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The boys have a day out fishing off Cardiff Bay,
& Kyle, Neil, Matthew & Ricky catch all the fish!

(Great musical accompaniment by Efran Kaye)

Accept the Trash Isles as an official country & help protect our oceans


Dear Peeps,

Did you know that there is so much plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean that it could fill an area the size of France?

As an environmental campaigner, I teach young people the brutal truth about the damage plastics do to the world. Every year eight million tonnes of plastics are being poured into our oceans. It affects over 600 different species of sealife with at least 1 million seabirds dying each year. And by 2050, there’ll be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We need to act on this now. And getting this island of plastic recognised is the first step to making sure we stop plastic pollution in it’s tracks.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing.  I’m working with LADbible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation to establish the world’s 196th country "Trash Isles."  Will you support the campaign calling on the UN to accept our country? By becoming a country and a member of the UN, we are protected by the UN’s Environmental Charters, which state....

"All members shall co-operate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the Earth’s ecosystem"

Which in a nutshell means that by becoming a country, other countries are obliged to clean us up.

Plastic really is one of the biggest threats to our planet today and you only have to take a walk to your local stream, river or beach to see evidence of this for yourself. With so much hype about environmental issues, it’s easy to turn away, but the truth of the matter is we are on the verge of an environmental catastrophe.

We just found out that Al Gore has pledged to be a citizen of Trash Isles. Will you join us?

Sign my petition

Trash Isles Ambassador

There's a new petition taking off on Change.org,
maybe we should take the tasers off the police.

home office: Urgent review of police use of Tasers

Jason Jackson
London, United Kingdom

This week former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson died after being Tasered repeatedly by the police. The reasons for being tasered are unclear but we know now that Atkinson suffered from a weak heart and mental health problems.

As a black man, a father of three growing boys and a campaigner against the abuse of power by police officers, I was appalled and frightened to hear this news. If this can happen to a former Premiership footballer, then it could happen to me or my children.

Atkinson’s death is the eleventh linked to the use of Tasers by the police in this country. What is more worrying is that black people are three times more likely to have a taser used against them by police than white people, according to figures by the Home Office.

This is a testimony of a witness when Atkinson was killed;

"They were shouting and kicking so much all I could hear were the boots hitting him. And then the officer who released the Taser stepped back while the other officer still continued to kick and then I could hear him shout to the other officer that was still kicking, 'Back off, back off, back off.' And then the officer with the Taser asked the gentleman to put his hands behind his back and did so probably two or three times and reactivated the Taser another four or five times after that. [1] "

This incident has called into question the training and understanding on the use of Tasers within our police force and the fatal consequences of institutional racism. Police forces should be upholding the law and protecting people, not causing their deaths.

Theresa May, when Home Secretary, had previously raised concerns about the use of tasers. Now as Prime Minister she should take immediate action.

So I am calling on Theresa May to hold an urgent review of Tasers and the medical implications of their use. We ask the government to assess where other non-lethal weapons would be more effective and prevent unnecessary deaths in the future.

[1] BBC News: Dalian Atkinson dies after being Tasered in Telford by police 

Brexit v EU Whingers

I don't know who this video man
above is, but I think he's GREAT!


Please, Try The Truth...

Pundits and chancers in suits have
had their say on those who voted
"no" to the EU.

Most suggested that voters were
misinformed, misguided, and
probably racists. Charming.

According to Lord Ashcroft’s poll of 12,369 of
 referendum voters -- the most important issue
 for half the Leave supporters was sovereignty.
That decisions about Britain should be taken
 in Britain, by the people here.

Only a third put immigration control first, yet
 sovereignty, immigration and the economy,
 were all important to a majority of anti-EU

However, concern about the pressure of
immigration on local jobs, wages & public
 services, isn't a certain indicator of racism.

Nearly half Leave voters had a negative
 view of multiculturalism, and a quarter
had mixed feelings. A quarter saw it
as positive.

A third of black and ethnic minority voters
 opposed EU membership --- including the
 majority of Sikhs and Jews.

The political outlook of Leave voters
 was equally mixed.

More than one-third of Labour and SNP and
a majority of Plaid Cymru supporters, voted
 to leave the EU... along with one quarter of
Greens and almost one-third of Lib Dems.

Almost half of voters (45 per cent) describe
 either capitalism, globalisation, or both, as
overall, a force for ill in society, a majority
 of them opposed EU membership. In fact,
they comprised around one-third of all
the anti-EU voters.

As for the validity of the referendum, before
June 23rd, almost all campaigners on both
 sides, accepted that the result should be
acted on - whichever way the vote went.

Who would have dared suggest otherwise?

Of course, no result can settle the issue
 for ever -- but the people have decided,
for now, and that is what must happen.

Nothing would do more to build Ukip’s
position in Labour’s heartlands.... than
 refusing to enact the referendum result.

Arguments that the referendum isn't binding
 but advisory, or that parliament is sovereign
 rather than the people, are mere sophistry
 — especially when put forward by people
not previously concerned about
 constitutional niceties.


UK Labour leader will not change Brexit vote


Lots happening quietly under the surface...
having a wonderful 2021, hope you are too !

'Hey, Beautiful Girl', is the only way we can

pay tribute to Pat Jones, who passed away

in August 2011. It was a big favorite of hers 
--- and she helped to create the lyrics.

Our hearts go out to her family, whom she loved

dearly, and to all the people who knew and
her, as a warm and caring soul, 
the Rhondda. 


Pat fought for the people of Penrhys, and gave

all her heart to caring for others... She had the

typically mischievous sense of humour of the

Rhondda, and helped Rhondda Records for
10 years 
with glorious heart and generosity,
as its first 
and beloved Financial Director. 


May she rest in Peace.

Pat adored the idea of
The Boilerhouse Project
and wanted nothing but
the best for Penrhys...

It's fun ! (and great music by Efran Kaye)


Our tribute to Mother Jones, --- who loved humanity
worked to defend and unite all working people
to build a more just, beautiful world.



A song-prayer for where I live.
I mean THIS planet (please, folks! Behave!).

Gail Davies, a glorious keyboard player,
(and vocalist), stars here with a super-
brilliant piano solo and accompaniment,
with Pat Jones' chorus adding a lovely lilt.
Efran Kaye excels as his insistent chords
drive the wish of Love to come, forward...


Now, where have I heard that tune before?



According to a 2013 report, nearly half 
the UK's children watch parents divorce
well before they are 16 years old.

48% experience the break-up of their
family by
then, the report says, up
from 40% a decade ago.

one-parent family's child is 75%
more likely
to struggle at school,
70% more likely to get
to drugs, 50% more likely to
develop a
drinking problem
and 35% more likely to be
unemployed in adulthood,
the think tank says.

The UK is one of the few EU countries which
doesn't reward marriage in its tax system,
and the poorest families on welfare, are
penalised financially if they live together.

Some say parental break-ups are the fault of
a turning away from "traditional values", but
many see that low wages and unemployment
are the real culprit, with huge increases in
cases of violence in the home reported now.

I see familes in the valleys of Wales pulling
together, with single mums, dads, couples and
grandparents rallying 'round like never before
to help their children have a loving happy life.

May all love go to our children.


...a song about penitence and the triumph of Love.


A very old song, (the second we ever recorded),
and I moan on about giving
up women.. to save
the world from darkness.

Bit sad, really.

(Efran Kaye's brill bass makes it special)

Image: "obey", says the propoganda.

We could...

build a new economy in the "valleys"as
almost all our land (80%) is highland
and completely unproductive....

all we need is faith, courage and a
willingness to embrace new ideas -

plus, utilise the enduring flames of
equality and unity - always the true
source of the valleys' strength: -

turning our entire country into one
which provides strength for our
youngsters, & shows the world
a MUCH better way to live...


Ask YOUR political party what their
economic strategy is for Wales...

is it based on creating a future
using our 2 greatest assets?

Our land and our people.


Ireland hopes to export more "safe, green"
 agricultural products to China, as the two
lands have great potential for cooperation
 in this field, Irish Ambassador to China,
 Paul Kavanagh has said.

"Ireland wants to develop a close political
relationship with China based on mutual
 trust. Within the European Union, Ireland
 is a friend of China," Kavanagh says, as
Liu Yunshan, a senior official of the
Communist Party of China, started
a 3-day official visit.

"This is the third year in a row that we've had
very senior Chinese visitors visit Ireland.
We are pleased," says Kavanagh.

"Our political relationship is very close.
 There have been over a dozen Irish
political level visits, senior level
visits to China, and a significant
number of Chinese visits going
back to Ireland," he adds.

In the ambassador's view, the two countries'
close political relations are rooted in their
similar historical background
and development.

"Ireland has had a colonial history... That
is an important mental or psychological
background dimension to our relations
with China," he says.

 "We can understand, perhaps more easily,
 the history that your people went through.
 And I think China understands
Irish people."

Now, he says, both Ireland and China, 
are striving for an economic transition.

"We are not a country that was wealthy
for centuries and generations, & we're
 economically quite successful in the
same way that China has been,"
Kavanagh says.

"When it comes to agriculture, Ireland has
 a very strong reputation for high quality
 safe food," he says, adding that 10% of
 the world's infant formula milk powder
 is produced in the country.

According to the ambassador, Ireland will
 invest ''massively'' in the dairy industry, 
when the EU lifts quota limits on dairy
production in 2015, stating that within
five years, the country will increase
production by 50%, and double it
after that.

"So you have a country like China... who has
 almost miraculously raised living standards
 for hundreds of millions of people and their
appetite for food is growing... And Ireland
is the food island, is the green island,"
he says.

Despite the debt crisis in Europe, Ireland's
 agricultural exports to China grew by 40%
 last year. "We fully expect within 3 years
China will be our second largest market
in the whole world for food and drink,
second only to the UK," he says.

The ambassador also voices his hope that
 more Chinese enterprises will pick Ireland
 as an investment destination.

Thanks to its favorable business environment
 & highly-educated workforce, "we see Ireland
as a perfect landing point for Chinese
investment in Europe," he says.

... and Wales?


is both a tribute to Vic Doyle,
and played (brilliantly!) by him!

This is the one track by Vic on his many visits,
we managed
to save from the hackers.

(Perhaps we'll do some more!)


Wanted to get "Rosenkranz & Gildenstern"
into a lyric.. and Efran Kaye was trying out
a 'bottleneck' he'd just bought.

Hope it
you like it.

Apologies for the out of time video...
'though it might still might be worth
watching for the pathetic
hippy dance!

Image: Wales' herbs under attack


The European union has banned all
herbal medicine products from
entering the EU.


Ukrainian doctors study traditional medicine in China
A group of Ukrainian doctors, before the recent
West-directed coup to beat China and Russia
away, completed a
month studying traditional
medicine in China's Gansu Province.

Iurkivska Maria, one of 14 doctors who took
course, said before coming to China, she
knew little
about Chinese medicine and
thought "it was mysterious".

"Now I realize it focuses on patients' inner-
Acupuncture, acupressure and cupping
have less
side-effects than western medicine,"
said the 29-
year-old Kiev-based health care

During the study, Samoilovych Oleksandra, 55,
even skipped meals to read books on traditional

"It was Chinese herbal medicine that cured my
father two years ago, after western therapies
 failed to treat him," said Oleksandra.

Li Yingdong, vice president of Gansu University
 of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was one of the
 Chinese specialists on the seminar. He said that
although language was a problem, the doctors
 were keen to study.

Li went to Ukraine previously, to give lectures
 and offer free consultations to local patients.

Besides the seminar, Gansu University of
Traditional Chinese Medicine had signed a
 deal with Bogomolets National Medical
University of Ukraine, to jointly build a
traditional Chinese medicine study
institute at the Ukrainian university.

Li said Gansu had already carried out
exchanges with
Kyrgyzstan, Hungary
and Moldova, in the
field of traditional
Chinese medicine.

Gansu Province is one of the country's
 largest herbal medicine production bases.

You Wanna Know The Diff'rence
(between Heaven & Hell)?

Me, live at The Old George, on
missionary work in England...

with a brilliant ''Northern soul"
by Efran Kaye.


Image: West Bank homes

Majeeda Salaa makes chocolates from her own home.

What's unusual, is that she lives in Palestine,
where life is made extremely difficult, always.

"We use raw materials of the best quality
normally used in Europe, as well as herbs
and ingredients found in local markets,"
she says, adding: "it wasn't easy at all
to make chocolates that everybody likes."

Salaa's products are exhibited locally.
The 49-year-old, just one example of the
many Palestinian women who help their
overcome life's difficulties, hopes
that one day
she will be able to participate
in both Arab
and international exhibitions.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and
PM Fayyad
enjoyed tasting her handmade
chocolates, Salaa
says, adding that "I'm so
proud they tasted my
chocolates when they
visited Bethlehem several
months ago. They
said they liked them so much."

She says a French delegation visited her small
factory, and decided to fund the development
of her shop. "They funded 30% to develop the
'factory', and I paid the rest."

In Wales, if you live in "Social" housing,
do this... running
a business from your
home, is considered to be a crime!

What a difference changing this law
could make...


is dedicated to all who missed their childhood
and teens by being locked up, as the experience
of institutionalised degrading 'treatment' scars...

may the 'River of Love' comfort you.

Image: Pembrokeshire new potatoes

Watch out for the seeds you plant !

as the Spirit of Love
watches out for the
seed it plants in you

May orchards grow,
on Wales' barren hills

and in our hearts.

'I'm Loved By God',

created in the teeth of worldly discouragement...
with perfect help generously given by Efran Kaye...

A truly mighty man!


Faith, Hope and Charity,

but the greatest of these is...

Image: Poet is going live, on tour !


I welcome invitations to appear... ANYWHERE !

If you like, you can contact me by emailing:


Llantrisant Folk Club: "A genius... or what?"

Soundnation magazine: "inspirational songs".

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