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Now Russia has announced that Nord Stream-2... is
not damaged on one string... let's get back on the
streets, like the Czechs - who stand up to stop
the West's pro-war elites - forcing us into gas
prices way too high for the majority to pay.
- all for the USA to stay as ''top dog'' !

Constance Naden:


''He who, having lost one ideal, refuses to 

give his heart and soul to another and 

nobler, is like a man who declines to 

build a house on rock, because the 

wind and rain ruined his house on 

the sand.''

Image: what is to be done now

President John F. Kennedy:

“I speak of peace because of the new face of war.

Total war makes no sense in an age when great

powers can maintain large and relatively 

invulnerable nuclear forces and refuse 

to surrender, without resort to 

those forces.”

Julian Macfarlane:

''Of 450 Ukrainian parliamentarians, only 

90 remain in the Ukraine. Bye bye Kiev. 

Hello Monaco.''


''Sir Kier Starmer - the only member of the UK

Parliament who is a member of the hated 

Trilateral Commission - A major driving

force for US political dominance.''

Ayn Rand:


"You can ignore reality, but you can

not ignore the consequences of

ignoring reality."

Phillyguy on The Saker Blog:


''Europe is still occupied by circa 100K troops, 35K

in Germany alone. Thus, Germany is not really a 

US ‘ally’ but rather a subordinate. This begs the 

question; will Germany and other countries
the EU... continue serving as de facto
vassals, or begin following a more 

independent foreign policy?
could argue, that:
their very survival 
functional states ---

depends on this.''

 Viktor Mikhin:


''The EU is not an ally of the US ---- but a coalition of

vassal states that have been under US military and

economic occupation ------ ever since World War 2.
The US committed a holocaust against Germany, 

during and immediately after that war - bombing 

entire cities, where only civilians lived, starving 

millions of German prisoners of war & civilians 

during the first few years of the occupation...

the reality is that the Marshall Plan was only

implemented, after the Morgenthau Plan to

kill millions of Germans, had done its 

bloody work.''

John F. Kennedy:

''What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do

we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world

by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the

grave, or the security of the slave. I am talking 

about genuine peace; the kind of peace that 

makes life on earth worth living; the kind 

that enables men and nations to grow 

and to hope, and to build a better life

for their children -- not merely peace

for Americans but peace for all men 

and women -- not merely peace in 

our time, but peace for all time.''

Jim Morrison, singer, songwriter, and poet:


“Whoever controls the media, 

controls the mind.”

President John F. Kennedy:


''I will splinter the CIA into a thousand 

pieces, and scatter it into the winds.''



''If you want to know who controls you,

look at who you are not allowed

to criticize.''

China's Premier Chou Enlai, in 1976:


 “Americans have no sense of history”.

Russia's President Putin, in 2022:


 “When creating Ukraine..... the Bolsheviks endowed 

it with primordially Russian territories – they gave 

it all of Little Russia, the entire Black Sea region, 

the entirety of Donbass. Ukraine evolved as an 

artificial state. Ukrainians and Russians are 

one people - this is an historical fact. The 

only country that can guarantee its 

sovereignty, is the country which 

created it – Russia.”

Oswald Spengler:


''Through money, democracy becomes
its own destroyer, after money
has destroyed intellect.''

President Putin:


''Russia tried to build relations 

with the West and NATO –

to live together in peace 

and harmony. Their 

response.. to all 


was simply


President Putin:


“It is in our historical tradition, in the fate of our

people, to stop those who are striving for world

domination, who threaten to dismember and 

enslave our Motherland, our Fatherland. 

We will do it now, and so it will be.”

Ernest J. King, Commander

in Chief of the US Fleet:


“I join in admiration --- for the Soviet 

Union’s heroic and historic defense.” 

Senator Alexey Pushkov:


''If we proceed....  from the sensational and untenable

“discovery” of the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde,

according to whom inflation comes out of nowhere..
then the doubling of the number of British citizens

struggling to make ends meet, has also come out 

of nowhere. From the sky, for example, it's come

& isn't a consequence of the ruinous policies of

British governments: guilty of the energy crisis, 

rising fuel prices, & the imposition of (counter-
productive) sanctions against Russia; not to 

mention... the risky enthusiasm for costly

military & other assistance to Ukraine.''

President Putin:


“The world is witnessing the degradation 

of world institutions, the erosion of the 

principle of collective security, the

 substitution of international law

 for ‘rules’”. 

Lex, on Moon of Alabama:


''This week, the Germans and French couldn’t 

decide whether they want to renew old feuds 

or band together against the US -- over being 

pillaged. Each time some wile e coyote ass 

stunt by the US/UK, there’s another tick on 

the ledger - that the real problems are the 

Brits & Yanks. The Europeans won’t say 

it out loud but they’re learning… slowly.

Going slow is dangerous...but it is also 

giving Russia’s adversary a lot of rope 

for hanging itself. The US/UK are led 

by people...... more than capable of 

hanging themselves, whether by 

accident, belief that they can

not be hung - or even out of 

ideological spite.''



“This above all: To thine own self be true.”

 President Putin:


''The battlefield to which destiny and history have
called us, is a battlefield for our people… for the 

great historical Russia, for future generations, 

our children, grandchildren, and great-grand

children. We must protect them....  against 

enslavement and monstrous experiments,

that are designed: to cripple their minds
souls. Today we need a consolidated 

society, and this consolidation can 

only be based --- on sovereignty, 

freedom, creation, and justice. 

Our values ---- are humanity, 

mercy and compassion.''



“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my

disciples. Then you will know the truth, and 

the truth will set you free.”

President Putin:

''Our values are humanity, 

mercy and compassion.''

Portuguese proverb:


The road to Hell is paved

 with good intentions.”

Commander of US Strategic Command

in charge of the US nuclear triad, 

Admiral Charles Richard:


''Just warming up. The big one is coming, and it 

won’t be long before we get tested in a way 

we haven’t been tested... in a long time.''

The Global Times (Chinese news):


''The US State Department revealed that the G7
ministers will discuss a range of pressing 

global challenges --- including the G7’s 

sustained support, for a democratic, 

sovereign and prosperous Ukraine.'' 

Ukraine's Reznikov begging BRICS 

country Brazil, for Gepard ammo:


''And... from these grain hubs, grain, sunflower oil, 

and corn are supplied to countries facing hunger. 

Therefore, if you give us these munitions today, 

we will protect the sky from terrorist drones --- 

which means that this will be a humanitarian 

mission on your part, because we will save 

lives and people will not die of hunger in 

Africa and Asia.''

President Putin:


“The unipolar world is coming to an end. The West is

incapable of single-handedly ruling the world. The

world stands at an historical milestone, ahead of 

the most dangerous and important decade 

since World War II.”

President Putin:


“There are at least two ‘Wests’. The first,
traditional, with a rich culture.
The second, 
is aggressive
and colonial.”

Imam Ali: 

''Telling the truth and doing what is 

right --- has left me with no friends.''

Karl Adolph Maximilian Hoffmann, Major General, 

Chief of Staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the

Eastern Front of the German Empire, in  WW1:


“I created Ukraine, frankly, just so that there was

at least some part of Russia, to conclude peace 

with her.” 



''The EU, is just the political and economic arm of 

the US in Europe, just as NATO, is its military arm. 

The United States of Europe has been USED. It is 

over. All we need now, is for Europe to recover 

its independence from the US invasion and 

occupation of the 1940s. Then... there will 

be a new EU, Eurasian Union or a new EC, 

Eurasian Confederation. This would be 

governed not by unelected Eurocrats,

 but by the elected governments of 

the sovereign states of multipolar 

Eurasia.. co-operating together.''

Military analyst Andrei Martyanov:


''The combined West.. doesn’t have the material and

technological means of fighting Russia in Eastern
Europe without losing catastrophically. Western

weapons turned out to be nothing more than

commercial items - not designed to fight a 

modern war - plus, no Western economy, 

including the United States, has the 

capability to produce them in the

needed quantities anyway.''


Kherson governor, Kirill Stremousov:


"After repelling the attack on Kherson ---

we plan to launch a counteroffensive on 

Nikolaev, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk." 

Valdai 2022 report “A World 

Without Superpowers”:


“The United States and its allies, in fact, 

no longer enjoy the status of dominant 

superpower, but... the global 

infrastructure that serves

 it, is still in place.”


“Evil appears as good 

in the minds of those 

whom god leads to 


President Putin, of the Russian Federation:


“Humanity has two options – either we continue

accumulating the burden of problems that is 

certain to crush all of us, or we can work 

together to find solutions.”

Charles Darwin:


“Ignorance more frequently begets 

confidence, than does knowledge.” 

larry, dfh:

''I do hope that Fred Reed is right about the Generals 

in Washington and Moscow, that they can prevent a

nuclear war from taking place. But we are walking 

on very thin ice right now --- with incompetent

ideologues in Washington, who, clearly, have 

no real understanding of the existential 

dangers of nuclear war.''

larry, dfh:


''In 2010, at the UN meetings of the First Committee, 

I asked both Rose Gottemoeller and Anatoly Atonov 

(during their briefing on New START).. if they were
familiar with the new studies on nuclear winter, 

which predict - that a US-Russian nuclear war 

would wipe out most of humanity. Both 

answered - “no”. Perhaps...  they have 

learned more, about nuclear winter.. 

since 2010. But it's willful blindness 

to chose to ignore such information 

--- and criminal insanity ---- to start 

a nuclear war that would amount

to a mass extinction event.''

Karl Phillip Gottlieb von Clausewitz, 

Major General of the Prussian Army: 


“Russia is not a country that can be really conquered, 

that is, occupied; at least this cannot be done by the

forces of modern European states. Such a country 

can only be defeated by internal weakness and 

the action of internal strife.“ 

Sergei Lavrov:


''The peoples of the world want to live according to the
cultural and civilizational foundations 
bequeathed by
their ancestors. They reject --- 
the pseudo-liberal
approaches imposed 
by western elites, which
destructive models of behaviour 

and thereby.. cause irreparable damage to
people's moral 
health. For our part ---- we 
proceed from the premise, that universal
solidarity ------ should be based on
values common to the world's
religions and cultures.''

The Quran (Sura Al-Imran – 3:54): 


“And the unbelievers schemed [against Jesus]; 

but God brought their scheming to nought:

for God is above all schemers.” .

Pepe Escobar:


''Sweden, Denmark and Germany - and the whole EU - 

know that if you really confront the Empire in public 

the Empire will strike back, manufacturing a war on 

European soil. This is about fear --- and not fear of
Russia. The Empire simply cannot afford to lose 

the “garden.” And the “garden” elites... with an 

IQ over room temperature ------ know they are 

dealing with....   a psychopathic serial killer

entity, which simply cannot be appeased.''

The New York Times reported in 2021:


“Police killings in America have been undercounted by

more than half, over the past four decades, according 

to a new study. About 55 percent of fatal encounters

with the police between 1980 and 2018, were listed 

as another cause of death.”

Fred Reed:


''In my days of walking the E-ring.... in the Pentagon,

I read manuals...  on how to keep soldiers fighting 

after they had received lethal doses of radiation.  

They don’t die immediately.. and, depending on 

dosage, might be administered stimulants to 

keep them on their feet, or so the manuals 

said. These manuals --- also discussed 

whether these walking dead.. should 

be told that they were about to die.'' 

Eric Arthur Blair:


''Given the advanced state of decay of the US.... and 

the unstoppable rise of China and Russia militarily, 

industrially, economically and socially --- there is 

zero prospect of the USA prevailing. There are 

only two possible outcomes:-  either the USA 

backs down -- or there will be global nuclear 

Armageddon. There is nothing in between.''

Belgium’s prime minister Alexander De Croo:


“We are risking a massive deindustrialisation 

of the European continent and the long-term

consequences of that --- might actually, be 

very deep. Our populations...  are getting 

invoices...  which are completely insane. 

At some point, it will snap. I understand 

that people are angry. . . people don’t 

have the means to pay.” 

Declan Hayes:


''Let’s face it, at day’s end, American-style democracy is

all about war and conquest, no matter what serial war

criminal happens to be at the helm. Zelensky, the

pathetic actor in charge of a kleptocratic state,

is a good democrat, because he is a godsend 

to the EU/NATO war industry. Ditto the coke

head who fronts the Finnish regime and 

Finland’s other warrior women, who 

wouldn’t fight their collective way 

out of a bag of coke.''

Shashi Tharoor:


“Alex von Tunzelmann’s clever start to her book 

'Indian Summer', made my point most tellingly:- 

‘In the beginning, there were two nations. One 

was a vast, mighty and magnificent empire, 

brilliantly organized and culturally unified, 

which dominated a massive swath of the 

earth. The other was an undeveloped, 

semifeudal realm -- riven by religious 

factionalism and barely able to feed 

its illiterate, diseased, and stinking 

masses. The first nation was India.

The second, was England.”

Head of the CPRF, Gennady Zyuganov:


''Standing in the way of our fraternal aspirations, are the 

selfish interests of transnational capital, epitomized by 

the USA and its NATO allies. Seeking to prevent global 

capitalism from sinking in a full-scale crisis, they are 

using.. sundry mechanisms of hybrid wars, broaden-

ing their expansion and fomenting managed chaos. 

The tentacles of this octopus have, already, got a 

stranglehold on Ukraine. The Bandera clique is

brought to power in Kiev, in order to impose 

economic bondage on a fraternal country, 

strengthen the anti-Russian alliance in 

Eastern Europe and form the “Baltic-

Black Sea cordon sanitaire.”

George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, US Army:


“The gallantry and aggressive fighting spirit 

of the Russian soldiers command the 

American army’s admiration.” 

Pepe Escobar:


''The Doomsday Clock set up by the Bulletin of

the Atomic Scientists in 1947, is now placed 

at only 100 seconds from midnight. Right 

on “Doom’s doorstep”. This is where 

a bunch of American psychos

is leading us.''

Folk saying:


''The wise have to think for the fools.''

Frank Knox, US Secretary of the Navy:


“We and our allies, owe and acknowledge 

an everlasting debt of gratitude... to the 

armies and people of the Soviet Union.” 

Commentator on the Saker:


''It’s not that we in the UK haven’t suffered enough, 

the majority have now grown used to it and think

it’s normal. Dark days ahead of us.''

Vladimir ilyich Lenin: 


“The war must be waged for real, or it 

must not be waged at all. There can 

be no middle ground.”

Head of Russia’s communist

party, Gennady Zyuganov:


“So, the President signed decrees on the admission of 

the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into

Russia. Bridges are burned . What was clear from 

the moral and statist points of view - has now 

become a legal fact: on our land there is an

enemy, he kills and maims the citizens of 

Russia. The country demands --- the
decisive action to protect

compatriots. Time does
not wait.”


Hanan Ashrawi:


“We're being shelled and bombed and assassinated

and killed. Our homes are being destroyed, our 

children traumatized. Our livelihoods, our 

institutions, our infrastructure 

totally demolished.”

Henry L. Stimson, US Secretary of War:


“History knows no greater display of courage 

than that shown by the people of Soviet Russia”

Evo Morales:


“NATO is, ultimately, the United States. It is not a
guarantor for humanity or for life. I do not accept

in fact I condemn, how they can exclude Russia 

from the UN Human Rights Council, when the 

US has intervened in Iraq and in Libya, in so 

many countries, in recent years. Why have 

they, not been expelled from the Human 

Rights Council? Why was that 

never questioned?”


Nina Simone:


''Slavery has never been abolished 

from America’s way of thinking.''

Alexander Lebed:


"I never consider 'ifs' and 'buts.' 

If grandma had a beard,
be grandpa."

Thomas Jefferson:


“If the American people... ever allow private banks to

control the issue of their currency - first by inflation, 

then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people 

of all property --- until their children wake up 

homeless on the continent their fathers 

conquered. The issuing power should 

be taken from the banks and 

restored to the people, to 

whom it properly 


Old Proverb:


''Lies spread with the wind ...  but 

Truth can travel against the wind.''

Harold Wilson:


''He who rejects change, is the architect of 

decay. The only human institution which 

rejects progress, is the cemetery.''

James Madison Jr.:


''A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive

 will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means 

of defence against foreign danger, have been always

 the instruments - of tyranny at home. Among the 

Romans, it was a standing maxim to excite a 

war - whenever a revolt was apprehended. 

Throughout all Europe, the armies [were]

kept up; under the pretext of defending, 

have enslaved, the people.''

William Hazlitt:


''A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile

 can work wonders and accomplish miracles.''

Viktor Orban, of Hungary:


"We are taught that sanctions are imposed by the

strong against the weak. But if you look at the 

energy sanctions, you can see that we are 

energy dwarfs in Europe, who impose 

sanctions against the energy giant. 

In my opinion, this cannot lead to 

anything good. If we lifted the 

sanctions --- the situation in 

Europe would immediately 


Sergey Lavrov's remarks to UN Security Council:


''Then Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk 

said in 2015, that sub-humans lived in Donbass. 

the current President, Vladimir Zelensky has 

not moved too far.. from this. When asked 

what he thought.. about the residents of 

Donbass, in his interview, in September 

2021 he replied that some were people 

and others were creatures or animal 

species. This is a salient feature 

of the Ukrainian regime, both 

under Petr Poroshenko and 

Vladimir Zelensky.''


Signs on public transport in Riga, Latvia: 


"Attention! Seats for Russian speakers are 

only on the back platform of the bus!" 

The mayor of the city of Dnepr Boris Filatov: 


“Now is the time for cold fury. We now have

the full moral right to calmly and with a 

completely clear mind kill these non-

humans around the world, for the 

foreseeable future --- and in the 

largest possible quantities.”

Percy Shelley:


''Empire has a long memory, tries to erase the past,

is terrified of the memory and the gigantic 

shadows of the future.'' 

Maria Zakharova: 

''The West’s biggest dream is to set prices for the
resources they do not own. They’ve been doing

this for centuries. They took things from other 

people for free - & had those other people pay 

them for doing so -- thus making independent 

countries & nations their colonies, satellites, 

semi-colonies and vassals. Now, they have 

moved to plan B --- which is wrapped up in 

economic terms such as “oil price caps” 

and is called “control over resources.” 

In fact, what we are witnessing is 

theft, when someone who isn't 

entitled to ''dispose of'' others 

resources is dictating prices

for these resources.''

Corrupt unelected E.U. boss, Von der Leyen: 


"We will see the result of the vote in Italy. 

If things go in a difficult direction, 

we have tools, as in the case 

of Poland and Hungary."

Caitlin Johnstone:


''The US empire continually works to strengthen its

stranglehold over global economic and financial 

systems ------ so that it can starve disobedient 

populations anywhere in the world, without 

firing a shot. Once you get this ---- you get 

why the empire sees a multi-polar world 

as such a threat.''

Caitlin Johnstone:


Americans: drinkable water please.


US government: Sorry, did you say 

...send billions of dollars worth of 

weapons to Ukraine and Taiwan?


Americans: no, drinkable water.


US government: Alright, you drive a 

hard bargain, but here’s billions of 

dollars of weapons for Ukraine 

and Taiwan.


Maria Zakharova: 


''We understand --- that Washington has set course for

global destabilisation. We can see this.... in various
regions of Asia, Europe, Africa & just everywhere.

 We also understand --- why this is happening. 

Washington lacks internal and legitimate 

external resources for its own develop-

ment and to overcome its economic 

and political crisis. So, they have 

turned to unlawful actions.''

Maria Zakharova: 


''A unilateral world - will end up in a deadlock. This 

is already happening. Only a world of harmonious
existence... has a chance to survive.''

President Zelensky of Ukraine: 


"In Germany, there are certain psychological 

barriers to the supply of weapons to
related to its Nazi past."

Unelected E.U. Commission 

head, Ursula von der Leyen:


"This is a war against our energy, a war against our 

economy, a war against our values, a war against 

our future. And I stand here, with the conviction 

that, with courage and solidarity, Putin will fail, 

Europe will triumph. Europe's solidarity with 

Ukraine --- will remain unwavering. And I 

want to make it clear --- that sanctions 

against Russia will remain in place, 

until its economy is torn apart. 

Now - is the time for 


not peace."

Ursula Von der Leyen: 


''...arrest Putin, send him to 

the Hague, or even kill him.''

Caitlin Johnstone:


Step 1: Set up systems that make the world’s
populations dependent on global trade.


Step 2: Work toward shoring up control over 

those systems so that you decide who gets

to trade and who doesn’t.


Step 3: Dominate the entire human species 

using weaponized starvation.

Western parliaments: 


“We are the people, and 

the people – that’s us.”

Chinese American on September 12th, 2022:


''Our morality does not come from religion, but in our 

faith in ourselves. Believe about us what you will, 

because our source of morality is beyond the 

world view of most Europeans.''

US General Douglas MacArthur:


“The scale and grandeur of the Russian effort, 

mark it as the greatest military achievement

in all history.” 

Caitlin Johnstone:


''If the US empire doesn’t have wildly disproportionate 

influence over whether earth’s populations can make

and use money, those populations suddenly have no

need to obey the dictates of Washington. Unilateral 

sanctions are meaningless ----- if everyone can just

ignore them. So there’s literally an entire planet’s 

worth of power at stake here when we’re talking 

about the empire’s “great power competition”,

with Beijing and Moscow, because what that 

slogan really means is preventing the rise of 

a true multi-polar world - where power isn’t 

as centralized. And this, is the single most 

urgent threat --- facing the human species 

today: a nuclear-armed empire struggling 

to secure planetary domination --- at any 

cost. A floundering unipolarist empire 

with nuclear weapons, is dangerous 

in the same way a cornered animal 

with sharp fangs, is dangerous. 

Except there’s a whole lot 

more, at stake.''

Confucius (on rap):


“If one wants to know whether a kingdom is well 

governed, whether its morals are good or bad, 

the quality of its music will provide

the answer.”


 President Putin on Tchaikovsky:


“The proverbial ‘cancel culture’ has 

become a cancellation of culture.” 

Historian Michael Walzer:


“The Siege of Leningrad killed more civilians 

than the bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, 

Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.”

1 Peter 4:19

Let those who suffer according to the will of God
commit their souls to Him in doing good.''



“The fact is....  that Russia is directly opposed to
globalism - the “liberal totalitarianism” - and this

is an ideology. The fact is that globalism insists 

on the complete unification of humanity, under 

the leadership of a World Government --- with 

the universal spread of liberal democracy, 

ideologies and systems of rules and 

norms based on them ---- including 

gender politics, LGBT+,  extreme

individualism & transhumanism.”



“The end of history is the victory of liberalism 

and the West on a global scale, which implies 

the abolition of any ideological, geopolitical, 

economic and socio-cultural alternatives.”

Historian, Edward Gibbons: 

“The name of Poet was almost forgotten; that of 

Orator was usurped by the sophists. A cloud 

of critics, of compilers, of commentators, 

darkened the face of learning, and

the decline of genius was soon 

followed by the corruption 

of taste.”

In his first inaugural address, Lincoln said:

“I have no purpose - directly or indirectly - 

to interfere with the institution of slavery

in the states where it exists. I believe

I have no lawful right to do so.”

William Seward, Lincoln’s Secretary of State:

“We show our sympathy with slavery by 

emancipating slaves where we cannot 

reach them --- and holding them in

bondage where we can set 

them free.”

Bruce Gagnon:


''When law and morality contradict each other, the

citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing 

his moral sense, or losing his respect for 

the law.''

Abraham Lincoln:


“We cannot attain the ideal union our Fathers 

dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior 

race among us, whose assimilation is 

neither possible or desirable.”

Native American Proverb:


“When a man moves away from 

nature his heart becomes hard.”


 Frédéric Bastiat:


''Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates 

in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus 

of judges, police, prisons, and gendarmes, at the 

service of the plunderers and treats the victim

- when he defends himself - as a criminal.''

Arundhati Roy:


“Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. 

Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons.” 

George Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud:


“The conscious, intelligent, manipulation of 

the habits and opinion of the masses, is an 

important element in democratic society. 

And those who manipulate this unseen 

mechanism of society, constitute the 

invisible government, which is the 

true ruling power of the US.”

On August 22nd, in 1862, Lincoln wrote:


 ''If I could save the Union without 

freeing any slave, I would do it.''

Bruce Gagnon:


''We must all work as hard and consistently as possible 

to shut down our corrupt government. When ''our''

government no longer represents ‘We the people’ 

then we have an obligation to revolt. Why are 

people so compliant? Don’t they care about 

their children and grand-kids future? Do 

they have a right to just give up? 

I don’t think so.''


Frédéric Bastiat:


''When misguided public opinion --- honours what 

is despicable, and despises what is honorable, 

punishes virtue & rewards vice, encourages

what is harmful and discourages what is 

useful, applauds falsehood & smothers 

truth under indifference, or insult, a 

nation turns its back on progress,

and can be restored, only by the 

terrible lessons of catastrophe. ''

Jimi Hendrix:


“When the power of love is greater than 

the love of power, there will be peace.”

Professor Everisto Nebyera:


"If BRICS prevail --- We will see

a new global economic order." 

Georgi Zhukov on the liberation of Berlin:


“We liberated Europe from fascism, 

but they will never forgive us for it.”

Frédéric Bastiat:


''When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for 

themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a 

moral code that glorifies it.'' 

Shoigu at the recent ‘First International 

Anti-Fascist Congress’ held nr Moscow:


“It is clear that the financial and economic co-operation

between Anglo-American & Nazi business circles was a

major factor leading to the 2nd World War --- which cost
humanity, unprecedented human lives. SS legionnaires’
marches have become traditional in Estonia and Latvia
with monuments and obelisks erected to war criminals.

Nazi slogans & appeals are openly heard in the streets

of Lithuanian cities. The policy of the Kiev authorities, 

to rehabilitate Nazism and incite hatred towards every
thing connected with Russia. After the collapse of the
Soviet Union --- everything was done in Washington to
turn Ukraine [& the rest of Europe] into the antipode 

of Russia. The promotion of legislation - banning the 

Russian language, Russian media, Russian culture -

everything related to our country was encouraged. 

The fight against any manifestation of Nazism,
therefore, be uncompromising,

and comprehensive.”

Evo Morales:


“We have profound ideological differences with the

politics implemented by the United States using 

NATO, which are based on interventionism and

militarism. Between Russia and Ukraine they 

want to reach an agreement and the U.S. 

keeps provoking war --- the U.S. military 

industry, which is able to live thanks 

to war --- and they provoke wars in 

order to sell their weapons. 

That’s the other reality 

we live in.”

Janos Arany 


''In dreams and in love 

there are no impossibilities.''

Abraham Lincoln:

“I can conceive of no greater calamity,

than the assimilation of the Negro
our social and political life,
our equal.”

Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, 

and General of the Army, Sergei Shoigu:


''The transition from dominance by a single 

global leader to several centres of gravity 

is not an easy one. However, this creates 

real conditions for the development of 

sovereign states.''

Image: President Putin: ''The situation in the world is changing dynamically and the outlines of a multipolar world order --- are takingshape. An increasing number of countries and peoples are choosing a path of free and sovereign development based on thei

Chinese Foreign Ministry:


''85 percent of the world's population 

- has not imposed sanctions against 

Russia: only the majority represent

the international community." 


President Putin:


''The situation in the world is changing dynamically, 

and the outlines of a multipolar world order --- are 

taking shape. An increasing number of countries 

and peoples - are choosing a path of free and 

sovereign development based on their own 

distinct identity, traditions and values.''


''These objective processes... are being opposed by the

Western globalist elites, who provoke chaos, fanning

long-standing & new conflicts, and pursuing the so-

called containment policy, which, in fact, amounts 

to the subversion.. of any alternative, sovereign 

development options. Thus -- they are doing all 

they can, to keep hold onto the hegemony and 

power that are slipping from their hands; they 

are attempting to retain countries & peoples 

in a grip of what is essentially a neocolonial 

order. Their hegemony.. means stagnation
the rest of the world & for the entire 

civilisation; it means obscurantism, 

the cancellation of culture, and 

neoliberal totalitarianism.''

Timothy Leary (1920-1996):


"Almost everyone today is brain-damaged 

by our education, which is designed to 

produce docile automatons."

General Sherman, told his wife his purpose: 


''Extermination --- not of soldiers alone, that is 

the least part of the trouble --- but the people.''

Historian Lee Kennett, in 

his biography of Sherman:


“Had the Confederates somehow won, had their 

victory put them in position to bring their chief 

opponents before some sort of tribunal, they 

would have found themselves justified in 

stringing up President Lincoln and the 

entire Union high command --- for 

violation of the laws of war --- 

specifically, for waging war 

against noncombatants.”

Jeremy Kuzmarov:


“Former Bolivian President Evo Morales calls

for a global campaign --- to eliminate NATO.”

 Evo Morales:


“Julian Assange's detention --- represents an escalation, 

an intimidation: so that all the crimes against humanity

committed by the different governments of the United

States --- are never revealed. So many interventions,
many invasions, so much looting.”

Milagros Pichardo Pérez: 

''Even the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López

Obrador, directly asked his counterpart, Joe Biden, 

to release the founder of the WikiLeaks portal, to 

whom he "opens the doors of his country," and 

described him as "the best journalist of our 

time." He also considered, that the 

treatment he has received, only 

"for denouncing human rights 

violations", is worse than 

that of a criminal.''


The UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, 

says Assange has suffered psychological torture: 


"How far have we sunk?" 

Robert Penn Warren wrote in his 1960 book:


“The Northerner, with his Treasury of Virtue, caused 

by his victory in the Civil War, feels as though he has 
an indulgence; a plenary indulgence, for all sins past
present & future. This indulgence is the justification 

for our crusades of 1917-1918 and 1941-1945, and 

our diplomacy of righteousness, with the slogan 

of unconditional surrender and universal 

rehabilitation --- for others.


 Thomas DiLorenzo:

''Lincoln’s war destroyed the voluntary union of 

the founding fathers and replaced it with an 

involuntary union held together by threat 

of invasion, bloodshed, conquest, 

and subjugation.''

Evo Morales:


“They think that some countries are the property 

of other nations. They think God put them there, 

so the world belongs to the U.S. and the UK. 

That’s why the rebellions and the 

uprisings will continue.”

Evo Morales:


“In politics we must ask ourselves: Are we with the

people or are we with the empire? If we are with

the people, we make a country; if we are with 

the empire, we make money. If we are with 

the people, we fight for life, for humanity; 

if we are with the empire, we are with 

the politics of death, the culture of 

death, interventions and pillaging 

of the people. That is what we 

ask ourselves as humans, 

as leaders: ‘Are we 

at the service of 

our people?’”

Yves Smith of 'Naked Capitalism':


“Despite the aggressive Western sanctions…....  Russia

has been very restrained, as far as counter-measures

are concerned. So, after loudly saying that the EU

wants nothing to do with Russian energy, or 

Russian pipelines... the EU should hardly 

be upset, if Russia is tired of laboring 

not to give them what they asked

for, an economic divorce. The 

problem is, Europe is now 

upset, that it’s getting 

what it acted like

it wanted.”

Catherine the Great, of Russia:


''A man ought to form, in his own mind, an exact

and clear Idea of what liberty is. Liberty is the

right --- of doing whatsoever the laws allow: 

and if any one citizen could do what the
aws forbid --- there would be no more 

liberty; because others would have 

an equal power of doing
the same.''  



''I would have loved to have been a 

rock n' roll star. But none of us
musical, and none of us
had any 

Jim Rickards:


“The economies of the US and the EU are in, or very

near to, recession. Inflation is out of control in the

West and commodity shortages will lead quickly 

to food shortages and more empty shelves in

supermarkets… as economic sanctions 

have backfired - with protests turning 

up at all spots in the global supply 

chain - including railways, 

trucking, warehouses, 

and ports…”

US Senator Lindsey Graham: 

"I like the path we are on. As long as we

help Ukraine with the weapons it needs 

and economic support, it will fight to 

the last man."


Jim Rickards:


“Almost everything you heard ---- about the 

war in Ukraine from US media.. was a lie.”

 Ex President of Ukraine Poroshenko 

who signed the Minsk Agreements:


“When I was signing it, I never intended to implement

it. We just needed more time - to get more weapons

from the West - in order to enable us to resolve the

problem of the Ukrainian East by the use of force.”

Martin Jay: 


"The once-golden relationship between the US 

and the EU is also coming to an end. A game 

of accusations will begin ---- which will be 

carefully developed over several weeks

in the media. The West needs to get 

out of the conflict in Ukraine and 

it needs a good reason to 

turn around."



What kids in the late 1940s used 

to sing, on the May day marches:


''Go home yankee, yankee go home!

We don’t want you anymore.

For the way of life you sell

Doesn’t suit us very well

And it wasn’t Errol Flynn 

that won the war!''

Rachel Marsden: 


“The conflict in Ukraine, risks creating the ultimate

nightmare for Western elites: an alternative group 

of allies, over which the West has no control, but 

with the capacity to offer opportunities that are

competitive with what their own governments 

or countries are offering… Western elites are 

doubling down in Ukraine to save the world 

order --- that protects their own selfish 

interests --- thinking that it’s the way 

to prevent... a parallel option from 

emerging. It’s as simple as that.

And they don’t care, if it’s the 

average citizen who has to 

pay the price”.

Camilo José Cela:


''There are two kinds of man: 

the ones who make history - 

and the ones who endure it.''

Dmitry Medvedev:


“Washington - in tandem with London - conned the
Europeans like a couple of shell-game tricksters.” 

Sergey Lavrov: 


“The European economy is impacted -- more than

anything else. The stats show that 40 percent 

of the damage caused by sanctions is borne 

by the EU --- whereas the damage to the 

United States is less than 1 percent.”



"My love is deep and wide like that of the sky. 

My only morality is to fight slavery.

 I do not care for the restrictions of caste or creed.

 I only know humanity and its service"



 Richard Price:

''Tremble, all ye oppressors of the world! Take warning,
all ye supporters of 
slavish governments, and slavish 

hierarchies! Call no more (absurdly and wickedly) 

reformation, innovation. You cannot now hold 

the world in darkness. Restore to mankind..
their rights; 
and consent to the correction
of abuses, 
before they and you are

Thomas Carlyle:


“Make yourself an honest man, and then 

you may be sure that there is one less 

scoundrel in the world.”

Eric Zuesse, on post-soviet US aims:


''President GHW Bush, secretly informed America’s
allies, starting on February 24th in 1990, “To hell 

with that! We prevailed, they didn’t” ie, “they still 

need to be totally and humiliatingly defeated 

by us; they need to be conquered.” This --- 

is the reality. No myth. America’s foreign 

policies are laser-focused on crippling if 

not destroying, all possible competitors.

Especially, all nations in Europe need 

to know this, and to reverse course 

because of it. Because --- if they 

don’t, then Europe’s economies 

will be crushed this coming 

winter, in order to keep up 

the US Government’s lies. 

It is.. their choice. Either 

continuing as American 

vassal-nations, or else, 

making a fundamental 

turn, toward freedom 

and justice.''



Martin Armstrong: 


“There is no way they can get out of this, other than

by default. If they default, they are worried about 

millions of people -- storming the parliaments of

Europe. This is really a tremendous financial 

crisis that we are facing. They have been 

borrowing year after year, since WWII ---

with zero intention of paying 

anything back.”

Angelo Giliano, Financial & Political Analyst:


''What the collective West needs to take into account

  now is ---- that they are not alone. They need to stop 

their imperialist way of approaching how they see 

the world. They tend to say the global world, but 

when they say the global world, they only mean 

maybe 15% of the population. But the problem 

now is, that they don't have the weight they 

used to have and they need to take into 

account that you have an emergent 

world and they are - we are - 

living in the last days of 

the imperialistic West.''

Cynthia Chung:


''Russia’s proclaimed support... in its letters to Lincoln,
would be put to the test - during the 
summer of 1863.
By then the South’s invasion 
of the North had failed
at Gettysburg and the 
violent anti-war New York
 draft riots also 
failed, and Britain - as a result -
was thinking 
of a direct military intervention
--- with the 
backing of France.

''What would follow, 
marks one of the greatest displays
support for another country’s sovereignty, to

ever occur in modern history. The Russian
Navy arrived on both the 
east and west
coastlines of the US in 
late September
and early October, in 1863. 

''The timing was highly coordinated.... due to intelligence
reports of when 
Britain and France were intending their 

military action. The Russian navy would stay along the
US coastline... 
in support of the Union, for 7 months! 

They never intervened in the American civil war but
rather.....  remained in 
its waters, at the behest of
Lincoln in 
case of a foreign power’s interference.

''If Russia had not done this, Britain and France would
most certainly, have 
intervened on the Confederate 

states behalf -- as they made clear they would and
the US 
-- would have most certainly broken in two.
At that point i
t was Russia’s direct naval support
that allowed the 
US to remain whole.''

US ''Defense'' Secretary, Lloyd Austin:


“The range of HIMARS, our GMLRS round, is 80 

kilometres and so that’s pretty good reach. It 

has allowed and will continue to allow, to get 

after those longer-range targets that they’ve

been unable to reach.”

Michael Hudson:


The philosophy of the IMF ever since world war II is

when third world countries can’t pay the debt, the 

IMF comes in with an austerity program and says 

you have to lower wages -- you have to break up 

labour unions, if necessary you have to have a

democracy, and you can’t have a democracy 

unless you’re willing to assassinate and 

arrest the labour leaders and the 

advocates of land redistribution 

...because a democracy means 

basically, rule by the financial

sector centred in the US. So.. 

finance capitalism ever since 

WWI and especially WWII and 

especially since 1980, is the 

nationalistic doctrine of US

banks and the US 1%, and 

the US financial sector ----

that's sort of merged into 

a symbiotic unit with the 

finance, insurance and 

real estate.''


''In other words, finance capitalism instead of trying 

to promote overall economic growth for the 99%,
instead of financing the industrialization of an

economy, with rising productivity and rising 

living standards, is now cannibalizing the 

industrial sector, and cannibalizing the 

corporate sector. As you’re seeing 

in the U.S., finance capitalism 

is the economic doctrine of 

deindustrialization... that 

has occurred in the US,

in England, and is now 

occurring in Europe.''

Michael Hudson:


''You need a strong enough government to check the

 power of an oligarchy and to prevent a creditor 

landowner oligarchy from developing. And 

libertarians... while pretending to be for 

liberty, they’re for a centrally planned 

economy --- but a centrally planned 

economy by the oligarchy, by the 

financial sector, and by the real 

estate owners. So every 

economy is planned. 

And the question is, 

who’s going to do

 the planning?''

Daniel Ortega, Sandinista:


''We are a poor country that wants to take the efforts

and resources.... now being invested in defense of 

the revolution and invest it in tractors and plows.

Imperialism cannot conceive of a free people, 

a sovereign people, an independent people. 

Because, simply and plainly, for them,
people is nothing more than
empty phrase.''


Michael Hudson:


''What you call the bad guys.. always call themselves
the good guys. What you call evil, calls itself good. 

So the question is, what kind of good guys you’re

going to have? The good guys that want to blow

up the world and impoverish society, which is 

what neoliberalism says are the good guys, 

or the good guys for the 99%, which 

America says are autocracies,

that we have to fight?''

Femi Akomolafe:


''Why are Westerners so dumb, that they 

cannot ask where their leaders... who 

can’t find the money to repair their 

shattered economies, suddenly 

find the money to provide 

weapons to Nazis,

in Ukraine?''

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov: 


“Our special military operation -- is meant to put an end
to the unabashed expansion
and the unabashed drive
full domination - by the US and its Western 
subjects on the world stage. This domination... is
built on gross 
violations of international law and
under some rules 
which they are now hyping
so much, 
and which they make up on a

case-by-case basis.”



Frantz Fanon: 


“When I search for Man in the technique and 

the style of Europe, I see only a succession 

of negations of man --- and an avalanche of 

murders. Leave this Europe where they are 

never done talking of Man, yet murder men

everywhere they find them, at the corner 

of every one of their own streets... in all 

the corners of the globe. For centuries 

they have stifled almost the whole of 

humanity in the name of a so-called 

spiritual experience. Look at them 

today, swaying between atomic 

and spiritual disintegration.”



June the 9th, in 1537, Pope 

Paul III's Bull Sublimis Deus:


''We...  who, although indignant, exercise the power of 

Our Lord on earth -- and fight by all means -- to bring 

the lost herd to the fold that has been entrusted to 

us nevertheless consider that the Indians are true

men and, that they are not only capable of under-

standing the Catholic faith, but, according to our 

information ...notwithstanding what has been 

said, or is said to the contrary, such Indians 

and all those who are later discovered by 

the Christians, may not be deprived of 

their LIBERTY BY ANY MEANS, nor of 

their properties, even if they are not 

in the faith of Jesus Christ; and of 

their properties and they will not 

be slaves, and everything that 

is done will be null and void.''

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban 

on anti-Russian sanctions:


“Initially, I thought we had only shot ourselves in

the foot, but now it is clear, that the European

economy has shot itself in the lungs and it

is gasping for air. What we see right now,

is unbearable.” 

Ben Okri:


 "We have to find a new art and a new 

psychology, to penetrate the apathy 

and denial that are preventing us 

making the changes that are 

inevitable if our world is 

to survive."

Caitlin Johnstone:


''The majority of Americans think it’s just fine 

to use AR-15s (assault rifles) on foreigners....

it’s just not okay to use them on Americans.''





''Correction is grievous to him that 

forsakes the way: and he that 

hates reproof, shall die.”


Pepe Escobar:


“Geopolitically, and geoeconomically, 

Russia and China are in the process 

of eating NATOstan alive.”


CPRF Head, Gennady Zyuganov:


“We have a well-developed programme for new

industrialisation and innovations. I presented 

to you the programme of a new university 

created by Zhores Alferov, which today 

shows examples of how to train 

students of the future.”

Rosa Luxemburg:


''The fight is between 

socialism... and 




Arnold Joseph Toynbee:


''Of the 22 civilizations that have 

appeared in history, 19 of them 

collapsed when they reached

the moral state the US is 

in now.”



President Putin:


''The march of history is unstoppable 

and the attempts of the West to foist

its New World Order on the world 

are doomed to failure.''

Frederick Engels:


‘‘The fact is that there is no army in either Europe 

or America with so much brutality as the British. 

Plundering, Violence, Massacres – things that 

everywhere else are strictly and completely 

banished – are a time-honored privilege, a 

vested right of the British soldier … The 

sack of Lucknow (India) in 1858, will 

remain an everlasting disgrace to 

the British military service.’’

Tommy Cooper:

“You know, somebody actually complimented 

me on my driving today. They left a little note

 on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.'”

Vladimir Putin:


"They should have realized that they 

would lose from the very beginning 

of our special military operation, 

because this operation also 

means the beginning of 

a radical breakdown 

of the US-style 

world order."

Cesar Chavez here:


''Though many of the poor.. have come to see 

the affluent middle class as its enemy, that 

class actually stands between the poor 

and the real powers in this society - 

the administrative octopus with

 its head in Washington, the 

conglomerates, the 

military complex.''

Marshall Berman:


''We come from ruins, 

but we're not ruined.'

Zhuang Zhou, (Zhuangzi): 


“Flow with whatever may happen 

...and let your mind be free: 

Stay centred by accepting 

whatever you are doing. 

This, is the ultimate.”

 Zhuang Zhou, (Zhuangzi): 


“The wise man knows that it is better to sit

on the banks of a remote mountain stream

than to be emperor of the whole world.”

Jesus Prayer - Prayer of the Heart:

"Lord Jesus Christ Son of God,

 have mercy on me, a sinner."

Zhuang Zhou, (Zhuangzi): 


“A path is made by walking on it.”



Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:


''From now on, we will never 

trust the Americans 

or the EU.''

Blair T. Longley:


''Money can never stop being measurement backed 

by murder. However, the successfulness of that

depends upon most people not understanding 

that, and not wanting to understand that.''

Blogger, re Assange:


“Mainstream journalism died not in a prison cell, 

not from a bullet in the head, not in a car 

explosion, not even hacked up in a 

Saudi consulate. It died the day it 

chose complicity by letting the 

best of them slip away into 

silence and oblivion.”

Dmitry Medvedev:


"Nobody in their right mind, wants higher prices 

and taxes, mounting tension along the borders,

Iskanders, hypersonic weapons, or ships with 

nukes a stone’s throw... from their house.
hope that the common sense of
neighbours eventually prevails. 

Yet if not, then, as they say, 

"they started it."



Pepe Escobar:


''NATO will continue to help Kiev to fight 

until the last Ukrainian cannon fodder.''



Fabio Vighi: 


“The purpose of the Ukrainian emergency... is 

to keep the money printer switched on while 

blaming Putin for the worldwide economic 

downturn. The war.. serves the opposite 

aim of what we are told: not to defend 

Ukraine but to prolong the conflict 

and nourish inflation - in a bid to 

defuse cataclysmic risk in the 

debt market, which would 

spread like wildfire 

across the whole 

financial sector.”

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister:


''When the Second World War was
about to start --- 
Hitler gathered
most of the European countries 

under his banner.''


''Now the EU and NATO are also gathering
the same 
modern coalition for the fight,
and, by and large, 
for war with the
Russian Federation. We will 

look at this very carefully.''

Pepe Escobar:


''The European Commission is totally outside of any

sort of control. That’s how a stunning mediocrity 

like Ursula von der Leyen – previously the worst

Minister of Defense of modern Germany – was

catapulted upwards to become the current 

EC Fuhrer, dictating their foreign, energy 

and even economic policy.''

President Putin:


“…there is no middle way between being 

a sovereign country and a colony, no 

matter what you call a colony.” 


Alva Myrdal:


''The world, generally speaking, is now drifting on 

a more and more devastating course towards the

absurd target of extermination - or rather, to be 

more exact - of the northern hemisphere's

towns, fields, and the people who have

developed our civilization.''



Alva Myrdal:


''It does not just happen. It is disclosed by science that

practically one-half of trained intellectual resources

are being mobilized for murderous purposes.'' 





''We've always been at war with Eurasia.

We've never been at war with Eurasia.

Good news, brothers and sisters, 

this week's chocolate ration 

has gone up, from 

120 grams, to

98 grams!''


The smelly hippie:


''The best time to plant a tree, was 

20 years ago.. the other best time 

is now.''

Kim Il-sung:


“It is wrong to try to avoid the struggle 

against imperialism, under the pretext 

that independence and revolution are

important, but that peace... is still 

more precious. Peace secured 

by slavish submission, is 

not peace.”

Susan B. Anthony:


"Cautious, careful people, always 

casting about to preserve their 

reputations... can never effect 

a reform."

US commentator on The Saker:


''The world is being turned upside down, at a pace that is
simply breathtaking. I live in a small, rural Kansas farm
community and, thanks to media.. from TV to 
the cultural blitzkrieg has hit --- even here. 
In our
high school are not only “trans” 
students... but
“furries” — there are 3 
girls who “identify” 
as CATS. Thanks to the recent Biden
we now have to figure out, if
we’re willing to 
cancel the school
lunch program... in 
order to keep
boys out of girls’ rest
rooms and
off the 
girls sports teams.

Thanks to smartphones children’s minds are being
and occupied by the same satanic
forces - 
that dominate the coasts. No safe
anywhere. A 13-year-old boy here
who'd had his 
mind warped by online
tormented, tortured
and raped.... a 13
year old girl.
Right here, 
in our little rural
No more Mayberry.

And it happened



The 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade of Ukraine:


''We have big problems: with food, water, medical

supplies and the treatment of the wounded and

sick. We did not have any heavy weapons. The 

enemy’s heavy artillery, worked on us all day, 

& there was no response from our artillery. 

We all have various contusions or injuries 

we received.. in combat positions. There 

are many people.. with chronic diseases. 

We could no longer continue our service. 

We want to protect our homeland but we 

have a lot of problems that need to be 

solved and cured - now. We could not 

get this.. from the management. We 

will now be heading to the hospital 

for treatment. We express --- our 

distrust ---- to the leadership of 

the brigade --- the leadership 

of the battalion, as we have

a feeling... that they just 

want to dispose of us.''


President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev:


''Ensuring efficiency in public administration, 

introducing open government institutions, 

developing e-services, and fighting 

against corruption, are the main 

directions of state policy.''

Khosrow Golsorkhi:


''Why should it fit any literary school. Why imprison our 

poetry, which is our only effective art form, in literary

and stylistic schools? The place of a poem.. is not in

libraries, but in tongues and minds. Literature must 

retain the role it always had in social movements, 

for us too...  in the displacement of social order, 

and fulfill it. The role of literature is to awaken. 

The role of progressive literature is to create 

social movements and to help attain the

goals of the historic development 

of peoples."

Eugenio Maria de Hostos:


''Nearly all human beings love, but

 nearly none know how to love.''

Ramin Razaheri:


''Modern political history... begins in 1789,

because it begins with the fight against 

the absolute autocracy of monarchy &

humanity’s shift towards greater and 

greater democracy. It doesn't begin 

in 1688... with England’s Glorious 

Revolution, because all that faux

-revolution did, was legitimise 

monarchical oligarchy, which 

still exists today in England, 

in Saudi Arabia, in Morocco 

and in all the monarchies,

because that --- is what 

monarchy is: collusion 

on behalf of a few --- 

against democracy, 

equality, and 


Alva Myrdal:


''If only the authorities could be made to realize that 

the forces leading them on in the armament race, 

are just insane.''

Soame Jenyns:


''Great men whilst living must expect disgraces,

Dead, they're ador'd - when none desire 

their places.'' 

Marcus Tullius Cicero:


“Politicians are not born; they are excreted.”


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte:


“In terms of weaponry, we stand united here: 

that it is crucial for Russia to lose the war.  

As we can't have a direct confrontation 

between NATO troops... and Russia, 

what we need to do is make sure 

that Ukraine can fight that war, 

that it has access to all the 

necessary weaponry.”


The President of Mexico:


“How easy it is to say: ‘There, I send so 

much money for weapons, I provide the 

weapons and you provide the dead.’ 

It is immoral.”



Maria Zakharova, at the Saint 

Petersburg Economic Forum:


“If you’re looking for media objectivity, 

best not focus on the West’s portrayal 

of Ukraine.”



Edmund Burke on Western Liberal Democracy

as practiced in France's Third Estate, in 1790:


“Judge, Sir, my surprise when I found that a very great

proportion of the assembly (a majority, I believe, of 

the members who attended) ...was composed of
practitioners in... the law. Who could conceive 

that men who are habitually meddling, daring, 

subtle, active, of litigious dispositions, and 

unquiet minds... would easily fall back into 

their old condition of obscure contention - 

and laborious low, unprofitable chicanery. 

Who could doubt but that, at any expense 

to the state - of which, they understood 

nothing - they must pursue their private

interests, which they understand, but 

too well.” 



Karl Marx on Western Liberal Democracy 

as practiced in the United States:


“Nowhere do ‘politicians’ form a more separate,
powerful section of the nation, than in North 

America. There, each of the 2 great parties 

which, alternately, succeed each other in 

power, is itself --- in turn --- controlled by 

people who make a business of politics, 

who speculate on seats - in legislative

assemblies of the Union, as well as of 

the separate states - or who make a 

living... by carrying on agitation for 

their party and, on its victory, are

rewarded with positions.”

Joe Stalin: 


“Social Democracy and fascism, 

are not opposites, they
are twins.” 



Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker blog:


''A common Western Liberal Democratic criticism of

the parliaments of Cuba, Iran, China, etc...  is that 

there are too many people who are “unqualified”. 

They are accused of this, because they lack 

university degrees, whereas, in socialist-

inspired democracy, morality, devotion 

to the people and grassroots esteem, 

are seen as good qualifications for 

public office.''

Dominique Pire:


''Whether or not, one has won the 

Nobel Prize, each of us living in 

contact with our fellowmen,

feels a joint responsibility 

for all forms of suffering, 

both physical and moral.''

Joseph the Hymnographer: 


The things of the earth, in the earth let us lay;

The ashes with ashes, the dust with the clay:

But lift up the heart and the eyes and the love,

O lift up the soul to the regions above!

Edward Abbey:


''Our 'neoconservatives' are neither new nor 

conservative, but old as Bablyon and evil 

as Hell.''


Jose Marti:


''Man is not free to watch impassively 

the enslavement and dishonour of 

men, nor their struggles for 

liberty and honour.''

Head of R.F.'s Negotiations on Military Security 

& Arms Control in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov:


(If) “howitzers, HIMARS and MLRS (strike)

Russia, the response against decision-

making centres - will be immediate - 

not ruling out anything anymore.”

Bruce Lee:


“If you love life, don’t waste time, 

for time is what life is made up of.” 

Michael Hudson, economist:


''I suspect that a new world economic system 

is emerging. If it succeeds, the last century – 

since the end of World War I and the mess it 

left – will seem like a long detour of history, 

now returning to what seemed to be...  the 

basic social ideals of classical economics

 – a market free from rent-seeking 

landlords, monopolies and 

predatory finance.''

Charles Dickens:


''The American elite is almost beyond

redemption... Moral relativism has 

set in so deeply...  that the gilded 

classes have become incapable 

of discerning right from wrong. 

Everything can be explained 

away... especially by

 A Living Sacrifice:

Romans 12 vs 1-2


1. Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of
God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice,
holy and pleasing to God — this is 
true and proper worship. 


2. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be

transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then 

you will be able to test and approve what God’s

will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.




Multi-billionaire Ted Turner, in 1996:


“A total population of 250-300 million 

people, a 95 percent decline from 

present levels, would be ideal.”



Henry Kissinger:


“Who controls the food supply, controls

the people; who controls the energy, 

can control whole continents; who 

controls money, can control 

the world.”



John Kenneth Galbraith:


“The process by which money is created 

is so simple, that the mind is repelled.”





''To protect the value of the government’s 

paper currency - you have to redeem it in 

taxes, and burn the revenues generated.''





''In 1961 every nation in Africa produced 

more than 100% of its own food supply,

today... almost none of them do. What 

happened? The IMF and the World 

Bank. For ''loans'', they had to

introduce ''austerity',' and

privatise everything, and 

then --- convert to cash

crops to feed the US.''



Michael Hudson:


''The choice confronting Global South countries: 

to starve, by paying their foreign bondholders &

bankers, or to announce, as a basic principle of
international law: 'As sovereign countries, we 

put our survival above the aim of enriching 

foreign creditors, who have made loans 

that have gone bad, as a result of their 

choice to wage a new Cold War. As for 

the destructive neoliberal advice that 

the IMF & World Bank have given us... 

their austerity plans were destructive

instead of helpful. Therefore, their 

loans have gone bad. As such, 

they have become odious.'''



Aleksey Zhuravko:


“The leaders of the West themselves created the
illusion of universal support for Zelensky, but in 

reality he looks like a donkey, in front of which

they constantly hold a “carrot”, which

invariably slips away. In fact, both 

him and the whole country, 

are simply being led to 

the slaughter.” 



Aleksey Zhuravko:


“They understand very well --- that all the “red lines”

drawn by Vladimir Putin, have long been crossed, 

so there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all,

in the end, it will still be up to Russia and its 

partners to restore Ukraine. Therefore, the 

goal of the West is to inflict maximum 

damage on this country. Ukraine 

can only be given - some penny 

loans for restoration, but with 

a mandatory repayment and 

at crazy interest rates.”



Batiushka, for the Saker Blog:


''Today the seven billion people of the Non-Western

world.... are ranged against the one billion of the
Western world. All the international foundations 

- the UN, IMF, WHO etc, are going to be remade. 

Why should some of them, at least, not be 

headquartered in Russia? Either in Saint 

Petersburg, or in Ekaterinburg, or in 

the Crimea.''



Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security 

Council of the Russian Federation, June 3rd:


''The special operation in Ukraine has brought 

the confrontation between Russia & Western 

countries, led by the US, to a climax. Battles 

are going on, not only in the vast spaces of 

the Ukraine, but also in the economic, 

political and cultural spheres. The 

style of the Anglo-Saxons has not 

changed for centuries. And so... 

today they continue to dictate 

their terms to the world, 

boorishly trampling on 

the sovereign rights 

of States.''



Silvio Berlusconi, Il Giornale, June 4th:


''What the Ukrainian crisis has shown us, is that

the West is isolated from the rest of the world, 

and this is an alarm call for the present,
especially, for the future.''



St. John Chrysostom:


“The road to hell...  is paved with the skulls
erring priests, with bishops as
their signposts.” 

Michael Eric Dyson:


''I don't believe in that kind of American John Wayne

individualism, where people pull themselves up by 

their bootstraps. Someone changed your diapers.

And if that's the case, you ain't self-made.''



''American roulette: this is the correct name for 

so-called ‘Russian roulette’. It never existed in 

Russia, but was invented by a US writer for a 

work of fiction in 1937. Presumably he gave 

it the Russian name, as it sounded ‘exotic’ 

to him. Another crazy racist Russophobic 

invention, that only gun-obsessed 

cowboys, with their cult of 

violence, could think up.'' 

Alexander Perendzhiev:


“Such weapons and military equipment supplied by the
United States to official Kyiv pose a direct threat not
only to the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, but 

also directly to Moscow itself and to the Central
macroregion of the Russian Federation.. as a 

whole. That is, such a supply of weapons is 

an attempt.. to carry out direct aggression 

against our country from the parties.. are 

no longer Ukraine, but the United States! 

It is precisely in this way --- and not 

otherwise --- that these actions of 
official Washington... should 

be considered.”

Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle:


''It takes time to ruin a world, 

but time is all it takes.''

Mary Ritter Beard:


“Despite the modern dogma to the effect that 

women were a subject sex --- until the 19th 

century 'emancipated' them from history, 

women - in history - had demonstrated 

strong wills and purposes, had made 

assertions, and had directed or 

influenced all human destiny, 

including their own, since 

human life began.”

Chelsea Manning:


''Read everything. Ask your own questions. 

Be your own filter. Nobody is going to look 

at the world around you and tell you what 

important things are happening... that 

affect you and the ones you love.''

Marina Silva:


“Now more than ever, we need sustainable

development.. and not the kind of develop

-ment that we are seeing right now... That 

means, a country that is environmentally

sustainable, politically democratic, 

and socially developed”.

German chancellor Scholz, in Davos:


''Putin can never win in Ukraine because it is 

already obvious: that he could not achieve