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Richard Gould's Page

Image: Richard Gould

Not only is Richard a member of Pillars of Creation,
the Ponty based rock band which transcends the
word eclectic, he also excels as an innovative
artist in the recording studio, as a brilliant
musician, engineer and superb
solo guitarist.

Here's a link to Richard's youtube channel:

Richard Gould's youtube channel


Richard says "just press the button and
play the music - no need for words."

A video is good, though, innit !?!

"CREATION" ----- a sweet explosion of music
which I think is brilliant, though Rich' says
that, like "Strange Light", 
this is quite an
early effort! Now... with a video which
explores what scientists added
to the myth... possibly after
several shots !!!


this musical journey of colour and light
is as rich and cosmic as your mind...
with a touch of Stephen King

Richard lost his Dad to cancer recently
and this was recorded as his Dad was
in the terminal stages.

Richard wanted this placed as
a raw yet gentle uncensored
musical elegy to a beautiful man.

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