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UK Chancellor Admits NHS

 Is on Brink of Collapse 

After 12 Years of 

Tory Rule

November 13th,  4:44pm (FNA)


 UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt on Sunday admitted 

the NHS is on the brink of collapse, after 

12 years of Tory rule.


The Chancellor warned... “we’re all going to be paying 

a bit more tax”, as he unveils his Autumn Statement 

Budget on Thursday, The Daily Mirror reported.


Reports suggest he will cut the £150,000 threshold for

45p tax to £125,000 to generate £1.3billion a year,

and cut energy bills support from £60bln in the

current six months, to just £20bln... in the 

six months afterwards.


But health leaders have demanded extra funds 

for the NHS --- amid record waiting times.


He was told by Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge that

 “Frankly this doesn't look like a health service that 

can find efficiency savings - this looks like a 

health service that is on the brink 

of collapse”.


The top Tory, a former Health Secretary and ex-

chairman of the Commons Health Select 

Committee, replied, “There are massive

 pressures in the NHS."


"Obviously --- it’s something I know very well, from

previous jobs I’ve done, and I think that doctors, 

nurses, on the frontline, are, frankly, under 

unbearable pressure --- so I do recognise 

the picture you say" he said --- adding, 

"It’s also true there is a lot of money 

going into the NHS.”


NHS England figures showed a record 43,792 people 

waited longer than 12 hours in October, from
decision to admit, to actually being

admitted on to a ward.


These ‘trolley waits’ were up a staggering 34% 

from 32,776 in September - the highest since 

records began in 2010.


Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said, “Public 

services are already on their knees - seven 

million people are waiting for an NHS 

operation or support.”


It came as Hunt admitted he will be a “Scrooge”

 in his Autumn Statement on Thursday with

 no "rabbits out of the hat”.


He refused to deny it would mark a “return 

to austerity”, replying --- there will be 

“difficult decisions” and “we will 

be asking everyone for 



He warned he won’t be offering “motherhood and

 apple pie” or "cakeism" - an accusation he laid 

at Boris Johnson’s door.


The Chancellor... is eyeing up £33bln a year of 

spending cuts and £21bln a year of tax rises

 by 2027 in a bid to balance the books.


Echoing George Osborne’s austerity rhetoric, he 

tried to claim the nation’s finances were like a

 family budget - despite the £2.4trillion 

national debt.


“We are going to see everyone paying more tax, 

we are going to see spending cuts”, he told 

the BBC.


Speaking to Sky he added, “Families have to make

 sure that in the end, they can pay their bills. They

 don't just max out on their credit card without 

having any way of repaying those debts. It's

 just the same for countries - and we have

 to do that."


“Because if we want to put more money into the NHS,

 if we want to help people who are going to find it 

very, very difficult this winter,..then we need to 

have the resources to do that and that means 

we have to take difficult decisions even at 

moments like this,” he added.


The Chancellor will slash back the Energy Price

Guarantee - which limits average annual bills

to £2,500 - from April ---- after warning it is 

costing the same as “an entire 

second NHS”.


On Sunday, more details emerged of what that 

will cost Brits, as it is limited to only the very

 most vulnerable.


The scheme is costing about £60bln between 

October and March, but the Sunday reports

 it may cost only £20bln in the six months 



Treasury officials have discussed the average 

bill going up from £2,500 to between £2,850 

and £3,100.


That could mean a £600 rise on current bills, 

and a rise of nearly £2,000 a year since 2021.


Hunt said, “We don't want anyone, not to be able

 to afford to heat their home over this winter or

 indeed future winters."


"But in the long run, what you need is a plan that

 means we don't need to have to give very, very

 expensive support as taxpayers,” he added.


He added, “We need to recognise there's only so 

much you can ask from people on the very 

lowest incomes so that will be reflected 

in the decisions that I take.”


But he rejected striking nurses' demands for a 17% 

pay rise, which his Health Secretary blasted as

 "neither reasonable nor affordable".


Hunt said, “I think we have to recognise a difficult

 truth that if we gave everyone inflation-proof pay

 rises, inflation would stay, we wouldn't bring 

down inflation.”


Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said “it’s a badge 

of shame”.. that nurses are staging their first ever 

nationwide strike in England, but also refused

 to commit to a 17% pay rise.


She said "I’m not going to pluck numbers out of the

 air" and "it’s up to the pay review bodies to work 

with the unions", despite the fact the pay review

 bodies have already reported back and it's up 

to the government.


Reeves said, “I don't believe that austerity 2.0 after

 the austerity that we've gone through for the last 

12 years... is the right approach.”


She said she would close tax loopholes on “big 

global multinationals” to bring in £7billion a year.


She also repeated Labour’s pledge to levy 45% 

capital gains tax on private equity fund 

managers, instead of the current 28%.





Italy eliminates sanctions 

against anti-vaccine 

health personnel

by Ana Luisa Brown

October 28th, 3:38pm 

 (Prensa Latina) 


The Italian Health Ministry announced today 

that sanctions against doctors, nurses and 

other health personnel, imposed for their 

refusal to be vaccinated against 

Covid-19  ---  will no longer
in effect.


The new Italian Health Minister, Orazio Schillaci, made 

the announcement on Friday and added that, data on

 those infected and deceased as a result of the 

disease will no longer be published on a daily 

basis, as has been the case up to now.


According to the communiqué, the health authorities

 consider it necessary to initiate a gradual return to

 normality, although they call for responsible 

behaviour, in compliance with the rules 

still in force.


The suspension of employment for non-compliance with

 the vaccination obligation is revoked ‘in view of the

 expiration of the provisions in force on December 

31st and the worrying shortage of medical

 personnel’, the document states.


Schillaci also announced the creation of a 

commission of inquiry ‘to clarify what 

happened from the administrative 

point of view’ --- regarding the 

expenses incurred... by the 

previous administration, 

to face Covid-19.


And in Wales?

Image: Hearing Discovery Reveals Ear Architecture That Turns Vibration into Sound


Hearing Discovery -- Reveals 

Ear Architecture That Turns 

Vibration into Sound

October 17th, 1:31pm (FNA)


 In what’s described as a breakthrough decades in the

 making, scientists at Oregon State Health & Science

 University (OHSU) have revealed the inner ear

 architecture that converts vibrations into 

sound, in near-atomic detail.


The ability of the ear to turn vibrations into the

 sensation of sound... is facilitated by an inner 

structure, called the mechanosensory trans-

duction complex. Despite its critical role in 

human hearing, the composition of this 

structure & mechanisms that underly 

its function... have remained poorly 



“This is the last sensory system in which that 

fundamental molecular machinery has 

remained unknown,” said senior 

author of the new study Eric 



“The molecular machinery that carries out this

 absolutely amazing process has been 

unresolved for decades.”


The team’s work involved the roundworm

 Caenorhabditis elegans, a popular model 

for scientists as the creature shares a 

similar genome and many cellular 

pathways with humans. 


The scientists spent five years ---- studying more than

60 million worms through cryo-electron microscopy, 

an emerging technique used to create 3D

 reconstructions of proteins.


This enabled the scientists to piece together the

 protein complex that turns vibrations into the 

electrical impulses our brain recognizes as 

sound. The highly detailed portrait of this

 intricate biological architecture.. was a
long time coming, according to fellow 

OHSU hearing scientist, Peter 

Barr-Gillespie, who wasn’t 

directly involved in

 the research.


“The auditory neuroscience field.. has been waiting for

 these results, for decades, and now that they are right

 here - we are ecstatic,” he said. “The results from this

 paper immediately suggest new avenues of research, 

and so will invigorate the field for years to come.”


Because hearing loss can came about through genetic

mutations that change the proteins making up the

mechanosensory transduction complex... an 

ability to now visualize the protein complex 

may present new ways to counter

 the mutations.


“It immediately suggests mechanisms by which one 

might be able to compensate for those deficits,” 

said senior author Eric Gouaux. “If a mutation 

gives rise to a defect in the transduction 

channel that causes hearing loss, it’s

 possible to design a molecule that 

fits into that space and rescues 

the defect. Or it may mean we 

can strengthen interactions,

 that have been weakened.”



Image: Are Smartwatch Health Apps to Detect Atrial Fibrillation Smart Enough? October 13th, 2:25pm (FNA) Extended cardiac monitoring in patients and the use of implantable cardiovascular electronic devices can increase detection of atrial fibrillation (



Are Smartwatch Health Apps 

to Detect Atrial Fibrillation 

Smart Enough?

October 13th,  2:25pm (FNA)


 Extended cardiac monitoring in patients and the use 

of implantable cardiovascular electronic devices can

 increase detection of atrial fibrillation (AF), but the

 devices have limitations including short battery 

life and lack of immediate feedback. 


Can new smartphone tools that can record an

 electrocardiogram (ECG) strip and make an 

automated diagnosis overcome these 

limitations and facilitate timely 



The largest study to date, in the Canadian Journal of 

Cardiology, published by Elsevier, finds that the use 

of these devices is challenging in patients with

 abnormal ECGs. Better algorithms and 

machine learning may help these tools 

provide more accurate diagnoses, 

investigators say.


"Earlier studies have validated the accuracy of the

 Apple Watch for the diagnosis of AF in a limited 

number of patients with similar clinical profiles,"

 explained lead investigator Marc Strik, MD, PhD, 

LIRYC institute, Bordeaux University Hospital, 

Bordeaux, France. "We tested the accuracy 

of the Apple Watch ECG app to detect AF 

in patients with a variety of coexisting 

ECG abnormalities."


The study included 734 consecutive hospitalized

 patients. Each patient underwent a 12-lead ECG,

 immediately followed by a 30-second Apple 

Watch recording. The smartwatch's 

automated single-lead ECG AF 

detections were classified as 

"no signs of atrial fibrillation,"

 "atrial fibrillation," or 

"inconclusive reading." 


Smartwatch recordings were given to an

 electrophysiologist who conducted a 

blinded interpretation, assigning each 

tracing a diagnosis of "AF," "absence 

of AF," or "diagnosis unclear." 


A second blinded electrophysiologist interpreted 

100 randomly selected traces to determine the 

extent to which the observers agreed.


In approximately one in every five patients --- the 

smartwatch ECG failed to produce an automatic

 diagnosis. The risk of having a false positive

 automated AF detection was higher for 

patients with premature atrial and 

ventricular contractions (PACs/

PVCs), sinus node dysfunction, 

and second- or third-degree 



 For patients in AF, the risk of having a false negative

 tracing (missed AF) was higher for patients with

 ventricular conduction abnormalities (inter-

ventricular conduction delay) or rhythms 

controlled by an implanted pacemaker.


The cardiac electrophysiologists... had a high level of 

agreement for differentiation between AF and non-AF.

 The smartphone app correctly identified 78% of the

 patients who were in AF and 81% who were not in 

AF. The electrophysiologists identified 97% of the 

patients who were in AF and 89% who were not.


Patients with PVCs were three times more likely to have

 false positive AF diagnoses from the smartwatch ECG, 

and the identification of patients with atrial 

tachycardia (AT) and atrial flutter (AFL) 

was very poor.


"These observations are not surprising, as smartwatch

 automated detection algorithms are based solely on

 cycle variability," Dr. Strik noted, explaining that 

PVCs cause short and long cycles, which 

increase cycle variability. 


"Ideally, an algorithm would better discriminate 

between PVCs and AF. Any algorithm limited to

 the analysis of cycle variability will have poor 

accuracy in detecting AT/AFL. Machine 

learning approaches may increase 

the smartwatch AF detection 

accuracy in these patients."


In an accompanying editorial, Andrés F. Miranda-

Arboleda, MD, and Adrian Baranchuk, MD, 

Division of Cardiology at Kingston Health 

Science Centre, Kingston, ON, Canada, 

observed that this is the first "real-

world" study focusing on the use 

of the Apple Watch as a 

diagnostic tool for AF.


"It is of remarkable importance because it allowed us

 to learn the performance of the Apple Watch in the

 diagnosis of AF is significantly affected by the

 presence of underlying ECG abnormalities. 

In a certain manner, the smartwatch 

algorithms for the detection of AF in 

patients with cardiovascular 

conditions are not yet smart 

enough. But they may soon 

be," Dr. Miranda-Arboleda 

and Dr. Baranchuk said.


"With the growing use of smartwatches in medicine, 

it is important to know which medical conditions 

and ECG abnormalities could impact and alter 

the detection of AF by the smartwatch... in 

order to optimize the care of our patients,"

 Dr Strik said. "Smartwatch detection of 

AF has great potential, but it is more 

challenging.... in patients with 

pre-existing cardiac disease."



British women ‘more depressed 

than men’ over cost-of-living 

crisis: Poll

October 7th,  2:30pm



Women in the UK are more worried than men about 

paying bills and household expenses and are more 

depressed than men when faced with financial 

crises, according to the findings of a survey.


The survey was conducted by YouGov, a charity and

 representative of British psychologists in the UK 

between September 6 and 7.


The results of the survey showed that 61% of women

 compared to 47% of men are more worried about 

paying their bills compared to last year.


Also, 3 out of 10 women said that financial worries

 make them feel depressed. This rate is 26% in men.


The results of the research show that women are more

 worried about meeting household expenses in the

 coming year, including paying energy bills (77%

 of women and 65% of men).


Julia Faulconbridge, official psychologist and a member 

of the clinical psychology department of the British

 Psychological Society (BPS) said: “We know 

women often shoulder more of the childcare

 and home responsibilities and are more 

likely to be in low-paid and insecure 

work, increasing their chances of 

being hit by rising prices, and 

subsequently experiencing 

greater anxiety, stress 

and worry.”


“There is a clear causal link between living in poverty

 and mental health difficulties,” she said. “We know 

that the stress of raising a family in poverty can 

have a huge impact on parents’ mental health 

and that poverty is one of the major risk 

factors for the development of mental 

and physical health problems 

in children.”


“This is magnified in a single-parent household, which

 is why we urgently need the Government to confirm

 they will support those who need it most by 

uprating benefits in line with inflation.”


The BPS is joining a range of organizations and 

politicians calling on the government to 

increase benefits in line with inflation.


The UK government has not ruled out actual

reductions in benefits, as reports suggest

payments could increase in line with 

average income increases.


The decision is expected to be made in 

November .....and implemented in April.





Physiotherapist spoke 

about the 'dangers' of

 heavily roasted coffee

 for digestion...

 September 30th, 4:21pm,



Doctor Philip Glubokov: strongly roasted 

coffee depresses digestion.


Heavily roasted coffee can depress digestion, warned 

the physiotherapist Philip Glubokov in an interview 

with the"Fifth Channel".


Glubokov referred to the opinion of scientists, about the 

different effects of roasting coffee on digestion. "There 

is evidence that coffee of different degrees of roasting

 has different effects on digestion. For example, 

strongly roasted coffee, can slightly depress 

digestion, make it slower, while coffee with 

a lighter roast will, on the contrary, speed 

up digestion," the physiotherapist said 

about the harm of the drink.


Therefore, Glubokov continued, it is not necessary to

 combine strong coffee with full meals — it is better

 to use it in between meals.


Earlier, the doctor Monica Wassermann warned 

about the dangers of coffee. According to her, 

drinking coffee can increase the risk of 

blood clots.




Endocrinologist named lard 

and pumpkin products --- to 

support the immune system

September 21st, 2022, 11:03pm



Lard, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and kefir will help

 strengthen the immune system, said Elena

 Evdokimova, an endocrinologist and a

member of the Russian Association 

of Endocrinologists and the 

European Association for 

the Study of Diabetes.

 Writes " Gazeta.Ru", 

September 21st.


According to the doctor, fat, thanks to a large amount 

of arachidonic acid, helps prevent viral diseases and 

strengthens the immune system. Kefir fungi, which 

are contained in kefir, help to normalize the 

microflora, and vitamin D, which is also 

contained in it, is a source of protein 

that is easily absorbed in the body.


"Another product with non-obvious benefits is pumpkin. 

It contains a huge amount of carotenoids and trace 

elements, which greatly strengthen the immune 

system. Many dishes made from pumpkin are 

useful: juice, mashed potatoes, cream soup, 

as well as baked pumpkin," 

says Evdokimova.


Also, peeled sunflower seeds have a beneficial effect

 on the immune system. Seeds contain a lot of fat-

soluble vitamins A, D and E, as well as a large 

number of minerals ---- that have

 immunomodulatory effects.


On the same day, hepatologist Alexandra Yakovleva

 also spoke about the benefits of using fat. 


According to the doctor, the fats present in fat

 contribute to the formation of a protective 

film on the surface of the lungs.




China creates mask with sensors

 --- capable of detecting viruses

by Aleynes Palacios Hurtado

September 21st, 11:07am

 (Prensa Latina)


 Chinese scientists have developed a face mask that

 has sensors, uses a rechargeable lithium battery 

and can detect different types of viruses, 

including SARS-CoV-2, which causes 

Covid-19, CGTN reported 

on Wednesday.


The face mask was developed by professionals at

 Shanghai’s Tongji University --- and the built-in 

system allows the wearer know if he or she

 is exposed to pathogens ...such as the 

common flu, H5N1 & H1N1 influenza.


The device sends alert signals wirelessly to cell 

phones and works best in enclosed spaces 

with poor ventilation, such as elevators.


To test its effectiveness, its creators sprayed virus-

laden liquid on it, simulating scenarios with 

people talking and coughing.


As part of its strategy to fight Covid-19, China 

maintains the mandatory use of face masks, 
to access any public place and most people

keep it on, even if they walk in the street
the open air.


Since October 10th, 2021 and until the end of October, 

2022, the government put into effect new adjustments

 to the sanitary mechanism, also coinciding with the

 week of holidays for its National Day and the

 celebration of the 20th Communist 

Party Congress.


The changes imply that all provinces require
 population to present negative results
RT-PCR test taken 48 hours before 

boarding any means of public 

transportation, that is, a
train, plane or ferry.





Pfizer Isn’t Sharing.... COVID

Vaccines with Researchers 

for Next-Gen Studies

September 8th, 12:37pm  (FNA)


Researchers studying next-generation vaccines to fight 

an evolving Covid-19 threat, are running into problems

 getting existing vaccines to use in their research.


Because Pfizer and Moderna hold the patents for the 

current vaccines, researchers would likely have to 

get the companies’ permission to use them for 

research into products like nasal or pan-

coronavirus vaccines. 


Right now, Pfizer isn’t sharing its vaccines for research

purposes, a spokesperson confirmed to STAT. 

Moderna, didn’t comment when we asked.


Some university researchers argue the posture slows

 global progress toward more effective vaccines in 

the future, especially since the United States has

 already wasted tens of millions of doses of the 

Covid-19 vaccines.


Yale University virologist and immunologist Akiko

 Iwasaki has designed a study of nasal vaccines

 against Covid-19, which - she argues - could 

provide better protection against infection

 and transmission than shots alone. 


The ideal study would be conducted on subjects that 

have already had a primary vaccine series, to 

simulate real-world scenarios. She inquired 

with Pfizer about obtaining some vaccine

 to use in her study of nasal vaccines, 

but has not received any.


“In order for us to develop a better vaccine -- we need 

a comparator. For that reason, everyone who’s doing

 research in this area is in the same boat, we don’t 

have access to do a comparison,” Iwasaki said.


California Institute of Technology professor Pamela

 Bjorkman said her lab has had similar troubles 

obtaining existing Covid-19 vaccines, that 

would otherwise be discarded, in order 

to research a vaccine candidate that

 could provide protection against a

 variety of Covid-19 variants.


“Whatever policy prevents using such vials, does a

 great disservice to global efforts to develop new 

and improved vaccines,” Bjorkman said.


When asked whether Pfizer has provided any vaccines

 for research purposes, spokesperson Sharon Castillo

 said, “We are not accepting or reviewing 

applications for possible clinical 

research that studies the 

Covid-19 vaccine.”




Image: COVID godfather prepares to start a new career chapter

COVID godfather prepares to 

start a new career chapter

September 1st, 3:08pm



Coronavirus fine-tuning takes place 

in US biolaboratories --- in Ukraine.


President Biden’s top medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci, 

dubbed Dr Evil, has announced he is stepping down 

next December to “continue the next chapter” of 

his career: “I am announcing today, that I am 

stepping down.. as director of the National 

Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases 

(NIAID) and head of the NIAID immuno-

regulation laboratory and as chief 

medical adviser to President

The departure of Fauci, 
one of the protagonists
of the 
recent world-wide “pandemic” 

is no small event.


One of America’s most prominent political

 commentators, Tucker Carlson, told Fox 

News that “for the last two years, Fauci 

recommended treatments & preventive 

measures against COVID that did

 not work.''


 ''He admitted to the New York Times, that he lied about

 collective immunity in order to sell more vaccines…

 which really weren’t even vaccines and have 

hurt tens of thousands of people.''


The report of the placebo vaccines turned out to be just

 one of the information bombs. Global Research says: 

“It’s been almost a year since the FDA (U.S. Food and

 Drug Administration) gave full approval to Pfizer’s

 COVID mRNA injection… Many will be surprised 

to learn that this particular vaccine in FDA-

approved form never actually existed and 

never will. The widely touted --- ''FDA'' 

approval by the Biden administration 

was just a sleight of hand. It was a 

bureaucratic sham.”


The U.S. government ran a drug campaign, deceiving

 citizens into giving them vaccinations --- that the

 authorities assured them were FDA-approved.

 In fact, everyone in America has been 

administered and continues to be 

administered, another version of

 the vaccine with what is known 

as an “Emergency Use 

Authorisation” (EUA). 


The FDA-approved Comirnaty vaccine has 

never been available to Americans.


Fauci lied not only about vaccines, but also about 

quarantine, about self-isolation, about masks:

“You have to wear masks when you cycle, 

you get too much life-enhancing oxygen. 

What you really need, is more carbon 

dioxide.” This Dr Evil spelled it out 

publicly. And, privately, he was 

saying that:- “the usual mask 

you buy at the drugstore is

 actually ineffective in 

protecting against

 the virus”.


When Fauci testified under oath before 

Congress, he concealed that he had 

helped create the coronavirus:


Senator RAND PAUL: ''Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a 

crime to lie to Congress, do you want to withdraw 

your May 11 statement where you claimed that

 the NIH [National Institutes of Health], never 

funded the Wuhan enhancement research?''


FAUCHI: ''Senator Paul, I have never lied to Congress and

 I am not retracting that statement. That document 

you referred to is qualified by staff at all levels

 as ineffective…''


RAND PAUL: ''You take an animal virus and enhance its 

ability to be transmitted to humans. Are you saying 

that’s not enhancing the function?''


The Intercept... spoke to virologist, Vincent Racaniello, 

professor of microbiology & immunology at Columbia 

University. “There is no doubt,” said Ricaniello, “that

 the weight loss in the mice in the study is a gain of

 function. Tony Fauci is wrong to say it is not.”

 Fauci was yowling and wiggling his way 

through the conversation to interpret 

the term “gain of function,” and 

The Intercept reports:


''Scientists working under an NIH grant, to the

Environmental Health Alliance to study bat 

corona viruses (2014) --- combined 

genetic material from the parent 

coronavirus -- known as WIV1, 

with other viruses.'' 


They produced more potent viruses 

--- and Fauci supervised the work.


This kind of work was banned in the US, so the 

experiments were conducted abroad. And not 

just in Wuhan, but in us biolaboratories in
Ukraine. Tucker Carlson writes that:


''At some point, someone… will ask the question, 

why are all these bio-laboratories of ours, in 

Ukraine, located everywhere? Ukraine 

does not seem to be a hotbed of 

pharmaceutical research.''


In a letter to the House Oversight Committee, NIH 

spokesman Lawrence Tabak wrote that a “limited 

experiment” was conducted in Wuhan to test 

whether -- “spike proteins from natural bat 

coronaviruses circulating in China could 

bind to the human ACE2 receptor, in a 

mouse model”. The finalisation of the 

virus took place --- in Ukrainian 



In early 2020, Christian Andersen, a virologist at the

 Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California, wrote to 

Fauci about the COVID-19 virus as follows: 

“Some functions (potentially) look 

engineered.” And Nobel laureate 

in medicine, biochemist and 

virologist David Baltimore 

said he had found: 


evidence of the 

artificial origin 

of the virus”.


It can be considered established, that the coronavirus

 has been artificially bred. Why is a separate question. 

As for a vaccine against the American-created virus, 

in 2020 Fauci proclaimed that the solution to COVID 

would be remdesivir, a drug produced by the 

pharmaceutical giant. Gilead. 


“The time has come” --- declared Dr Evil. 

He only did not say what the time is for.


The Biden administration, government health agencies

 and Pfizer have launched a massive PR campaign to

 overcome “indecision on vaccines”. The media 

joined in this campaign. Fake FDA-approved 

status was used to put pressure on private 

companies to get their employees 

vaccinated. And millions of 

Americans were forced to 

vaccinate because they 

could not afford to be 



And after a while it was discovered that the mRNA

 drug didn’t work, that it was dangerous for young

 men and wasn’t a vaccine, in its classic 

definition, at all.


So the Biden administration first sanctioned the

 creation of the virus -- and then, together with 

Big Tech and Pfizer, tricked Americans into 

taking “FDA approved” vaccines against

 COVID --- that did not exist.


by Agniya Krengel, FSC


Image: Pictured - UK air pollution The toxicologist told about millions of deaths annually because of polluted air August 21st, 7:30pm (Lenta.ru) Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Ac

Pictured  - UK air pollution


The toxicologist --- told about

millions of deaths annually 

because of polluted air

August 21st, 7:30pm  



Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy 

of Natural Sciences, Corresponding Member of 

the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 

toxicologist Mikhail Kutushov, in an 

interview with Ura.ru --- said that 

every year -- about seven million

people die, due to polluted air. 


He explained that death occurs 

due to the diseases caused by 

the environmental situation.


"Many people suffer from health problems.... 

especially if they live near large industrial 

facilities, or near busy highways. 

Approximately seven million 

people a year, die from 

polluted air.'' 


''It is believed that a third of strokes, and 

other heart diseases -- and lung cancer, 

are caused by a polluted environment. 

Diseases begin with asthma, and

 bronchitis," the specialist said.


He noted that, since human lungs work together 

with the heart, diseases begin to worsen in the 

event of air pollution. According to him, the 

main disease that can occur in humans is 

cancer. In addition, cases of asthma or 

chronic bronchitis are common, the 

toxicologist added.


Kutushov stressed that the greatest danger for

 residents --- is represented by enterprises 

located within the city limits, that work 

with toxic substances. 


He said that it is necessary to move such enterprises

 out of the city, green the city, and people should 

drink more water, as well as eat more 

vegetables and fruits.


Formerly, Shanghai, Moscow and Tehran, have 

been named as the cities with the highest 

level of nitrogen dioxide air pollution in 

the world. This is the conclusion 

reached, by the US non-profit 

organization, Health Effects 

Institute - and the research 

institute for Health Metrics 

and Evaluation.




86% of UK Towns and Cities 

Fail Air Pollution Tests
Gibbons Group


Image: Possible control of type 2 diabetes by rhodiola root say scientists by Elsy Fors Garzon August 17th, 00:11am (Prensa Latina) The extract from the roots of the Rhodiola rosea plant, known as rhodiola, could be effective in helping to control type 2


Possible control of type 2 

diabetes by rhodiola root

 say scientists

by Elsy Fors Garzon

August 17th, 00:11am

(Prensa Latina) 


The extract from the roots of the Rhodiola rosea plant, 

known as rhodiola, could be effective in helping to

 control type 2 diabetes, a scientific source 

reported today.


Experts from the University of California at Irvine, 

United States, found that “it reduced fasting 

blood sugar levels, improved response to

 insulin injections, modulated the 

composition of bacteria in the 

gastrointestinal tract and 

decreased...  several bio-

markers of inflammation”.


The team used a genetically engineered mouse 

model that develops obesity, insulin resistance,

 and hyperglycemia, similar to advanced 

human type 2 diabetes.


Such a laboratory procedure – specifies the journal 

Scientific Reports – had the objective of verifying

 if rhodiola could improve glucose homeostasis.


The extract from the roots of this plant acts through

 changes in the microbiome that lead to an increase

 in the integrity of the intestinal barrier and a lower 

translocation of inflammatory molecules to the

 blood circulation.


“The integrity of the intestinal barrier, influences body

 weight and the response to insulin, and could improve

 the responses of liver and muscle tissues to insulin 

produced by the pancreas,” the specialists 

point out.


Known as rhodiola, this herb grows in the colder, 

more mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.


The golden root, as it is also called in the Scandinavian

 culture and Siberian peoples --- is used to increase

 resistance at work and improve altitude sickness.


A clinical trial showed that taking 400 milligrams of

 Rodhiola rosea extract daily for 12 weeks improved

 symptoms of anxiety, exhaustion, and irritability.


Its properties are related to two of its active 

ingredients, rosavin and salidroside.

Image: Chinese scientists have found a new way to reduce the risk of heart and vascular diseases August 8th, 7:59pm (trud.ru) For the prevention and treatment of such diseases, it is necessary to reduce the level of lipids in the blood serum and liver. Chi

Chinese scientists have found a 

new way to reduce the risk of 

heart and vascular diseases

August 8th, 7:59pm



For the prevention and treatment of such diseases, 

it is necessary to reduce the level of lipids in the

 blood serum and liver.


Chinese scientists have found that inhibiting the ASGR1

 receptor in the liver can reduce serum and liver lipids, 

thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


This was reported on Monday, August 8th, by the

Xinhua news agency, with a link to an article 

published in the journal Nature.


As the authors explain, the ASGR1 receptor is

expressed - exclusively - in the liver. Little is 

known about how it affects the metabolism 

of cholesterol, the accumulation of which 

can lead to an increased risk of 

heart disease.


 At the same time, reducing the level of lipids is

 necessary for the prevention and treatment 

of these diseases.


A research team from Wuhan University in China found

 that inhibition of ASGR1 promotes the elimination of

 cholesterol – with bile and faeces, which reduces 

the level of lipids in the serum and liver.


Based on the results of the study, biologists have

 developed a neutralizing anti-ASGR1 antibody 

that can effectively reduce lipid levels, by

 increasing cholesterol excretion.





Russian Defense Ministry 

considers the possibility 

of US involvement in 

the spread of COVID

August 4th, 2:50pm



The Ministry of Defense of Russia suggests that the United
States was involved in the emergence of the COVID-19
pandemic and its spread in the world.


The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world,

suggests the deliberate role of US organizations in

 its emergence. This -- was announced at a briefing 

on August 4th, by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, 

Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological 

Defense Forces of the RF Armed Forces.


“We are considering the possibility that the United

 States Agency for International Development 

(USAID) is involved in the emergence of the 

new coronavirus,” Kirillov said.


The general recalled the words of the leading expert of 

the authoritative medical journal, The Lancet, Jeffrey 

Sachs, who said in May 2022, that the COVID-19
virus --- was 
artificially created. 


Sachs specified that there is a high
that US achievements
in the field of 
were used in 
its creation.


 "There is enough evidence, that this should be

investigated, but it is not being investigated,

neither in the United States - nor anywhere

else. I think they (US officials - Gazeta.En) 

don't really want to look too much, under

the carpet," Sachs emphasized.



Image: The "Achilles heel" of almost all types of cancer, including drug-resistant ones, has been found by Olga Muraya July 31st, 2:05pm (Vesta.ru) New genetic data is helping to better understand t


The "Achilles heel" of almost 

all types of cancer, including 

drug-resistant ones, 

has been found

by Olga Muraya

July 31st, 2:05pm 



New genetic data is helping to better understand the

 causes of different types of cancer in humans. 

This, in turn, will help to develop new methods 

of cancer treatment.


Medical researchers from several leading institutes 

in the United States have found that at least 70% 

of cancer types and 8% of all individual tumors

 activate a single gene that is normally 

"turned off" in most body tissues.


It turns out that scientists have 

discovered a universal cancer switch?


So far, the study is improving our understanding of how

 different types of cancer develop. But the team that 

made this discovery has already begun working 

with chemists and biologists to figure out how 

to target this gene with possible 

new treatments.


What did the scientists find? It turned out that many

 cancers show abnormal expression of the FOXR2

 gene. This gene is normally expressed 

("switched on") only in the testes —

 the male sex glands.


In a further study involving mice that artificially

 activated the FOXR2 gene, it turned out that 

the expression of the gene increases the 

growth rate of brain tumors.


The team suspects that FOXR2 may be part of 

a broader scheme in which normally inactive 

testicular genes --- are switched on in 

cancer patients.


The authors are already working with other 

laboratories to develop cancer treatments 

that target FOXR2.


The study was published in the July 

8th, 2022 issue of Cancer Research.


At the same time, scientists from Spain have 

revealed the mechanism by which some 

cancer patients do not respond well 

to treatment.


A condition known as multi-drug resistance (MDR) 

can seriously reduce the number of available 

cancer treatment options. However, exactly 

what factors contribute to the development 

of MDR and how it can be controlled...

 remains unclear.


The team started by looking at genes that may play 

arole in causing cancer resistance to drugs. To do 

this, the researchers used CRISPR gene editing

technology in mouse stem cells. A gene 

known as FBXW7 quickly caught 

their attention.


The researchers found that mutations in the FBXW7

 gene endow cells with resistance to most existing

 drugs, with lower levels of FBXW7 expression

 associated with a poorer response 

to chemotherapy.


But importantly, the team also found 

a way to use this feature for good.


The researchers found that a drug called tigecycline

 activates a process known as the integrated stress 

response (ISR). This process helps to" clean" cells

 of toxic proteins that are produced due to a 

mutation in the FBXW7 gene.


Subsequent tests with other drugs that activate

the ISR... also showed some effectiveness.


The work of the Spanish scientists, was 

published in EMBO Molecular Medicine.


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NHS England... Short of 

Tens of Thousands of Staff in
'Greatest Workforce Crisis 

in Its History'

July 25th, 9:30am (FNA)


 NHS England is short of tens of thousands of doctors, 

nurses & midwives with the persistent understaffing 

creating a "serious risk to staff and patient safety", 

MPs said in a damning report.


Health and social care services in England face “the

 greatest workforce crisis in their history” and the

 government has no credible strategy to make the 

situation better, according to the cross-party 

Health and Social Care Committee, 

ITV reported.


Fresh research by the Nuffield Trust shows the NHS in 

England is short of 12,000 hospital doctors and more 

than 50,000 nurses and midwives, revealed in a new 

report from the committee.


It said maternity services are “under unsustainable 

pressure”, while the number of full-time equivalent 

GPs also fell by more than 700 over three years,

 to March 2022.


Projections suggest an extra 475,000 jobs will be 

needed in health and an extra 490,000 jobs in 

social care... by the early part of the 

next decade.


The report said staff are under pressure and the NHS 

loses millions of full-time equivalent days to staff 

sickness caused by anxiety, stress 

and depression.


“The result is that many in an exhausted workforce, 

are considering leaving - and if they do pressure will 

increase still further on their colleagues,” the study 

said, adding that some simple things are not in 

lace, such as access to hot food and drink on 

shifts and flexible working.


MPs said the government has shown a "marked 

reluctance to act decisively", adding, “The 

workforce plan promised in the spring has 

not yet been published and will be a 

‘framework’ with no numbers, which

 we are told could potentially follow 

in yet another report --- later 

this year.”


MPs said that while some progress has been made

 towards a target of recruiting 50,000 nurses, the 

government is set to miss its target to recruit 

6,000 more GPs, as promised in the 

Conservative Party manifesto.


“The persistent understaffing of the NHS now poses a 

serious risk to staff and patient safety both for routine

 and emergency care. It also costs more as patients

 present later with more serious illness," it added.


“But most depressing for many on the frontline is the

 absence of any credible strategy to address it,” 

it said.


MPs said the government’s “refusal” to make

 workforce planning data public “means that 

the basic question which every health and 

care worker is asking: 'are we training 

enough staff to meet patient need?' 

will remain unanswered”.


The report also criticises NHS pension arrangements

 which are leading to senior doctors reducing their 

working hours, owing to facing hefty tax bills.


More needs to be done on social care worker 

pay to stop people leaving, it added.


A separate report by the committee’s panel of 

independent experts rates the government’s 

progress overall to meet key commitments 

it has made on workforce as “inadequate”.


Health and Social Care Committee Chairman and Tory

 MP Jeremy Hunt said, “We now face the greatest 

workforce crisis in history in the NHS and in 

social care with still no idea of the number 

of additional doctors, nurses and other 

professionals we actually need."


“NHS professionals know there is no silver bullet to

 solve this problem but we should at least be giving

 them comfort that a plan is in place. This must be 

a top priority for the new prime minister,” he added.


He told Times Radio that before Brexit, both parties

 believed that if there was a staffing problem, they 

will “fill it with immigration”.


The report said almost every part of the NHS was

 suffering staff shortages. On maternity, it said 

552 midwives left in the last year showing a 

“clear problem with midwifery retention”.


MPs criticised the government and NHS England for

 failing to set out when safe staffing in maternity 

would be reached, a failure that “demonstrates

 a lack of responsibility” and “is absolutely 



Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers, 

which is part of the NHS Confederation, said the

report “once again highlights the extent of the

workforce crisis now facing both the NHS and 

social care”. He said “it is time for a reality 

reset on the NHS”.


He added health leaders are “beyond worried that the

 government has shown a sustained reluctance to act

 decisively on NHS and social care staffing and echo

 the Committee’s concerns that the lack of long-term

 planning and investment risks the government’s 

plans to tackle the waiting list backlog and 

poses a serious risk to both staff and 

patient safety”.


Patricia Marquis, the Royal College of Nursing’s

 director for England, added, “On pay, the 

committee was very clear saying it is 

unacceptable that some NHS nurses

 are struggling to feed their families,

 pay their rent, and travel to work."


“Their recommendation that nursing staff should be

 given a pay rise that takes account of the cost of 

living crisis should make government rethink the 

latest pay deal that follows a decade of, in real 

terms, pay cuts --- that will force even more to 

leave the profession,” she said.


Unison General Secretary Christina McAnea said, 

“The government’s had years to improve the 

workforce situation, but has done little."


“Only last week ministers could have acted to stop 

the exodus of porters, healthcare assistants and 

other NHS staff with an above-inflation wage 

rise. But chose not to,” she added.


Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting 

accused the government of having “utterly 

failed” to address the crisis.


A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson

said, “We are growing the health and social care

workforce, with over 4,000 more doctors, and 

9,600 more nurses compared to last year, 

and over 1,400 more doctors in general

practice, compared to March 2019."


“As we continue to deliver on our commitment to 

recruit 50,000 more nurses by 2024, we are also 

running a £95 million recruitment drive for 

maternity services and providing £500 

million to develop our valued social 

care workforce, including through

 training opportunities and new 

career pathways," the spokes

person added.


“We have commissioned NHS England to develop a

 long term workforce plan to recruit and support 

NHS staff while they deliver high quality, safe 

care to patients and help to bust the COVID 

backlogs,” the spokesperson said.

Rhondda Records adds:

and in Wales? Would you bet your life

everything's just fine and dandy???



Up to 70% of recovered patients

 --- experience post-COVID
 expert says

July 22nd, 4:56am (TASS)


Up to 70% of recovered coronavirus patients

 experience post-COVID conditions, the 

Russian Health Ministry’s Chief 

Freelance Neurologist Nikolay 

Shamalov, told reporters.


"The professional medical community, has been

 discussing the so-called post-COVID syndrome

 recently. In fact, 30 to 70% of recovered 

coronavirus patients experience these 

conditions. The figure ranges because 

experts use various research methods 

but in any case, it is about a large 

number of patients.'' 


''When it comes to the post-COVID syndrome, cognitive 

functions are affected in the first place, which concern

 qualities such as memory, attention and speech, as

 well as motor and cognitive skills. Besides, people

 often suffer from headaches, sleep disorders and

 asthenia," Shamalov pointed out.


According to the expert, the older the patient, the

 higher the risk of the post-COVID syndrome 

because the coronavirus... often 

exacerbates already existing

 health issues.


"When patients notice symptoms of the post-COVID

 syndrome, they should consult a neurologist," 

Shamalov added.


Image: goth covid mask


 WHO Demands 

Return of..

Covid Masks

July 14th, 12:09pm

(al Manar)


With cases of Covid-19 trending upward globally, 

World Health Organization Director General Dr 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called on 

Tuesday for authorities to bring back 

masking, ventilation, and 

social distancing.


Speaking during a weekly briefing, Tedros stated 

that “the virus is running freely, and countries

 are not effectively managing the disease.” 


With the WHO concluding last week that the 

virus remains a ‘Public Health Emergency 

of International Concern’, Tedros 

asserted that the pandemic
“nowhere near over.”


During the week of July 4th-10th, 2022, over 5.7 million

 new cases of Covid-19 were reported, a 6% increase

 compared to the previous week. Deaths, however,

 have remained relatively flat... throughout this 

summer, with just over 9,800 reported in the 

week leading up to July 4th, five times 

fewer than the same week last year.


Tedros called on national authorities to step up their

 efforts in “communicating risk” to the public, and

 called for a return of “public health social 

measures like masking, distancing 

and ventilation.”


Mask mandates and social distancing requirements 

were largely abandoned earlier this year, although 

some countries – among them China and South 

Korea – still require face masks in most 

public settings.


Source: Agencies (edited by 

Al-Manar English Website)




WHO Chief Gebreyesus reported

 a 30% increase in the number 

of coronavirus infections in 

the world in two weeks

by Sofia Goncarova

July 6th, 8:18pm

(Komsomolskaya Pravda)




Director-General of the World Health Organization

 (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced 

an increase in the number of cases of 

coronavirus infection in the world.


According to him, over the past two weeks, 

this figure has increased by 30%.


"Over the past two weeks, the number of reported

 cases of COVID-19 in the world has increased by

 almost 30%," he announced during a speech at 

a briefing.


The head of the organization also said that in

 European countries and the US, coronavirus 

variants BA.4 and BA are spreading in waves.


In addition, experts have identified 

a new subspecies, BA.2. 75, in India.


Recall that experts believe that vaccination will help

 protect the body from infection with covid. The day

 before, the Russian Ministry of Health registered 

the Salnavak nasal coronavirus vaccine 

developed by Generium. The drug
be available as a
nasal spray. 


This is a combined vector vaccine 

consisting of two components 

based on adenovirus vectors.


KP.RU: https://www.kp.ru/





COVID-19 Leaked From US Bio-lab, 

Claims Lancet's Commission Head;

 'Not A Natural Spillover'

by Zaini Majeed

July 2nd 
(The Republic)


The novel SARS-CoV-2 that caused the COVID-19

worldwide was an accidental release “out of 

US laboratory biotechnology”, the chief of 

the COVID-19 commission at prestigious 

medical journal, The Lancet, Jeffrey 

Sachs, said at a conference hosted 

by the think tank GATE, in Spain. 


The chair of The Lancet stressed that while “we don’t

know for sure” ...that the leak of the virus certainly

happened, or it may have been any other scenario 

at the US bioweapons research lab, but "there is 

enough evidence" and it “should be looked into.”


Sachs had also... earlier...  published a paper in the

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
with Columbia University professor of molecular
pharmacology and therapeutics, Neil Harrison, 

ascertaining that SARS-CoV-2 that caused 

the - mounting - death toll of the global 

population, had in fact, leaked from

a bio laboratory. 


He demanded "transparency" from US

 federal agencies and universities. 




Monkeypox  ---  cannot be 

considered a pandemic,

 expert says

June 25th, 3:48am (TASS)


 Monkeypox cannot be considered a pandemic 

due to the small number of cases, this virus 

is not highly contagious, infectious disease 

doctor Yevgeny Timakov told TASS. Earlier,

 the World Health Network called for 

monkeypox to be declared

 a pandemic.


"This disease, in no way, can be considered 

a pandemic. Only a few get sick, it is not 

highly contagious. The virus may have 

changed in some way, but it does not 

pose a danger on a global scale," 

the expert explained.


Timakov recalled that the virus is transmitted only

 through close contact with the infected. "If from 

an animal, when it (monkeypox - TASS) is 

transmitted to a person, it (the virus - 

TASS) is more dangerous. From a 

person to a person, it is less 

dangerous, as it loses its 

pathogens," he added.


The expert also noted, that increased monitoring 

of persons entering the Russian Federation from

 countries where cases of infection have 

already been recorded, is justified 

and correct.


Monkeypox is a rare viral disease, usually transmitted

to humans by wild animals such as rodents and 

primates. The symptoms include fever, 

headache, muscle and back pains, 

swollen lymph nodes, chills and 

fatigue. It may also involve a

skin rash. 


According to the WHO, usually the lethality coefficient

during monkeypox outbreaks ranges from 1% to 10%

...with the majority of fatalities in the younger 

age groups.



Image: Drug overdose epidemic wreaks havoc in the US by Pavel López Lazo June 24th, 3:29pm (Prensa Latina) A drug overdose epidemic kills two people an hour in the US, The New York Times reported on Friday. The report stated that many more people ar

Drug overdose epidemic 

wreaks havoc in the US

by Pavel López Lazo

June 24th, 3:29pm  

 (Prensa Latina) 


A drug overdose epidemic kills two people an hour

in the US, The New York Times reported on Friday.


The report stated that many more people are 

currently dying in the US of drug overdoses 

than at any other time, Jeneen Interlandi, 

member of the US newspaper’s editorial

 board, stressed.


The North American country´s drug overdose death

 rose afresh to record-breaking levels, by exceeding

 100,000 cases per year for the first time in 2021, 

and as of mid-2022, it appears to be increasing 

even much higher (latest figures come out to 

about 300 people per week or over 2 people 

per hour).


Interlandi pointed out that it is tempting to see 

such a crisis as the inevitable byproduct of an

 unprecedented moment. The astonishing 

malpractice of the drug industry, the rise 

of economic inequality and the Covid-19 

pandemic conspire to ramp up the drug 

overdose death rate.


The analyst said that drug addiction itself is 

as enduring a part of human experience as 

cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s.


In fact, it is at least as common as any of them. 

And the fact we do not treat it early and 

carefully is not an accident. It’s a 

choice, she pointed out.





What goes around?

‘Playing with fire’: COVID-19 cases in

 US 30 times higher than reported

June 3rd, 7:56am (PressTV)


The United States finds itself in the throes of the

 fourth wave of coronavirus, according to the 

official case count, albeit experts say the 

actual current rate could be 30 times 

higher than reported.


About 94,000 people in the world’s worst-hit 

country are contracting the virus every day, 

and hospitalizations have also surged this 

month, but officials insist --- the rate is
than in previous waves.


A new survey of the surge in New York, cited in a

 Guardian report, on Thursday, suggests that the 

virus cases could be undercounted by a factor

 of 30.


“It would appear that official case counts are under-

estimating the true burden of infection, by about 

30-fold, which is a huge surprise,” Denis Nash, 

an author of the study and a professor of 

epidemiology at the City University of 

New York School of Public Health, is 

quoted as saying in the report.


According to the study, which has not been peer-

reviewed or published, at least 1 in 5 people in 

New York.. had COVID-19 between April 23rd 

and May 8th, constituting about 22 percent 

of the city's population.


This means that more than 1.5 million people in the

 city have been infected with coronavirus, in just 

two weeks, which is more than the official 

figure, the study finds.


While it is focused on New York, the findings may be

 true throughout the rest of the country, Nash said, 

adding that undercounting could be even 

worse elsewhere.


“It’s very worrisome. To me, it means that our ability

 to really understand and get ahead of the virus is 

undermined,” Nash said.


This week marks the eighth consecutive week of

 a surge in COVID-19 cases in the United States.


In recent weeks, confirmed daily US cases have 

been rising again, powered by a rising tide of

 Omicron sub-variants currently circulating

in the country.


US hits another grim milestone 

with 900,000 COVID-19 deaths


The milestone comes more than 13 months into 

a vaccination drive that has been confounded 

by misinformation, political and legal strife, 

and vaccine hesitancy in segments of
he population.


It also marks the seventh consecutive week that child

 COVID-19 cases have been increasing in the country, 

according to the American Academy of Pediatrics 

(AAP) and the Children's Hospital Association.


More than 112,000 child COVID-19 cases were

 reported in the United States during the past 

week, a doubling of case counts from the 

four weeks before that.


The daily COVID-19 death count is also increasing.

 More than 500 COVID-19 deaths were reported

 nationwide on Wednesday, sending shock-

waves across the country.


Amid a rise in infections, a growing list of school

 districts and universities... are now moving to 

bring back mask requirements.


“This idea that we need to return to normal and that’s

 the most important thing, rather than just actually

 using mitigation measures to save lives – it’s not 

that hard, and if it were normalized, we could do

 it,” Lara Jirmanus, a family physician and 

clinical instructor at Harvard Medical 

School, is cited in the report.


“To just decide that it’s perfectly fine for everyone to

 be infected three to four times a year in the future

 with a new virus, whose effects we don’t fully

 understand, is a huge, huge gamble,” she

 continued. “We just don’t know what 

Covid could lead to in the future… 

We’re playing with fire.”


Reports citing medical experts say the most 

dominant form of COVID-19...  currently 

spreading in the US, appears to spread 

faster than earlier variants and

is believed to be a mutation

genetically linked.. to both 

Omicron & Delta versions 

of COVID-19.




Four US biolabs operate in Nigeria,

 where monkeypox came from 

— Defense Ministry

May 27th, 5:47pm (TASS)


At least four US-controlled biological laboratories

operate in Nigeria, where monkeypox came from,

the Russian Nuclear, Chemical and Biological 

Protection troops head, Igor Kirillov,

stated on Friday.


He pointed out that, according to the World Health

 Organization, the monkeypox pathogen strain was

 imported from Nigeria, where the US deployed its

 biological infrastructure.


"According to the available information, at least four

 US-controlled biolaboratories operate in Nigeria,"

 Kirillov said.


According to Kirillov, in this regard, it is necessary 

to point out a "strange coincidence that requires 

additional inspection by specialists."


"According to European and US media, materials 

of the 2021 Munich Security Conference (that is 

amid the COVID-19 pandemic), mentioned the

practice of a monkeypox countering 

scenario," the NCB troops 

commander said.




Confirmed Monkeypox Cases 

Hit US, Europe, Australia, 


May 20th, 11:01am (FNA)


Cases of Monkeypox are being investigated in

 European countries, as well as the US, 

Canada and Australia, according to 

health authorities and local 

media reports.


A case of monkeypox has been confirmed in

 Melbourne, while a probable case in Sydney 

remains under investigation, the Australian 

ABC News reported on Friday. 


Canada has confirmed its first two cases of 

monkeypox, both in the province of Quebec, 

the country's Public Health Agency said in 

a statement issued on Thursday.


On Wednesday, the US Massachusetts Department 

of Public Health said it had confirmed a single 

case of monkeypox virus infection in a man 

who had recently traveled to Canada.


Several European countries have also reported their 

first confirmed monkeypox cases, including the UK, 

Sweden, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


The outbreak spread in Europe after cases 

were initially reported in the UK.


The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) 

confirmed that an individual.. has been 

diagnosed with monkeypox in England 

who has traveled from Nigeria, where 

they are believed to have contracted 

the infection, before travelling to 

the UK.


Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease that occurs

 primarily in tropical rainforest areas of Central 

and West Africa and is occasionally exported 

to other regions, according to the World 

Health Organization (WHO).


The WHO said monkeypox is usually a self-limited 

disease with the symptoms lasting from 2 to 4 

weeks, but severe cases can occur.


 PressTV adds:

Monkeypox causes fever, body aches, 

enlarged lymph nodes and eventually 

"pox," or painful, fluid-filled blisters 

on the face, the hands, and feet, 

according to medical experts.


Most people recover from the illness (which is 

endemic in parts of central and western 

Africa and usually the result of close 

contact with infected animals)

within a few weeks,
but it 
can be


One of its versions is deemed deadly and kills 

up to 10% of those people infected, but the 

version spreading presently in the UK, is 

said to be milder with a 1% fatality rate.


John Ioannidis: 'Public Health 

Officials Need To Declare 

The End Of The Pandemic'

by Tyler Durden

Authored by Ross Pomeroy

via RealClear Science,

April 2nd, 12pm (ZeroHedge)


John Ioannidis, a Professor of Medicine, of

 Epidemiology and Population Health and 

by courtesy, of Statistics & Biomedical 

Data Science at Stanford University, 

lauded for championing evidence-

based medicine, has been harshly 

criticized over the past two years. 


Like many highly-credentialed health experts,

Ioannidis made some predictions during the

pandemic that eventually proved incorrect. 


During a once-in-a-century pandemic replete

 with unknowns, that is to be expected. But

 perhaps.. the greatest reason he has come

 under fire is for questioning the orthodoxy 

of strict lockdowns, divisive vaccine 

mandates, and other restrictive 

measures to manage the 



Ioannidis is sure to court more controversy with

 a new commentary published to the European

 Journal of Clinicial Investigation, in which he

 argues that it's time to declare the end of 

the COVID-19 pandemic.


"This does not mean... that the problem is 

inappropriately minimized or forgotten, 

but that our communities move on 

with life," he writes.


"Pandemic preparedness should be carefully

 thought and pre-organized, but should not

 disrupt life."


While Ioannidis recognizes that there are 

no quantitative definitions for the end of 

a pandemic like COVID-19, he contends 

that the amount of immunity now 

present worldwide exceeds the 

threshold needed to declare 

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that 

causes COVID-19, endemic

 – constantly present but 

not a public health 



"By the end of 2021, probably 73-81% of the

 global population had been vaccinated,
infected or both," he says. Pockets of 

low immunity, such as in places that 

pursued zero-COVID policies and/or 

with limited access to effective 

vaccines, may persist, causing 

regional outbreaks but we will 

likely never see COVID-19 

again trigger a global 



Declaring the pandemic phase of COVID-19 

to be concluded means understanding and

 accepting a new "normal".


"A decrease of COVID-19 deaths back to typical

 seasonal influenza levels may not necessarily

 happen in 2022 or even beyond," Ioannidis

 cautions. "With an increasingly aging 

global population, "normal" may still 

correspond to higher death counts.. 

This should not be mistaken as a 

continued pandemic phase."


Easing out of the pandemicm, requires a

 widespread mental shift, as well. This 

means focusing more on indicators 

such as hospital intensive care 

admissions to guide policy, 

rather than just infections.


"If the perception of risk focuses on the number

 of documented cases, the spurious perception

 of emergency situations may be difficult to 

quell," Ioannidis writes.


Exiting the pandemic, also means reducing 

fearmongering coverage of COVID-19 in the

 popular media, the propagation of which,

 undoubtedly contributed to the public's 

warped perception of COVID's risks 

throughout the pandemic. 


On average, Americans believed in early 2021

that 8% of deaths had occurred, in people 

under the age of 24. The real percentage

as of today, is 0.3%. Moreover, a third of

 the population has consistently 

believed that COVID leads to 

hospitalization in over half 

of infections. During the 

most recent Omicron 

wave, the proportion

 was 3% or lower.


Declaring an end to the pandemic phase of

COVID-19 has benefits, Ioannidis says. For 

example.. it could allow public health

organizations... to refocus their time 

and money, on more pressing global 

health issues like poor nutrition and

hunger, which collectively claim the

lives of 9 million people each year, 

including 3.1 million children. 


For comparison, at least 6.2 million people have

died from COVID-19 over the past two years, 

the vast majority over age 65. Accepting

endemicity and reducing societal 

restrictions & disruptions would 

also permit economies to 

stabilize more rapidly 

..alleviating hardship, 

easing inflation and 

reducing global 



Lastly, moving on from the pandemic could 

ease some of the political divisions that 

have fractured societies across 

the globe.

Image: drink water to reduce heart failure risk


 Good hydration may reduce 

long-term risks for heart 

failure – Study

by Pavel López Lazo

March 30th, 4:28pm (Prensa Latina) 


UK scientists strongly recommended 

staying well-hydrated to reduce the
of developing heart failure, a 

specialized source reported 

on Wednesday.


''Similar to reducing salt intakes, drinking enough

water and staying hydrated, are ways to support

 our hearts, and can help reduce long-term risks

 of heart disease,'' the European heart Journal

 magazine said.


The team assessed how hydrated the

 participants were by analyzing serum 

sodium levels which increases when

 fluid levels decrease. This can be a 

useful marker for identifying

 individuals at risk of

 heart failure.


The research also helped pinpoint older adults

 at higher risk of developing both heart failure

 and left ventricular hypertrophy.


“Serum sodium and fluid intake can easily be

assessed in clinical exams and help doctors

identify patients...  who may benefit from 

learning about ways to stay hydrated,” 

the experts said.




Distribution of pathogenic
 from Ukraine will
lead to pandemic
-like situation

March 24th, 10:11am (TASS) 


Sending pathogenic biomaterials from Ukraine to Europe
...could lead to a situation comparable to the COVID-19
pandemic the chief of Russia's radiation, chemical
and biological protection force, Igor Kirillov,
said on Thursday.


"The current situation... with the distribution 

of pathogenic biomaterials from Ukraine to 

European countries, could result in death 

and create a hotbed of epidemiological 

instability, the scale of which would
comparable to the COVID-19
Kirillov said.



Image: fat people have all kinds of risks

 Obesity may impact on 
mental and emotional


by Pavel López Lazo

March 17th, 4:43pm  (Prensa Latina) 


A study revealed that excess weight is closely

 related to people´s mental and emotional

 health, who can suffer from depression, 

insecurity and low self-esteem, a 

specialized media reported 

on Thursday.


Other psycho-social damage linked to obesity

 include problems getting a job, falling asleep, 

poor sex life, social isolation, 

and discrimination.


Infosalus.com website pointed out that personal

looks, shape and weight are all-important

 elements in the 21st century.


Excessive weight and feeling bad creates more

 anxiety, we generate cortisol levels, so this 

sustained situation causes low moods, 

causing an overweight person to be 

worse off, with greater emotional 

lability which can appear with 

an uncontrollable burst 

of crying.


Sometimes depressed people tend to have a

 huge binge, take refuge in food; so this will 

cost much more when dating or socializing.


Obesity not only affects psychologically, but

 also socially, emotionally, and personally, 

experts said.




NHS healthcare staff in UK 

quit at record 400 a week

February 26th, 7:25pm (PressTV)


New research has revealed that a record

 number of ''more than'' 400 healthcare 

staff in the United Kingdom, have left

 the National Health Service (NHS) 

to revive their work-life stability 

over the past year.


The findings emerged, in an assessment of the

 health service compiled by John Hall, a former 

strategy director at the Department of Health 

and Social Care, for the Engage Britain 

charity on Saturday.


Concerns over the state of the workforce came

 top of its list as it investigated the public’s 

attitude towards health and social care

 services, which remain under pressure

 in the wake of the pandemic.


“The workforce crisis in the NHS has 

clearly penetrated the public 

consciousness,” Hall said.


“The UK has long had significantly lower

 numbers of doctors and nurses, per 

capita than comparable systems''


''More recently, the impact of working conditions

is showing an increasing impact on the ability 

of the NHS to retain staff. Around 50 in every

10,000 staff working in hospitals and 

community health services in June 

2021 left the service within the 

next three months, citing work

-life balance as the reason. 

This was a new record.”


The mass departures come as the workforce 

is complaining of burnout and cases of post-

traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following 

two years of battling the COVID-19 pan-

demic, raising fears that the exodus is

 impacting the quality of care, as the 

Omicron variant keeps spreading 

across the country.


More than a quarter of adults have said they 

or an immediate family member, received

 inadequate care due to the healthcare 

staff problems.


Analysis of NHS Digital figures found that at

least 400 staff... are leaving every week in 

the UK to improve their work-life balance.

It comes alongside evidence of high turn

-over among social care workers. Recent

 estimates show more than a third (34%) 

of care workers left their roles...
in 2020-21.


Earlier this month, former Health Secretary

Jeremy Hunt, said the government had 

“missed an opportunity” to alleviate 

the workforce crisis in the NHS and

social care -------- after rejecting the 

Commons health select committee
recommendation, to overhaul 

workforce planning.... Staff 

shortages -- were the main 

driver of worker burnout'' 

he said.


Julian McCrae, Engage Britain’s director, 

said frontline health and care workers 

were now “running on empty” and a 

plan for boosting the workforce 

was overdue.


Data from the NHS has already shown.. 

that the British government has faced 

the highest level of hospital staff 

absence - in early January -
the vaccine rollout.


Image: vitamin D3


Vitamin D3 helps strengthen

 defenses against Covid-19

 – Study

by Pavel López Lazo

February 24th, 7:41pm (Prensa Latina) 


Vitamin D3 could balance people's immune

 system and help strengthen defenses 

against viral infections including 

Covid-19, the Swiss publication 

Frontiers in Immunology 

reported Thursday.


In a collaborative study by the Universities of

 Surrey & Brighton, researchers investigated 

the impact of vitamin D supplements – D2 

and D3 – taken daily over a 12-week 

period on the activity of genes in 

people’s blood.


Those involved in the research, contrary to

widespread opinion, found significant

differences between the two vitamin 

D supplements, as they discovered 

that vitamin D2... leaves a 

questionable mark on

human health.


“Vitamin D3 appears to stimulate the type I 

interferon signaling system in the body –
a key part of the immune system that 

provides a first line of defense... 

against bacteria and viruses.'' 


Thus, a healthy vitamin D3 status may help

 prevent viruses and bacteria from gaining 

a foothold in the body,” said Professor 

Colin Smith, lead-author of the study

 from the University of Surrey.


“Our study suggests that it is important that

 people take a vitamin D3 supplement, or

 suitably fortified foods, especially in

 the winter months.”


Although some foods are fortified with vitamin

D, like some breakfast cereals, yogurts, and

bread, few naturally contain the vitamin.

Vitamin D3 is produced naturally in the 

skin from exposure to sunlight or 

artificial ultraviolet UVB light, 

while some plants and fungi 

produce vitamin D2.


Many people have insufficient levels of vitamin

 D3... because they live in locations where 

sunlight is limited in the winter, like the 

UK. The Covid-19 pandemic has also 

limited people’s natural exposure to 

the sun, due to people spending 

more time in their homes.




Withholding vaccine safety

data ‘morally indefensible,’ 

medical journal says

January 22nd,, 4:17pm (RT)


The British Medical Journal (BMJ), has urged public

health regulators & pharma majors to immediately

 release all raw data from Covid-19 vaccine trials

 for independent scrutiny --- arguing that

 “complete data transparency” is a 

matter of “public interest.”


Branding Big Pharma as “the least trusted industry,” 

a recent op-ed by BMJ editors stated that it was 

“morally indefensible” that this information

remains inaccessible to doctors, public,

and researchers -- despite the global
of vaccines and treatments.


In the scathing editorial, the writers – senior BMJ

 editor Peter Doshi, former editor-in-chief Fiona

 Godlee and her successor Kamran Abbasi – 

accuse pharmaceutical companies... of 

“reaping vast profits without adequate

 independent scrutiny of their

 scientific claims.”


At least 3 of the many companies making Covid-19

 vaccines have past criminal and civil settlements

 costing them billions of dollars. One pleaded 

guilty to fraud. Other companies have
pre-Covid track record.


In particular, the editorial collective calls out Pfizer,

 Moderna and AstraZeneca for not providing “timely

 access” to “anonymized individual participant
from their clinical trials. 


This granular data is available to regulators like the 

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which told

 a judge last month to give it 75 years to publish all

 data relating to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.


But the BMJ said Pfizer – whose trial was “funded 

by the company and designed, run, analyzed, and 

authored by Pfizer employees” ------ has indicated

 that it will not entertain data requests until May

 2025, a full two years after the primary study

 is completed.


This lack of access to data is “consistent across 

vaccine manufacturers,” the editors write, 

noting that the industry is not “legally 

required” to honour requests from 

independent researchers.


Further, they point out that regulatory bodies like

 Health Canada and the European Medicines

 Agency, do not even “receive or analyze”

 trial data, whereas the UK’s Medicines 

and Healthcare Products Regulatory 

Agency does not “proactively

 release” such info.


“The purpose of regulators is not to dance to 

the tune of rich global corporations... and 

enrich them further; it is to protect the 

health of their populations,” 

they concluded.




Ireland: To Fully Lift

 COVID-19 Restrictions

January 21st, 11:50pm (teleSUR)


Irish Prime Minister, Micheal Martin, announced 

that COVID-19 restrictions that have been in 

place for almost two years, are now lifted.


Micheal Martin, Irish Prime Minister disclosed that

 the governments decided that almost all COVID-19

 restrictions placed for about two years, are lifted.


Ireland is placed among the countries with the highest 

rate of COVID-19 infections in Europe, and now also, 

the continent's highest uptake of booster vaccines,

 which made possible the number of seriously ill 

people remained below the previous peak.


"We have weathered the Omicron storm," the minister

 stated, on Friday's televised address --- in which he

 noted, booster vaccines had "utterly transformed"

 the country's situation. "I have stood here and 

spoken to you on some very dark days. But 

today is a good day," he added.


Ireland was one of the most cautious countries

 in Europe about the risks of COVID-19, having 

some of the longest-running restrictions on

 travel and hospitality. According to public 

health officials' advice, the government

 decided: that bars and restaurants will 

no longer need to close at 8pm, a rule 

held late last year when the Omicron 

wave struck, or to ask customers 

for proof of vaccination.


The full capacity has been restored for the indoor

and outdoor events --- paving the way for full 

crowds, for next month’s Six Nations rugby

 championship. Martin highlighted that the

 measure which decreed.... the need of 

wearing masks in public places will 

remain at least until the end 

of February.  


The Irish hospitality sector, which has been
by one of Europe’s toughest lockdown

 regimes, has welcomed the decision.


[and in Wales?]


Bye Bye, Mask and Covid Pass: 

Boris Johnson --- Announces
of Plan B Restrictions

in England

January 19th, 1:43pm (Sputnik)


 UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced 

on Wednesday the end of the so-called Plan B

 implemented in England since December, to 

prevent the spreading of the Omicron

 variant of the SARS-CoV-2.


Addressing Parliament, Johnson said.. that the 

working from home guidance, the requirement

 to wear face masks, and the use of COVID 

passports, in some settings, will be 

dropped, next week.


"This government got the toughest decisions right,"

 the prime minister told lawmakers, adding that the

 government "will trust the judgment of the British

 people" ...when it comes to social distancing 

measures and face mask covering... to 

prevent the spreading of the virus.


The so-called Plan B was originally rolled out in 

December to combat the spread of the highly 

transmissible variant.


Reacting to the announcement, the leader of 

the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, called it an 

attempt to distract the public’s opinion on 

the crisis the prime minister is facing... 

following revelations, that he and his 

staff in Downing Street held parties 

during the COVID-19 lockdown.


[Rhondda Records adds - and in Wales?]






Booster programs... will 

prolong COVID pandemic,

 not end it, WHO chief

January 17th, (various media)


Blanket vaccine booster programs are likely to

 prolong the COVID-19 pandemic, as inequity

 in access to jabs, could lead to more 

mutated variants that drag out the 

crisis, the head of the World 

Health Organization 

(WHO) warns.


[The UK and others in the West...
simply don't care, Rhondda
Records adds]


Cannabis could prevent 

Covid --- study claims

January 12th, 2:57pm (RT)


The next breakthrough in stopping Covid-19, may

 come not from Big Pharma, but from the humble

 pot plant. Researchers in Oregon in the US,

 discovered that two compounds found in
he devil’s lettuce can stop the virus
 its tracks.


Rather than attempting to smoke their way 

to immunity, a team of scientists at Oregon 

University isolated two compounds from 

hemp -- cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and

 cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)  -- and found 

 they bind to the coronavirus’ spike 

protein and stop it from binding
the outer membrane of
human cells. 


This latter binding process, is normally how the

virus enters the human lungs and other organs.


The two compounds are precursors to CBG and 

CBD, which are widely legal, and available to 

consumers. The CBG and CBD cannabis oils 

and extracts are commonly used to treat 

anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and
wide range of other ailments. 


CBGA and CBDA “are not controlled substances like

 THC... the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and

 have a good safety profile in humans,” said Richard 

van Breemen, a researcher with Oregon State’s 

Global Hemp Innovation Centre. Van Breemen 

added that these compounds “can be taken 

orally,” and “have the potential to prevent 

as well as treat infection” by 

the coronavirus.


Van Breemen and his team published their research in

 the Journal of Nature Products on Tuesday. However,

 they have a long way to go before doctors begin 

writing hemp oil prescriptions en masse. While

 the study found CBGA and CBDA effective 

against both the Alpha & Beta variants 

of the coronavirus, it was carried out
human cells in a laboratory rather
actual human test subjects.


Still, the scientist sees these hemp compounds

eventually being used alongside vaccines... to 

make “a much more challenging environment” 

for Covid-19. One of the main criticisms of the 

current crop of vaccines is that they use the 

original spike protein of the virus as an 

antigen, meaning that when variants

emerge... with new spike protein 

mutations, they are more likely 

to evade the protection
 by a vaccine.


“These variants are well known for evading antibodies

 against early lineage [Covid-19].... which is obviously

 concerning given that current vaccination strategies 

rely on early lineage spike proteins as an antigen,”

 said van Breemen. “Our data show CBDA & CBGA

 are effective against the two variants we looked
and we hope that trend will extend to other

 existing and future variants.”





 UK government gives NHS

to private companies 

to ''help''with Covid

January 10th 10:52am (PressTV)


The National Health Service (NHS), the publicly funded

 healthcare system in the UK, is seeking ''help'' from
private health companies to deliver critical treat-

ments... such as cancer surgery.


Health Secretary Sajid Javid has ordered England's

 NHS to strike a ''3-month'' agreement with private

 health companies --- to allow patients to get 

specific treatments, as the NHS hospitals

 are ''overwhelmed'' with COVID-19.


David Sloman, NHS England chief operating officer

and COVID incident director, said on Monday the 

deal “places independent health providers on 

standby to provide further help should 

hospitals face unsustainable levels of 

hospitalizations or staff absences.”


The agreement includes Practice Plus Group, Spire 

Healthcare, Circle Health Group, and several other

 leading private companies, according to the NHS.


Circle CEO Paolo Pieri said the company has been

helping the NHS, since the first COVID wave in 

March 2020, performing urgent treatments 

for over 400,000 NHS patients.


According to the Spire Healthcare, under the agreed

deal the company “will grant NHSE access to 100%

of its facilities and teams on a local, regional or 

national basis, in the event of a surge of 

COVID-19 patients in NHS hospitals 

in England.”


The Spire said the deal ''expires'' on March 31st, 2022.


The new plan comes in the wake of the highest level of 

hospital staff absence in England, since the vaccine

 rollout began.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed

sorrow over the “terrible toll” of more than 150,000

deaths inflicted by the coronavirus in the UK.


The UK’s death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic 

has reached more than 150,100, making it the 

world's seventh worst official pandemic toll.


PM Boris Johnson confirmed the number and

 expressed sorrow over the fatalities last

weekend. He said the coronavirus has 

“taken a ‘terrible toll’ on the country.


Housing Secretary Michael Gove was at pains
 assert that there is mounting pressure on 

British hospitals... and the country is ''not 

yet'' in a position to live with 

the pandemic.




UK care sector declares
‘red’ alert
 amid Covid
staffing shortage

January 5th, 1:42pm (RT)


Over 11,000 care home workers are currently unable

 to work, amid the spread of the Omicron strain, with

 staffing shortages leaving the UK sector struggling 

to cope and infections delaying hospital discharges.


Government data shows that, across England, 9.4% of 

care home staff are temporarily off work, with around

 3% self-isolating due to Covid. Although the figures

 could be higher, having been undercounted... due 

to the festive period and bank holiday weekend.


The situation has forced more than 90 care operators

 to declare a “red” alert, meaning that they don’t have

 the staff to meet patient demands. This has been

 exacerbated by a shortage of PCR tests, 

delaying workers from getting test 

results and forcing them to 

isolate at home longer 

than needed.


Barchester, one of the UK’s largest care home

 operators, running 250 establishments, has 

warned: that it is facing Covid outbreaks
105 of its homes. Under government 

guidelines, care homes with active 

outbreaks cannot accept hospital

 discharges, creating a backlog 

and preventing the struggling

 NHS from clearing beds.


Staffing shortages have forced care agencies to offer

 up to £80 ($108.31) an hour for temporary staff – four

 times the normal cost – as well as resulting in homes

 poaching staff from other providers at the last minute.


“The spread of Omicron across the country will bring

 more care homes into outbreaks, put huge pressure

 on the already compromised staff group, and mean

 those who need care, do not get it,” said Vic 

Rayner, the chief executive of the
Care Forum.


To address the situation, one care operator in

 Yorkshire, Mike Padgham, called on the UK

 government to establish a “volunteer 

army”... of retired nurses, doctors, 

and carers who could potentially

 fill shifts at short notice.


Despite the situation in care homes, the chief 

executive of Barchester, Pete Calveley, says 

that the virus is not causing serious illness

 and death among the majority of residents

 ....with most only showing “minor or 

cold-like symptoms.”






Growing evidence that 

Vitamin K improves 

heart health

by Pavel López Lazo

January 2nd, 5:27pm (Prensa Latina) 


New Edith Cowan University (ECU) research 

has found that people who eat a vitamin K-

rich food... have up to a 34% lower risk of

 atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular

 disease, the US magazine 

SciTechDaily reported.


Researchers examined data from over 50,000

 people taking part in the Danish Diet, Cancer, 

and Health study, over a 23-year period. 


They investigated whether people who ate 

more foods containing vitamin K, had a 

lower risk of cardiovascular disease 

related to atherosclerosis (plaque 

build-up in the arteries).


There are two types of vitamin K found in foods 

we eat: vitamin K1 comes mainly from green

 leafy veggies and vegetable oils, while 

vitamin K2 is found in meat, eggs, 

and fermented foods, such 

as cheese.


The study found....  that people with the highest

intakes of the vitamin K1.. were 21% less likely

 to be hospitalized with cardiovascular disease

 closely related to atherosclerosis.


For vitamin K2, the risk of being 

hospitalized was 14% lower.


University of Western Australia researcher Dr. Jamie

 Bellinge, the first author on the study, said the role 

of vitamin K in cardiovascular health, and 

particularly in vascular calcification, 

is an area of research... offering 

promising hope for the future.


“Current dietary guidelines for the consumption of

 vitamin K are generally only based on the amount

 of vitamin K1 a person should consume, to 

ensure that their blood can coagulate,”

 explained ECU researcher and 

senior author on the study,

 Dr. Nicola Bondonno.


However, there is growing evidence that intakes of

 vitamin K - above current guidelines - can afford 

further protection against the development of

other diseases, such as atherosclerosis.


“Although more research is needed to fully

 understand the process, we believe that

 vitamin K works by protecting against 

the calcium build-up in the major 

arteries of the body leading to

 vascular calcification.”


“Cardiovascular disease remains a leading cause

 of death in Australia... and there’s still a limited

 understanding of the importance of different 

vitamins found in food and their effect on 

heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral 

artery disease,” Dr. Bellinge said.





Chinese Think Tank:
US Most 
Likely Origin
of COVID-19

December 25th, 1:50pm (FNA)


The US is most likely the country where the

 coronavirus originated and it is most 

responsible for the fast global 

spread of the deadly viral 

pathogen, according to 

a research report.


The report titled...  ‘US Responsible for Global Spread 

of COVID-19’ was jointly released by the Intelligence 

& Alliance Think Tank and the Taihe Institute in 

China ,on Friday.


China's official Xinhua news agency, published
 report’s findings, saying data from multiple 

sources had shown that the US was to blame
for the coronavirus out-
break as its political
manipulation of
 the disease had made the
anti-pandemic efforts, difficult 

and challenging.


“Evidence indicating COVID-19 originated from

 the United States has kept cropping up,” the 

report said.


“For example, the timeline of the outbreak in the 

United States has been continuously backdated, 

the role of the US military is implicated in the 

origin and spread of COVID-19, and early 

cases, in many countries, are linked to

 the United States,” it added.


Calling the United States "the main force of global

 COVID-19 spread", the report said... the country 

missed the best time to contain the pandemic

 at an early stage... and its open-door policy
as well as its irresponsible 
of immigrants... had 
exacerbated the
global spread
 of the virus.


Xinhua also said that the US troops stationed

 overseas have repeatedly violated epidemic

 prevention protocols and accelerated 

the transmission.


The country's failure to control COVID-19 in

international events, has led to "super-

spreading" of the virus and its 

unilateral sanctions have led

to a humanitarian crisis, 

according to 

the report.


Stressing that the US political manipulation has made

 the global fight against the pandemic more difficult,

 the report said the country shirked responsibility 

for pandemic prevention, which undermined 

international anti-pandemic efforts.


“The United States has been obsessed with political

 self-interest and evaded due responsibility,” Xinhua

 cited the report as saying, adding that political

 polarization harmed both America and the

 world at large.


Underlining that the US should abandon its obsession

 with political self-interest, and reflect on epidemic

 prevention and control, the report called on the

 country to stop politicizing the coronavirus 

and undermining international anti-

pandemic cooperation.... and 

 actively share its vaccines 

with the world.


It also urged the US, to conduct origins tracing

 research in a scientific manner and facilitate 

global economic recovery, so that the 

COVID-19 pandemic will be 

eventually defeated.


The theory that the contagion had leaked from a 

Chinese lab was originally hyped up by, among

 others...  the administration of former US 

President Donald Trump, as part of his 

hawkish anti-China policies.


Since infecting its first victims in the central Chinese

 city of Wuhan, in late 2019, the pandemic has 

spread to nearly every country across the 

globe, causing more than 278 million 

infections and nearly 5.4 million 

deaths worldwide.


Last week, Trump said the US should make China pay

for the COVID disaster, demanding that the US tariffs

 on Chinese goods be increased “very substantially”

 as reparation payments for the chaos unleashed
the virus.


China has repeatedly called on the US to give a full

 clarification on its bio-military activities at home 

and abroad, a matter of concern shared by 

Russia and others.






NHS Leader Warns: England

 Hospital Units May Close as

 Staff Revolt over Jab Mandate

December 20th, 12:33pm (FNA)

 Entire hospital units could be forced to shut because

 of staff quitting in protest at the government’s order

 that they must all be vaccinated against COVID-19,

 a senior NHS leader warned.


Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers,

 said that - at one hospital trust in England -
midwives were refusing to get jabbed, 

raising fears that the maternity unit

 may have to close, The Guardian



“Trust leaders are acutely aware that -- from April 

onwards, when COVID vaccinations will become

 mandatory -- decisions by staff to remain 

unvaccinated could – in extreme 

circumstances – lead to patient

 services being put at risk,”

 said Hopson.


“If sufficient numbers of unvaccinated staff in 

a particular service in a particular location 

choose not to get vaccinated, the viability

 and/or safety of that service could be at

 risk,” Hopson added.


Hopson did not name the trust. But he cautioned that

 its maternity unit is “one representative example” of

 potential closures on grounds of patient safety that

 the government’s decision to compel NHS staff in 

England to be vaccinated or risk losing their job 

could lead to.


Hopson said, “I was talking to a [trust] chief executive

 who said that 40 of the midwives on their midwifery

 service … were saying they were not prepared to 

be vaccinated. Those staff, given their skills and 

their expertise, are not easily redeployed, but 

they’re also extremely difficult to replace."


The trust’s chief executive “is seriously concerned

 about the safety of the service” because of the 

potential exodus of midwives.


Maternity staff quitting over compulsory jabs posed 

a particular challenge because of the NHS-wide

 shortage of midwives, Hopson said.


NHS England estimates that maternity services need

 2,000 more whole-time equivalent midwives, while 

the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) puts the

 figure at 2,500.


The Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, and NHS England

 need to “be clear well in advance how we will 

resolve the - hopefully - small number of 

instances where service viability and 

safety could be at risk”, because of 

frontline personnel leaving rather 

than getting immunised, 

said Hopson. 


The new rule applies to any staff who have face-to-

face contact with patients, but also non-clinical 

staff, including hospital porters.


Javid told the Commons last Tuesday that “despite 

the incredible effort to boost uptake across the

 country... there are still approximately 94,000 

NHS staff who are unvaccinated. It’s critical 

to patient safety that health and care staff

 get the jab”.


However, the number of NHS workers who have had

 a first dose since the government first announced 

in September that it was adopting a policy of 

compulsory jabs, has risen since by 55,000, 

he added.


The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

 impact assessment of its policy, found that as 

many as 126,000 unvaccinated staff could

lose their job when the rule comes into

 force.... on April the 1st.


The House of Lords... has raised concerns about the

 policy. Its secondary legislation scrutiny committee 

has warned that the DHSC’s definition of “face-to-

face” is too vague, that it had no obvious 

contingency plans to “cope with 

expected staff losses” and
 the potential loss of 

unvaccinated staff... 

was “likely to be 


acute” in



The RCM said, “We don’t yet have a number for

 midwives who have yet to be vaccinated. 

However, to meet the statutory require-

ment, they will need to have their first

 vaccination by February the 3rd. The 

RCM will represent members. But

 there are very limited options."


“We are concerned that this will inevitably deepen

 maternity staff shortages... and severely impact 

those midwives and maternity support workers

 left behind in services already struggling with 

acute staffing shortages,” it added.


The DHSC did not respond directly 

to Hopson’s comments.


A spokesperson said, “We are grateful to all 

our NHS staff who work incredibly hard."


“Vaccinations remain our best defence against 

COVID-19. This is about patient safety and it’s

 our duty to ensure that they are as safe as 

can be," the spokesperson added.


“Working with organisations... in the health and care

sector, we will continue to support those who have

not yet received the vaccination... to take up the 

offer to protect themselves, their loved ones 

and their patients,” the spokes-

person added.


...and in Wales?


Pets don’t spread COVID to humans, 

mustn’t be excuse for animal 

abandonment, expert says

December 15th, 12:04pm (TASS)


 Cases when pets catch COVID-19 are rare and they

 don’t infect humans and so there is no reason to 

throw them out on the street over the fear of

 contamination, Vice President of the 

Russian Academy of Sciences, 

Irina Donnik, said 

on Wednesday.


"It is most important that we may sleep peacefully and

 animals should not be thrown out on the street and 

certainly, domestic animals must not be handed 

over. However, when news broke that domestic

 animals get infected, the number of homeless

 animals in the streets, and the owners who 

throw them out grew 25-fold," Donnik said.


The scientist explained that cats and dogs get infected

with their own coronaviruses and don’t pass these

viruses to humans. Meanwhile, the infected 

humans should better limit contacts 

with animals.


According to her, people in markets create conditions 

that could not be present in a natural environment, 

where animals of non-crossing species have 

contact with each other. This creates risks 

of COVID-19 transmission between wild 

animals and humans. The key 

transmitters of the virus, 

are bats and camels.


"Bats are an ideal incubator of new pathogenic 

viruses, including coronaviruses, as they can 

be asymptomatic virus carriers because of a 

limited immune and inflammatory response,"

 Donnik specified.




Doctor who flagged Omicron 

advises against harsh


December 14th, 1:23pm (RT)


There is ''no need'' to impose tougher restrictions over

 the Omicron variant as the cases are “predominantly

 mild”, the head of South Africa Medical Association

 Dr. Angelique Coetzee, has said.


The South African GP was the first medic who raised

 concern about the new Covid-19 variant four weeks

 ago. Answering questions of the UK Parliament’s

 Science & Technologies committee on Tuesday, 

Dr Coetzee said... that “we don’t have all the 

answers” and that “we need to see how

 this virus progresses”.


However, the current picture shows that Omicron is a

 “mild disease”, & less dangerous than Delta variant,

 thought it might be more transmissible, she added.

 Dr Coetzee said that the existing data, though 

limited, shows that the symptoms in Omicron 

patients, even in those who are hospitalized,

 are milder, they get better quicker & there

 have been no cases of long COVID in 

these patients.


Therefore, she noted that, before imposing travel bans

 and other tough restrictions, it would make sense for

 governments to take measures internally:  to get 

more people vaccinated, make sure that they 

are wearing masks, avoid crowded places, 

and keep social distance.


Saying that South Africa is “still on the same level of

 restrictions”, she underlined that “we don't see 

the need for stricter restrictions."


“The virus is everywhere. Maybe, in a way, we

 need to learn how to live with this,” she said.


Earlier, in an article for Daily Mail, Dr. Coetzee was

 even more straightforward.. in her criticism of 

what she called “knee-jerk reactions”, to the 

news of discovery of the new COVID variant. 

The UK was one of the first countries to

 impose bans on travel from South 

Africa in the aftermath of the



“Indeed, I am disappointed by such knee-jerk

 reactions. They bear no relation to what we

are seeing in surgeries in South Africa, 

where people rarely even discuss 


As one Twitter user 

'Covid's become a UK neurosis’”,

 she wrote.


Omicron causes pneumonia

 2-3 times faster ...than 

previously known 

expert says

December 8th, 1:23pm (TASS) 


The Omicron coronavirus strain can cause pneumonia 

2-3 times faster than  previously known coronavirus
strains, said Alexander Semyonov... 
who heads
the Yekaterinburg Research 
Institute of Viral
Infections (affiliate 
of the Vector Centre
of the Federal 
Service for Surveillance
Consumer Rights Protection

and Human Wellbeing), 

when speaking 

with Izvestia.


"What’s not good about the Omicron strain, is that 

just like Delta it has more tropism, meaning, it is 

capable of interacting with the epithelium of 

lungs, the lower respiratory tract. This is 

why Omicron descends into the lungs 

faster, causing pneumonia.'' 


''This is very alarming. With the infection with the ‘old’ 

coronavirus, an individual had up to 10-11 days from

 the moment of infection, to pneumonia. This time it

 was possible to come from the most remote village

 to a hospital where one can obtain qualified help. 

Now it’s 3-5 days," the expert explained.


According to him, the spread of the strain will not 

strongly impact the effectiveness of vaccines.

is possible that it will be somewhat lower but
critically so. There are no exact data yet 

....only the preliminary ones. According to

some data the effectiveness decreases,

yet no more than by 40%, not several-

fold. According to other data, it 

decreases even less," the 

expert stressed.


The scientist noted that overall, the scenario of the 

development of the pandemic now exclusively

 depends on the immunization rate of 

the population. 


"If vaccination rates increase with the same speed

 they’re increasing with now, then we can expect 

another small increase and then the incidence 

will go down, flaring up from time to time. If the 

rates do not increase, then it is possible to 

expect another rise in incidence closer to

 spring," he explained.


The expert also said that after the end of the current

 pandemic, new coronaviruses will emerge, ready to

 break through interspecies barriers and come

 to humans.


"Recently, an expedition of Paris’ Pasteur Institute and

 the Lao Academy of Sciences worked in a hard-to-

access unpopulated region between Vietnam, 

Laos and China.'' 


''These are mountains covered with jungles, caves, 

forest, swamps, waterfalls - impassable places. 

The scientists took samples from wild bats

 there and isolated coronaviruses --- 

surprisingly similar to SARS-CoV-2.'' 


''And these new viruses also can effectively infect

 human cells, this was verified under laboratory

 conditions. They are waiting for their moment. 

There are also several groups of viruses that 

are also standing on the threshold of the

interspecies barrier...  and are ready, to 

break through it, and come to humans.''


''We have to realize that this may happen in the

 near future and be prepared for it," he said.



Over half Omicron cases 

in England --- are in

 the double jabbed

by Pavel López Lazo

December 3rd, 7:16pm (Prensa Latina) 


More than half of those infected with the Omicron

 coronavirus variant, in England, were double 

jabbed, health officials have said, as the 

number of cases detected in the UK 

continues to rise sharply.


According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKSA), 

12 of the 22 known cases up to November 30th had 

been fully vaccinated, and two others received the

first jab, 15 days earlier.


Six of the remaining eight positive cases were not

vaccinated, while no data is available on two of 

the cases.


None of the cases is known to have been hospitalized

 or died, but the UKHSA said that “most of the cases

 have a specimen date that is very recent and that

 there is a lag between the onset of infection and

 hospitalization and death.”


UK has so far confirmed at least 43 Omicron cases, 

most of them in Scotland, where a gig by pop 

music group, Steps in Glasgow, could have 

been the focus of transmission.


The National Statistics Office (NSO) on Friday 

announced that, despite fears unleashed by 

the new Omicron variant, the Delta strain,

continues to be the predominant variant 

in the country, being responsible for

 99% of positive cases reported

 last week.


In the last 24 hours, as many as 50, 584 new cases, 

and 143 deaths were reported, totaling 10.3 million 

people infected and 145,424 deaths, since the 

beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image: impotent vapers?


Study names major 

risks for vapers

December 1st, 2:36pm (RT)


Men who vape or use e-cigarettes are more than twice

 as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than those

 who have never used the popular nicotine-based 

smoking alternatives, a new study has found.


The study, which analyzed self-reported data from 

almost 14,000 US men aged between 20 and 65, 

found that regular e-cigarette users were 

around 2.2 times more likely to 

experience impotence than 



The findings were published in the American

 Journal of Preventive Medicine on Wednesday.


The risk was found to be 2.4 times greater in a smaller

 sample of men younger than 65 – with normal body

 mass indexes and no history of heart disease – 

when compared to non-vapers. The study did 

not include data on whether the respondents 

were taking medications that can raise the 

risk of erectile dysfunction.... such as 

antidepressants or heart medication.


Researchers noted the “abundant evidence” already 

linking smoking and nicotine to sexual dysfunction 

and theorized that the particularly high level of

 nicotine in vaping liquid reduces blood flow 

to the penis and interferes with the normal 

functions of blood vessels, though they

 didn’t definitively prove the link.


Nonetheless, the study’s authors – from New York

 University and Johns Hopkins University – noted 

that vaping enthusiasts needed to be warned 

about the potential impact on their 

sexual health.


Citing research based on rodent models, the

 researchers also noted that another 

“plausible” link was exposure to 

e-cigarette “refill liquids.. with or 

without nicotine.” These contain 

chemicals that may reduce 

testosterone levels in the 

human body and impair 

normal erectile function.


“Overall, e-cigarettes are likely less harmful than

 smoking cigarettes to the degree that they 

substitute cigarette smoking,” the study’s 

lead author, Omar El Shahawy, told Insider. 

He added that men who view vaping as a

 healthier alternative should try to “limit”

 the habit as it is “simply not risk free.”


The study comes as England gears up to become

 the first country to prescribe e-cigarettes as a 

method to help smokers kick the habit. In 

October, the UK’s Medicines and Health-

care products Regulatory Agency issued

 updated guidance.. that would allow the 

products to be offered through the NHS.


But El Shahawy warned that the relationship 

between vaping and impotence needs to be 

“fully investigated” in further studies. The 

study did not detail whether the risk of 

erectile dysfunction was comparable 

to that posed by smoking.





Report: Tens of Thousands
Cancer Referrals
in UK ''
Due to COVID-19''

December 1st, 11:43am (FNA)


 The NHS may be missing more than 9 million 

referrals, while patients face - a “postcode 

lottery” for cancer treatment and routine

 operations, a parliament watchdog

has warned.


Millions of patients... have either avoided, or been 

unable to obtain healthcare during the pandemic

leaving the NHS with a potential unknown back-

log of operations, which could push the 

national waiting list to 12 million by 

2025, The Independent reported.


A report from the government’s National Audit Office,

on Wednesday, also warned that patients across 

England are facing a postcode lottery in terms 

of waits - with some hospital waiting lists far

 larger than others following the pandemic.


The findings come ahead the government’s plan to

 tackle the NHS’ treatment and surgery backlog, 

which is expected to be published this week. 

In November the NHS recorded its highest 

ever waiting list, at 5.8 million.


According to the NAO’s analysis NHS services in 

Birmingham and Solihull have racked up the 

longest waiting lists - with 51 percent of 

patients waiting more than 18 weeks, 

compared to 20 percent in Surrey.


Birmingham and Solihull also had the worst for 

cancer waiting times according to the data, 

with 57 percent waiting more than three 

months compared to Surrey, Kent 

and Cornwall.


The NAO said variations may reflect, differences in

 areas, such as poverty levels and rates of routine

 operations, prior to March 2020, as well as the 

direct impact of the pandemic.


The findings come after NHS data in November,

 revealed the number of patients waiting more

 than two years for treatment following a 

referral, rose to a record 12,491.


The report also estimated there were between 240,000

 and 740,000 “missing” urgent GP referrals for 

patients with suspected cancer between 

March 2020 and September 2021 and 

up to 60,000 patients, missing first 

treatments, in the same period.


The NAO warned, “The NHS was doing more work

year-on-year, before the-pandemic, but the 

demand for its services was increasing... 

even faster. To keep pace, it would have 

needed either more beds and more staff 

or a different way of working, or most 

likely, a combination of all three.”


When COVID-19 first hit England, the NHS rapidly

 agreed a deal with 27 private sector hospitals to

 carry out routine operations.... amid fears 

hospitals would be overwhelmed.


Under this national contract, during 2020-21, the NHS 

will have paid £2.1 billion to private sector providers

in return for 3.3 million completed treatments,
according to the NAO’s report.


Between March 2019 and February 2020, 

independent providers carried out 8% 

of routine operations for the NHS.


Following the pandemic... the NAO said there was
“sharp” reduction in operations carried out by 

private sector hospitals in the initial stages of 

the pandemic but that this increased to pre-

pandemic levels from June 2021.


It is not clear how many operations and treatments

 were expected to be carried out by private 

providers under the £2.1 billion contract, 

and NHS England has never officially 

released this information.


However, in November last year, the Health Service

 Journal reported just one third of capacity paid 

for by the NHS in private hospitals was used 

following the first pandemic wave.


Eve Byrne, head of campaigns and public affairs,
Macmillan Cancer Support, said, “This report

 confirms what we hear --- day in, day out, from 

people living with cancer.... Chronic staffing 

shortages are already having a devastating 

impact on cancer patients, and we have

 major concerns that is only set to 

worsen without urgent action."


She said the government’s plan to tackle 

the operations backlog must be backed 

up by steps.... to ensure enough 

nursing staff.


“Without these critical pieces of the puzzle, we 

risk increasing numbers of people facing later

 diagnoses, poorer care and potentially worse 

chances of survival. This has to change,” 

she added.


As part of its recommendations the NAO has said 

the government, NHS England and education 

body Health Education England, should 

develop a detailed plan to address 

shortages in the workforce over 

the next 12 months to 3 years.


The recommendation comes just after the government 

rejected an amendment to the Health and Care Bill by

 MP Jeremy Hunt which would have required the

 Secretary of State for Health and Care to 

publish independent assessments of 

NHS workforce gaps, every 2 years.


Dr Tim Mitchell, vice president of the Royal College 

of Surgeons of England said, “The NHS faces huge 

challenges as staff continue to treat COVID-19 

patients, while trying to reduce the vast 

waiting list for planned care.


He called for the government’s upcoming plan to

 include guidance --- on how it would set up 

“surgical hubs” and separate planned 

surgery from emergency care... to
for operations to continue
during the pandemic.


The royal college vice president added, “Also we urge

 the government to amend the Health and Care Bill, to

 ensure there are independently verified assessments

 of workforce numbers. It will take investment both
 surgical hubs and staff to bring waiting times
 to acceptable levels.”


An NHS spokesperson said, “Treating more than half 

a million patients in hospital for COVID...  as well as 

delivering a world-leading vaccination programme,

has inevitably had an impact on some routine and

non-urgent care, yet, since the pandemic began, 

the NHS has performed millions of routine 

procedures, and over 450,000 people 

have started treatment for cancer."


“NHS staff are now pulling out all the stops to recover

 elective activity levels, making good use of additional 

resources to open new surgical hubs and diagnostic

 centres, develop innovative ways of working and

 perform more operations, tests, checks and 

scans, so anyone who is concerned about

 their health should come forward so the

 NHS can help you,” the spokes-

person added.


(Rhondda Records adds: and in Wales?)


Long-term efficacy of Russian 

Sputnik V jab revealed

November 24th, 6:32pm (RT)


The Russian-made Sputnik V Covid vaccine 

has demonstrated high long-term efficacy, 

according to data collected in San Marino.


 The jab remains around 80% effective 

against the disease 6 to 8 months 

after being administered.


The data was revealed on Wednesday by the 

Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the 

sovereign wealth fund which bankrolled

 the vaccine’s development.


Evaluation of the vaccine’s performance is based 

on analysis of real-world experience obtained in

 the Republic of San Marino. About 70% of the

 microstate’s 34,000-strong population have

 received the Russian-made vaccine.


“The data is based on the number of Covid infections

 in San Marino, in November 2021. Efficacy was

 calculated based on data obtained from over 

18,600 individuals fully vaccinated with 

Sputnik V not less than five months 

before November,” the RDIF said

 in a statement.


The analysis shows that the vaccine remained some

 “80% effective against coronavirus infection from 

6 to 8 months, after administering the second 

dose.” Hospitalization rates among those

 Sammarinese who got vaccinated with 

Sputnik V have been extremely low, 

with “only 0.75 per 1,000 people” 

ending up in hospital, over the 

span of the mass vaccination 

campaign, from February
November 2021. 


“This rate is more than two times lower than that 

of any other vaccine used in the country,” the

 RDIF noted.


“Efficacy of Sputnik V in 6-8 months, is much higher

 than the officially published efficacy of mRNA
 the fund added.


Multiple studies have raised the alarm: about the

 waning efficacy of mRNA vaccines - with the US

Pfizer jab in particular, faring rather poorly over 

a long period of time. According to a study, 

bankrolled by Pfizer itself - and published 

in the leading medical journal the Lancet

-- the jab demonstrated 88% efficacy in

 the first month, after full vaccination, 

dropping to only 47% after 5 months. 


The study was based on analyzing a large amount

 of data, harvested during vaccination campaigns 

in the US.


A competing mRNA vaccine, the Covid-19 shot by

 Moderna, another US company, has apparently 

shown significantly better long-term efficacy 

than Pfizer’s shot. According to the firm’s 

own claims, the jab remains some 93%

 effective... six months after full 

vaccination, compared to the

 shot’s initial efficacy of 94%.


These estimates have been corroborated by 

research from the US Centres for Disease 

Control and Prevention (CDC).


The research showed the Pfizer jab’s efficacy 

falling from 91% to 77% over the 120-day 

period after vaccination, compared to 

Moderna’s shot -- demonstrating a

decline from 93% to 92% during 

the same period.


An analysis of effectiveness of the mRNA shots over

 a longer period of time, however, has produced

 worrying results. According to a study, based 

on data from of nearly 800,000 US veterans 

and published in the Science journal early 

this month, both Pfizer and Moderna jabs

 demonstrated ''a major decline'' in
 over a 7-month period. 


While effectiveness against the disease was 

some 89% for Moderna and 87% for Pfizer 

in March, it dropped to 58% and 43% 

respectively, by September.







Assisted death...
only for vaccinated, 

euthanasia association says

November 24th, 9:21am (RT)


Anyone wishing to be euthanized now, has to first

 present proof of vaccination, or recovery from 

Covid, as per the new guidelines issued by 

Germany's euthanasia association.


A statement put out by the Hamburg-based group on

 Friday reads... “assisted suicide and the preliminary

 examination of a patient’s ability to make decisions

 freely implies physical closeness between people. 

However, that is precisely the precondition for
spread of Covid.”


In February 2020, Germany's top court overturned 

a ban on providing euthanasia as unconstitutional.


A number of German regions have put in place strict

 curbs, banning the unvaccinated from most public

 places. Across the country, only recovered or 

inoculated people can enter restaurants, 

museums, and similar venues, while 

those even with a negative Covid 

test cannot. Amid the surge in 

cases, the German states of 

Saxony and Bavaria have

 both cancelled.... all 

Christmas markets.


German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, told her fellow 

party members on Monday that the current wave 

of Covid in Germany, was worse than any 

previous one, and called for stricter 

measures to contain it. 


The country’s health minister, Jens Spahn, went 

even further, claiming that “by the end of this 

winter, everyone in Germany will either be 

vaccinated, recovered, or dead.”


Those statements came as the seven-day infection

 rate per 100,000 people broke a new grim record 

on Wednesday, reaching the 404.5 mark.... as 

reported by Germany’s disease control and

 prevention authority, the Robert Koch 







Covid jab compensation 

claims soar in Australia

November 17th, 3:15pm (RT)


Australia’s government could be forced to spend tens

 of millions in payouts - after receiving over 10,000

 compensation claims from people who suffered 

side effects and a loss of income, due to 

Covid-19 vaccines.


Under a no-fault indemnity scheme, eligible claimants 

can apply for compensation amounts... of between 

AU$5,000 (US$3,646) to AU$20,000 (US$14,585) 

to cover medical costs and lost wages, as a 

result of being hospitalized, after getting 

the shot. The scheme’s online portal 

is scheduled to be launched 

next month.


Official figures suggest, however, that over 10,000 people

 have already indicated their intention to make a claim, 

since registration opened on the health department’s

 website in September. If each claim was approved, 

the government could face a bill of at least 

AU$50 million (US$36.46 million).


There were around 78,880 adverse events to Covid-related 

vaccination in Australia as of November 7th, according to 

the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which regulates

 national health products. The majority of side effects 

were minor, including headaches, nausea, and 

arm soreness.


Only people who experienced a moderate to significant 

adverse reaction that resulted in a hospital stay of at 

least one night are eligible for coverage under the 

government’s scheme. Those seeking $20,000 

or less have to provide proof their claims are 

vaccine-related – although there has been 

no information, as yet, on exactly what 

evidence would be acceptable.


“Adverse events, even though they happen to a tiny

 proportion of people, for the people it does impact

 it’s really quite devastating,” Clare Eves, head of

medical negligence at injury compensation firm 

Shine Lawyers, told the Sydney Morning Herald.


Among the adverse reactions covered... are the blood 

clotting disorder “thrombosis with thrombocytopenia

 syndrome (TTS)” linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine 

and... the “myocarditis and pericarditis” heart 

conditions associated with the Pfizer vaccine.


 Other reportedly accepted side effects are Guillain-Barré

 syndrome, a rare neurological condition, and immune

 thrombocytopenia (excessive bleeding due to low

 platelet levels).


Claims for over $20,000, including those for vaccine-

related deaths, will be assessed by an independent

 legal panel of legal experts and compensation 

paid on its recommendations. Nine people 

have reportedly died after an adverse 

reaction to one of the 3 vaccines

 in the country.


Eves told the Morning Herald that her firm was 

representing a number of litigants over the 

vaccine side effects, including several 

who are not eligible for the scheme.





Ambulance Logjams Leave 

Patients Dying With 12,000 

Annually Suffering 'Severe 

Harm', Says NHS Report

November 15th, 3:30pm (Sputnik)


Although the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is 

known to have struggled for a long time to meet 

'recommended ambulance response times' for 

patients who have suffered a stroke or severe

 burns – classified as Category 2 – in recent 

months some patients have been forced to

 wait for nearly an hour, after calling 999.


Increasingly long times to hand patients arriving in 

ambulances, over to the Accident & Emergency 

department (A&E) are resulting in more people 

either dying or suffering a permanent setback

 to their health, according to a damning report 

by the UK NHS ambulance service.


Long periods of waiting before patients can be admitted

 to hospitals --- because of bed shortages caused by 

COVID-19, delays in discharging patients and 

record demand for care, could be affecting 

up to 160,000 patients annually, said the

 report, cited by the  daily newspaper, 

the Guardian.


Clarifying that a typical handover, takes much longer 

than the projected 15 minutes, an estimated 12,000 

of the aforementioned patients, suffer “severe 

harm”, stated the document, drawn up by the 

Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

 (AACE) and based on official NHS figures. 


The conclusions were drawn after all handover delays 

of more than an hour, spanning 10 ambulance trusts 

on January 4th - and the ensuing harm – had been 



The data was used to estimate... how many patients 

annually suffer a deterioration in their health, or a 

condition necessitating more invasive treatment 

such as surgery, as a direct result of 

waiting times.


“When very sick patients arrive at hospital and then have 

to wait an excessive time for handover to emergency

 department clinicians to receive an assessment and 

definitive care, it is entirely predictable and almost 

inevitable that some level of harm will arise. This 

may take the form of a deteriorating medical or 

physical condition, or distress and anxiety, 

potentially affecting the outcome for 

patients and definitely creating a 

poor patient experience,”
the document.


Those patients who finally get admitted to hospital after

 languishing in the back of an ambulance or waiting in 

their home after dialing 999, are increasingly not 

saved - because paramedics are overwhelmed 

at A&E departments.


Although stopping short of saying how many patients 

die annually because of ambulance logjams, the 

report is cited as adding:


“We know that some patients have, sadly, died while 

waiting outside ED [emergency departments], or 

shortly after eventual admission to ED, after

a wait. Others have died while waiting
 an ambulance response in 

the community.”


The AACE report also estimated that because of the 

pressure that hospitals are under, about 190,000 

handovers a month – around half the total –
 longer than they should.


Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth was cited

 by the outlet as deploring the scale of harm being 

done to patients thanks to “years of Tory NHS 

neglect”. In the wake of the report, a 

Department of Health and Social 

Care spokesman was cited 

as saying:


“We are committed to supporting ambulance crews who 

work tirelessly, responding to emergencies every day. 

NHS England and Improvement, has given ambulance 

trusts an extra £55 million to boost staff numbers for 

winter, helping them to bolster capacity in control 

rooms and on the frontline.”


The UK Department of Health and Social Care, also stated 

it had pledged support to the NHS to meet unprecedented 

challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic. It cited 

record investments this year, including an extra 

£5.4 billion over the next six months to support

the  COVID-19 response, and £36 billion for 

“health and care over the next 3 years”.





Latest scientific discovery may

 lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s

November 15th, 11:11am (RT)


A team of scientists from the UK and Germany has

 managed to reverse memory loss in mice...  and 

says the treatment could, potentially, lead to a 

breakthrough in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.


Researchers used the “humanized” therapeutic 

antibody called TAP01_04, and the vaccine 

called TAPAS.


According to a study published in Molecular Psychiatry, 

both drugs triggered “a striking reduction” in the 

formation of harmful deposits of protein, that 

prevent communication between neurons 

of the human brain.


Previous drugs for Alzheimer’s have a similar 

mechanism, but have shown little success 

and have sometimes produced negative

 side effects.


One of the study’s authors, Mark Carr, a professor 

from the Institute of Structural and Chemical 

Biology at the University of Leicester, said, 

“While the science is currently still at an 

early stage, if these results were to be 

replicated in human clinical trials,

 then it could be transformative.”


The researchers are now looking for a
partner to run the anti-
body, and the vaccine, 
clinical trials on humans.




UK: NHS Waiting List at Record High
as 5.8mln Still Waiting for Treatment

November 11th, 2:14pm (FNA)


 More than 5.8 million patients were waiting for routine

 surgery by the NHS, in England, by the end of 

September, new data revealed.


This is the highest figure since August 2007 and comes 

as hospital leaders have warned: the health service is 

at “breaking point”, The Independent reported.


Ambulance services answered 82,000 emergency 999 

calls in October, which was more then any other 

month on record, while response times

 have skyrocketed.


The average response time for category two patients 

who needed emergency, but not life threatening, 

care such as strokes, was nearly 54 minutes -

 the longest average waiting time since 

records began in 2017.


Response times for urgent calls - such as late stages of

 labour, non-severe burns and diabetes - averaged three 

hours, nine minutes and 58 seconds. This is up from 

two hours, 35 minutes and 45 seconds in September, 

and again is the longest average since current 

records began.


The Independent has previously revealed ambulance

 response times doubled during the pandemic, amid 

a spike in patient deaths recorded by services.


Patients waiting for more than 12 hours in A&E also 

reached the highest levels ever in October, with 

7,059 waits recorded. This is more than five 

times higher than the number of 12 hour 

waits recorded in October 2020, which 

saw 1,268 patients waiting.


Meanwhile there were 121,000 patients waiting over 

four hours in A&E, following a decision to admit, 

during the same month. Which is the highest 

number on record.


The number of patients waiting more than year for 

treatment has also risen for the first time in five 

months, from 292,138 in August to more than 

300,566 in September.


A total of 12,491 people in England were also waiting 

more than two years to start routine hospital 

treatment at the end of September 2021.


This is up from 9,754 at the end of August and is more

 than four times the 2,722 people who were waiting

 longer than two years in April.


NHS England has told hospitals to eliminate all waits 

of more than two years by March 2022 and is due to

 publish a plan on how the NHS will recover its 

growing backlog of routine operations, later

 this month.


For key diagnostic tests like X-rays and MRI scans, NHS

 England data shows almost 370,000 people have waited

 longer than six weeks. This is an improvement on 

September 2020, when there were 419,841.


But in September 2019, before the pandemic, there were 

just 38,802 people waiting longer than six weeks for a

 diagnostic test.


The NHS has been given £5 billion to reduce NHS backlogs

 including opening 100 community diagnostic hubs to try

 and carry out more tests away from hospitals.


The number of urgent cancer patients who waited more 

than two weeks to see a doctor was the highest-ever 

on record in September, as was the number of 

people who were left waiting more than a 

month for treatment. 


However, the numbers of people starting treatment for 

cancer, in September, had risen.... compared to 

pre pandemic levels.


Responding to figures, head of policy at Macmillan Cancer

 Support Minesh Patel, stated it was “deeply concerning” 

to see record numbers of people waiting too long for

 specialist cancer treatment, in addition to this 

she said “progress to clear the 

backlog, stalled".


Professor Stephen Powis, medical director for the NHS 

noted, “there is no doubt pressure on the health 

service remains incredibly high”


He added, “But, despite high demand, NHS staff are 

going above and beyond to see more patients and 

deliver millions more tests, checks, treatments 

and operations.


“Increasing numbers are coming forward for 

treatment and this is expected to go up, but 

it remains really important -- people do not 

delay seeking help from the NHS, if they 

feel unwell,” he continued.


Tim Gardener, senior fellow for think tank the Health

 Foundation said, “Today’s figures provide further 

evidence of the increasingly serious pressures 

facing hospitals across the country."


“The government has said that the NHS is under 

‘sustainable pressure’, but it would be extra-

ordinary to look at what’s happening in the 

NHS right now.... and claim that it is 

sustainable," Gardener continued:


“That we are facing pressures this significant, 

before we have reached the peak of winter, is 

concerning, particularly as cases of seasonal 

viruses, and rising staff absences, are likely
add further pressure.”


Image: pancreatic cancer detection


 New symptoms that could

help doctors diagnose
pancreatic cancer

by Pavel López Lazo

November 10th, 5:10pm (Prensa Latina) 


Researchers at the University of Oxford, UK, have
 a series of symptoms associated with
cancer, including two previously
 symptoms - feeling thirsty
and having 
dark urine.


The study has confirmed a further 23 signs of pancreatic

 cancer, after looking at data from 24,230 patients who 

were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in England 

between 2000 and 2017, using a large electronic 

database (QResearch).


The research, which is the largest study of its kind, 

found 23 symptoms linked with the diagnosis of 

PDAC... (yellowing of the skin, bleeding in the 

stomach or intestine, problems swallowing, 

diarrhea, change in bowel habits, vomiting, 

indigestion, abdominal mass, abdominal 

pain, weight loss, constipation, fat in 

stool, abdominal swelling, nausea, 

flatulence, heartburn, fever, 

tiredness, loss of appetite, 

itching, back pain, thirst, 

and dark urine).


Nine symptoms were linked with PNEN (yellowing of

the skin, blood in stool, diarrhea, change in bowel 

habits, vomiting, indigestion, abdominal mass,

abdominal pain, and weight loss).


“When pancreatic cancer is diagnosed earlier, patients 

have a higher chance of survival. It is possible to 

diagnose patients when they visit their GP, but 

both patients and GPs... need to be aware of
 symptoms associated with pancreatic

cancer.” Dr. Weiqi Liao said.


While most symptoms were not specific to pancreatic 

cancer and could be due to other benign conditions,

 the researchers found patients diagnosed with 

pancreatic cancer, had a higher chance of 

experiencing some of these non-specific 

symptoms, one year before diagnosis.


Dr Liao said: “These new findings enable us to conduct

 further work on understanding symptoms that could 

suggest pancreatic cancer. This will help GPs to 

make decisions - about who to refer for urgent

 tests, especially when patients have several 

seemingly non-specific symptoms.”





Care Homes in England Set to Lose

 50,000 Staff as COVID Vaccine

 Becomes Mandatory

(Rhondda Records:
 in Wales?!!!)

November 10th, 2:31pm (FNA)



 Tens of thousands of care home residents face 

losing vital support, as unvaccinated carers 

clock off for the last time, before double 

jabs become mandatory.


About 50,000 care home staff who have not had 

two doses in England will not be allowed to 

work from Thursday. Analysis by the 

Guardian suggests that on current 

staff/resident ratios without other 

measures to tackle the problem

------ the care of about 30,000
 could be affected.


Care operators and health chiefs have warned: staff 

shortfalls could prevent thousands of people from

 being discharged from hospitals this winter --- 

limiting admissions and clogging up wards. 


They say it will increase pressure on remaining care 

staff to work longer hours, despite many being 

already exhausted.


One of the largest not-for-profit operators, MHA,

 estimates-about 750 care homes may have 

already stopped taking new admissions.. 

because of the staffing crisis. Seven of

 its homes are closed to new entrants 

and it is losing up to 150 staff 

because of the vaccine 

policy, this week.


“It is scary, as we head into winter and the concern 

is there will be a buildup of people in hospital who 

can’t be discharged,” said Sam Monaghan,
 chief executive.


The National Care Forum said providers are 

running at 17% average staff vacancy rates.


Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the NHS 

Confederation, which represents healthcare 

organisations, said people who were 

medically fit to leave risked longer 

hospital stays than necessary, at 

a time when capacity is crucial.


“As we head towards what could be the most 

challenging winter on record, we hope the 

government has assessed the possible

 knock-on impact of this policy,” 

he said.


The Department of Health and Social Care said 

councils will help care operators with staff 

shortages, that it has provided town halls 

with over £1bln of additional funding for 

social care this year, and is running a 

TV recruitment campaign.


Mandatory double vaccination for care workers in 

homes for older and younger adults has boosted

vaccine protection, with close to nine out of 10 

staff getting both jabs. But in areas including 

Thurrock, Nottingham and Manchester -- a 

fifth of staff are still not fully protected. 


NHS staff and domiciliary care staff who look after 

people in their own homes, will not need to be 

fully vaccinated... until April 1st, 2022, the 

government announced on Tuesday.


Claire Callender, 42, a short-staffed care home 

manager in Warwickshire, who has already 

closed 12 of her 27 bedrooms, said she 

was laying off another care worker on

 Wednesday because of the vaccine.


“The [situation] is absolutely ridiculous,” Callender 

said, adding - “I have to turn a healthcare worker 

away if they are not vaccinated, but not visitors

 [who do not need vaccination].


Katie Madden, who worked night shifts at the Greenways

 care home, cried when she told the Guardian about 

leaving. She worked through a COVID outbreak at 

the home and was sick with the virus for weeks. 

She had planned to get the vaccine but was

 anxious about it making her ill again.


“The decision was taken out of my hands … 

and I thought, no, I’m not ready,” she said.


She washes residents, prepares them for bed 

and checks on them through the night.


“This is a job I am going to be really upset about leaving,”