

self-interest, she is in a state of confusion. They say - 

why does he need that woman in his old age?


And here it is necessary to understand consistently. For 

women to men. Spiritual love, physical love, family love, 

procreation love, is all there, of course. That's just 

not the end of it.


A representative of the stronger sex wants to see a muse 

next to him, a source of inspiration that will make him 

feel the value and taste of life, makes him set goals 

and go for them.


Remember that every successful man's personal story is

 inextricably linked to a smart and correct woman who 

inspired and supported him. And if such a muse was

met by an elderly father --- who inspired him with 

strength, forced him to return to life. Is this any 

worse than a suffering and lonely old man who 

has already forgotten that it is necessary to 

strive for something?


Everyone, regardless of age, wants to see such a muse next

 to them. It is such women, and just special women, that 

give a sense of the fullness of life.


And if this woman really has sincere feelings, and not a desire

 to profit and self-interest, then why not. Before you accuse

 the ladies of calculating, you should think about her real

 intentions. And not always, are they associated only

 with the thirst for profit.



Zakharova reminded -

danger of depleted uranium

for the human body

September 6th, 9:30pm



The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry,

 Maria Zakharova, recalled the toxicity and danger of 

depleted uranium for the human body.


Thus, the diplomat commented on the statement of the official

 representative of the White House, John Kirby, that the shells 

with depleted uranium transferred to the Ukrainian army...
not pose a radioactive threat.


"What is it: lies or stupidity? About the toxicity of depleted 

uranium, its special danger to the human body ...they 

wrote repeatedly," the message reads.


Zakharova noted that in places where such ammunition

 is used, a serious increase in oncological diseases 

is recorded.


She stressed that the victims of the consequences 

of the use of depleted uranium - are both military 

personnel and civilians.


On September 6, the United States announced the 

supply of depleted uranium shells for Abrams

 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Image: Marijuana consumers have high levels of metals in their bloodstream September 2nd, 10:13am (Prensa Latina) A study by the Columbia University School of Public Health in the United States, detected significant levels of metals in the blood and urin


Marijuana consumers have

 high levels --- of metals
their bloodstream

September 2nd, 10:13am

(Prensa Latina) 


A study by the Columbia University School of Public Health 

in the United States, detected significant levels of metals

 in the blood and urine of marijuana consumers, the

journal Environmental Health Perspectives 

published today.


The authors concluded that marijuana may be an important 

and under-recognized source of lead and cadmium 

exposure --- by comparing these parameters 

between marijuana users and non-users.


This is one of the first studies to report biomarker levels of

 metals in marijuana addicts and most likely the largest 

investigation to date, linking self-reported use with

 internal measures of metal exposure.


Because the cannabis plant is a known metal eliminator, 

it was hypothesized that smokers will have higher 

standards of metal biomarkers compared to 

other non-users, as explained by Katelyn

 McGraw, a researcher in Columbia 

Public Health’s Department of 

Environmental Health 

Sciences, and 

first author.


In the future, research on cannabis use and its contaminants,

 particularly metals, should be conducted to address public

 health concerns related to the growing number of 

consumers, stressed Tiffany R. Sanchez, 

assistant professor of environmental 

health sciences at Columbia Public 

Health, and lead author.


Marijuana is the third most widely used drug 

in the world, behind tobacco and alcohol.




Maduro recalls 18th anniversary 

of the Sandino Commitment

August 21st, 3:37pm

(Prensa Latina) 


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro recalled today

 the 18th anniversary of the historic Sandino 

Commitment, promoted by Cuba and 

Venezuela, which since then has 

made it possible... to assist 

visually impaired people 

in Latin America.


In a message posted on his account on the social network X 

(formerly Twitter), accompanied by a video of that date, the

 president recalled Commander Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) 

and the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel 

Castro (1926-2016), leading figures of that health 

agreement, undertaken by both nations.


‘It is 18 years - since the historic Sandino

 Commitment was made. Venezuela and 

Cuba, healing the sight of millions of 

people in our continent. A brother-

hood that remains firm with the 

examples of Chavez and Fidel.

Building paths of union - and 

true solidarity in the world’, 

wrote the President.


With the signing of the Sandino Commitment, signed in 2005, 

the two countries ratified their solidarity with the rest of the 

peoples of the continent, together with the will to promote

 an integral development based on the complementary 

support between Latin American and 

Caribbean governments.


The program takes its name from the town of Sandino, 

in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, where 

on August 21st, 2005, a special transmission of the 

program, Alo Presidente, conducted by Chavez,

 along with Fidel.


Since then, thanks to this initiative, more than six million

 patients in Latin America and the Caribbean --- have

 received ophthalmologic assistance through 

the Milagro Mission.


Image: ideal way to use chicory

Dr. Pavlova explained the

 ideal way to use chicory

August 19th, 3:42pm 



An endocrinologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences,

 Zukhra Pavlova, named the ideal way to use 

chicory in her Telegram channel. 


The specialist recommended drinking

this, without adding sugar and milk.


The medic clarified that for the preparation of weak chicory, 

you will need one or two teaspoons of this powder per 200 

millilitres of water. At the same time, you can use it

in this form even at night, because this product 

is not invigorating.


The expert also noted that chicory is rich in vitamins and 

minerals, including magnesium, which is useful for

 maintaining the nervous system. 


Also in this product there is inulin, which is responsible

for the stable functioning of the intestines. In addition, 

chicory can reduce cravings for sweets, 

Pavlova stressed.


Earlier, endocrinologist Pavlova warned 

about the non-obvious danger, of sugar.




The nutritionist told about 
the products accelerating 

metabolism after 40 years

August 16th, 2:30am



Endocrinologist & nutritionist Anton Polyakov, said 

that a person after the age of 40, has a decrease 

in their  metabolism, which makes it difficult to
the body slim.


In an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva --- on Tuesday, 

August 15, the doctor pointed out that an acceleration 

of the metabolism, depends, not only on the products 

consumed ---- since this is a related work of the
 whole body.


Food and drink can only have an impact on the 

mechanisms that support metabolism, but 

not directly accelerate it. 


According to the nutritionist, cocoa stimulates mitochondria,

 which provide the body's cells with energy. If they are not 

enough --- the nutrients are not converted into useful 

energy. For this reason, a person consumes more 

calories ...and experiences constant fatigue.


The growth of mitochondria... is also affected by
As noted by the endocrinologist,
it also delivers energy to the
 cells. In addition,
fish is able to improve the cell membranes --- 

so that they better perceive signals from
the outside world. 

The omega-2 found in fish, converts calories
into heat, 
and speeds up your metabolism.


According to the 360 TV channel, bitter chocolate,
garlic, cinnamon and green tea --- can
also speed up 
your metabolism.


In January, a nutritionist, a doctor of preventive integrative 

medicine, PhD Rimma Moisenko, said that the use of fresh 

pomegranate juice, will help replenish the energy supply, 

increase immunity - and improve internal processes in 

the body. The surge of energy that occurs.... after a 

glass of pomegranate juice, according to the 

expert, is due to a rise in the level of 

hemoglobin in the blood.




Doctor shares little-known

 facts ------ about vitamin D

August 9th, 2:49pm



Vitamin D plays a very important role in maintaining human 

health and is responsible for many processes in the body. 


Various myths revolve around it, and some interesting 

facts remain little known, Lyubov Stankevich, Director 

of laboratory Medicine at the LabQuest Laboratory, 

Candidate of Medical Sciences, told Izvestia, on 

August 9.


In particular, she drew attention to the fact that many people 

believe that to produce enough vitamin D, you need to be in 

the sun.


"The skin is really capable of synthesizing vitamin D. But to

 do this, you need to tan the entire surface of your skin 

every day in a bikini or without clothes at all, up to a 

slight erythema. Literally every day to slightly burn. 

Then there is hope to synthesize it through the 

skin," said Stankevich.


At the same time, the doctor noted that, firstly, it is harmful 

to the skin, and secondly, it is unlikely that you can find so

 much time for tanning. In addition, the angle at which 

sunlight falls on the skin is also important. Based on

this, according to her, the generally accepted 

opinion that with the help of tanning you can

 accumulate vitamin D is nothing more than 

a myth.


Speaking about little-known facts about vitamin D, the doctor 

noted that in the last decade it was found out that it is rather

 a hormone, since it has hormonal activity and is responsible 

for 600 biochemical reactions in the body. The receptors 

that are susceptible to it are found in all organs and

 systems throughout the body.


"This is a very powerful immunomodulator. The immune

system... is made up of different cells. Some cells are 

activated by vitamin D - and then antiviral protection

is activated and, very importantly, antitumour 

protection, that is, protection against cancer.


And other cells of the immune system are inhibited, their

activity is suppressed. And this has a therapeutic effect 

for patients with pathologically excessive activity of 

the immune system, " Stankevich said.


According to her, it is from vitamin D, and not from vitamin C, 

that protection against viral infections depends. In addition,

 it is a predictor of cardiovascular diseases, reducing the 

risk of their development.


In addition, as the doctor said, it determines the work of the 

brain. According to her, the relationship between mental 

activity and vitamin D levels occurs even during the

 intrauterine development of the child during 

pregnancy of the mother. It was found that 

pregnant women who were in the process 

of carrying a child in a state of vitamin D 

deficiency, children in adulthood have 

an increased risk of developing 



"Vitamin D, is linked to the reproductive system, not only 

of women, but also of men, since the male reproductive 

potential also depends on the right amount of it," the 

doctor added.


She also said that contrary to advertising, vitamin D should

 not be taken together with calcium, but with vitamin K2, 

which is actively involved in the absorption of calcium. 


According to her, entering the circulatory system, calcium 

should end up in bone tissue, but without vitamin K2, this 

does not happen, and the risk of calcium deposits in

 blood vessels, internal organs and soft tissues,



Your doctor will help you determine 

the exact dosage.


In June, Mariyat Mukhina, a dietitian and cosmetologist, 

pointed out the danger of an overabundance of vitamin

 D in the body. According to her, this can lead to 

chronic pyelonephritis, cardiosclerosis and

increase the risk of fractures.


Image: vape- related lung damage

Ulankina's doctor called 

shortness of breath one 

of the signs --- of vape-

related lung damage

August 6th, 3:30am



Olga Ulankina, an expert doctor at the Hemotest 

Laboratory --- told RT how vaping can affect a 

person's health.


"When vapes were first invented, they were advertised as a 

safe alternative to cigarettes. However, in fact, it turned
out --- 
that they are not so harmless, because they
contain a lot of
 toxic substances. For example,
phenols.... irritate the mucous 
membranes of
the mouth and nose, formaldehyde can lead

 to cancer, glycerin negatively affects the
nervous and 
cardiovascular systems,
and acrolein belongs to the
 list of
extremely toxic substances and
has a detrimental
effect on health," the 

doctor explained.


She added that lung damage associated with smoking 

e-cigarettes and vapes is called EVALI-e-cigarette 

and vaping use-associated lung injury.


"This disease ---  is associated with the inhalation of 

substances.. that are traditionally added to liquids

 for smoking. It is believed that the lungs perceive
them as a foreign object, and 
give an immune
response. It leads to -
 inflammation, allergic
reactions and 
a dangerous accumulation
of fluid 
in the respiratory system," 

Ulankina said.


Usually, the disease is manifested by shortness of breath, 

which increasingly occurs even with the usual physical 

exertion, the interlocutor of RT said.


"In addition, there may be other symptoms -- cough, chest 

pain, fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. The most

 dangerous thing in this disease is the development of 

severe complications up to acute respiratory failure 

----- which can lead to death," the doctor warned.


In addition, according to her, vaping increases blood 

pressure, damages blood vessels and increases the 

risk of developing a myocardial infarction, or stroke.


"So.. when comparing the vessels of smokers and vapers, 

the same pathological processes are noted. If you inhale 

toxic fumes, you can also develop "popcorn disease", or

 obliterating bronchitis. This is an inflammation of the 

lungs, which is quite difficult to treat — with the use 

of hormonal drugs, up to a lung transplant," the 

doctor explained.


Other side effects, including constant smoking of 

vape with nicotine-free liquids - are considered to 

be weakened immunity and cognitive impairment.


"It is impossible to predict what kind of damage a 

particular person will have. But the fact that

 inhaling toxic fumes is unsafe can be said 

--- with confidence," the expert noted.


Earlier, Anastasia Marienko, head of the 

oncology department of the Euroonko 

clinic in St. Petersburg, told RT that 

the main factor in the occurrence 

of lung cancer --- is smoking, 

which provokes almost 90% 

of cases of the disease.




Nutritionist Ginzburg:

to prevent aging,

 you need to eat
fish every day

July 27th, 7:17pm



Daily consumption of fish slows down the aging process

 of the body. This was announced on Thursday, July 27, 

by nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg, in an interview
with Vechernyaya Moskva.


According to the doctor, to get nutrients to support the brain,

 which over the years loses its former activity, you need to
give preference to oily sea fish.


"Such fish are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which
 essential for the formation of cell membranes.
They  are 
also a source of iodine and vitamin D.
components ------ support the central
system," explained Ginzburg.


In addition, the expert attributed cereals, dairy 

products, vegetables, berries, fruits, as well 

as nuts and seasonings, to foods that slow 

down the aging process. The latter, in 

particular - ginger, turmeric, pepper, 

garlic and onion, can also improve 

brain function.


Earlier, on July 27th, experts in the field of nutrition, 

listed foods that affect human cognitive functions,

 which, in turn, depend on the daily diet. 


These include dark leafy greens, avocado, olive 

oil, nuts, rosemary, mint, saffron, and seafood.


fruit and porridge 

are great options 

for breakfast

July 27th, 3am



Breakfast is a very important meal that you should definitely 

not miss. However, in order for it to benefit, it is important to

 choose the right products. On July 27, Elena Tikhomirova, a 

general practitioner and dietitian at SM-Klinik, told Izvestia 

what the right breakfast should be.


First of all, she noted that eggs are an ideal product 

for breakfast, as they contain protein and fat in the 

necessary balance. Eating them in the morning 

helps the body get the necessary nutrients. In 

addition the protein contained in eggs is one 

of the most useful and easily digestible 

sources of protein for the body.


"To make breakfast even healthier, you need to add 

carbohydrates to the eggs, such as vegetables or

 a small piece of bread. Scrambled eggs.... made 

from two or three eggs, with fresh vegetables, 

or a small piece of bread are an ideal source 

of protein, fat, and the so-called complex 

carbohydrates ----- as well as vitamins 

and fibre necessary for maintaining

 health and energy throughout the 

day," said Tikhomirova.


Another good breakfast option, the 

nutritionist called cottage cheese

 with fruit.


"Cottage cheese is rich in full-fledged milk protein 

and proper milk fat, which are necessary for the 

proper functioning of our body.  And fresh fruits 

enrich this breakfast with vitamins & minerals. 

''This combination also provides the body with 

the necessary and balanced amount of 

protein, fat and carbohydrates," the 

doctor noted.


Also, according to her, a useful breakfast option

 is porridge, which can provide the body with 

energy for a long period of time.


"Cereals are sources of carbohydrates, so if you lead 

an active lifestyle, do sports, especially in the 

evening, the day before or during the day, 

then they will suit you best.''


''Ideal combinations are buckwheat porridge with milk 

and oatmeal porridge with milk or water. Also --- you 

can add nuts (not dried fruits) to the porridge --- as 

they contain useful fats, proteins and vitamins," 

Tikhomirova said.



Image: A berry that improves cognitive abilities is named July 23rd, 11:45pm (Izvestia.ru) Researchers at King's College London have found that eating blueberries has a positive effect on the brain and blood vessels of older people. The results were publis

A berry that improves 

cognitive abilities

 is named

July 23rd, 11:45pm



Researchers at King's College London have found that eating

 blueberries has a positive effect on the brain and blood

 vessels of older people. The results were published in 

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN).


It is noted that with age, susceptibility to cardiovascular and 

neurodegenerative diseases increases, while cognitive 

functions in people over 60 years of age, on the 

contrary, decrease faster.


Scientists in the study looked for ways to slow down or

 prevent these age-related changes. Observations were 

made on 61 people aged 65 to 80 years. The study 

participants were divided into two groups, one of 

which took a placebo, and the second — 

26 g of blueberry powder.


The study found that older adults who consumed blueberry 

powder daily for 12 weeks had healthier blood vessels
 performed better on cognitive tasks
compared to the
 group that
received a placebo.


According to scientists, polyphenols, one of the types of

 which — anthocyanins, are found in blueberries, can 

prevent the deterioration of health. It is at its 

expense that the berry has a blue colour. 


Anthocyanins are strong antioxidants, neutralize the action 

of free radicals, prevent the growth of tumors, and have a 

beneficial effect on the human body. Therefore, 

vegetables and fruits of bright colours are 

considered useful for the body.


Earlier, on June 27, experts listed foods in the diet that affect 

a person's cognitive functions. These include avocados and

 berries, especially grapes and blueberries, as they protect

 the brain... from the harmful effects of oxidative stress, 

prevent premature cell aging and the development 

of dementia.




India develops project --- on 

cannabis-based medicines

by Javier Arana Villasusa

July 23rd, 11:50am

(Prensa Latina) 


India is developing its first research project on the use of

 cannabis in the medical sector, which Minister Jitendra

 Singh considered today of great potential to use this 

drug for the good of humanity.


In a public-private partnership with a Canadian company,

 the initiative is being carried out by the Indian Institute 

of Integrated Medicine, in the territory of Jammu,
will contribute to the production of quality 

medicines for export to patients suffering

 from neuropathies, cancer, diabetes and 

epilepsy, the Minister of Science and 

Technology said during a tour of 

the centre.


Singh described the agreement that gave life to the project

 as historic not only for the region of Jammu and Kashmir, 

but for the whole of India for the scientific contribution, 

and highlighted the role of biotechnology in this effort.


He also commended the work of the scientists in charge 

of the research, mainly those from the Indian Institute 

of Integrated Medicine.


Singh obtained first-hand information on the cultivation 

practices in the protected area and the research work 

being carried out on the plant.


He also visited the greenhouses with climate control 

facilities to improve the varieties according to the 

desired cannabinoid content.


According to the Indian minister, there are already 

medicines in other countries derived from the 

cannabis plant for the treatment of nausea 

and vomiting, neuropathic pain and 

epilepsy, among others.






Report Warns ‘Sickness Explosion’

 in UK ----- Costing Billions
Per Year

July 19th,  2:25pm (FNA)


The UK is being gripped by a “sickness explosion”

 which is costing the economy £15 billion a year,

 experts warned.


The nation has “among the worst population health in 

Europe” --- due to high levels of obesity, excessive 

drinking, & large health inequalities, according
to a new report by health
 experts and peers,
Independent reported.


Poor health in the population, a rising number of elderly 

people and “ballooning demand” for care, are leading 

to a “health emergency”, experts said.


As a result there is a high level of “premature often 

avoidable ill health” which is damaging the 

economy and the NHS, they said.


The new report, titled A Covenant for Health, states 

that millions are becoming prematurely ill, which 

is forcing many to drop out of work.


It has been estimated.. that this cost the economy 

£15 billion in 2022/23 due to higher welfare costs

 and lower tax revenues.


The authors wrote, “It is urgent to act – the UK has among

 the worst population health in Europe, the highest levels 

of obesity, the worst excess drinking levels, very large 

health inequalities, and very many people become ill 

much earlier than they should."


“Our high level of premature, often avoidable, ill health, 

damages lives, our society, localities & our economy. 

Without resolute action it will get worse,”
they added.


The new report --- penned by former Labour Minister Lord 

Filkin, former Health Minister Lord Bethall, public health 

experts and academics from the King’s Fund think tank, 

calls for an “emergency programme for better health”.


Lord Filkin, chairman of the Covenant for Health 

Commission, said, “We have a population health 

emergency – poor population health, more older

 people, ballooning demand, and costs on the 

NHS are leading to a sickness explosion. 

There will be 16 million people living 

with obesity by 2030 and 500,000 

will die from smoking and poor 

air quality, over the next

 five years."


“The NHS alone cannot solve this. Far too many of us get

 avoidable illnesses which harm our lives and cause us 

to drop out of work. Estimates from last week’s OBR 

indicate that in 2023-24 welfare spending due to 

health inactivity, increases in ill-health among 

those in work, and tax losses, as a result of 

rising health-related inactivity and in-work

 ill-health will cost the Government more 

than £15 billion," Filkin said.


“We need to keep well to be happy, to contribute and to

 sustain our economy and our NHS. Yet Government, 

business, society, ourselves, we have all done far

 too little to prevent ill health," Filkin added.


“Yet a great deal can be done rapidly and for low cost to help 

us live healthier longer lives, as our report A Covenant for 

Health sets out. We call for bold action across society 

and by all political parties to develop an Emergency 

Programme for Better Health to help our society be

 healthier and so help make for happier lives and 

to treat fewer illnesses,” he said.


Former Health Minister Lord Bethell added, “Our leaders

 should recognise the public do support measures to 

tackle smoking, obesity, heart disease and other 

chronic illnesses and address junk food, and 

dirty air, to support healthy communities --

and to engage people in their own health.”


Richard Murray, chief executive of The King’s Fund,

 added, “The health of the nation is in bad shape."


“Whether looking at life expectancy, levels of chronic ill-

health, inequalities, mental health or the drivers of poor 

health like obesity, England’s recent record is poor and

 often compares badly to our neighbours," he said.


“Apart from the obvious fact that no-one wants to be ill or to

 die prematurely, this state of affairs weighs heavily on the 

economy and the Exchequer, whether in terms of higher 

treatment costs, increased welfare payments or the 

loss of potential staff to ill-health at a time when 

many parts of the economy are facing deep 

workforce shortages," he added.


“Tackling this problem is not just a job for the NHS – we 

cannot treat our way out of a public health crisis," 

Murray said.


“Improving the nation’s health will require urgent cross-

Government action that encompasses better quality 

housing, policies to ensure the air we breathe is 

clean, and the use of tax and regulation, to 

encourage healthy behaviours," he added.


“And beyond national Government, local councils, 

the NHS, business, and charities all have power 

to improve the health of their employees, 

citizens and beneficiaries,” he said.




The pediatrician - named the
ways to 
increase immunity
of often ill child

July 16th, 4:49pm 



Marina Voevodina, a pediatrician of the Budu online health

management service, said in an interview with Moslenta 

that it is possible to increase the immunity of a 

frequently ill child. She advised parents to 

follow their children's daily routines
closely and walk with them
in the fresh 
air more often.


"It is important --- to pay attention to cleanliness in the

 apartment. It is necessary to regularly carry out wet 

cleaning, ventilate the premises. It is advisable to 

remove things that accumulate dust: carpets, 

soft toys that the child does not use. Toys 

should be stored in special closed 

containers to avoid excess dust,"

 the doctor said.


Vaccination is one of the most important steps in the process

 of developing a child's immunity. It is not superfluous to

 purchase an air humidifier. It is also necessary to 

teach the child to observe personal hygiene — 

first of all, you need to instill in him the habit 

of washing his hands when returning home 

from the street, the specialist continued.


It is important for the child to spend enough time outside. 

After a walk --- you can clean your nose with sea water 

(special baby products). In the cold season -- you can 

reduce the walking time, but increase their number. 

On walks, children move a lot, and physical 

activity has a positive effect on human 

immunity, explained Voevodina.


"It is necessary, to carefully monitor the child's daily routine.

 A sufficient amount of rest and activity, a full sleep of about 

ten hours (the exact amount depends on the age). The diet

 should be varied, fruits and vegetables are mandatory. It

 is important to observe the normal ratio of protein, fat 

and carbohydrates," the pediatrician warned.


At the same time, the expert stressed that the effect of 

pharmacy vitamins to increase the child's immunity 

has not been proven. Vitamins, according to her, 

should be prescribed only for identified 

deficiencies, with the exception of 

vitamin D in a preventive dose.


Earlier, the pediatrician dispelled the myth 

about the benefits of wiping children 

with vodka, for fever !



Image: aspartame in the diet?

 Photo: Pheelings media / Shutterstock / Fotodom


To be or not to be aspartame in the diet?


Nutritionist Antonina Leontieva admits 

that soda with aspartame content has 

advantages. First of all, it really has 

almost no calories, which attracts 

people who want to lose weight. 


Secondly, it does not increase the level of 

glucose in the blood. However, according 

to the expert, the negative effects of 

synthetic sweeteners negate any 

benefits. So, their regular use 

leads to dysbiosis in the 

intestines ------- and to 

disorders of its work.


Sweeteners have another side to the coin. It is 

connected to the nervous system. The fact is 

that when we put aspartame or some other 

sweeteners in our mouths, signals about 

this go to the brain. Then... a whole 

cascade of reactions is triggered


Antonina Leontieva dietitian, 

nutritionist, physiotherapist:


According to Leontieva, carbon exchange occurs

 in the body, but it is not glucose that gets into

the stomach --- but a substance that is not 

embedded in it. As a result, the process

 is idle. In the long run, this can lead to 

damage, warned Leontieva.


The World Health Organization also recommended 

avoiding drinks with artificial sweeteners. 


According to the recommendation issued in May, 

sweeteners do not help either adults or children

 lose weight. Moreover, experts have found that 

the use of aspartame and other sweeteners 

leads to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular 

diseases, and generally increases 

the risk of death.


How to replace aspartame?


Antonina Leontieva and WHO experts agree that there is no 

need to replace aspartame with anything. The nutritionist 

advised not to try to find an alternative to sugar, but to 

try to get rid of this habit altogether --- or limit the 

consumption of sweets, to reasonable limits. 


She pointed out that often cravings for desserts are not due

 to the body's need for insulin, but to psychological factors,

 hormonal disorders, or a lack of essential substances, 

such as iron.





New --- targeted method of 

cancer therapy developed

July 6th, 12:11pm 



Scientists from the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced

 Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 

have developed a targeted cancer therapy 

method. The findings... are published in
journal Nature Communications.


The development, is a technology of a new type of acoustic

 tweezers, which allows you to move the target object using 

an acoustic wave. Thanks to their high tissue permeability 

and powerful impact, such tweezers have become much 

more effective than optical and magnetic tweezers in

 destroying cancer cells.


Chinese specialists have created holographic acoustic 

tweezers with a phased array (PAHAT). They are 

based on a high-density planar matrix 

transducer, that generates three-

dimensional acoustic waves.


The researchers were able to precisely control the bacteria

 that destroy cancer cells, so that they reach the lesion 

site in accordance with a pre-planned plan. As a 

the technology effectively slowed down the 

growth of the tumor.




Vitamin D supplements 

recommended against 

heart attacks

by Alina Ramos Martin

June 29th, 2:50pm

(Prensa Latina) 


The risk of suffering a heart attack decreases 

when vitamin D supplements are consumed, 

a specialized source informed.


According to the journal The BMJ, this becomes more

 relevant in people over 60 years of age and 

especially in those.... who take statins or 

other drugs for cardiovascular diseases.


During five years, vitamin D was administered to 31,215 

participants in the clinical trial carried out in Australia, 

of whom 1,336 suffered a serious cardiovascular 

accident, 6,6% in the placebo group and 6% 

in those who took the supplements.


The rate of serious cardiovascular events was 9% lower

 in the vitamin D group compared to the placebo group, 

equivalent to 5,8 fewer events per 1,000 participants.


The source points out that the rate of myocardial infarction

 was 19% lower and that of coronary revascularization 11% 

lower in the vitamin D group, but there was no difference

 in the rate of strokes, between the two.


The publication notes - that cardiovascular ailments are a 

leading cause of death worldwide, and heart attacks and 

strokes are set to increase, as the population continues 

to age and chronic diseases become more prevalent.




Report: Britons’ Earlier Deaths - 

Linked to NHS Underinvestment

June 26th, 2pm (FNA)


 Britons die sooner from cancer and heart disease 

than people in many other rich countries, partly 

because of the NHS’s lack of beds, staff and 

scanners, a study found.


The UK “underperforms significantly” on tackling its 

biggest killer diseases, in part --- because the NHS
been weakened by years of underinvestment, 

according to the report from the King’s Fund 

health thinktank. 


It “performs poorly” as judged by the number of avoidable

 deaths resulting from disease and injury and also by

 fatalities --- that could have been prevented had 

patients received better or quicker treatment,

 The Guardian reported.


The comparative study of 19 well-off nations concluded 

that Britain achieves only “below average” health 

outcomes because it spends a “below average”

 amounts for every person on healthcare.



Report: Almost 25,000 Doctors, 

Nurses Trying to Leave UK

June 25th, 2:34pm (FNA)


Record numbers of British doctors, nurses and midwives 

are trying to move abroad — with Australia top of their 

list, MailOnline revealed.


Almost 25,000 applications to get the documents needed 

to secure a job overseas were made to UK healthcare 

regulators in 2022. The vast majority represent 

NHS workers. 


The toll, uncovered by our investigation, dwarfs the 10,000 

figure seen before COVID struck. Senior leaders in the 

health service on Sunday warned "the exodus is 

only just beginning" and said the stats 

should ''stun ministers into action".


Disgruntled NHS medics say the pandemic has shone a light 

on how poorly they are valued in the UK, a factor that 

helped launched a wave of strike action across the 

UK to boost their pay. But, at the same time, they
been lured by promises of up to £130,000
salaries - 
and a better work-life balance.


Australia has also launched --- a wave of "cheeky" 

tactics touting the merits of a move Down Under, 

such as deploying mobile billboards to NHS 

strike picket lines... to recruit 

disenfranchised medics. 


Yet some medics who have made the move Down Under,

have complained, that it's not exactly the dream some

are selling. British health staff wanting to apply for a

job overseas need to get documents from their UK 

regulator, as part of the application.


These prove to their potential employers they don't have

any marks on their record, their training is up to date, 

and they can be trusted with patients. 


Figures obtained by MailOnline reveal nearly 7,000 doctors 

applied for documents to support an application to work

 abroad from the British medical regulator, the General

 Medical Council (GMC), in 2022.This was up from 

6,100 in 2019. 


Separate figures for 2023, which only go up until May,

suggest this year will see an even bigger exodus, 

with almost 3,500 applying for their documents 

so far. For nurses and midwives, the figures 

are even starker. 


Nearly 16,000 similar applications were made in 2022/23 

— compared to just under 5,500 in 2018, according to 

the UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).


Pristine beaches & sunny weather appear to have

convinced many o seek a job in Australia. 

Australia topped the charts for 

total applications, in both 

professional groups. 


Nearly 9,000 doctors have applied to work Down Under in 

the last five years. A 3rd of these, were made in 2022/23. 

And Australian efforts... to lure medics Down Under, 

appear to be paying off. 


Data from the Australian Medical Council, the Aussie

 equivalent of the GMC, show almost 1,000 British 

medics signed up in 2021/22, the latest data 

available, up 16 percent on the year before, 

and the biggest number of any nation. 


This is roughly equivalent to half the UK medics who

 applied to work Down Under, getting a job there. 


For nurses and midwives, 11,000 applications were made to 

Australia since 2017/18. But the number has accelerated in

 recent years, with 4,000 making an application in the last

 financial year alone. The figures also revealed that its 

not just the Aussies looking to poach highly skilled 

NHS staff.


Doctor applications to work in the United Arab Emirates have 

almost doubled from 550 in 2019 to just over 1,000 in 2022, 

lured by higher, tax-free salaries, which can come with 

perks such as subsidized accommodation and 

generous leave packages. 


Nurse and midwife applications to the US have undergone 

an even more dramatic explosion. Applications to the US

reached 6,433 last year, almost 10 times what they 

were in 2017/18. 


The data obtained by MailOnline only records applications

and, therefore ----- are not a confirmation that the health
professional in question actually got the job overseas. 


Multiple applications can be made by individual staff. For 

example, a nurse applying for jobs in both Canada and 

Australia, would be counted twice. 


However, NHS unions said the data demonstrated NHS

 workers' intention to leave, with UK medics feeling 

underpaid and overworked and prepared to vote 

with their feet.


Dr Latifa Patel, the British Medical Association's workforce

 lead, said, "These numbers show the sad reality that, with

 junior doctor pay down by 26 percent, and consultant pay

 down by 35 percent since 2008, more and more doctors 

are making the logical conclusion: this Government 

does not value them or their work and, given the 

current NHS pressures, they would be better 

off abroad."


"With a global shortage of doctors, there are plenty of

 countries willing to pay them what they are worth," 

she said, adding, "The Australian government has 

already noted its popularity as a destination: last 

week they even sent trucks with job adverts to 

picket lines, where junior doctors were 

protesting over their lost pay."


She added that it was "not unreasonable" to conclude 

that even more doctors would look to leave this year, 

leaving the NHS in a further crisis ----- if ministers

 don't act. 


"The Government needs to urgently pull its head from the 

sand and fix their pay and conditions, alongside tackling

 the wider NHS funding issues, to prevent disaster," 

she said.


Pat Cullen, the Royal College of Nursing's general 

secretary, said MailOnline's figures should prompt 

ministers into urgent action. 


''A trebling of applications to head overseas should stun

 ministers into action and end the exodus from the 

nursing workforce," she said, adding, "This trend 

can be reversed with investment in the nursing

 workforce and can start --- by coming back to 

the table to speak about fair pay."


"Failure to act will leave tens of thousands of vacant

 nursing posts, waiting lists at record levels and

 patient care at risk," she added.


NHS sources also told this website Government policy 

was driving some international recruits to abandon

 the health service.


A senior nursing leader in the Midlands, speaking on

 condition of anonymity, said international nurses

 recruited from outside Britain were looking to

 leave --- due to the costs of bringing their 

partners and children to live in the UK.


Under UK visa rules, international nurses must pay £285 

to bring their partner, £315 for one child, and £200 for 

each additional child, to Britain. 


They then have to pay an additional fee of between £247

 and £479 per family member, depending on if they want

 them to stay for under, or over, three years. 


The senior nurse leader said other nurse-hungry nations 

were offering more generous visa packages for 

dependents and this was often cited by

 international nurses as their reason

 for leaving.


Such nurses are considered prime candidates for

 international recruiters from Australia, New 

Zealand, and the US.


This is because Britain essentially does all the validation 

work for them, with the internationally-trained nurses 

able to demonstrate by working here they can work 

effectively in an English-speaking nation.


The senior nurse also warned that "the exodus is only just 

beginning", with many international nurses who were 

recruited by the NHS in the darkest days of the 

COVID pandemic, now approaching the end 

of their three-year contracts. 


Such international nurses can be recruited on special three 

to five year contracts where the NHS pays for their flights, 

initial accommodation, and registration fees in exchange

 for a guarantee they will work for the health service for

 a set period. 


They added even further woe could be on the way, with

 America now following Australia --- and ramping up 

efforts to recruit the UK's international nurses. 


While they could not offer any proof, the huge spike in 

British nurses applying to American employers does 

suggest a potential recruitment drive is ongoing. 


Responding to MailOnline's figures a Department of 

Health and Social Care spokesperson said, "There

 are record numbers of staff working in the NHS 

with over 53,600 more people... compared to a 

year ago – including over 5,400 more doctors 

and over 12,000 more nurses."


They added that Government plans to publish a plan

 to recruit and retain more NHS staff "shortly" but 

din't detail any specific measures that might 

be included. 


The spokesperson also said the Government was 

offering "fair and reasonable" pay to NHS staff.  


"Over 1 million eligible NHS staff, including nurses, 

are receiving their pay rise and one-off payments

this month ----- and we have begun work to 

implement wider measures which will 

better support the workforce, 

including improving 

opportunities for 

nursing career 


they said. 


"We have made a fair and reasonable opening pay offer to 

the BMA and stand ready to resume confidential talks 

once they agree not to call further disruptive strikes 

and show willingness to move significantly from 

their unreasonable position," the spokes

person added.


Both NHS doctors and nurses are in long-running pay dispute 

with the Government which has resulted in waves of strike

 action and the subsequent cancellation of thousands of

 appointments for ordinary Brits.


Unions argue rising inflation is making working in the NHS

 unaffordable and is exacerbating the health service's 

long running staffing issues as workers leave to 

take up better paying roles. 


However, ministers claim unions' demands for double digit 

pay rises are simply unaffordable and would have to 

come at the expense of patient services.


There are very little signs of any compromise in the future 

and, while the dispute continues, NHS waiting lists 

continue to rise to record levels and more and 

more staff apply to leave the UK. 





The nutritionist named the drink 

helping to fall asleep quicker

June 20th, 2:45am



Nutritionist Matyskina said that a drink made from milk,
honey and cinnamon..... helps you fall asleep faster.


Warm milk has a calming effect on the body, its use at night 

helps to fall asleep faster. This was announced on Monday, 

June 19, in an interview with Sputnik radio by a member 

of the community "Nutritionists of Russia" and the 

Association of Nutritionists, the nutritionist

 Ekaterina Matyskina.


According to her, recipes of the so-called "moon milk" are

 popular online. In social networks.. they claim that it will 

serve as an effective tool for improving sleep. In Russia, 

the most common version of the drink, consists of 

warm milk, honey and cinnamon.

''The basis of the drink is warm milk. Its protein component

 is really able to cause a feeling so we relax & calm down.

 Protein before going to bed is also good  ....because it is 

actively involved in the regeneration processes that are

 triggered in the body at night. Vegetable milk can also

 be used, but not any.'' 


''Banana milk is not suitable because it contains a lot of 

sugar. Rice milk is made from plain white rice, with a 

low fibre content.. and is also perceived by our body 

as a set of simple carbohydrates," the expert said.


In addition, she did not recommend drinking nut milk at night, 

as it contains a large amount of fat, which is processed for 

a long time and can put additional stress on the liver and 

gallbladder at night.


Matyskina noted that the "moon milk" should not contain

 more than one teaspoon of honey. She pointed out that 

honey contains a large amount of glucose, which 

causes a rush of energy. It should be added in 

small amounts, then the person will not feel 

the excitement of the nervous system.


The nutritionist advised.. to add spices, spices and herbs to

the milk to enhance the calming effect. For example, mint,

camomile and lavender extract, have an effective 

relaxing effect.


At the same time, the expert warned that people with health

 problems and those who adhere to a diet, should not abuse

 "moon milk". According to the expert --- it should not be 

drunk by people with diabetes, as well as those who

 are allergic to honey or herbs.


Matyskina concluded that in the absence of 

contra-indications, "moon milk" can be 

drunk no more than two or three 

times a week.




The nutritionist named ways

 to get rid of night snacking

June 15th, 6:04pm 



Nutritionist Sofia Kovanova recommends not eating fruit 

in the evening, so as not to get hungry at night. In a 

conversation with "Lenta" she named other ways

 to get rid of late-night snacks.


Nighttime snacking is a direct consequence of the 

incorrect distribution of meals throughout the day, 

says the nutritionist. If the body does not receive 

the necessary amount of protein, fat, and 

carbohydrates, it will demand food.


Kovanova is sure that biochemistry cannot be defeated 

by willpower. The diffuse neuroendocrine system is 

responsible for saturation. It regulates the cycle
 hormone production, including telling the
that it's time to eat.


Often, nighttime snacks lead to strict diets or significant

 dietary restrictions. In a state of stress and fatigue, 

it is difficult to find the strength to restrain 

yourself from eating


The acute feeling of hunger is affected not only by the

 amount of food consumed, but also by its quality, the

 nutritionist added. A balanced diet helps control 

your appetite and keep your hormones 

in balance.


To get rid of late-night snacking, you need to avoid skipping 

daytime meals, says Kovanova. In any case, the body will

 need to make up for the lack of nutrients. According to 

her, it is better to have dinner in the evening after 

work than to eat at night before going to bed.


It is necessary to reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates

 in the diet (sausages, white bread, sweets, potatoes), 

because of them the feeling of satiety passes in 

a short time


Fruit increases blood sugar levels and increases hunger. 

Therefore, it is better to eat them in the first half of 

the day, Kovanova noted.


"Drink plenty of fluids. If you drink water or a cup of tea, you

 can trick your hunger. That is why nutritionists recommend 

drinking a glass of water before a meal," she concluded.



Study:  Most UK Carers - 

Not Paid for Travel Time

Between Appointments

June 15th, 2:10pm (FNA)


 Three out of four UK care staff, who look after people 

at home are not being paid for the time it takes them 

to travel between appointments, according to 

new research.


Unison said its survey of more than 300 care workers 

across England --- revealed that employers are 

effectively breaking minimum wage laws, 

costing staff hundreds of pounds each

 month, The Independent reported.


Homecare workers spend a fifth of their working day 

travelling between people’s homes, mostly paid at 

or just above the minimum wage, but this is 

“dramatically” reduced if their employer 

does not pay travel time, added 

the union.


Unison called for travel time payment to become a

 contractual requirement, warning that vacancy 

levels across care – currently 165,000 – will 

increase, if action is not taken by

 the government.


“Both care staff and those they look after are the victims 

of this pay scandal. Vulnerable people suffer when their

 already-rationed care visits are cut short or delayed," 

General secretary Christina McAnea said, adding, 

“Unison has been highlighting this exploitation 

for over a decade. Yet - the Government has 

responded with inaction and indifference."


“These appalling working practices must be tackled 

urgently if more people are to be encouraged to 

work in a sector desperately short of staff," 

she continued.


“Disabled and elderly people receiving care support will 

want an end to the exploitation of those looking after 

them. When it does, everyone will benefit,”

 she noted.






Reduced time in deep sleep may 

raise risk of cognitive decline

by Pavel López Lazo

June 8th, 4:46pm

(Prensa Latina) 


A new study reveals a potential link between sleep apnea, 

reduced time in deep sleep, and brain biomarkers 

associated with increased risk of conditions 

like stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and 

cognitive decline.


This research involved 140 people with obstructive sleep

 apnea and primarily focused on biomarkers related to 

the health of the brain’s white matter.


Participants with severe sleep apnea displayed a higher

 volume of white matter hyperintensities (small lesions

 visible on brain scans) and reduced axonal integrity.


The study looked at sleep factors and biomarkers 

of the health of the brain’s white matter.


The biomarkers measure how well the brain’s white matter

 is preserved, which is important to connect different 

parts of the brain.


One of the biomarkers, white matter hyperintensities, are tiny

lesions visible on brain scans. White matter hyperintensities

 become more common with age or with uncontrolled high

 blood pressure. The other biomarker measures the

 integrity of the axons, which form the nerve

 fibres that connect nerve cells.


“Finding that severe sleep apnea and a reduction in slow-

wave sleep are associated with these biomarkers is

 important... since there is no treatment for these 

changes in the brain, so we need to find ways 

to prevent them from happening.... or 

getting worse.”


The study stresses that sleep disturbances are not

 definitively the cause of these brain changes, but 

the correlation warrants further investigation. 


The ultimate goal is to identify prevention strategies or 

treatments to halt or slow these detrimental changes

 in the brain. Knowing that severe sleep apnea and 

reduced slow-wave sleep are associated with 

these biomarkers is important, as there is no

 treatment for these changes in the brain, 

so it is necessary to find ways to 

prevent them from occurring 

or worsening.


The researchers found that for every 10-point decrease in the

 percentage of slow-wave sleep, there was an increase in the

 amount of white matter hyperintensities similar to the effect

 of being 2.3 years older.


People with severe sleep apnea had a higher volume of white

 matter hyperintensities than those with mild or moderate

 sleep apnea. They also had reduced axonal integrity 

in the brain.




#cognitive decline #deep sleep





UK Radiologists Warn Cancer Patients

 Face Life-Threatening Delays

 Due to Lack of Staff

June 8th, 1:18pm (FNA)


 Cancer patients in the UK face life-threatening hospital

 delays and the prospect of more gruelling treatment 

as a result of NHS staff shortages, senior 

radiologists warned.


A poll of all 60 directors of the UK’s cancer centres by the 

Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) found staff shortages 

at 97% of the centres were leading to longer waiting 

times and delays in treatment, The 

Independent reported.


The poll showed 88% were concerned about shortages

 affecting the quality of care. The RCR pointed out that 

for every four-week delay to treatment, the risk of 

death increased by about 10%.


Half of those surveyed reported “frequent delays” every

 month or most months in patients starting radiotherapy, 

while this was happening at 22% of centres most 

weeks or every week.


The RCR warned that staff shortages meant people were 

waiting longer than necessary to start chemotherapy or 

radiotherapy, while some doctors were having to make 

“difficult decisions” about who to prioritise and 

sending patients to other hospitals.


According to one head of service, prostate radiotherapy 

patients in their area were facing a 3-month minimum 

wait to receive treatment, while breast cancer 

patients had a seven- to eight-week wait.


Staff shortages also meant costly medical devices, including

 linear accelerator machines for radiation, had to be 

switched off --- owing to the lack of people able to 

operate them, the RCR said.


Its report states that the UK has a 15% shortfall of clinical

 oncologists but by 2027 this figure would rise to 25%.


Over the next five years, one in five clinical oncologists are

 expected to retire, and more than half (54%) of current

 clinical oncology vacancies have been open for 

more than a year, it adds.


Meanwhile, the proportion of more expensive locum staff
being used, has grown from 4% to 8%, in the 

past two years.


The RCR published two reports on Thursday, one looking 

specifically at cancer care and the other at the clinical 

radiology workforce.


In the second report, 80% of directors surveyed said they

 believed a shortage in the number of interventional 

radiology consultants, was causing patients to

receive more invasive treatment.


In 97% of centres, patient treatment had been delayed

 because of staff shortages over the past year, while

 in about half of centres.. shortages were causing 

delays almost every month, the RCR audit found.


About 90% of those questioned thought workforce

 shortages would affect patient safety and only 

one in four said they had enough staff to 

deliver safe and effective care.


The report says just 52% of trusts, could provide 

adequate 24/7 interventional radiology services.


The RCR warned that across the UK there were 4,745 

whole-time-equivalent radiologists working in the 

NHS and the consultant workforce had a 29% 

shortfall. It said there was a “ticking time

bomb”, adding, “Without action --- there 

will be a 40% shortfall of radiologists

 by 2027".


Most consultants who left in 2022 were under 60, with many

 experiencing burnout, according to the RCR. It said new

 community diagnostic centres set up by the NHS had 

increased the workload on already stretched staff.


Dr Katharine Halliday, the RCR president, said, “There are

 simply not enough doctors to safely treat the volume of 

patients needed, and this will only worsen as demand 

rises and more doctors leave the NHS."


“Action from the government -- is now critical. We must train 

more doctors, while doing more to retain the ones we have. 

There is no luxury of time: doctors are stretched, 

stressed, and scared for their patients,” 

she continued.


Michelle Mitchell, the chief executive of Cancer Research 

UK, stated, “Due to underfunding and poor planning from

 governments across the UK, there isn’t enough staff 

or equipment to diagnose and treat cancer in a 

timely way."


“We urge political leaders in all UK nations to act now 

to address chronic staffing issues and unacceptable 

waiting times across the NHS,” she noted --- adding 

without long-term and strategic planning matched

with sufficient investment, it would continue to 

be difficult for people to benefit quickly from 

life-saving cancer checks and treatment.


Minesh Patel, the head of policy at Macmillan Cancer Support,

 said Macmillan and the Royal College of Radiologists have

 been sounding the alarm about the devastating impact of

 staffing shortages on delays to diagnosis and treatment 

for years - but the crisis continues to be brushed aside 

by governments.


“At the heart of this crisis is a failure to recruit and retain 

enough specialist cancer professionals,” Patel added.


Lady Delyth Morgan, the chief executive of Breast Cancer

 Now, stated, “Today’s report is the starkest warning yet, 

that the government’s failure to tackle the crisis facing

 the cancer workforce, risks pushing cancer diagnosis 

and treatment to the brink of disaster.”


A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said

 there are more doctors, nurses and staff working in the 

NHS than ever before, with 50% more specialist cancer

 doctors treating patients now, compared to 2010.


“The NHS is also seeing, treating and saving record numbers

 of people with cancer but we know there is more to do. That

 is why we are seeking views on our major conditions

 strategy and the NHS will soon be publishing a 

long-term workforce plan setting out how it 

will recruit and retain even more staff,”

 the spokesperson added.




There is a proven link - between 
viewing social networks in the 

evening - and sleep disorders

May 30th, 2:30am 



A team of scientists from Duke University and Yale University 

has proven a link between viewing social networks in the

evening and sleep disorders. According to a study 

published in the journal Sleep Medicine, viewing

an hour before your normal bedtime.... delays 

bedtime... by up to three hours.


Previous research has shown that blue light emitted from

 gadgets can cause sleep problems because it interferes

 with the production of melatonin, a hormone that 

regulates circadian rhythms. Now we found out 

that sleep can also be directly affected... by 

actions within the social network.


To do this, the authors analyzed 120 million posts made by 

44 thousand Reddit users over 15 years. As with other 

social networks, you can leave comments or links to 

content on Reddit and comment on what others 

have posted.


Based on the data of regular site visitors, experts established

 a normal bedtime, which allowed us to measure the impact 

of posting on social networks before the usual bedtime.


The results showed that if the user posted messages on the

 site about an hour before the usual bedtime, then they were

 much more likely to stay for another one to three hours. 

And if they posted several times before their usual

bedtime, they went to bed..... even later.


Researchers suggest that this is due to an increase in

 dopamine levels while waiting for a response from 

other users of the site, which prevents them from 

relaxing and falling asleep.


The expert named the six most 

effective types of training 

for weight loss

May 25th, 10:12pm 



Fitness expert Amy Goodson named six types of workouts

 that are most effective in losing weight. Her words are

 quoted by the portal Eat This, Not That.


The specialist noted the benefits of swimming, basketball, 

rock climbing and cycling. She also advised to do zumba, 

because with such loads, an average of 500 to 800

 kilocalories is burned.


In addition, according to Goodson, flag football - a type of

 American football — is effective for weight loss. The 

match includes two halves of 20 minutes and 

allows you to burn up to 605 calories, 

depending on the weight of

 the athlete.




Shocking New Figures Reveal
Forced to Pay Out £4mln
Compensation, Legal Fees 

to Victims of Sex Attacks 

in Hospitals

May 22nd, 4:58pm



The NHS has paid out millions of pounds in compensation 

and legal fees over sex attacks since 2018, figures show.


The health service has paid £2,174,658 in damages as 

well as £1.5 million in claimants' legal costs. It has 

also spent £338,194 on its own legal fees, 

bringing the total bill to more than 

£4million, The Times reports. 


The revelation comes weeks after the Health Secretary Steve

 Barclay vowed to put an end to sex attacks in hospitals after

 a Mail investigation found that there had been 6,500 rapes 

and sexual assaults in three years. 


Fewer than one in five NHS Trusts offer training 

to prevent sexual harassment, a study found. 


Data obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act revealed

 that 1,571 reports of sexual misconduct have been made by

 staff and patients at 167 NHS Trusts in England and Wales

 since 2018. 


Allegations of rape, inappropriate touching and comments 

are among the incidents that have been reported, with 

the majority of alleged perpetrators men and the 

victims female.  


Surviving In Scrubs, a campaign group supporting NHS staff

 who have faced sexual harassment, said the findings 

were "not surprising". 


"Trusts seem to hold their reputations in such high regard 

that they are glossing over the issues of sexism, 

misogyny, sexual harassment and sexual 

assault. More needs to be done to 

protect and support survivors 

of these behaviours," the

 report added.


Jemima Olchawski, CEO of the Fawcett Society, a 

women's rights charity, said women are "at

 their most vulnerable" with NHS staff. 


Daisy Cooper, the Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman, 

said that all patients should feel safe but these

 "shocking findings show that this is simply

 not the case". 


Health Secretary Steve Barclay held a meeting with NHS

 chiefs in April after it was revealed that at least 2,088 

rapes and 4,451 sexual assaults were reported in 

hospitals between January 2019 and October 

2022 – a rate of 33 a week.


Image: Mediterranean diet for longer life


Association between oleic acid

 and increased life expectancy

 was found

May 15th, 4:12pm 



Scientists at Stanford School of Medicine have found a 

link between monounsaturated fatty acid intake and 

life expectancy. The results of the study...  are 

published in the journal Nature Cell Biology.


Oleic acid, which is a fat molecule characteristic of the 

Mediterranean diet, increases the number of two key 

cellular organelles and protects cell membranes 

from oxidative damage. Roundworm worms 

Caenorhabditis elegans, which were fed 

food rich in oleic acid, lived about 35%

longer compared to worms that were

 given food containing unhealthy

 trans fats (elaidic acid).


The researchers found that oleic acid contributed to 

an increase in the number of lipid droplets - cellular

 reservoirs that store fats. These organelles play a

 central role in cellular metabolism, regulating
use of fat as an energy source. 


Blocking the genes encoding proteins for lipid droplets

 restored the worms to their previous life expectancy. 

In addition, an increase in peroxisomes - organelles 

containing enzymes involved in redox processes -

was noted.


The number of lipid droplets and peroxisomes is higher in

 young animals -- and naturally decreases with age. The 

effect of monounsaturated fatty acids had a stronger 

effect on older animals - an increase in the number 

of lipid droplets in the cells of which contributed 

to an increase in life expectancy, by 33%. 


Oleic acid also reduces lipid oxidation, which damages 

cell membranes. In contrast, elaidic acid enhanced 

lipid oxidation.

Image: best night time snack a banana

The nutritionist called banana 
or lean turkey... ideal for
a night snack.

May 13th, 9:29pm



Natalia Gridina, a nutritionist at Budu, an online health

 management service, named the ideal products for a 

night snack, in an interview with Moslenta. 


"At night, of course, you want something harmful: sugar,

 cakes, or fast food. However, these products will only 

cause problems. There is a healthier alternative," 

the expert said.


 According to her, such a snack can be a portion of lean

 turkey meat. It contains tryptophan, which improves 

the quality of sleep, by affecting the production 

of melatonin.


In addition, you can also eat a piece of fish at night: 

mackerel, salmon or tuna. Thanks to OMEGA-3
its composition, the amount of serotonin 

increases, and it has a positive effect 

...on the quality of sleep, the expert 

continued. Nuts are also suitable 

as a night snack.


"Bananas... are a good source of tryptophan. If you feel hungry,

you can eat one banana. Cheese is also healthy, and it can be

eaten with a portion of crackers, which contain lots of fibre. 

In addition, dairy products (cheese, yogurt) they promote

the production of melatonin --- thanks to calcium," 

explained Gridina. 


She clarified, that it is better to use unsweetened yogurt 

without additives. If there are no contra-indications,
can add honey to it, which also contributes
to the 
production of melatonin.





High energy prices possibly 

killed more Europeans than 

COVID in winter: Report

May 12th, 3:22pm



The steep rise in energy prices across Europe following the

 bloc's anti-Russia sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine 

may have killed more Europeans in winter than the 

COVID-19 pandemic, The Economist has reported.


Electricity and gas prices rose by 69 percent and 145

 percent, respectively, last winter, The Economist 

wrote in an article published on Wednesday.


The British weekly explained that the higher energy prices

 discouraged people from heating their homes properly 

and being in the cold increases the risk of heart and 

respiratory problems.


The Economist had predicted back in November that 

expensive energy could cause between 22,000 and 

138,000 deaths in a mild winter, and more in a 

harsh one.


The prediction came true unfortunately and the surge in

 energy prices resulted in 149,000 additional deaths --

 of which 60,000 were registered as COVID death -- in 

the 28 European countries examined by the paper 

between November 2022 and February 2023.


The report said the 7.8 percent increase in the number of 

deaths compared to the same weeks of 2015 to 2019 

can be attributed to several factors, the main cause 

being the people's inability to heat their homes

 properly and getting ill ...due to the 

cold conditions.


In the meantime, the West blames Russia for the energy

 crisis in Europe, claiming Moscow weaponized energy 

supplies to European states to achieve its political 

and military objectives.


Moscow, in turn, has rejected this claim,  pointing to the

 West’s joint sanctions against the Russian nation as 

the main factor that hampered the increasing gas 

exports from Russia to Europe.


In this regard, the Russian side had invested tens of 

billions of dollars to build pipelines to transfer its

 gas to northern Europe.


Multiple media reports said the US blew up the 

Nordstream pipeline to undermine Russian 

influence in Europe and maintain US' 

hegemonic control, over its EU 

vassal states. 



[Rhondda Records adds:

Bit too political - but 

possibly true.]


Image: Cost-of-Breathing Crisis in UK

Disabled People in UK - Facing A 

‘Cost-of-Breathing’ Crisis Due
 High Energy Bills

May 9th,  2:35pm (FNA)


 Many disabled people are facing a cost-of-breathing crisis 

amid higher energy bills, a new television advert warned.


Disabled people who rely on energy to move around, speak

 and breathe risk losing their independence, health and

 wellbeing, a charity said as it revealed a quarter of

 the callers to its helpline who rely on medical 

equipment have had to switch it off to save

 money, The Independent reported.


Scope, a disability equality charity, said that while much of

 the population is looking forward to using less energy as 

the weather warms up in the summer, many disabled 

people will not have that option.


The charity’s advice lines have supported almost 38,000

 disabled people over the past year and more than a third

 (38%) of callers to its energy helpline are in energy debt 

– on average by more than £1,000.


Scope said two in five calls to its helpline have medical 

equipment and that almost a quarter of these people

 (23%) have had to switch medical equipment off

 to cut costs.


In research published last month, the charity said that, on 

average, disabled households need an additional £975 a 

month to have the same standard of living as

 non-disabled households.


The new advertising campaign will air on ITV throughout 

May and June to highlight how disabled people are 

being affected by the cost-of-living crisis.


Featuring six disabled actors, it shows disabled 

people relying on electrical equipment such as 

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) 

machines to breathe, hoists to get in and 

out of bed, and communication devices

 to speak.


The charity said its disability energy support service 

has saved disabled people almost £2 million over 

the past year, through advice and support.


Image: respiratory disorders due to steam inhalation of potatoes


The doctor warned about the risk of

 respiratory disorders due to steam

 inhalation of potatoes

April 25th, 4am



Inhaling the steam of boiled potatoes with a cough and runny

 nose can do much more harm than good, especially in the 

case of children. In particular, this can lead to bronchial 

spasms and respiratory disorders, Olga Tatarkina, a 

pediatrician at SM-Clinic for Children, told Izvestia 

on April 25th.


"Hot steam when inhaled can cause swelling of the airway

 mucosa or provoke bronchial spasm, which will inevitably 

lead to respiratory disorders --- which are not always 

possible to cope with at home," Tatarkina warned.


She also noted that respiratory diseases are often accompanied

 by an increase in body temperature. And hot steam inhalation 

in this case can only aggravate the situation and lead to the 

development of complications, especially in children. In

 addition, inhalation of hot steam, is fraught with burns

 of the respiratory tract mucosa and skin.


According to her, such a procedure is strictly contra-indicated if 

purulent discharge from the nose or bronchi appears. It is also

 contra-indicated to breathe hot potato broth in the presence

 of repeated nosebleeds.


"Such procedures are strictly contra-indicated for people with

 diseases of the cardiovascular system, who have suffered a

 heart attack or stroke, since such inhalations can lead to 

an increase in blood pressure, sometimes quite sharp," 

Tatarkina warned.


Also, she said that there is an unobvious harm from inhaling 

the vapors of potato broth. First, it contains solanine - a 

toxic glycoside that protects the plant from damage by 

bacteria, fungi, and some types of insects. It is toxic 

to humans.


"The effect of solanine on the human body... depends on its

 amount. Small doses of the toxin do not cause significant 

harm and can only cause mild discomfort. But high 

concentrations of solanine can be extremely 

dangerous, especially if inhaled. If we talk 

about young children, even small 

concentrations of solanine 

can harm them," the 

pediatrician said.


In addition, the doctor warned that potatoes may contain traces 

of chlorprofam (a plant growth regulator that is used to restrain 

the germination of tubers during storage) and thiamethoxam 

(used to control pests, including the Colorado potato beetle).

 Also, potato tubers, as in all vegetables that grow in the 

ground, may contain nitrates, which fall into the potato 

broth, during cooking.


"In addition, potatoes can absorb harmful substances 

that accumulate in the soil, including heavy metals. 

In particular, cadmium. And cadmium, as you 

know, is the most carcinogenic element

 that can accumulate in the body," the 

doctor summed up.




Taking care of yourself

April 24th, 2:52am 



Nutritionist Jasna Vujicic named the best ways 

to prepare food. Her words are quoted by the 

Serbian newspaper, Politika.


The specialist advised to cook and stew vegetables 

or meat. Also, according to her, when cooking for
couple, all the minerals and useful properties
protein in products, are preserved.


Nutritionist urged to fry food less often, as the products 

absorb the oil --- and harm the body, during digestion.


Vujicic added that it is important to preserve the 

nutritional value of food during cooking, so you 

should use healthy fats... in moderation.





Nutritionist told about healthy

 fruits in the spring period

April 22nd, 8:42pm



Fruits in the spring are the most important source of vitamins. 

As the general practitioner and nutritionist, chief physician of 

the clinic Biogena, preventive medicine doctor Anna Kireeva

 said on Saturday, April 22nd, it is best to eat citrus fruits, 

currants, bananas and pineapple.


"Vitamin C - helps to keep iron in the blood at a sufficient level.

 It is obtained from citrus fruits, rosehip berries, strawberries, 

currants. Citrus fruits are also high in potassium. Potassium

 lowers blood pressure, which can help people suffering 

from hypertension, " the therapist said.


Oranges are useful, not only because of the vitamin C they

 contain. This fruit is also rich in folic acid, which is 

necessary for the human body for good 

functioning of the nervous and 

reproductive systems.


Fruits help prevent hypovitaminous stress. To strengthen the

 immune and endocrine systems in the spring, you should 

eat orange and green foods that contain vitamin A, such 

as oranges and apples.


The benefits of bananas are also noted, which are rich in pectin, 

potassium, fluoride, sodium and B vitamins. This high-energy

 product quickly increases blood sugar levels, which gives

 a boost of energy for physical and mental exertion.


The nutritionist emphasized that pineapple is an excellent

 source of fibre. It also contains manganese and calcium.

 Despite its low calorie content, pineapple increases the

 feeling of fullness and even helps to stabilize blood 

sugar levels.


"Pineapples are rich in the enzyme bromelain, which plays 

the role of a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, as well as

the antioxidant vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory 

properties that help to reduce joint pain caused by 

osteoarthritis, supports the health of the 

immune system and reduces the risk of 

heart disease," added Anna Kireeva.


Earlier, on April 17th, the nutritionist called avocado and oats

 the most useful products for the prevention of diseases of 

the gastrointestinal tract. She also noted the benefits of 

flax seeds, chickpeas, raspberries and broccoli, which 

are suitable for the prevention of intestinal diseases.




Taking care of yourself

April 20th, 7:33pm



Five unusual harbingers of heart and 

vascular problems --- are named


Davis - a surgeon - described numbness and poor 

appetite as unusual symptoms of heart problems.


One of the most common unusual harbingers of problems 

with the cardiovascular system, Davis called numbness 

of the extremities. Because of the narrowing of blood 

vessels, it is more difficult to circulate blood, so the 

hands and feet begin to get cold and numb, even 

when the person is generally warm. In

 particularly severe cases, the limbs 

may turn bluish or purple, the 

doctor explained.


As the next non-obvious symptom of developing cardiovascular 

pathology, Davis identified problems with the digestive system, 

in particular, p