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Quotations Page

Nadezhda Krupskaya:


''Soviet power, at the head of which, Ilyich then 

stood, was faced with the problem of creating 

a type of state machinery, such as the world 

had never before seen, one which relied on 

the masses... and which would remake the 

entire social fabric in a new, socialist way 

and reshape all human relations. First of 

all however, it was necessary to defend 

Soviet power --- against the enemy's 

attempts to overthrow it by force, 

and to undermine it from within. 

We had to strengthen our ranks.''



Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching:


“Knowing others is intelligence;

knowing yourself, is true 

wisdom.   Mastering 

others is strength;-

mastering yourself 

---- is true power.”




Winston Churchill:


“The truth - is incontrovertible. Malice 

may attack it, ignorance may deride 

it, but in the end, there it is.” 




Gilad Atzmon, Jewish writer and musician:


“It is certain that there is no ethnic or racial 

continuum between the Biblical Israelites 

and the (Ashkenazic) Khazarians who 

lead the Jewish state.” 




President Zelensky... of Ukraine:


“Ukraine will become Greater Israel.”




Heinz Dieterich, director of Centre for Transition

Sciences at the Autonomous Metropolitan

University, Mexico, coordinator at the

World Advanced Research Project:


“President Putin’s special military operation, to 

defend the people of Donbas from an imminent 

general offensive by a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev,

is not only fully justified in international law by 

Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations 

but is fully consistent with the military praxis 

and doctrine of the legitimate self-defense of 

States in the face of an imminent threat 

emanating from a neighbouring state, 

or enemy forces.” 




Mike Adams: 


“If Putin enforces his demand of accepting only rubles,

gold or bitcoin for energy exports, the dollar instantly

loses significant utility in the world. Those nations

that wish to buy energy from Russia - which 

includes most European nations - will need 

to first buy rubles, then trade rubles for 

energy. This gives rubles instant 

commodities backing. Putin’s 

latest move threatens the 

very future of the dollar

currency...  and may 

spell the beginning 

of the end... for 

the dollar.”





''We shall pull down these temples and this 

morality ; there is nothing but oppression 

in this world; we do not know sin; 

we shall break our clutches, pull 

down old dilapidated buildings 

and raise there new 

blue palaces." 


George Harrison:


''I'll tell you one thing for sure: once you get to

the point where you are actually doing things 

for truth's sake, then nobody can ever touch 

you again because you're harmonizing with 

a greater power.''


The key principle of the UN Charter, states: 


“The Organisation is based on the principle 

of the sovereign equality of all its Members.”



US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen,

stating the new Bretton Woods framework: 


“The friend-shoring of supply chains to a large 

number of trusted countries - [who share] a 

set of norms and values about how to 

operate in the global economy.” 



Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov:


''By plundering other countries’ material assets.... the

Western countries have destroyed their reputation of
predictable partners who honour their commitments.
Nobody is safe from expropriation and “state piracy” 

now. Therefore, not just Russia but also many other
countries.... are reducing their reliance on the US 

dollar and on Western technologies and markets. 

I am sure --- that a gradual de-monopolisation of 

the global economy.... is not a distant future.''


Pepe Escobar:


''Ukraine was never about a military win. What 

is being accomplished, is the slow, painful 

destruction of the European Union (EU) 

economy, coupled with extraordinary 

weapons profits for the western 

military-industrial complex and 

creeping security rule, by 

those nations’ political 



Propergander, Saker commentator:


''The issue is not... that the US has no strategy. 

It is just that their prevailing strategy cannot
accommodate... the coordinated action of 

China and Russia cutting of supply, and 

causing supply inflation, to which there 

is no fiscal or monetary policy answer, 

and where war succeeds... in only 

exacerbating domestic pain.''


Pepe Escobar:


''NATO has already wasted $50 billion - and counting -

while the Russians spent $4 billion, give or take, and

already conquered Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson 

and Melitopol, created a land corridor to Crimea 

(securing its water supply), controls the Sea 

of Azov and its major port city, and liberated

strategically vital Volnovakha & Popasnaya 

in Donbass, as well as Izyum near Kharkov. 

That doesn’t even include Russia hurling 

the entire, collective west into a level of 

recession not seen since the 1970s.''

Shakespeare’s mad, senile “King Lear”:


“I shall do such things, I know not what 

they are. But they shall be - the terror 

of the Earth”. 



Thierry Meyssan:


''On November the 2nd, in 2021, Dmitryo Yarosh
became an advisor to 
General Zaluzhnyi -- the
of the Ukrainian Armies.

All Banderite para-military organizations 

- 102,000 men - were incorporated into 

the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A plan 

of attack on Crimea and Donbass,
drawn up. NATO, which
already had 
instructors on site

sent weapons. ''



“I warn you against shedding blood, 

indulging in it and making a habit 

of it, for blood never sleeps.”


Peacenik, Saker commentator:


''Bet you can’t guess the number one Senator 

in 2020 in Merchant of Death donations?

Its Bernie Sanders.''


Confucius, 551-479 BC, Chinese Teacher:


“Above all it is essential to refer to things by their

correct names. If things are not referred to by 

their correct names, then our language will 

not reflect reality. If our language does not 

reflect reality, then our actions will not 

reflect reality, and will be exercises 

in futility.” 


Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer: 


"We are at war, forget about 

blaming our own President 

and focus on the enemy.'' 


Uncle Bob, Saker commentator:


''The swastika was the symbol of the Finnish 

Air Force... until 2020. They removed it...
and without announcements.''

Declan Hayes on NATO’s expansion to Finland

and how it would undermine Russia’s security:


“The Kola Peninsula, which lies almost completely

inside the Arctic Circle, is pivotal to Russia’s 

Northern fleet. It is... the crux of Russia’s 

military establishment in the western 

Arctic, and its air and maritime 

capabilities - are essential to 

Russia’s homeland defense, 

Arctic defense and overall 

defense capabilities.'' 


''Because Kola’s Severomorsk-1 air base, Gadzhiyevo

submarine base... and Okolnaya submarine support

base are critical to Russia’s operational readiness 

and its ability to defend Russia’s maritime space 

in the Arctic, Russia cannot allow this deluded 

warrior woman to launch Armageddon.''


''The Kola Peninsula is also home to systems, such as

RS-24 YARS - located at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome -

which are a core deterrent to U.S. and NATO attack

systems. Russia’s Grom-2019 exercises, showed 

her ability to use Kola’s arsenal of ballistic and 

cruise missiles to defend her position; not only 

in the Arctic but further south along the entire 

Finnish border, as well in contiguous regions 

where Russia’s core strategic interests
at stake.”


Cloud Of Fennoscandia, Saker commentator:


''We have been promised...  a national vote on defence

matters for years and years, but gallups have shown 

time after time -- that Finnish People do not want to 

be part of any military cliques. Now our globalist 

President and Schwab/WEF groomed, socialist 

PM did see (arrange?) their momentum. And 

all of a sudden, we, the People, and vote, 

are not needed.''


V.I. Lenin’s “Imperialism, the Highest Stage 

of Capitalism” (1912) Ch. 2, The Banks
Their New Role: 


“the beginning of the twentieth century marks the

turning point from the old capitalism to the new, 

from the domination of capital in general, to 

the domination of finance capital.”


Michael Hudson: 


''… we’re seeing, in the last few months, the beginning

of a war that’s going to go on for – I think – 20 years, 

maybe 30 or 40 years. The world is splitting away. 

It won’t be a pretty sight --- because the United 

States and its European satellites are trying 

to prevent an inevitable break away, that

they cannot prevent, any more than 

Europe’s landlord class... could 

prevent industrial capitalism 

from developing in the

19th century.''

Scott Ritter:


''US military personnel, whose traditions are born 

from the heroic sacrifices - made by hundreds of
thousands of their fellow soldiers, sailors, and 

airmen - who gave their lives, to defeat Nazi 

Germany, are today providing weapons and 

training, to Ukrainians... whose bodies and 

banners bear the markings of Hitler’s 

Third Reich.''



Saker commentator Steve from Oz:


''Many professional commentators, are not 

aware that liberalism is the political arm 

of economic individualism, and is 

therefore anti-community.''

Elizabeth Peratrovich:


''Asking you to give me rights 

implies that they are yours 

to give.''

Charles Dickens:


“Have a heart that never hardens, 

a temper that never tires, and

 a touch that never hurts.”

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian

Federation Pyotr Tolstoy, talking to  La Republica:


“Despite the help from Europe and the hysteria of 

Boris Johnson or Mario Draghi, we will finish the

operation when we see fit. I think we will stop 

at the border with Poland.”



The scientific service of the Bundestag: 


“Only if - in addition to the supply of weapons -

the instruction of the conflict party or training

in such weapons, were also an issue, would 

one leave the secure area of non-warfare.”



The Bible: 


''Nothing is innocent in man.''

Shep, Saker commentator:


''What is suspicious about the nationwide display of
Ukraine flags is that it all seems pre-organized and

done at a fairly large scale. I think there is an

intimidation factor here. The flag display 

shuts down anyone who wants to 

side with Russia.''

Mr. Enzweiler, a retired US Air Force, USAID 

contractor and US Foreign Service Officer:


''CFR President, Mr. Haass, is the spokesperson 

for Washington officialdom, on foreign policy. 

Haass presents three possible war-ending 

scenarios. Pouring more weapons into 

Ukraine and prolonging the war, is 

Haass’s recommendation under 

all three scenarios.''

Mr Haass in his seminal statement: 


"Whatever goals the West ultimately settles on,

 requiring that the war end with a formal peace

 agreement, should not be one of them."

Parfois (Saker commentator):


“To limit energy sanctions, the US attempted to bring

Syria to heel, so they could build pipelines across 

its territory and bring natural gas and oil from the

Middle East and avoid the present crunch, but 

that failed, so now they are scrambling.”

Yuri Podolyaka, Russian human:

''The battle goes on, not for some town in 

Donbass and not even for all of Ukraine. 

The battle is between radically different 

worlds. The battle is for the sake of one 

of the worlds winning - and going on to 

build on our beautiful Earth the 

civilization of the future.''


''Their side uses threats, murders, violence, 

provocations and spreading total hatred. 

Our side tries to bring to the world – 

which so far is not really listening – 

completely different values. And 

for that reason, we have to win. 

Because if we lose, they will 

wipe us off the map. We and 

our children will be either 

killed -- or turned into the 

'cesspool of hatred' that

they turned Ukraine 

into... in a mere 

8 years.'' 


''But I’m absolutely sure that this process is reversible

and, leaning on our ideology, we would not just win 

in Ukraine... and resurrect the Ukraine we still 

remember – the people and the country, not 

to mention the government. But the end 

goal is to win the battle in Washington. 

As paradoxical as it may sound today, 

we need to help American people to 

get rid of the bloodsuckers... that 

today are violating hundreds of 

millions - or even billions - of 

people across the planet, 

with their hatred.''


Michael Hudson:


''...basically the oil companies and the US are 

going to let the third-world countries go into 

a crisis. If they default on their bonds, then 

the US and the bond-holders... get to treat 

Latin America like they treated Argentina 

or Venezuela, and grab whatever assets 

they have outside of their country. Like 

Venezuela had investments in the US

and gold that it left in the Bank of 

England that were grabbed.


''There’s going to be a huge asset grab. That 

is supposed to be how this unfolds, and the 

most obvious assets to the grabbed, are 

going to be in Latin America and Africa. 

Maybe some Asian deficit countries. So 

this is the weakest link, and that’s why 

there’s this fight within the IMF.. at the 

upcoming meetings, to create these 

special drawing rights, to give them 

money: on the condition that there

 is a class war.''


''...what we’re seeing, really, isn’t a war 

between NATO and Russia. It’s a class 

war of the neoliberals against labour 

across the world, to establish the 

power of finance over labour.''


''If you read what Klaus Schwab says at the World

Economic Forum, he said there are 20% too many

people in the world, especially in the Global South.

This is what all the big foundations are for. The

billionaires, they all say, ‘We’ve got to thin out 

the population, there’s too many consumers 

that don’t produce enough wealth for us.’ If

they produce wealth for themselves, that 

doesn’t count, because that’s not for us, 

and we don’t get it.'' 


''Obviously, anyone who looks at the basic 

economic trends can see that this is 

inevitable—and you have to assume 

that this was discussed as part of 

the whole big neoliberal plan of 

the Biden administration and 

the Deep State behind it.''


The Saker commentator, R. Robertson:


''Neoliberal economists and

their lawyers have decided,


1. Contracts must be honored in Euros 

or Dollars as the contract stipulates.


2. Those Euros and Dollars will then

 be canceled, per sanctions.


3. EU oligarchy gets free sh*t to sell 

to EU customers at very high prices.


It is the ultimate in wealth production. Pay

nothing for something, and sell it at very 

high prices during crisis. Western 

oligarchs becoming history’s 

greatest State Welfare 

Queens. Which they 

already are.''



Zero Hedge commentator 



“In exchange for so-called Schrödinger Euros,

Vladimir Putin ´the merciless´ has decreed 

the creation of Schrödinger NatGas, 

whereby GazProm will thus “print” 

cubic metres of natgas - with a 

keyboard - 100% for free and 

then transfer such gas over 

to the EU purchaser’s 

storage tanks, in the 

EU albeit now under 

“frozen” status.''


''So Russia never gets to use such euros – 

which actually never see the light of day

 – and accordingly are not inflationary in 

any and every sense of the term, as 

nobody else can use them either, 

and Europe never gets to burn 

such gas – which actually 

never sees the light of... 

pilot – and, accordingly, 

does not contribute to

global warming!''


''Thus by not entering into any economy at all in

no way, shape, or form, the EU and Russia can

exchange lots of nothing for free, and Greta 

will squirm with delight. Easy see ?''

John V. Walsh, April 28th, 2022:


''Out of 195 countries only 30 have 

honoured US sanctions on Russia.''


John V. Walsh, April 28th, 2022:


''At the recent G-20 Summit a walkout led by the

US when the Russia delegate spoke, was joined

by the representatives of only three other G-20

countries, with 80% refusing to join!''



John V. Walsh, former professor of physiology

& neuroscience, University of Massachusetts
Chan Medical School:


''For those who look forward to a multipolar world,
this is a welcome turn of events, emerging out
of the cruel tragedy of 
the US proxy war in
Ukraine. The 
possibility of a saner, more 

prosperous, multi-polar world, lies
ahead --- if 
we can get there.''

Thierry Meyssan:


''On November the 2nd, in 2021, Dmitryo Yarosh
became an advisor to the Commander-in-Chief
of the Ukrainian Armies, General Zaluzhnyi.

All Banderite para-military organizations
-102,000 men - were incorporated into 

the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  A plan 

of attack on Crimea & Donbass, was 

drawn up. NATO, which already had 

military instructors on site, sent


Oleksiy Kochetkov, author:


''All "Azovites" are anti-Christians. All modern

European Nazis... profess a mix of paganism 

and Germanic occultism and in fact satanic
rituals, including human sacrifice, a blood 

cult & torchlight processions. The "Black 

Sun" is the key element here...  because 

it's a symbol of Satan, the black energy 

that destroys all enemies...  and gives

extraordinary power - to the chosen 

ones. But if the elect.. do not fully 

meet the criteria --- are not fully 

elected, then it destroys them 

as well. This -- as the German 

occultists wrote -- is the fire 

that can only be controlled 

by the chosen supreme 

patron, in their case, 



Guardian reporter Luke Harding

describing the Right Sector

neo-nazis in Ukraine:


‘’An eccentric group of people 

with unpleasant right-wing 


As early as 1923, Dontsov in 

his article “Are We Fascists?”:


"The political and moral-psychological 

spirit that Ukrainian nationalists 

breathe, is indisputably 


Canada's best P.M., Lester B. Pearson:


“The choice is as clear now for nations 

as it was once for the individual:
or extinction.

US Judge Andrew Napolitano:


“As if to run even further away from US

constitutional norms, a group of legal

academics began arguing last week 

that property seized from Russians

is not really owned by 

human beings.”



Russian Foreign Secretary, Lavrov:


“It’s hard work talking to morons.”


Zaur, a soldier from Dagestan, in Ukraine:


"They shot the mother in the back, she fell. 

We shouted to the child "Run!". But he did 

not know what to do, he wanted to run 

away - and help his mother. And the 

sniper shot him in the head. That 

bastard, shot a kid in the head! 

At that moment, we all forgot 

what death is, we did not

think about our lives,
breached there.



Zaur, a soldier from Dagestan, in Ukraine:


“It was an inflection point, to understand
that I am doing everything right. That
I am here for these people.
They cry, hug us,
thank us.” 

Woodrow Wilson:


“The government, which was designed for the 

people, has got into the hands of the bosses 

and their employers, the special interests. 

An invisible empire has been set up 

above the forms of democracy.”

Christmas Evans:


“I remember the words of Luther,
that reading, and prayer, 
temptation, are necessary
to strengthen and to 

purify the talents
of a minister.”

Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''What sanctions have we adopted against those who
deliberately lied to the inter
national community in
order to wage 
unjust, unjustified and murderous
Have we sought to “make the American 

people suffer” - for lying to us before the war
in Iraq?  Have we adopted a 
single sanction
against countries, 
companies or politicians
who are 
supplying weapons to the conflict 

in Yemen --- considered to be the “worst
humanitarian disaster... in 
the world?”
Have we sanctioned 
the countries of
the European 
Union - that practice
the most 
abject torture on their

territory for the benefit of
United States?


To ask the question is to answer 

it… and the answer is not pretty.''

Andrei Bezrukov, member of the Presidium
of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy:

“I want to state the fact that the West succeeded 
in dragging
us into this war. No matter how we 
tried to resist, this is
their tactical victory. 
They have succeeded in colliding
brotherly nations against one another. From this,
can draw the following conclusion: now we have

been practically forced, especially after the latest
packet of 
sanctions ---- into a position where we
have no 
other choice but to totally restructure

our economy, financial system, and, in
essence, our domestic policy.''


Milton Mayer, They Thought They 

Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45:


''It's clearer all the time that, if you are going to do anything
you must make an occasion to do it and then -- you are
obviously a troublemaker. So you wait and you wait.
But the great shocking occasion, when 10s or
100s or 1,000s will join with you never comes.
That’s the difficulty. If the last and worst act
of the whole regime 
had come immediately
after the first and smallest, 1,000s, yes,
millions -- would have 
been sufficiently

shocked -- if, let us say.. the gassing of
the Jews 
in ’43 had come immediately

after ‘German Firm’ stickers on the
windows of non-Jewish shops in 

’33. But of course, this is not the
way it 
happens. In between come
all the 100s 
of little steps, some
preparing you
not to be shocked by 
the next.
Step C, is not so much 
than Step B, and... if you 
not make a stand at Step B, 

why should you at Step C? 

And so on... to Step D.''



Emperor Nicholas I:


"Where the Russian flag is raised once, 

it should not be lowered there."



Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''In the Ukraine, with the blessing of Western countries
--- those who are in favour of a negotiation, have been
eliminated. This 
is the case of Denis Kireyev, one of
Ukrainian negotiators ---- assassinated on March
5th by the Ukrainian secret 
service (SBU) ..because
he was too 
favorable to Russia.. and considered a
traitor. The same fate befell Dmitry Demyanenko,

former deputy head of the SBU’s main directorate
for Kiev...  and
 its region, who was assassinated 

on March 10th because he was too favorable to
an agreement with 
Russia — he was shot by
Mirotvorets (“Peacemaker”) militia.'' 



David Ben-Gurion about how to deal 

with the Palestinians in their midst: 


‘’There's a need for a strong and brutal reaction.

We need to be accurate about the timing, place
and those we hit. If.. we accuse a family, we
need to harm them without mercy, women

and children included, otherwise this is 

not an effective reaction; there is no 

need to distinguish between guilty 

and not guilty.’’



Cynthia Chung:


''So Who is the chosen “Enemy”? The enemy 

is our lesser selves. Our most base fears, 

desires and obsessions. The voice - that

whispers in our ears -- telling us not to 

believe in anything genuine or honest - 

that the world we live in will ultimately 

destroy itself and thus it is all about 

looking out for number one. That it 

is our fate to be the playthings of 

higher powers. There is a way 

out of all of this, but you will 

have to become an optimist 

in order to see the solution.''



Abraham Lincoln:


“We must not be enemies. Though passion may

have strained, it must not break our bonds of

affection. The mystic chords of memory will

swell... when again touched, as surely they 

will be, by the better angels of our nature.”



1st Secretary Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin:


 “I know they will pile garbage on my grave,

 but the wind of history will blow it away.”



President Joseph Robinette Biden:


“We have this notion that somehow 

if you’re poor you cannot do it. 

Poor kids are just as bright 

and just as talented as 

white kids.” 



Fintan O’Toole: 


“If lies were flies, the swarm around him 

would be so thick that Boris Johnson 

would be invisible.”



Hateful to me as the gates of Hades

is that man who hides one thing in

his heart and speaks another.”



Jesus, in Matthew 15:7:


“You hypocrites!” 



Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''We show compassion for the Ukrainian people and the two
million refugees. That's fine.
if we had had a modicum
of compassion for 
the same number of refugees from
Ukrainian populations of Donbass massacred by
their own government 
and who sought refuge in
Russia for 
eight years --- none of this, would 
probably have 
happened. Absent from the
diplomatic phase 
the EU distinguished
itself -- by fueling the 
conflict. On
February the 27th  ...

government agreed to enter
into negotiations...  with 
Russia. But a few hours
the EU voted a
budget of 450 mln

euros to supply
to the

the fire.
From then on, 

the Ukrainians felt they 

did not need to reach 

an agreement. The 

resistance of the 

Azov militia, in 

Mariupol even 

led to a boost 

of 500 million 

euros... for 



US President Woodrow Wilson, after taking

his bribe -- to create the ''Federal'' Reserve: 


“I am a most unhappy man. I have, unwittingly,

ruined my country. A great industrial nation is

controlled by its system of credit. Our system 

of credit, is concentrated. The growth of the

nation, therefore, and all our activities, are 

in the hands of a few men. We have come 

to be one of the worst ruled, one of the 

most completely controlled and 

dominated Governments in the 

civilized world — no longer a 

Government by free opinion, 

no longer a Government by 

conviction and the vote of 

the majority, but a Govern

-ment by the opinion and 

duress of a small group 

of dominant men.”


Trita Parsi:


“Non-Western countries tend to see Russia’s
war very, very differently. Western demands 

that they make costly sacrifices by cutting 

off economic ties with Russia to uphold a

 “rules-based order” have begotten an 

allergic reaction. That order hasn’t 

been rules-based; instead, it has 

allowed the U.S. to violate inter-

national law with impunity. The 

West’s messaging on Ukraine 

has taken its tone-deafness, 

to a whole new level, and it 

is unlikely to win over the 

support of countries that 

have often experienced 

the worse sides of the 

international order”.



A Brazilian:


''I'm Brazilian. In 2016 we suffered a coup d’état planned
and executed from the USA -- with the full connivance -
of the Brazilian oligarchy. Not that before 2016..... the
living conditions for most 
of the population in Brazil..
were very good. 
They were not, contrary to the
of the then overthrown govern-
However, after the coup, poverty 
grew dramatically. Everything.. has
deteriorated. We have
regressed to a 
 Fascism also 

advances in Brazil.''



Abraham Lincoln:


''If this country is ever demoralized,

it will come from trying to live 

without work.''



Joost Meerloo:


''Demoralization of the target audience

is yet another step in successful 

mind control.''



Yuri Bezmenov:


''They are contaminated; they are programmed to 
think and react to certain stimuli, in a certain 

pattern. You cannot change their mind - even
if you expose them to authentic information, 

even if you prove that white is white and 

black is black, you still cannot change 

the basic perception and logic of 

behaviour. In other words these 

people... the process of de-

moralization is complete 

and irreversible.''



Niels Bohr: 


“Prediction is very difficult, 

especially if it’s about 

the future!” 

A Brazilian:

''Whether we are aware of it or not, whether we

accept it or not, we are all at war. We are all

part of this war. As with Russia, it was not 

our choice. The war came to us. And we 

will not get rid of it, except with our 

victory. We cannot allow Russia to 

fight alone, a war that is also ours. 

Even because our common enemy

is very powerful. And its defeat -- 

demands our union. This is the 

magnitude of the challenge of 

our times. And what will give 

the ultimate meaning to 

our lives.''



Fidel Castro:


“What imperialists cannot forgive us, is that we

are here; what imperialists cannot forgive us, 

is our dignity, the integrity, the courage, the
ideological firmness, the spirit of sacrifice 

and the revolutionary spirit of the 

Cuban people.” 



John Adams, founder and 2nd US president:


"...we have no government armed with power

capable of contending with human passions

unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, 

ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would 

break the strongest cords of our

Constitution --- as a whale goes 

through a net. Our Constitution 

was made only for a moral and

religious people. It is wholly 

inadequate to the 

government of 

any other."



Henry Kissinger: 


“To be an enemy of America can be 

dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

Henry Kissinger:


''Who controls the food supply controls the

people; who controls the energy can 

control whole continents; who 

controls money can control

the world.''

April 12th, 2022, Putin:


''What is happening today? The demolition of

the system of the unipolar world that took

shape after the collapse of the Soviet 

Union. That’s what’s important!''



April 17th, 2022 a Brazilian:


''Is Russia at war? She is. But not Russia only.

Russia is fighting not just for herself, but for

all the other countries attacked, in what-

ever form, by the USA. Therefore, it is 

an inevitable and necessary war, to 

put an end to the total domination 

of the USA --- demolishing the 

unipolar world that followed 

the collapse of the USSR.''

Andrei Bezrukov, member of the Presidium of
the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy:


“The point is, by tactically winning, and 

by successfully quarrelling us with the 

Ukrainian people - war, naturally, is the 

ultimate level of quarrel – they haven't
understood that by doing so they have 

totally destroyed the very system 

which they had built in the world. 

It is not visible yet, but in a few 

months their severed financial 

chains, broken ideological 

messages, and broken 

security system, will 

become apparent.”

Russian proverb, who is it about 

Joe? Hey... Joe!  Wake up Joe!!!:


''An old man telling lies is

 like a rich man stealing.''



On recent national television in Germany: 


''We need to destroy Russia, they are not

 European, we must finish them all... 

 once and for all.''



From a Pravda article:

“In its long quest for world peace, 

Russia has always stuck to

its guns.”

Vladimir, commentator:


''Russia will win, eventually. But cannot win without
superior ideals, to animate Russian 
strength, the
power of the people animated 
by the power of
God. It's not a mystery: 
the people must be
united by both 
Orthodoxy & Socialism, by
Tsar and 
Soviets, Nation and Motherland!

These things are not contradictory, but
This, I believe, will
happen, the 
conflict has begun
the process 
and the conflict
will be ended 
by it.''



Blogger, on ''limited nuclear war'':


''During the Cold War - all the wargames of a 

direct USA-USSR clash - had 1 of 2 results: 

a threat of nukes caused the clash to end, 

or it - extremely quickly - went to full
Total Nuclear War.''

Paul from the Sirius report: 


“Western experts fail to grasp..... that the Global
South is around 87% of the world’s population,
is in its ascendancy, and has a myriad of

vertical growth markets now in play 

and is embracing the multipolar 

world. The West meanwhile,

is in terminal decline.”

Marine Le Pen:


“By (ferociously) repressing popular 

protest movements like the Yellow 

Vests, or social movements like

the demonstrations against 

pension reform Emmanuel 

Macron has installed the 

idea that nothing can 

be debatable, 



Marie Le Pen:

“The only thing I don’t want, is 

sanctions on raw materials 

which will have heavy 

consequences on the 

French.. and on the 

rest of the world, ” 



Marine Le Pen:


“I do not want the French to commit hara-kiri 

on the grounds of sanctions decided by our 

leaders and which would not relate to the 

daily life of our compatriots.”



Marine Le Pen:


“We have another choice.  In reality, all the

sanctions that have been put on the table 

and decided today, are sanctions that 

have been designed to protect the 

interests of the financial markets 

and the real war profiteers. All 

these sanctions are hitting 

our companies --- and 




Marine Le Pen:


“My obsession is to protect the French.

I don’t want them to lose their jobs, to 

find themselves unable to heat their 

homes, feed themselves or drive

to work.”


Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''Western politicians have accepted civilian
strikes in the Donbass for 8 years without
adopting any sanctions against the 

Ukrainian government. We have 

long since entered a dynamic 

where Western politicians 

have agreed to sacrifice 

international law  -----

towards their goal of 

weakening Russia.''


Randy Newman song:


“It’s money that matters

Hear what I say

It’s money that matters

In the USA.”

Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''It would have been better to engage 

in negotiations and thus obtain 

guarantees for the civilian 

population -- than to add

fuel to the fire. It's easy 

to be combative with 

the blood of others.''



H. L. Mencken (1880 – 1956): 


“The men the American people admire most 

extravagantly are the most daring liars; the 

men they detest most violently are those 

who try to tell them the truth.”



Thomas Paine:


“To argue with a person who has 

renounced reason  ---  is like 

administering medicine 

to the dead.”



Isaac Asimov (1920 – 1992):


“There is a cult of ignorance in the United 

States, and there has always been. The 

strain of anti-intellectualism has been 

a constant thread winding its way 

through our political and cultural 

life, nurtured by the false notion 

that democracy means that 

your ignorance, is just as 

good as my knowledge.”



Old proverb:


“Folly rewards itself.”

Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''Some intelligence services see this

irresponsible decision as a way to 

use the Ukrainian population as 

cannon fodder to fight Vladimir 

Putin’s Russia.  This kind of 

murderous decision should 

have been left --- to the

colleagues of Ursula 

von der Leyen’s 



Andrei Martyanov:


''We all are into new territory, where the

REAL face of the West and the US has 

been exposed. Sadly... most of the 

public in the West... will not know 

what's happening. They are kept 

oblivious by Western media and

by the realities of everyday 

survival in the midst of a 

massive economic 

calamity, which 

unfolds before 

all of us.''



Swiss intelligence analyst, military 

officer, intelligence and terrorism 

expert, Jacques Baud:


''The EU is repeating the disastrous experience of the Third
Reich in the final hours of the 
Battle of Berlin. War must be
left to the 
military and, when one side has lost, it must be
admitted. And if there is 
to be resistance, it must be led 

and structured. But we, are doing exactly the opposite

—we are pushing citizens to go and fight and at the 

same time, Facebook -- authorizes calls --- for 

the murder of Russian soldiers and leaders. 

So much for the values that inspire us.''


Andrei (the Saker):


''Here is the ugly truth nobody wants to openly 

admit: the West wants to genocide Russia and

the West is ALREADY genociding the people 

of the Ukraine. If the Empire of Hate and 

Lies has its way, this war will last as 

long as possible, include as many 

horrible atrocities as possible 

--- and a total destruction of 

the civilian infrastructure 

of the Ukraine.''



Nikolai Mezhevich, Institute of Europe 

of the Russian Academy of Sciences:


''The world has crossed the line, behind which 

it is becoming a totally different world. New

rules are being prepared, and they will be 

put on the table very soon.''


US President Ronald Reagan, in 1983,

to Bandera’s neo-fascist deputy,
Yaroslav Stetsko:


“Your struggle is our struggle”.


Economist Gal Luft, co-director

Washington-based Institute for 

the Analysis of Global Security:


“The oil market & by extension

the entire global commodities 

market is an insurance policy 

for the status of the dollar as 

the reserve currency.  If that 

block's taken out of the wall 

the wall will begin to 


Nicolás Maduro:


''My message to France and Europe --- is that 

we will make sure Venezuela won't witness

the rise of another Pinochet. And we will 

do it the democratic way.''


Matthew Ehret,  journalist, lecturer, and

founder of the Canadian Patriot Review:


''A key pillar in the control over colonies of  Anglo- Dutch influence 

remains the Privy 'Council system, which is centred in Britain, but 

has secondary branches in select Commonwealth countries. It is 

under the Privy Council’s influence that lower-level operatives 

are instituted - in the form of deputy ministers, the Treasury 

Board, Select Committees, and other appointed officials in 

the Civil Service. Other key nodes in the public and private 

sector manage the interests of the Crown. All cabinet 

members of government are made Privy Councillors 

and all Privy Councillors are sworn to an oath of 

secrecy and allegiance to the Queen including 

oaths to keep secret those things spoken of 

in privy council meetings. Strange things, 

for paragons of the 'free, democratic 

rules-based order.'''


Britney Spears: 


“We should just trust our president 

in every decision he makes.”

Thorsten J. Pattberg:

''Colonialism and foreign rule will not end 

by themselves. And human history can 

be reduced to a single formula: If you 

don’t fight back, you’re worthless.''



T. Jenson:


''Correct grammatical language is 

another of God’s fantastic gifts. 

The semantic manipulation 

of words and concepts is 

an elite tool -- and the 

route to a confused 

manipulated mind.''


Prof. Slobodan Antonic:


''A glance at the map of today’s European Union

reveals its striking resemblance with the

farthest reach of the German military 

forces during the First and Second 

World Wars, especially on the

Eastern Fronts.''



Sergey Glazyev:


''After the Americans... seized first the Venezuelan foreign
exchange reserves & handed them 
over to the opposition,
then the Afghan 
foreign exchange reserves, before that, 

the Iranian ones and now the Russian ones, it became
completely clear that 
the dollar had ceased to be the
currency. Following the Americans -- the
Europeans also committed this 
stupidity – the
euro and the pound    
....ceased to be world
Therefore, the old monetary &

financial system --- is living its last days. 
After the US dollars that 
no one needs
-- are sent back to 
the US from Asian
the collapse of the world 

monetary & financial system based
on dollars 
and euros, is inevitable. 

Leading countries are switching
to national 
currencies, & the 

euro and the dollar... are
ceasing to be 

Sergey Glazyev:


''We are talking about targeted credit emission

based on modern digital tools - with a strict

control system - focused on investments in 

new technologies. We know how to do this, 

how to minimize the human factor through 

the introduction of digital technologies, 

including the digital ruble. But this is

disadvantageous for those who still 

adhere to the old strategies. They 

made a cash cow out of Russia, 

they sucked out 100 billion 

dollars from it, abroad, to 

offshore companies. But 

now the Americans have

closed offshorization
us... There is a
must use it.''

Elizabeth Peratrovich:


"This is your home and your people. 

Why don't you go out and help them?"


Ron Unz:


“Over the decades, America spent over 

$100 billion dollars on ‘biodefense,’

the euphemistic term for bio-

warfare development and 

has the world’s oldest 

and largest such 

program, one of

the few ever 


in real life 




Michael Hudson:


''Europe is not led by politicians that have

Europe’s interests at heart. They’re just 

as corrupt as they are in any other 

part of the world, if not more.''





''If you think things are crazy now, 

just you wait until the imperial 

crosshairs move to Beijing.''


philosopher Alexander Dugin:


“The World Economic Forum has announced that
it has severed “all relations” with the Russian
government and Vladimir Putin.. 
due to the
ongoing ”attack” on Ukraine. 
This is great
news. Russia has, finally, rid 
itself of its
globalism, and the fanatics of the 
Reset, Schwab’s twisted world 
of oligarchs and their associates. 
it is clear to everyone: Moscow is the

capital of the Great Awakening on a
scale. Everyone on the planet
now knows:  
this is not a regional
conflict, of “Russians against the
“Ukrainians”, this is the beginning

of a liberation of humanity from
the liberal dictatorship of world
monopolies. Ukraine is just a
local hub for these elites...
which have been founded
...against the land of the
East Slavs against their
will and in complete

Liberal national propaganda has turned the population
into zombies. The real war is not against Ukraine and
not even the West, but against the economic forums
of the world 
and their infernal plans, which aim at
the destruction of humanity by legalizing all 

kinds of perversions, sins and crimes.”




''As a European, I am willing to live on water 

and cabbage, just to see these wagging 

Western hypocrites getting spanked 

by Russia.''

Michael Hudson:


''The central aim of the World Bank is to prevent

other countries from growing their own food.
That's the prime directive. It will only make

loans for countries to earn foreign 

currency and it has insisted ever 

since about 1950 that countries 

that borrow from it -- must shift 

their agriculture, to plantation 

export crops to grow tropical 

crops that cannot be grown 

in the United States for 

environmental and 

weather reasons.''


''And the countries mustn't grow their own food

and must not undertake Land Reform, or small

family-based farming. So it insisted on foreign

-owned agribusiness in large plantation agri-
culture. What that means is that countries 

that have borrowed for agricultural loans 

have not been loans...  to produce their 

own food. It has been to compete with 

each other producing tropical export 

crops --- while being increasingly

dependent on the US, for their 

food supplies, and their grain. 

And that is part of the corner 

they painted them into that's

going to be creating such a 

world famine this summer.''

Susan B. Anthony:


"Resistance to tyranny

 is obedience to God."

Ernestine Rose:


''There is ten times more in the world than would

maintain all in yet unknown luxury. Yet how 

much misery there is in our midst; not 

because there is not enough, but 

owing to the misdirection of it.''

Jack London:


''Do you know, the only value

life has, is what life puts 

on itself?''

Ernestine Rose:

''Agitate!  Agitate!  Ought to be the motto of every

reformer. Agitation is the opposite of stagnation

 - the one is life, the other death.''

Late chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer in 2005:


“The United States is evil. It has to be brought

down, it has to be eliminated from the world

scene. They are the ones who have made 

the world the hell that it is.”


Colonel Cassad:


''The body of a young woman lies on the floor

with her hands tied behind her back, half
naked and covered by rags or blankets.
A plastic bag has been tied over her
head. A large swastika -- has been
burnt on the skin of her stomach 

with hot irons - evidently - while
she was 
still alive. DPR fighters
showed us the 
girl’s body... it
lies in the basement of 
of the schools in Mariupol 

...where the base of the
nationalists was...
One of 
the girl’s arms
torn off.''



Vladimir Putin: 


''I am Laketz, I am Chechen, I am Ingush, I am

Jew, I am Tatar, I am Russian, I am Mordvin, 

I am Ossetian.'' 



Video of the Omsk MMA group Storm

- with members saying - one by one:


''I am German and I am Russian, I am

Dagestanets and I am Russian, I am 

Armenian and I am Russian, I am 

Kazakh and I am Russian, I am 

Azerbaijani and I am Russian,

I am Russian, we are 

Russians, we are 

one people.'' 

Lieutenant-Colonel W.G.F. Jackson

MC, BA, R.E. Instructor, the Royal 

Military Academy, Sandhurst...

'Seven Roads to Moscow' p.319:


‘’Let us hope that no-one will ever be tempted 

to emulate Charles, Napoleon, and Hitler in 

imposing a military solution of a kind of 

which history has shown must fail, 

and which will bring nuclear 

annihilation to mankind.’’ 



Francis Lee:


''In the Greek fable of Pandora’s Box, Pandora could not
resist opening 
the box, but she opened the box and
several evil entities started 
flying out of it. These
hatred, envy, greed, disease, poverty,
pain, death and war. 
All these miseries of
life escaped the box and entered
the real world. 
By the time Pandora 

slammed back the box’s lid all the 

evils had escaped except ‘hope’.

I begin to wonder if we have
in fact, 
opened the box?''




''Here in Zone A [The West] we are all chickens, living in
an Ideological Poultry Farm:- they want 
us ignorant -
without understanding, just eating 
their ideological
feed, growing with it, without any concern about
what awaits us, isolated little egoist-narcissist
chickens. I said Ideological Poultry Farm,
because you 
know, what they feed the
chickens in 
there... is well over 50%
their own 
recycled shit.''

Declan Hayes:


''We need Bismarcks, de Gaulles, Talleyrands,

Tolstoys and Metternichs, not bird brained

authoritarians like Canada’s Trudeau, the

red socks’ fascist, or pliable, demented 

& deranged war hawks, like “Irish” Joe 

Biden. We need, in short, to replace all 

NATO’s pliable puppets -- with an intel-

lectual caste, that resorts to jaw jaw 

-- instead of NATO’s endless war war 

-- and sees the lands of Dostoevksy 

Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich 

- as something more than a market 

to offload McDonald’s hamburgers

and Hello Kitty bling into.''

Heinrich Böll:


''In all states under the reign of terror,
the word 
is almost feared more

than armed resistance and
oftentimes... the latter 

is the consequence

of the first.'' 

Larry C. Johnson:


Zelensky... is banning opposition political

parties and shutting down opposition 

media. I guess that is the new 

definition of “democracy.”


Finian Cunningham:


''If it transpires that the Pentagon is actually

helping Ukrainian militants - the Nazi Azov

regiments no less - to assassinate 

Russia’s top generals, then a 

grim conclusion is, we may 

have reached a point of 

no return.''


Ronald Moultrie, Under Secretary of 

Defense for Intelligence & Security:


“We are making a difference in 

accurate, actionable, and

timely intel.”

Walter Rodney:


''We were told that violence in itself is evil, and

 that -- whatever the cause -- it is unjustified

 morally. By what standard of morality can

 the violence used by a slave to break his

 chains be considered the same as the 

violence of a slave master? By what 

standards can we equate the violence

 of blacks who have been oppressed, 

suppressed, depressed & repressed 

for 4 centuries with the violence of 

white fascists.  Violence aimed at
recovery of human dignity and
equality can't be judged by the 

same yardstick as the violence 

..aimed at the maintenance of 

discrimination & oppression.'' 

Former chief of the Main Staff of the 

Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-

General Viktor Ivanovich Esin:


“I’m driving around San Francisco with the

Americans on the bus. Everyone is talking 

and laughing. And then – we pass by the

lighthouse. I looked at him and said: 

“I know this lighthouse.” 


“How can you know it --- if you are 

in San Francisco for the first time?” 


“You forgot that I was engaged in nuclear

planning. And here is the lighthouse ---  it 

was the aiming point. I will tell you more: 

next to this lighthouse is the collapse of

the earth’s crust. So, if a multi-megaton

block gets here, a landslide will happen

and half California will be in the ocean.” 

After that, everyone silently drove to 

their destination.”

 Caitlin Johnstone:


''It’s not okay to be a grown adult in 2022 and

believe the “anti-war” position.. is to support

pouring weapons into a foreign country and

cold war brinkmanship.. that could lead to 

World War 3, while shouting down anyone 

who advocates de-escalation, diplomacy 

and detente.''


Tommy Cooper:


“I had a ploughman's lunch the other day. 

He wasn't very happy.”

 Reinhard Koradi:

''The hitherto extremely successful economic system
(social market economy and balanced financial and
budgetary policy) was 
destabilized by privatisation
the neoliberal turn. Americanized, by adopting
Anglo-Saxon customs, 
banks --- especially in
Germany and 
Switzerland --- joined the
casino mentality on the
financial markets.'' 


''Finance capitalism has done great damage to the world in
many ways. Contrary to neoliberal economic theory, the
global deregulation of the financial markets... is not a
stability factor, but a dangerous risk factor and thus,
the trigger for the current chaotic conditions in the
financial and economic sectors.''


''Under the cloak of a "democratic" state system and
a fake globally liberalized 
world, we are now ruled


PBOC Governor Zhou Xiaochuan:


“The world needs an international reserve currency
that is disconnected from 
individual nations and
able to 
remain stable in the long run, removing
the inherent 
deficiencies caused by using
national currencies.”


Professor Dr. Alfred de Zayas, international

law expert and former UN mandate holder:


''When one considers the crimes of aggression, war crimes
and crimes against humanity 
committed in the name of
NATO, one 
has to ask whether this organization falls
into the category of Article 9 of 
the Nuremberg
Tribunal Statute, 
namely, as a
criminal organization".


Dimitrov, the Bulgarian general secretary 

of the Communist (Third) International, 

characterised fascism in a speech to 

the 7th Comintern congress in 1935: 


“Fascism is not a power standing above class, or
a government of the petty bourgeoisie, or 
lumpen-proletariat over finance capital,” 
is: “the open, terrorist dictatorship of the

most reactionary, most chauvinistic and 

most imperialist elements of finance 

capital. Fascism is the power of 

finance capital itself. It is the 

organization of terrorist 

vengeance against the 

working class and the 

revolutionary section 

of the peasantry &




''The powers that shouldn’t be, in the US, 

want to have the best infrastructure on

earth. Not by building the best, but by

destroying everyone else’s.''


Tommy Cooper:


“So I rang up a local building firm,

 I said 'I want a skip outside my 

house.' He said 'I'm not 

stopping you.'”


Victoria Nikiforova:


''It is very typical that today the Chinese, en masse,
approve of Russia’s special 
operation in Ukraine.
They look at it 
with great interest, in Asia, Africa 

and South America. Our country is giving people
an example of a 
successful exit from the West's

neo-colonialist model. On the one hand, its
opposition to the West, by all
means, including by the 
military. On the
other hand,
 it's the clever painstaking
of a new life, of a new
economic model, 
of a new
world order.'' 

''A world
 order in which the “global domination

of the Western countries, in politics and

economics” has ended forever.''



Malek Dudakov:


''European countries continue to dutifully ask the US for
new weapons, for which they are 
now willing to spend
more money. For the 
US military industrial complex,
has become... “manna from heaven” – its
shares are rising and further 
chaoticisation of
the world order 
means more and more super 

profits for it. Therefore the US military-
complex’s lobbying efforts
will continue 
to force the US to 

plunge headlong into the
ian crisis.''

 Senior scientist... at Physicians for 

Social Responsibility, Steven Starr:


“If the conclusions of the nuclear winter 

research — that nuclear war is suicide

for all peoples and nations — had 

gained widespread acceptance 

and understanding, it is likely 

that the whole nuclear 

weapons industry, 

would have been 

shut down.”


 Caitlin Johnstone:


''The gulf between expert analyses, and what 

people are consuming in the news could not

possibly be wider. People simply don’t
understand what’s being done with 

their lives, by powerful people --- 

who care only about imperial 

domination --- and the 

powerful... intend to

keep it that way.''


Los Alamos Study Group secretary 

and executive director, Greg Mello:


''The imagination cannot encompass nuclear war.
Nuclear war means nuclear winter. It 
means the
collapse of the very fragile 
electronic, financial
administrative systems...  that
everyone alive. We’d be lucky to reboot
in the early 19th century.  
And, if enough
weapons are 
detonated, the collapse of 

the Earth’s ozone layer would mean that
form of life, that has eyes, could
be blinded. The 
combined effects of a 

US-Russian nuclear war would mean
that pretty 
much every terrestrial 

mammal and many plants, would
extinct. There would 
be a dramatic biological 



 Caitlin Johnstone:


''It doesn’t need to be like this. There is no

reason our planet needs to be dominated 

by any one single power structure, 

especially if doing so -- means 

risking complete annihilation. 

We should all be pushing - for 

de-escalation, diplomacy and

detente, and for the nations 

and peoples of this world, 

to begin working together 

for the good of everyone.''


Vladimir Putin appeals to the

citizens of Western countries

on March 16th, at 2:17pm:


“Now...   they are persistently trying to convince you, 

that all your difficulties are the result of the hostile
actions of Russia... that you need 
to pay for the
fight against a mythical Russian 
threat from
your own wallet. All of this is a lie. 
And the
truth is -- that the current problems 
millions of people in the West face
the result of many years of activity 

by the ruling elites of their states;
mistakes, political myopia &

ambitions. These elites, are not 

thinking about.. how to improve 

the lives of their citizens, they 

are obsessed with their own 
vested interests - 

their super profits.”


Larry Romanoff:


''You may (or may not) be aware, that the US/UK

fired millions of artillery and other rounds in 

Iraq, that were made of depleted uranium. I
won’t go into details here, but one effect of 

DU is that since then about 25% of all the

births in Iraq... exhibit the most horrible
deformities, babies born with no head, 

one head, two heads, or three heads. 

I am serious. Many infants are born 

with most of their internal organs 

outside the torso and many with 

the brain entirely outside the 

cranial cavity.'' 


''Many have any number of limbs emanating 

from any part of the body --- and many with 

no limbs at all. Some have no eyes; some 

have only one large eye.. in the centre of 

their foreheads, if the nose isn’t already 

there. A UN report...  described many 

emerging fetuses as “unidentifiable 

lumps of flesh“. It was so bad, that 

the midwives who still at that time 

delivered most births in Iraq were 

refusing to assist at birthing 

because “We don’t know 

what will come out.”


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov:


“The whole world will be interested 

to know what exactly the American

bio-laboratories in Ukraine... 

were doing.”

Serbian Minister of Internal 

Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin:


“When Wesley Clark, the head of the 1999

killers and Jamie Shea, the creator of the 

term ‘collateral damage’, with which he

'explained' the deaths of dozens of our 

children began to explain -- that killing 

Serbs in NATO aggression, was human 

as much as necessary, then you know 

that --- their every invitation to inter-

national law, is cynicism and lies.”

Humorist A.A. Gill’s explanation of why
the English
 line up in a queue so well:


 “if they didn’t, they’d kill each other.”

Samuel Johnson:


''Combinations of wickedness would overwhelm

the world, by the advantage which licentious

principles afford, did not those who have

long practiced perfidy, grow faithless 

to each other.'' 

Pope Pius XII, August 24th, in 1939: 


''Nothing is lost with peace. All can be lost 

with war. Let men return to understanding. 

Let them resume negotiating. Negotiating

with good will and with respect for each 

other’s rights, let them realize... that an 

honorable success is never precluded 

when there are sincere and active 

negotiations. And they will feel 

great -- with true greatness -- if 

imposing silence on the voices 

of passion, whether collective 

or private, and leaving reason 

to its proper domain, they
spare their brothers
shed and their


Ljubisa Malenica:


''It is interesting to note how Westerners

somehow, suddenly remembered this 

set of rules called international law. 

Highly interesting given that they 

themselves participated in its 

creation and design. Where 

were these guardians of 

international law when 

NATO bombs blew up 

civilian trains in 




NATO Jan. 2021 published 'Cognitive Warfare':


“The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st

century. Humans are the contested domain.
Cognitive warfare’s objective, is to make 

everyone a weapon.”


Caitlin Johnstone:


''You asked for a robust anti-war movement in

America -- you got demonstrations calling
World War 3.''


From NATO's 'Cognitive Warfare':


''In particular, the brain: is unable to distinct
[sic] whether information is right or wrong:

is led to believe statements or messages 

it has already heard as true, even though 

these may be false; accepts statements 

as true, if backed by evidence, with no 

regards [sic] to the authenticity of 

that evidence.''


Caitlin Johnstone:


''A 2014 study by Earth’s Future found that just

a nuclear exchange between India & Pakistan,

would throw five Tg of black carbon into the

stratosphere, blocking out the sun for 

decades and potentially starving 

everything to death. India and 

Pakistan, have 160 and 165 

nukes each, respectively. 

The US and Russia have 

5,550 and 6,257.''


Patrick Lawrence:


''We are all called upon either to recognize 

the United States for what it has become, 

an empire violently defending itself 

against history itself, or accept 

our fate among the victims 

of this empire.''

Gamal Abdel Nasser:


“The genius of you Americans, is that you

never make clear-cut stupid moves, only

complicated stupid moves, which make

the rest of us wonder at the possibility

that we might be missing something.”


Dr. Eamon McKinney C.E.O. of CBNGLOBAl:


''The Empire doesn’t care about the Ukrainians anymore
than they care about the people in their own countries.
It is about maintaining control over humanity.
President Putin is 
not, in essence, fighting
the Ukraine, he 
is fighting the N.W.O.
And that is 
everyone’s fight.''


Patrick Armstrong:


''All that NATO support will get you, is destruction
when you fight the war it 
suckered you into, and
an extra 
special Christmas card.. when you’re
defeated and ruined.''


Geopolitical analyst, Pepe Escobar:


''The unelected, uber-Kafkaesque, EU machine

in Brussels has chosen to commit a triple hara

-kiri by grandstanding as abject vassals of the

Empire, destroying any remaining French and 

German sovereignty impulses, and imposing 

alienation from Russia-China.''

Image: the truth in ukraine

Andrei (The Saker):


''Any halfway competent military commander
who would look at the map above, would

immediately see - that the only rational 

decision at this point is for Ukrainians 

to surrender: that map is, really, a no 

brainer. But since orders come from 

Uncle Shmuel, and since Uncle 

Shmuel hates Steppe Niggers 

no less than Snow Niggers - 

Uncle Shmuel will now aim 

its immense resources at 

prolonging that war as

long as possible and 

with.. as many 

casualties as 



Philip Giraldi:

''It is past time Americans started asking
what kind of international order is it that
lets the United States determine what
other nations can and cannot do.''

Russian FM spokesperson:

''The world simply cannot continue with a
small part of it raping the rest because
this small part is unable to support
themselves.. without aggression
and looting. Western countries
have begun the process of
destroying their own

Aleksandar Pavic:

''Russians remember that only the Serbs
refused to join Nazi German troops... on
the Eastern Front against the U.S.S.R.''


''At least Russian citizens finally realize how
 the U.S. and eu view them. Hopefully, they
will not waste any more time and energy
trying to get into our good graces,
because that is impossible. We
want to ruin your country. We
don’t care how many of you
we harm and we do not
care about truth.''

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

''If only it were so simple! If only there were evil
people somewhere, insidiously committing evil
deeds, and it were necessary only to separate
them from the rest of us and destroy them. But
the line dividing good and evil cuts through the
heart of every human being. And who is willing
to destroy a piece of his own heart?''

Caitlin Johnstone:

''Hollywood teaches us that heroism looks like
an individual stopping a bank robbery, or
leaving a criminal tied up outside the
police station, so we don’t realize
that real heroism looks like a
collective rising up against
our plutocratic rulers, and
creating a healthy world.''

Dmitry Orlov, February 27th, 2022:


“People who are now speaking out against
Russia’s military action in Ukraine need to

answer a simple question:-  Where have 

you been for the last eight years.. while 

the carnage in Donetsk and Lugansk 

was going on --- while people were 

being burned alive in Odessa --- 

while Ukraine's ''government'' 

organized terror operations 

on Russian territory --- and 

while the entire Ukrainian 

population's been forced 

to kowtow to the US and 

speak Ukrainian --- most 

often... against its will?''


''If your answer is “I didn’t know” 

then you've forfeited your right 

to an informed opinion on 

what’s happening there 

now. Please keep that 

in mind ...and act 




Andrei at The Saker:


''Europe, who prefers to glorify Nazis, than to 

stop hating Russians for our two major sins: 

first, that we exist, and, second, that we 

live on your natural resources.  Either 

that, or we are dealing with a cold-

hearted indifference of a society 

which has no other values left 

than rabid consumption and

hatred of the other.''



C.S. Lewis:


''A continual looking forward.. to the eternal

world is not (as some modern people think) 

a form of escapism or wishful thinking, but

one of the things a Christian's meant to do.

It does not mean that we are to leave the 

present world as it is. If you read history 

you will find that the Christians who did 

most for the present world, were just 

those who thought most of the next.

It is since Christians have largely 

ceased to think of the other 

world, that they've become 

so ineffective in this one. 

Aim at Heaven, and you 

will get earth “thrown

in”: aim at earth, and

you will get neither.''



Historian Anne Morelli has summarized 

Arthur Ponsonby's classic book 

Falsehood in War-Time as this:


We do not want war.


The opposite party alone is guilty of war.


The enemy is inherently evil
resembles the devil.


We defend a noble cause,
not our own interests.


The enemy commits atrocities on purpose; 

our mishaps are involuntary.


The enemy uses forbidden weapons.


We suffer small losses, those of 

the enemy are enormous.


Recognized artists and intellectuals

 back our cause.


Our cause is sacred.


All who doubt our propaganda are traitors.


As an example, I offer you this: 


Policy statement by Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of
the Federal Republic of Germany and Member 

of the German Bundestag, in Berlin, Sunday,
27th of February, in 2022.


''Madam President, Distinguished colleagues,

Fellow citizens, The 24th of February 2022
marks a watershed in the history of our
continent. With the attack on Ukraine, 

the Russian President Putin has begun 

a war of aggression, in cold blood. For 

one reason alone: the freedom of the 

Ukrainian people.... calls his own 

oppressive regime into question.

That is inhumane. It's a violation 

of international law. There is 

nothing, and nobody, that 

can justify it.''


Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck:

“The secret of politics? Make a 

good treaty with Russia.”





''Let me add a statistic as to the results 

of those magnificent [US] campaigns, 

concerning the vets that had served 

in them: 120,000 suicides. Add that

to the bodycount.''



Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism:


“Before mass leaders seize the power to fit
reality to their lies, their propaganda is 

marked by its extreme contempt for 

facts as such for, in their opinion, a

fact depends entirely on the power 

of the man who can fabricate it.”



Paul Craig Roberts:


The imbalance of force has been corrected, 

and since force is all that the West under-

stands, Russia is using force -- to end the 

use of Ukraine as a pawn against Russia. 

In the past, the stupid and arrogant West

ignored Russia’s warnings. In his address

this morning Putin gave another warning. 

If the dumbshit Western leaders do not 

hear this warning, the West will cease 

to exist: 

V. V. Putin:


“I would now like to say... something very
important for those who may be tempted

to interfere in these developments.. from 

the outside. No matter who tries to stand 

in our way ---- or all the more so ---- create 

threats for our country and our people..... 

they must know that Russia will respond

immediately - and the consequences will 

be such - as you have never seen in your 

entire history. No matter how the events 

unfold, we are ready. All the necessary

decisions in this regard, have been 

taken. I hope that my words will 

be heard.”


Hannah Arendt:


“Clichés, stock phrases, adherence to

conventional, standardized codes of 

expression and conduct, have the 

socially recognized function of 

protecting us against reality, 

that is, against the claim on 

our thinking attention.. that 

all events & facts make, by 

virtue of their existence.”


Margarita Simonyan:


“If.. you are now ashamed that 

you are Russian, don't worry, 

you are not Russian.” 

The Gospel of Nicodemus:


Pilate said to him: What is truth? 

Christ said to him: Truth is of 

heaven. Pilate said: Is there 

not truth upon earth? Christ 

said to Pilate: You see how 

that they which speak the 

truth are judged of them 

that have authority 

upon earth.

Robert Burns:


“Oh the gift that God could give us, 

to see ourselves as others see us.”


President Putin:


“The United States is still a great country, and a

system-forming power. All its satellites not only

humbly and obediently say yes to and parrot it 

at the slightest pretext, but also imitate its

behaviour -- and enthusiastically accept 

the rules it is offering them. Therefore 

one can say with good reason and 

confidence, that the whole so-

called Western bloc formed 

by the United States in its 

own image and likeness 

is, in its entirety, the 

very same ’empire 

of lies.’”

Paul Craig Roberts:


''The Western world has replaced reason and

fact with narratives.  Narratives are official

explanations that, no matter how false, 

carry the imprimatur of truth. To 

challenge them can be life-


Dr. Eamon McKinneym eminent Sinologist:

''Humanity is entering uncharted waters and 

what comes next is far from certain. What is

 certain, is that all the institutions of power 

and control have been exposed, any trust 

they once enjoyed no longer exists. Our

 freedoms were never theirs to take 

away, asking their consent to get 

them back just reinforces their 

control. We don’t know what

the “new normal” will look 

like, but is for the people 

to decide, not the elites.

Those who...  describe 

themselves as “public 

servants” while acting

as the ’masters”, will 

have no future... in 

what is becoming

 a truly BRAVE 

new world…''

President Putin: 

''Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad

taught me one thing: If a fight’s 

inevitable, you must 

strike first.''

James Fenimore Cooper (The 
American Democrat 1838):


“Whenever the government of the US breaks

up.. it will probably be in consequence of a 

false direction having been given to public

opinion. This, is the weak point of our 

defences, and the part to which, the 

enemies of the system will direct
their attacks. ''

''Opinion can be so 
perverted as to cause the false 

to seem true; the enemy, a friend and the friend,
an enemy; the best 
interests of the nation, to
insignificant and trifles of moment; 

in a word, the right the wrong and 

the wrong the right. In a country 

where opinion has sway to seize 

upon it - is to seize upon power. 

As it is a rule of humanity, that 

the upright & well-intentioned 

are comparatively passive, 

while the designing, dis-

honest & selfish are the 

most untiring... in their 

efforts... the danger of

public opinion getting 

a false direction, is
fold, since few
think for

Blogger, February 22nd, 2022 at 12:21pm: 


''It is an historical fact that Russians chase 

the retreating enemy all the way to their 

capitol. Never accept a ceasefire until 

the complete neutralization of the 

enemy. Germans and French 

learned that, the hard way.


''If Anglos paid attention in history classes,

they would understand the gravity of the
situation they have brought upon 


C. S. Lewis:


“You can’t go back and change
the beginning,
 but you can
start where you are
and change the

Boris Rozhin:


''The exchange of “answers”, between the 

United States and the Russian Federation 

showed irremediable contradictions, that 

cannot be resolved within the framework

 of the existing world order.''

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan:


''My religion is truth, love and service to God and humanity. 

Every religion that has come into the world has brought 

the message of love and brotherhood. Those who are 

indifferent to the welfare of their fellowmen, whose 

hearts are empty of love, they do not know the 

meaning of religion.''

NATO will sustain the pressure even if 

Russia withdraws its forces from its 

southern-western regions, says U.S. 

Prof., Joseph Oliver Boyd-Barrett:


"First, NATO salivates for the dismemberment of

Russia, so as to achieve unregulated access

to Russian wealth. Second, the US arms and

'defence' industry and its craven lobbyists, 

which sit atop of the system of supposed

Western 'democracy', salivate... for the 

profits that they earn whenever given

the opportunity to stoke fear 

and hatred".

Joseph Oliver Boyd-Barrett, professor 

emeritus, Bowling Green State 

University, Ohio: 


"A fractured Ukraine is useful for the West,

because it gives it greater control over 

Ukraine and grants it pressure points, 

that enhance its relentless eastward 

expansion. Humanitarian goals are 

merely the West's pretexts... for 

interventions in the sovereign 

affairs of other nations,
the main or
even any kind of
real motivation."

Henry C. Carey in “Harmony 

of Interests” (1851):


“Two systems are before the world; the one looks to
increasing the proportion of persons and of capital
engaged in trade and transportation, and therefore
to diminishing the proportion engaged in producing
with which to trade, with necessarily 

diminished return to the labour of all; .....while the
other looks to increasing 
the proportion engaged
in the work 
of production, and diminishing that 
engaged in trade and transportation....... with
increased return to all.... giving to 
the laborer
good wages and to the 
owner of capital good
One looks to pauperism, ignorance,

depopulation, and barbarism; ...the other, in
increasing wealth, 
comfort, intelligence, in 
combination of action, and civilization.
looks towards universal war;.... 

the other towards universal peace.''

Matthew Ehret on the trucker protests:


''The Biden Administration has given its full
support to Justin Trudeau, to use the full 

force of federal power to shut down the

protests. Perhaps Biden is concerned 

that the example of the convoy has 

spread, not only across nations of 

the Trans Atlantic Community and 

Five Eyes cage, but also to the US

itself, where a parallel American 

freedom convoy will leave South-

ern California for Washington D.

C., on March the 5th, involving 

tens of thousands of 

American truckers.''

Former US Green Party

presidential candidate,

 Jill Stein:


“They lied to you about Vietnam. They lied to

 you about Iraq & Afghanistan. They lied to 

you about Syria & Libya. They lied to you 

about Honduras & Bolivia. They lied to 

you about Assange & Russiagate. So 

why the hell would you believe what 

they're telling you about Ukraine?” 

 Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio said last year:

“China already has the world’s second largest</