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Image: All-Russia is moving to liberation

 (only on youtube)

'come and see'

- a partisan film


Watch this film --- and you

will - finally - understand.





Some in the West are fond

of a loose use of words...


''stunning'', for example, to describe

a work of art... but believe me

when I say - this film about a

lad of 14 - made me laugh

and cry and - by the end 

- I was left stunned.

A recent attempt on youtube by an obvious
anti-Russian, to pour scorn on this film's
historical accuracy, tries to point out
that the nazi troops state they are
members of a unit that was not
there.. but can't bring himself
to see that they might have
been lying!



St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox 

Spiritual Care Centre




"Veterans and children of the Great Patriotic War:
to the Government 
and people of Germany".


By events in Ukraine


Today, when the German government decided

to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, the

world has changed — the silhouettes of a 

new world war are more than clearly 

outlined! And again - Germany! 


But there are honest people in Germany, anti-

fascists, and we hope that this Message will 

fall into their hands. People born between 

1927 and 1945 have the status of "war 

children" in Russia.


All those who survived that war can subscribe to this letter.
We think that actual signatures are not necessary, we
suggest that veterans
(or "war children") read them
this letter, 
independently or with someone's help, 

and send us (at the coordinates indicated
below) something like 
the following: 


Moscow, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, 90 years old, disabled
war veteran (or otherwise), Hero of 
the Soviet Union
(or Holder of the Order of 
Glory... or otherwise),
was repatriated to
 Germany during the war
(or otherwise). 

Or just the city, full name, and age. The 

main thing, is that they should be real 

people who are familiar with the text.





We, the last veterans and all the peoples of 

Russia who survived that great and terrible

war, are now on the verge of death! Our 

time is already running out. For a huge 

part of our lives, we hoped we would 

come to the end of it, in peace - 

without all-destroying hatred! 


For the painfully long decades after the Second World War,
we overcame our righteous anger! I 
long for retribution for
the innumerable wounds, spiritual and physical, that we
still carry in our bodies and our hearts! And most of us
have forgiven! And not in a small way due to the fact
that Germany for many years has demonstrated its
repentance its understanding of what it has done!
And we have overcome, not only ourselves, but
also the voice of the blood of 
our barbarically
exterminated relatives! 
By whom?
Germans ...fascists! 


We have forgiven... following the laws of human

coexistence! So it was... until 2014. And then,

in 2014, when everything began in Ukraine... 

we looked with hope at Germany and at the

then Chancellor Angela Merkel. We couldn't
imagine that after all that the Germans did 

in Ukraine, after Babi Yar, after mountains 

of mutilated corpses, they would still look 

with lust at the Ukrainian fields that can 

feed Europe today! Or they, the Germans, 

who have covered the Crimea they once 

promised with blood, will still somehow
be interested in turning the Crimea 
an American and in general a NATO 
base, ideal for aggression against
Which would be clearly

aimed at a future war. 


After all, only fools do not understand the meaning and
goals of the entire coup in 
Ukraine... in the conditions
of which 
Russia behaved in the only possible way! But
the Germans are not fools! 
We the Russians, know for
your psychology, as "brothers in blood" - our
blood, which you 
"prudently" shed in rivers! 


We remember your "systematic methods of

population reduction"! Our population! Until

now, in different parts of our once united

Homeland, where the boot of German 

fascism was trodden, we find hidden 

mass graves of our civilians: in the 

Novgorod region, in the Kuban, in 

the Rostov region, in Karelia. In 

Belarus, in 2021... hundreds of 

civilian remains... were found 

in Brest    ...on the site of the 

Jewish ghetto the Trostenets 

concentration camp....  near 

Minsk terrible in its tragedy

revealed the secret of the 

remains... of thousands of 

tortured and killed people! 


We are talking about tens of thousands of newly
discovered victims of Nazism! This blood - still
cries out for revenge - and for decades the
memory of the barbarously destroyed 

Russian people, and monuments to 
Russian soldiers, liberators, have 
been desecrated with impunity! 


And the new Nazis are marching in the Baltic

States and Ukraine, in front of the entire

"civilized" world!  But in 2014, we were 

sincerely convinced -- that in this new 

Nazi demarche it's the Germans who 

will be our associates in preventing 

this meanness! 


We hoped that, guided by an elementary

conscience, the Germans would not 

participate..  in an obviously fascist 

anti-state coup in Ukraine! After all 

...the subsequent catastrophe of 

modern Ukraine was committed 

by direct descendants of those 

who were special bastards in 

the German army! Clearly, 



Americans and Canadians have only hidden and preserved
this diabolical heritage, feeding this 
generation, but the
product of this evil... is Germany! Hitler's Germany! And
it was impossible for us to believe that it was 
that would again give a 
"road map" to these inhumans!
we were wrong! Germany has once again allowed
these fascist geeks 
to enter the world! 


The support of modern Germany - in the face of

the new government of Ukraine-Bandera, the

heirs of the SS division " Galicia ", the thugs 

of the UPA OUN and all other abominations;

is simply unthinkable for us! This is beyond 

all that is human!  But you, Germany, have
already done it and continue to do it! You 

have, once again, set your sights on the 

Slavic world and these geeks are blood 

from the blood of German Nazism! And 

again to Russia! 


Only, even more despicable: inciting our closest
Ukrainian brothers against us! And you know it!
You know this as well as we do! You killed one
nation in that Great War! Yes, we are
one people! 


The truth is written and often spoken about 

by your own Steinmeier, who at the same 

time viciously took a direct part in the 

Kiev coup of 2014 — fascist in fact! 


This American may not be clear about some-

thing, but it's more than that, for you!  And 

after all, it was your vykormysh..  that got 

ready..  for their torchlight processions in 

Kiev! The living shadow of Nazi Germany 

is behind all this. It was only temporarily

covered up by sly diplomacy — "helmets 

instead of guns"! But that's it, "masks 

are reset"! Your supply of German 

weapons to Ukraine today, is 

natural, it is in the logic of 

your policy of recent 



Today it is clearly pro-fascist! You have taken 

this step: German weapons will kill Russians 

again! Keep killing. During the years of the 

conflict in the Donbas, your professional 

killers have already killed Russians, at 

least by teaching them...  "how to kill 

correctly"! Only now -- it's even more 

despicable — you're teaching this to

- your blood brothers!  Donbass is on 

your conscience! Thousands of lives 

of its peaceful citizens --- again your 

handiwork! We do not care about the

role of Americans, in everything that

happens: there, is money-God!  We, 

veterans of that war, its children, 

are concerned about the role of 

the Germans! Because it is you 

who know -- exactly -- who the 

Ukrainian "national battalions" 

consist of --- and could have 

prevented and stopped, this 

new fascism !  But they did

not do it! And just by doing 

this — you are once again, 

responsible to history! 


And you are definitely participating -- in the 

preparation of Ukraine for war with Russia! 

You can't help but understand the purpose 

of everything that happened --- from the

unconstitutional coup in Kiev ....to the 

bloodshed in the Donbass!  But, in fact

this is preparation for the Third World 

War! And again, you are Germans... 

Germany!  We hear from the high 

German rostrum in Berlin today: 

"Russia will pay a high price"!!! 

This is the German Chancellor's 

speech! Unthinkable! We have 

already paid the price — 27 

million of our lives! Isn't that 

enough for you?! What price 

are you still talking about? 


There is no home --- in Russia, Ukraine and

Belarus - where "this price" isn't paid! And

there is no home in Germany, that did 

not participate in that terrible, bloody 

barbarism!  It's scary!  It's wild! And 

today, there are, already, more than 

13 thousand dead Russian people 

in the Donbass at the hands of 

the new Nazis! 


The German Chancellor's public mockery of the

Russian genocide in the Donbas is a crime in

itself! How much can the lessons of history 

be misunderstood and discredited!  The 

scariest story in the world! Do you want 

to be even scarier?! After all, this new 

"Dranch nach Oschtern" ..may lead to 

the fact that the 2nd Nuremberg trial 

over you will no longer be - there will 

simply be no humanity! You won't be 

here! But a special Ecumenical trial 

of you Germans is inevitable! Over 

all aggressors — but over you 



World justice will be served! And we, the last

veterans of that terrible war, are leaving this

world as witnesses!  Witnesses for the 

PROSECUTION! And today the victory 

will be ours, but those who died 

yesterday, or those of us who 

will die today, already bear 

witness to the role of the 

German people, in the 

history of the human 

world — a bloody 



German weapons are back in the 

hands of Nazi thugs! Please stop!


Email addresses for information:





- Russian Union of Veterans: organizing

 questions and collecting signatures of

 veterans and children of the Second 

World War





veteran1944@yandex.ru -questions about 

this publication to its author: Monk John
(Adlivankin), Deputy Head of the Russian
Orthodox Church. head and ved. 

specialist of the St. Peter's 

Orthodox Counseling Centre. 

St. John of Kronstadt.




If you want the truth about
the massacre of civilans
in Bucha - paste the
web address below
into your browser


The video above is of a pro-Russia cavalcade
in Germany
 and it surely brought heart-
bursting tears!

More than 5,000 cars in just one campaign
in support of Russia --- in Germany !!!!!!!!!

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?



Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


Commander of the sapper squad

 Barantsev defused the APU 

kamikaze drone in time

May 28th, 10pm



The commander of the sapper department, Junior 

Sergeant Stepan Barantsev, as part of the 

engineering unit ------ performed tasks 

to remove mines, booby traps, IEDs, 

and unexploded explosive objects 

in the territory left by the Armed 

Forces of Ukraine (AFU). 


Ukrainian militants attacked the positions held by 

Russian troops with varying degrees of intensity, 

using kamikaze drones. During another raid, a 

kamikaze drone swooped down on a 

protected object of the Russian 

Armed Forces, but did 

not detonate.


Then Barantsev, as the most experienced sapper, was 

given the task of removing and destroying a drone 

with an unexploded shell. The junior lieutenant 

promptly completed the task, preventing the 

detonation of ammunition on the territory 

of the Russian unit.


Meanwhile, Private Anton Smirnov, the line supervisor 

of the communications platoon of the motorized rifle 

division, organized the nodes and connecting lines 

of wired communication and their repair. While 

bypassing the positions of Russian units, it 

came under artillery fire.


The APU damaged switching equipment and several 

wired communication lines between the company 

and battalion control points.


Being in the epicentre of the shelling, Private Smirnov, 

risking his life, moved along the path of laying 

communication lines until he found the place

 of the cliff. Then he quickly restored the 

damaged communication channels, 

while maintaining stable 

management of 

the divisions.





In Ukraine, the absence of undamaged 

thermal power plants in the country 

was reported

May 28th, 5:02pm



There is not a single whole thermal power plant (TPP) left

 in Ukraine. This was stated on May 28 by Yuriy Boyko, a 

member of the Supervisory Board of the national energy 

company Ukrenergo.


"So far, there is not a single thermal power plant left 

in the [country's] energy system that has not been 

damaged or completely destroyed," he said in an 

interview with a Ukraine publication Apostrophe.


According to Boyko, it will not be possible to restore the 

operation of all damaged power facilities before winter 

due to the scale of destruction. At the same time last 

year, there was no such large-scale destruction of 

infrastructure, and there were practically no 

capacities left for repairs.


He added that this summer in Ukraine 

will not do without restrictions on 

electricity consumption.


Earlier, on May 1, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro 

Kuleba said that half of Ukraine's energy system 

was damaged. Among other things, he said that 

Russia has demonstrated greater effectiveness

 in its "military efforts" compared to Ukraine 

and Western countries.


On April 26, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal 

said that the authorities of the republic could not 

eliminate the damage in the country's energy 

system, despite round-the-clock repairs. He

 urged Ukrainians to save electricity.


Earlier, on April 15, the Minister of Energy of Ukraine 

Herman Galushchenko admitted huge losses of 

generating capacities in the country. Among

 other things, he also said that local energy 

production in Kharkiv.... in the east of 

Ukraine, was almost completely 



The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 

Vladimir Putin announced on February 24, 2022, 

continues. The decision to hold it was made 

against the background of the aggravation 

of the situation in the region due to 

shelling by the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine.



Putin: Russia will create
a new security zone 
the Ukrainian Armed
Forces use long-

range weapons

May 28th, 3:04pm



Moscow will be forced to create a so-called sanitary zone

 if Kiev is allowed to use long-range weapons to strike at 

the territory of the Russian Federation, Russian leader 

Vladimir Putin said.


At a press conference following his visit to Uzbekistan, 

answering questions, Putin stated that the actions of 

the Russian armed forces in the Kharkiv direction 

are related to the need to create a sanitary zone

 to prevent Ukrainian attacks on the Belgorod 

region and border regions.


The Russian President warned that the same thing 

could happen if Kiev uses long-range precision 

weapons for strikes on Russian territory.







Putin -- claims losses in the ranks 

of Western ''instructors''
in Ukraine

May 28th, 2:27pm



Western instructors in Ukraine are suffering losses. 

This was stated on May 28 by Russian President 

Vladimir Putin during a press conference 

following his visit to Uzbekistan.


"These are so-called mercenaries, but under the guise of 

mercenaries, experts are there. There was a question
about long-range precision weapons. And.... who 

controls these weapons, who maintains them?

 Of course --- these same instructors are 

disguised as mercenaries. They are 

there and are suffering losses,"

the Russian leader said.


He also confirmed that there are mercenaries

 of Western countries in Ukraine.


"As for the fact that there may be or are mercenaries in

 Ukraine, we are well aware of this. There's nothing 

new here. The military in Ukraine says that they 

may appear there, but they are still there. We 

hear English, French, and Polish on the air," 

the Russian president stressed.


"We waste our time and lose our lives in vain"


Colombian mercenaries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

complained of deception and became disillusioned 

with the conflict in Ukraine.


On May 26, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine (AFU) Alexander Syrsky approved the stay of 

French military instructors in the country.


Commenting on this decision, military expert Alexander 

Sharkovsky called it a formality that legalizes the 

actual presence of military instructors in the 

country. According to him, the French 

military is already there, not only as

 instructors --- but also as planning 

and logistics officers. In addition 

gunners of the French Foreign 

Legion are present on the 

territory of the country.


Statements about sending military personnel to the 

territory of Ukraine are increasingly heard in the 

West. On May 20, Lithuanian Foreign Minister 

Gabrielius Landsbergis said that the country 

is ready to send its military instructors to 

Ukraine ------- as part of a coalition led 

by France.


French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly 

stressed that such a possibility is not excluded. 


On May 2, he recalled that the condition for the entry of

 troops would be a request from Kiev or a breakthrough 

of the front line... by the Russian army. Acting 

presidential press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, 

called such conversations very dangerous.


On May 5, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said

 that Kiev approved the idea of introducing Western 

military personnel into the country. He added that 

currently the state is ready to accept any 

support from the allies.


The special operation to protect the Donbass, which the

 Russian president announced on February 24, 2022, 

continues. The decision was made against

the background of the worsening 

situation in the region.








Putin urged NATO countries, to
their small territory
with a dense population

May 28th, 2:18pm



On May 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on 

NATO countries to think about "what they are playing 

with" in the conflict with Russia.


The Russian leader also called on the countries of the

 North Atlantic Alliance to remember their small

 territory with a dense population.


"These representatives of NATO countries, especially 

in Europe, especially in small countries, they should 

generally be aware of what they are playing with.

 They should remember --- that this is usually a 

state with a small territory and a very dense 

population," the Russian president said at 

a press conference in Tashkent, referring 

to Western proposals to allow Ukraine

 to strike at Russia.


On May 24, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

 in an interview with The Economist called on allies 

to consider... lifting restrictions on the use of 

weapons transferred to Ukraine, allowing

 the possibility of strikes on the territory 

of the Russian Federation. Later, on 

May 27, he repeated his words at 

the session of the alliance's 

Parliamentary Assembly.


 At the same time, in both cases, Stoltenberg 

stated the need to avoid escalation.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that 

Stoltenberg's words --- increase the degree of 

escalation --- and NATO flirts with military 

rhetoric and falls into "military ecstasy".


In addition, Stoltenberg's words were condemned by 

German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, as well as Italian 

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her colleagues

- Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and 

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.


Western countries have stepped up military and financial 

support for Kiev against the backdrop of the Russian 

special operation to protect the Donbass, which was

 announced by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on 

February 24, 2022, after the situation in the region 

worsened due to shelling by the Ukrainian military. 


However, in recent years, the West has 

increasingly voiced statements about

 the need to reduce aid to Ukraine.





Briefing by Lt General Igor Kirilov,

 Chief of NBC Protection Troops
military-chemical activities
of the
 US and Ukraine

May 28th, 1:10pm


The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation 

continues to record violations by the US and
Ukraine --- of fundamental international 

instruments, such as the 1925 Geneva 

Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use

 of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other 

Gases and the Chemical Weapons



As we have noted before, not only has Washington not 

renounced the use of chemical weapons --- but it has 

also strengthened the possibility of their use at the

legislative level. In the United States, for example,

a common military regulation on the use of non-

lethal weapons was adopted, and the Chiefs 

of Staff Committee approved the Manual for 

National Implementation of the Chemical 

Weapons Convention.


The documents regulate the use of non-lethal chemical 

weapons by military units in special, humanitarian, 

counter-terrorism, and peacekeeping missions. 

While Americans used to talk about using 

such weapons only in response to the 

enemy's chemical aggression, an 

important aspect of the new 

rules is the ability to use 

toxic chemicals



The U.S. thus has a legal framework that regulates

 a wide range of scenarios of the use of chemical 

weapons by the Armed Forces.


I would like to draw your attention once again to the fact 

that, in accordance with the deadlines set by the OPCW, 

the United States was due to complete the destruction

 of declared stockpiles of chemical weapons in 2007, 

but, despite its economic potential, it did so only in 

2023, twice delaying the deadline under the pretext 

of financial, organisational, and technical difficulties. 


The United States continues to store the remaining, 

highly toxic, chemically reactive materials in 

facilities designed to destroy chemical 

weapons. The Organization for the 

Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

 ignores this fact.


In addition, abandoned U.S. ammunition, filled with toxic 

substances, was detected in Panama and Cambodia. In 

2012, for example, 58 ammunition containing CN and CS 

were discovered in Cambodia's Mondulkiri Province, as 

well as 12 aircraft gas sprayers to transport them. The

 OPCW Special Commission has identified them as 

belonging to the United States.


Another indication of Washington's breach of its 

obligations under the Convention is the transfer

 to third countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine) 

of non-lethal chemical weapons.


The Pentagon reportedly continues to develop new and 

modernise existing non-lethal chemical munitions and 

other systems for the use of chemical weapons, such

 as 120-mm mines, 155-mm artillery shells, and 

120-mm tank rounds.


Every year, at least $10 million is allocated 

to purchase them for use in combat zones.


It should be noted that the United States has long 

possessed one of the world's most significant 

stockpiles of chemical weapons stored within

and outside the United States. The use of 

chemicals in armed conflicts is explicitly

envisaged by U.S. doctrinal documents, 

despite Washington's signing the 1925 

Geneva Protocol.


The document was ratified by the U.S. Congress... with 

numerous caveats only in 1975 amid the international 

community's condemnation of the Vietnam War and

the widespread use of toxic chemicals by the U.S. 

Armed Forces during the conflict. It has been 

established that the use of herbicides during

 the Vietnam War resulted in the destruction 

of more than 1 million hectares of tropical

 forest in the south of the country. Some 

5 million people have been affected by 

the dioxin damage, and so far the 

effects have been felt.


Along with herbicides, American troops used non-lethal 

chemicals, including Adamsite, chloropicrin, and the BZ. 

In some cases, high concentrations of chemicals were 

used, resulting in lethal outcomes.


During the war on the Korean Peninsula, the use of toxic 

substances by the U.S. military was carried out with 

single chemical projectiles and bombs. From 

February 1952 to June 1953, more than 100 

cases of chemical munitions were reported

- resulting in 145 deaths and more than 

1,000 poisonings. Symptoms of defeat 

(suffocation, tearing, and loss of 

consciousness) suggest that 

ammunition was armed: with 

prussic acid, nitrogen oxides 

and arsenic compounds.


At the time of the American troops' entry into Iraq in April 

2003, the non-lethal chemical munitions were in the 

service with the U.S. Army deployed in the region. 

During the fighting, these weapons were used by 

the military police to suppress anti-government

attacks by the civilian population and to mop 

up urban areas, with dense development. At

the same time -- the United States has taken 

deliberate measures to cover up these facts

 in order to rule out a resonant international 

response. The basic principle is that they 

are allowed. Everything was done.... 

allegedly, to reduce losses among 

the civilian population --- and 

members of the coalition 



With Washington's acquiescence, the use of toxic 

substances and riot control agents by Ukrainian 

militants during the special military operation 

has become systematic.


Numerous cases of use of chloropicrin irritant 

by the Ukrainian side, often in mixture with   

chloroacetophenone, have been recorded. 

Similar incidents have been recorded near

 Donetsk, Bogdanovka, Gorlovka, 

Kremennaya, Artyomovsk.


If chloroacetophenone is classified as a chemical 

riot control device, chloropicrin is listed in

 Schedule 3 of the Chemical 

Weapons Convention.


It will be recalled that chloropicrin was first used by 

Ukrainian neo-Nazis during the siege of the Labour 

Union Building in Odessa on 2 May 2014 against 

the opponents of the coup d'état organised by 

the U.S. and its allies.


The use of this toxic agent was indicated by the 

presence of pre-filtered gas masks worn by 

militants, the appearance of specific yellow

-green smoke after the fire broke out at the 

Labour Union House, and the attempt to 

conceal the use of toxic chemicals,

 by setting a fire.


There is reason to believe that the campaign in Odessa 

was planned, designed to take into account the 

specifics of the toxic substances used, and 

aimed at defeating as many people 

as possible.


In connection with the terrorist attack, Russian law

 enforcement agencies conducted an investigation

 that identified the perpetrators.


The Russian side has recorded and confirmed the use 

of ammunition by the AFU not only with chloropicrin, 

but also with other chemical irritant agents. For 

example, U.S.-made gas grenades containing 

CS were used against Russian servicemen 

in Krasny Liman and Boguslav tactical



Hand grenades with irritant agents marked Teren-6 were 

dropped from Ukrainian UAVs on Russianpositions, and 

an ammunition cache was detected in Donetsk. 


According to Ukrainian prisoners of war, assault 

groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are 

equipped with such grenades.


I would like to point out, that Ukrainian armed formations 

use other scheduled chemicals as well. These are cases 

of servicemen using the BZ chemical warfare agent in

 August 2022 and prussic acid in February 2023.


Criminal proceedings under Article 205 of the Criminal 

Code of the Russian Federation, entitled 'Terrorism',

 and Article 355 of the Criminal Code, entitled the

'Development, production, storage, acquisition 

or sale of weapons of mass destruction', have 

been initiated by the investigative bodies 

against three Ukrainian citizens arrested 

for preparation of a terrorist attack 

using analogues of the BZ agent.


Of particular concern are the statements by AFU 

representatives about the availability of  

organo--phosphorous compounds, 

including analogues of the Tabun 

(GA) warfare agent, which is 

included in Schedule 1 of 

the Convention.


Plans for the large-scale use of toxic substances are

 reflected in Ukraine's requests for the supply of 

antidotes, gas masks, and other personal 

protective equipment in quantities that 

are clearly excessive.


Attempts by Ukrainian nationalists to destroy chemically 

dangerous sites in the territories of Donetsk & Lugansk 

people's republics continue unabated, thus threatening 

to inflict chemical damage on the civilian population of 

the regions. Massive missile strikes have repeatedly

 targeted the following industrial plants: Zarya in

 Rubezhnoye, Azot in Severodonetsk, and 

KoksoKhim factory in Avdeyevka.


In the run-up to the regular session of the OPCW 

Executive Council --- I would like to recall that 

Russia has been removed from the Executive 

Council ---- and Ukraine, Poland, and 

Lithuania were included instead.


One can imagine how it would go without voting rights 

for the Russian Federation considering the fact that, 

at the last session, representatives of Romania, 

Estonia, Germany, and other EU countries 

launched an aggressive campaign with 

false accusations against Russia.


The actions of the collective West follow a well-

established pattern of discrediting aimed at 

depriving the Russian Federation... of the 

right to vote in the Organization, as well 

as the possibility of electing & holding

office in its executive bodies -- as was 

done in the past with respect to Syria.


The practice of the OPCW's investigations of chemical 

accidents in Syria in 2018, when the main evidence 

was the testimony of the West-sponsored White 

Helmets, suggests that such investigations 

will not be transparent and impartial in

 the future.


With regard to the OPCW's double standard policy, 

I would like to recall the confirmed use of toxic 

substances (like Tabun, BZ, prussic acid) and

 non-lethal chemicals (CS, chloropicrin, 

chloroacetophenone) by the Kiev 



 All the necessary evidence has been submitted to 

the  OPCW Technical Secretariat, but we have not 

received a meaningful response.


Moreover, with funding from the Organization's budget, 

several courses have been held specially for Ukraine 

on the investigation of chemical accidents. Slovakia 

--- has organised special exercises on substance 

management and real-world sampling, with the 

participation of Ukrainian representatives.


This once again convinces us that the Organization 

for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, in its 

current form, is controlled by the West and

 used by it to settle political accounts.


Despite severe Western censorship, the information 

we publish about the use of chemical weapons by

 Ukrainian armed forces has been heard by

 foreign media and the expert community.


Leading foreign editions have published material on the 

most resonant issues: the U.S. delay in destroying toxic 

chemical weapons left in Panama and Cambodia, and 

the use of U.S.-made chemical munitions in Ukraine.


The relevant reports were posted by the CGTN television 

and radio company, Blitz and Republic, Defense Mirror, 

as well as by the Middle East media.


Several editions have drawn attention to the active use 

of UAVs to deliver toxic chemicals. For example, Al-

Mayadeen's report says that '...the diversity of 

UAVs has become one of the hallmarks of the 

current military conflict. Ukraine's use of this 

type of weapon..., including in combination

 with prohibited ammunition, has reached

 its maximum...'


A lively debate involving European and American experts 

has been launched on media platforms and social media.


The Australian journalist and founder of the information 

edition, Jamie Mcintyre, has confirmed that Ukrainian 

armed forces use toxic chemicals. As evidence, he

 cited the fact that in August 2022, the AFU used a

 BZ-type toxic agent, and in 2024, similar samples 

were detected in abandoned Ukrainian positions. 

His page also shows that, for purposes of

 intimidation, representatives of the AFU

 have declared that they have analogues

 of the Tabun substance.


We believe it crucially important that the disclosure of 

US transfers of chemical weapons to Ukraine and the 

use of toxic chemicals by the AFU has prompted the 

expert community, including in the West, to consider 

fulfiling Kiev and Washington's obligations under 

the Convention.


The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation 

will continue to work in this direction and will 

keep you informed.








Russian Defence Ministry report 

on the progress of the special 

military operation

May 28th, 11:05am


Units of the Sever Group of Forces 

continue advancing to the depth 

of the enemy's defences.


Units of AFU 42nd mechanised, 57th mechanised 

infantry, 3rd tank, and 125th territorial defence 

brigade were hit near Petropavlovka and Liptsy 

(Kharkov region).


Five counter-attacks of enemy assault groups 

were repelled close to Volchansk and Staritsa 

(Kharkov region).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 285 Ukrainian

 troops, three armoured fighting vehicles, and 

six motor vehicles.


In the course of the counter-battery warfare, two 

155-mm Bogdana self-propelled artillery systems, 

one 155-mm U.S.-made M777 howitzer, one 

155-mm French-made Caesar howitzer, 

one 122-mm D-30 howitzer, four 122-

mm Grad BM-21 MLRS and one 

Czech-made RM-70 Vampire

 MLRS, were eliminated.


The Zapad Group of Forces' units captured more 

advantageous lines and inflicted losses on 

formations of AFU 57th mechanised, 95th 

air assault brigades near Kupyansk

 (Kharkov region) & Krasny Liman 

(Donetsk People's Republic).


Three counter-attacks launched by assault groups of 

AFU 115th mechanised, 31st national guard brigades 

were repelled near Belogorovka and Chervonaya 

Dibrova (Lugansk People's Republic).


The AFU losses.. amounted to up to 160 Ukrainian troops, 

two infantry fighting vehicles, seven motor vehicles, one 

155-mm Bogdana self-propelled artillery system, one 155

-mm U.S.-made M777 howitzer, one 155-mm Polish-made 

Krab self-propelled artillery system, as well as two 122-

mm D-30 howitzers.


The Yug Group of Forces' units improved the situation 

along the front line, inflicted losses on manpower and

 hardware of AFU 54th mechanised, 46th airmobile 

brigades near Ivano-Daryevka, Krasnogorovka, 

and Konstantinovka (Donetsk 

People's Republic).


The AFU losses amounted to more than 700 Ukrainian 

troops, three armoured fighting vehicles, six motor 

vehicles, two 152-mm D-20 howitzers, one 122-

mm D-30 howitzer, and one 105-mm U.S.-made

 M119 gun.


The Tsentr Group of Forces' units improved the tactical 

situation, defeated units of AFU 47th mechanised, 

109th territorial defence brigades close to 

Yevgenovka, Sokol and Karlovka

(Donetsk People's Republic).


Six attacks launched by units of AFU 23rd, 24th, 47th 

mechanised, 144th infantry, 25th airborne brigades 

were repelled close to Shumy, Ocheretino, 

Novoaleksandrovka, Novopokrovskoye, 

Solovyovo, and Umanskoye (Donetsk

 People's Republic).


The AFU losses were up to 405 Ukrainian troops, two 

armoured fighting vehicles, to include one Bradley, 

and six motor vehicles.


In the course of the counter-battery warfare, two 

155-mm U.S.-made M777 howitzers, two 152-mm

 Msta-B howitzers, one 152-mm D-20 howitzer, 

one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery 

system, and one 122-mm D-30 howitzer 

were eliminated.


Units of the Vostok Group of Forces took more 

advantageous lines, as well as inflicted losses 

on manpower and hardware of AFU 58th 

mechanised infantry & 128th territorial 

defence brigades near Urozhaynoye 

and Staromayorskoye (Donetsk 

People's Republic).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 165 Ukrainian troops, 

four motor vehicles, two U.S.-made 155-mm M777 

howitzers, two Polish-made 155-mm Krab self-

propelled artillery systems, and one UK-made 

FH-70 towed howitzer.


Units of the Dnepr Group of Forces hit manpower 

and hardware of the AFU 35th Marine Brigade 

close to Tyaginka (Kherson region).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 45 Ukrainian troops, 

four motor vehicles, and one 122-mm D-30 howitzer.


Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 

Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of 

Forces engaged AFU manpower and hardware

 clusters in 118 areas during the day.


Russian air defence means have shot down one Mig-29 

aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, 39 unmanned aerial 

vehicles, one U.S.-made ATACMS operational-tactical 

missile, seven French-made Hammer guided aerial 

bombs, and a U.S.-made HIMARS MLRS projectile.


In total, 604 airplanes and 274 helicopters, 24,739 

unmanned aerial vehicles, 524 air defence missile
systems, 16,182 tanks & other armoured combat 

vehicles, 1,322 combat vehicles equipped with 

MLRS, 9,914 field artillery cannons & mortars,

as well as 22,060 units of special military 

equipment have been destroyed during 

the special military operation.





APU infantry destroyed on the

 outskirts of Chasova Yar

May 28th, 3:41am



On the eastern outskirts of Chasova Yar, a group of 

infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) was 

destroyed, RIA Novosti reports, with reference to

 the Russian Defense Ministry.


Paratroopers found a stronghold with the Ukrainian 

military using aerial reconnaissance. They 

transmitted the coordinates to the 

artillery control point, after 

which the infantry 

was hit.


Earlier, State Duma, Viktor Vodolatsky.... said that now 

there are battles for the southern part of Chasova Yar.
According to him, Moscow protects the military in 

order to.... minimize losses on its part. The MP 

expressed the opinion... that Russia will fully 

take control of Chas Yar in the near future.

At the same time, he added 
that every
house and lane in the 
city.... was
turned into 
fortified areas.







Izvestia showed the work of anti-

aircraft gunners of the Russian 

Armed Forces to destroy 

enemy drones

May 28th, 3:35am



Anti-aircraft gunners of the Armed Forces of the Russian 

Federation are fighting enemy drones in the Zaporozhye 

direction of the special operation. This was reported
Izvestia's military correspondent Emil Timashev
Tuesday, May 28.


"This is how the Bars-8 anti-aircraft gunner unit is moving 

into position with the wind. The main task --- is to track 

enemy drones and destroy them," the journalist said.


Currently, anti-aircraft gunners are working in the eastern

sector of Zaporozhye direction --- covering the sky from 

drone attacks. According to a fighter of the "Bars-8" 

squad, with the call sign Clown, both 15 and 20 

enemy drones can be destroyed in a day.


"They can only use.... drones. They can't do anything else. 

There's no manpower - as such. They take people off the 

street and start teaching them how to be a drone driver. 

But this is the easiest thing they can do - learn to play 

joysticks," said a member of the Bars-8 squad with 

the call sign Haynak.


In the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU), this type of 

weapon is now actively used. The correspondent 

suggested, that the reason is the lack of the 

necessary minimum of ammunition, and a 

shortage of manpower. To compensate 

for these problems, the mass use of 

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is 

necessary. Entire squadrons can 

be lifted into the sky at a time.


Meanwhile, such measures on the part of the Ukrainian 

Armed Forces ----- are powerless to stop the Russian 

advance. Now the Russian troops are only about 

two km away from the city of Gulyai-pole.


Unity and a friendly atmosphere prevail in the ranks of 

the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and

this is bearing fruit.


"We have a brotherhood. One for all and all for one.

 Everyone helps each other. We are brothers to

 each other. We will achieve victory, " - said 

the fighter of the "Bars-8" squad with the 

call sign Kumar.


The journalist explained that the front line in the

 Zaporizhia direction --- is being leveled. The 

situation became even more favorable 

after the capture of the village of 

Rabochino: new units were 

drawn up... to the line of 

contact, which raised 

the effectiveness of 

the advance.








MP Vodolatsky: Ukrainian prisoners

asked not to be included in the 

exchange lists

May 28th, 2:45am



Captured servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

asked not to include them in prisoner exchange lists.


This information was shared with RIA Novosti by 

Russian State Duma deputy, Viktor Vodolatsky.


"Ukrainian fighters who were caught on the streets, sent 

to the front line, are surrendering and do not want to 

be included in the exchange lists, because there 

will be certain reprisals against them," the

 parliamentarian said.


Earlier, a captured Ukrainian soldier said that the 

servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did 

not want to defend themselves near Kharkiv.









Ensign Andreenko carried the wounded 

commander of the assault group and 

a colleague from the battlefield

May 27th, 10:20pm



Ensign Oleg Andreenko, as part of a group of Russian

 servicemen, performed the task of liberating one of

 the settlements controlled by the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine (AFU). On Tuesday, May 28, the Russian 

Defense Ministry told about the new exploits 

of Russian servicemen in the special 

operation zone.


When the group was attacked from a camouflaged enemy 

position, the stormtroopers quickly oriented themselves 

and suppressed the enemy's firing point, continuing the

 offensive. Then, with the support of artillery, the 

enemy launched a counterattack.


Ensign Andreenko - covering the group - took an 

advantageous position in one of the destroyed 

buildings and covered the exit of Russian 

servicemen from enemy fire. During the 

battle..... the commander of the group 

and another serviceman were injured. 

Having repelled the counterattack of 

the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ensign 

Andreenko took the wounded 

comrades to the medical 

units in turn & returned

 to the firing position.


Meanwhile, during the Guard's combat duty, Lieutenant 

Maxim Sagar discovered an approaching air target. 

According to the signs of intelligence, it was 

classified as an unmanned aerial vehicle 

(UAV) of an airplane type.


Immediately assessing the situation, he shot down an 

APU drone with aimed shots from small arms, which 

stopped the enemy's attempt to launch a fire strike

 on Russian units.


Thanks to the professionalism and efficiency of 

Lieutenant Sagar's guards, an enemy kamikaze

 drone detonated in the air before it could 

approach the positions of the Russian 

Armed Forces.




Pasechnik -- reported a missile strike
by the
 Ukrainian Armed Forces with
 munitions on Luhansk

May 27th, 8:01pm



Ukrainian militants launched a rocket attack on Luhansk 

with cluster munitions, after the attack there was a fire, 

the head of the Luhansk People's Republic, Leonid
Pasechnik, said on May 27.


Information about the victims is being clarified. 

The situation is under the control of the head 

of the region.


"Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations,

 law enforcement agencies and doctors went to the 

place. Information about the destruction and 

victims is being clarified," he wrote in his 

Telegram channel.


"Criminals will answer for every victim"


Earlier in the day, Ukrainian militants shelled Gorlovka

in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). As a result, 

four EMERCOM employees --- were injured. They 

extinguished a fire in a private house due to 

an explosive object hitting it, but at that 

time there was a second attack. The 

victims were sent for out-

patient treatment.


The use of weapons such as cluster munitions -- is 

prohibited by the Convention, which entered into 

force on 1 August 2010 and was signed by 123 

countries, but only 110 ratified. Armenia, 

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, 

Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, 

Serbia, Turkey & Ukraine have

 not signed the Convention.


Ukrainian militants are firing daily at the territories of

 the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, as 

well as Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, 

against the background of a special 

operation to protect the Donbass, 

which Russia announced on 

February 24, 2022.



French military instructors' 

stay in Ukraine approved

May 27th, 4:30pm



The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

(AFU) Alexander Syrsky approved the stay of French 

military instructors in the country. He announced

 this in his Telegram channel.


"I have already signed documents that will allow the first 

French instructors to visit our training centres and get
acquainted with their infrastructure and personnel," 

Syrsky wrote.


The commander-in-chief announced the signing of the 

documents during a meeting with French Minister of

 the Armed Forces, Sebastien Lecornuh, via video 

link. Syrsky praised Paris' determination to join 

"this ambitious project."


Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said 

that Moscow has data on the work of French

military instructors... on the territory 

of Ukraine.








The NATO Secretary General --- called for 

allowing Kiev, to hit Russia with Western

weapons. The Kremlin says the alliance 

has fallen into a "military ecstasy"

May 27th, 4:16pm



NATO's Jens Stoltenberg called for Ukraine to be allowed to
use Western weapons on Russian territory. He asked the
allies to consider lifting restrictions on the use of
long-range weapons transferred to Kiev.


''I believe... that these restrictions should be lifted. But

these restrictions are accepted at the national level. 

And this decision will remain at the national level.''


Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General


The head of the bloc pointed out that Kiev should 

independently decide how to use the transferred 

weapons.....  since they "cease to be a NATO 

weapon and become a weapon of Ukraine."


In the Kremlin, Stoltenberg's words were 

called "falling into military ecstasy"


Commenting on the words of the alliance's Secretary 

General, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said 

that NATO is engaged in increasing the degree 

of escalation. He pointed out -- that this could 

not be just a personal opinion of Stoltenberg,

 since he is an official.


''NATO flirts with military rhetoric and  falls 

into a "military ecstasy".  This ------- is the 

reality that we need to deal with further.''


Peskov also called Stoltenberg's statement about NATO's

intention not to engage in a direct clash with Russia -- 

contradictory. The spokesman for Russia's president
stressed that NATO is already directly involved in

 the conflict.


In Italy, Stoltenberg was called to stop,

 calling him a "dangerous gentleman"


Italy's Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Deputy 

Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, called the NATO 

Secretary General a "dangerous gentleman" 

and urged him to stop. Salvini believes that 

after his words on ''lifting restrictions'' on

 Kiev's strikes on the Russian Federation, 

Stoltenberg should get better, then 

apologize --- or resign.


''Talking about the Third World War, about Western, 

European and Italian weapons that can strike 

and kill inside Russia, seems to me very, 

very dangerous and reckless.''


Matteo Salvini, Deputy 

Prime Minister of Italy


A few days earlier, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani 

noted that the country does not support Ukraine's 

strikes on Russia. "We will not send a single 

Italian soldier to Ukraine, and our military 

equipment must be used inside Ukraine," 

he stressed.

The same opinion is shared
 by Salvini, according to
permission to strike at the Russian
Federation, is out 
of the question.


Stoltenberg urged to lift restrictions 

- due to the situation near Kharkiv


The situation near Kharkiv was a trigger for allowing 

Kiev to use Western weapons on Russian territory,
Stoltenberg explained. He noted that due to the 

ban on attacking military targets on the 

territory of the Russian Federation the

 Armed Forces of Ukraine...... face a

 defense problem. Lifting the ban in

 this case, the NATO Secretary 

General called.. self-defense.


He specified that 99 percent of weapons are supplied to 

Kiev by the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, and 

assured that they "helped to inflict serious losses on

 the Russian army." At the same time, Stoltenberg 

stated the need... to avoid escalation.


The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the NATO 

Secretary General exceeded his authority


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov --- commenting on 

the words of the Secretary General of the alliance, said 

that Stoltenberg exceeded his authority. Lavrov

 doubted that the Secretary General could 

assume such responsibility and speak 

on behalf of all members of the bloc.


He also pointed out that Stoltenberg's initiative caused a 

mixed reaction within the bloc itself. So, Lavrov recalled 

the disapproval of the idea by Italian Prime Minister

 Giorgi Meloni, who yesterday, called on 

Stoltenberg ------- to be careful in 

his statements.





 The Supreme Court of the DPR
has sentenced the commander

of Ukraine's National Guard of 

Yuriy Shevchuk to 24 years in 

a penal colony for murdering 

a civilian in Mariupol. 

(May 27th, 3:19pm



This is reported by the Investigative

 Committee of Russia.


As the court found, on March 14, 2022, Shevchuk saw an

 unarmed man and, by order of the command, opened fire

 on him. Then his colleague stabbed the victim several 

times in the neck. As a result, he died on the spot.


"The court --- sentenced Shevchuk to 

24 years in prison," the report says.


As noted by the UK, the criminal case 

against Shevchuk's colleague was

 transferred to the court.


Earlier, RT reported that the DPR court sentenced 

four soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to

 life imprisonment - for killing civilians.






Parliament Speaker: Georgia urged

 to send military to Ukraine

May 27th, 3:11pm



Some countries - behind closed doors - called on Georgia 

to send military personnel to Ukraine, said the Speaker 

of the Georgian Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili.


"These were both open calls - and behind closed doors - 

some friends and foes pushed us to do this, so that the

Georgian authorities would send fighters to Ukraine,

which directly meant war," TASS quoted him 

as saying.


Earlier, the underground reported that Georgian 

mercenaries.... were engaged in extortion in

 Kherson, controlled by the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine.


Founder of the ruling Georgian Dream — Democratic 

Georgia party, honorary chairman of the party, 

Bidzina Ivanishvili said that supporters of the

 global war party use Georgia and Ukraine 

as cannon fodder against Russia.






The first participants of the 

"Time of Heroes" program 

start their training

May 27th, 2:30pm



"Training of the first set of participants for the Time of 

Heroes program has started. As part of the master's 

degree program, the first 83 people will start 

receiving management education starting

 from May 27," the RANEPA said in 

a statement.


In February, during his address to the Federal Assembly, 

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch 

of a new special personnel program for participants 

and veterans of the SVO, called "Time of Heroes"


The aim of the program is to train highly qualified and 

competent leaders from among the participants and 

veterans of a special military operation.





In Ukraine, they pointed out the possibility
of a recruitment centre to refuse a 

postponement - for any reason

May 27th, 1:39pm



The Government of Ukraine did not explain the reasons

 why the territorial recruitment centres (TCCs) of the 

country can refuse conscripts a postponement. 

This will lead to the fact that shopping centres 

will make decisions at their discretion, as the

 May 27 edition of Country.ur, notes.


It is noted --- that this does not apply only to those who 

have a reservation from the mobilization. The rest will 

have to submit an application for postponement to 

the shopping centre, and the body will consider it 

within seven days.


At the same time, the journalists point out in Telegram, it 

seems unlikely to challenge the decision of the military 

commissars. First, before a trial begins, the conscript 

will already be sent for a medical examination. 


Secondly, it remains unclear how the court 

will determine the legality of the decision,

 because there is no legal norm --- as it 

was not prescribed by the Cabinet of 

Ministers, the publication says.


Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Sergey 

Alimov said that soon in the cities of Ukraine there

will be empty streets --- and no one will go to the 

front. He noted that the forcibly mobilized fall 

into the trench - and refuse to fight.


Earlier, on May 20th, it became known that military

 registration and enlistment offices in Ukraine 

submitted requests to the police to search 

for about 95 thousand draft dodgers. 

Also, then President of the country 

Vladimir Zelensky approved on 

May 17th, an increase in 

absentee fines for 

those who avoid 

serving... in the 

country's army.


The Ukrainian leader signed a law on tougher 

mobilization on April 16. The document 

clarifies the categories of persons 

subject to mobilization and 

toughens the penalties for 

evading it. However, it 

does not provide for 

any provisions on 



Among other things, Zelensky lowered the age of

 mobilization from 27 to 25 years and signed a 

law on the creation of an electronic register 

of those liable for military service -- which 

will combine information about personal 

data of Ukrainians. He also abolished 

the status of a limited serviceable 

person in the army. So... in the 

ranks of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine, patients with HIV, 

certain forms of cancer, 

residual tuberculosis 

and men with mental

 retardation will be 

able to serve.


Martial law in Ukraine is effective from February 2022.

 At the same time, Zelensky signed a decree on 

general mobilization. Later, the Verkhovna 

Rada repeatedly extended its validity. 

Most men between the ages of 18 

and 60 are prohibited from 

leaving the country.








Hungary linked the flight of Ukrainian 

citizens from the country with 

unwillingness to go to 

their deaths

May 27th, 1:31pm



Ukrainian conscripts are fleeing the country, as they do 

not want to go to certain death in the special operation 

zone. This was announced on Monday, May 27, by the 

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic 

Relations of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto.


"We see how Ukrainians want to escape from Ukraine, 

we see that they do not want to go to the front to 

certain death," he said after a meeting of the 

foreign ministers of the EU, a briefing 

published by the M1 TV channel.


Szijjarto noted that the main issue now is not weapons

and their shortage, but the shortage of Ukrainian 

military personnel who can use this equipment.








Kiev accused the West of supplying 

UAVs that are not suitable for the 

conditions of the conflict

May 27th, 1:24pm



Western states that support Ukraine supply Kiev with 

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are not suitable

 for the conditions of the conflict. This was stated on 

Monday, May 27, by Deputy Minister of Digital 

Transformation of Ukraine 

Alexander Bornyakov.


"We receive very few drones from allied countries that 

are truly suitable for real-world conditions in Ukraine," 

the Euractiv portal quotes him as saying.


Bornyakov drew attention to the fact ---- that many

drones delivered by the West need to be finalized.


Earlier in the day.... it became known that the Cabinet of

 Ministers of Ukraine partially simplified the procedures 

related to control over the production of ammunition. 

So, for manufacturers of launch engines for 

unmanned systems and missiles, it will be 

easier to include them in the register

 required for concluding a state 

contract., reports Country.ur.


It was noted that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis 

Shmygal, as a positive example, spoke about the 

introduction of a 25% rate of return for drones, 

and this innovation attracted investors.


Earlier, on May 26, the British TV channel Sky News 

reported that Russia produces artillery shells three 

times faster than Ukraine's Western allies, 

although countries in the US and EU have 

tried to increase the pace of production 

at their factories. In addition, the 

products of the Russian military-

industrial complex (MIC) are 

about four times cheaper 

than those made in 

Western countries.


In addition, Western media have repeatedly noted 

that soldiers of the Ukrainian army complain 

about the catastrophic shortage of artillery 

shells and other types of weapons.


The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 

was announced on February 24, 2022, continues. 

The decision was made against the background 

of the worsening situation in the region.








Near Kherson, a woman died of a 

heart attack during the second 

strike of the APU

May 27th, 1:08pm



The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) launched another 

attack on the village of Nizhniye Serogozy in the 

Kherson region, after which one woman died. 

This was announced on Monday, May 27, 

by the head of the region Vladimir Saldo.


"Following their tactics of repeated attacks, Ukrainian 

terrorists again struck the building of the Social Fund

 in Nizhni Serogozy. One woman -- who was near the 

arrival point became ill. According to doctors, she

 had a heart attack. Unfortunately, she died," he

 wrote on his Telegram channel.


The governor clarified that as a result of the second 

shelling, there were no other victims or dead.


The first attack on the Social Fund in Nizhniye Serogozy 

occurred at approximately 09: 13 am (coincides with

 Moscow time). According to the latest data, five 

people were injured. Baldo also noted that a 

school is located opposite the attacked 

building, where exams were held on 

Monday, which did not befuddle

the Ukrainian military.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to strike at 

Russian territories against the background of a 

special operation in the Donbass -- which the 

Russian Federation announced, on February 

24, 2022. The decision to hold it was made 

due to the aggravation of the situation
 the region due to shelling by the 

Ukrainian military.





 Russian Defence Ministry report 

on the progress of the special

military operation

May 27th, 1pm


Units of the Sever Group of Forces 

continue advancing to the depth 

of the enemy's defences.


Losses were inflicted on manpower and hardware of the 

AFU 125th Mechanised Brigade and 112th Territorial 

Defence Brigade near Konstantinovka and Granov 

(Kharkov region).


Two counter-attacks launched by the enemy's assault 

detachments were repelled near Glubokoye and 

Volchansk (Kharkov region).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 318 Ukrainian troops, 

one tank, and two armoured fighting vehicles.


In the course of counter-battery warfare, one U.S.-made 

155-mm M777 howitzer, one UK-made 155-mm FH-70 

howitzer, one 152-mm D-20 howitzer, three 122-mm 

D-30 howitzers, one U.S.-made 105-mm M119 

howitzer, and one 122-mm Grad MLRS 

combat vehicle were neutralised.


Units of the Zapad Group of Forces liberated Ivanovka 

(Kharkov region) and took more advantageous lines.


Losses were inflicted on formations of the AFU 14th 

and 66th mechanised brigades near Nevskoye 

(Lugansk People's Republic) and 

Novosadovoye (Donetsk 

People's Republic).


Moreover, three counter-attacks launched by the 

AFU assault detachments were repelled, near 

Novovodyanoye (Lugansk People's Republic) 

and Grigorovka (Donetsk People's Republic).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 405 Ukrainian troops, 

one infantry fighting vehicle, and five motor vehicles.


In the course of counter-battery warfare --- one UK-made 

155-mm Braveheart self-propelled artillery system, one 

152-mm D-20 howitzer, one 122-mm D-30 howitzer,

 and two 122-mm Bastion MLRS combat vehicles 

were neutralised.


Units of the Yug Group of Forces improved the tactical 

situation along the front line and inflicted losses on

 manpower and hardware of the AFU 57th 

Mechanised Brigade, 105th, and 118th 

territorial defence brigades near 

Razdolovka --- and Chasov Yar 

(Donetsk People's Republic).


The AFU losses amounted to more than 460 Ukrainian

 troops, four motor vehicles, one UK-made 155-mm 

FH-70 howitzer, one 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, one 

122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, 

and one UK-made 105-mm L-119 howitzer. In 

addition, two AFU ammunition depots 

were destroyed.


Units of the Tsentr Group of Forces liberated 

Netaylovo (Donetsk People's Republic) and 

improved the tactical situation.


Losses were inflicted on formations of the AFU 68th 

Jaeger Brigade and 24th Mechanised Brigade near 

Semyonovka and Novgorodskoye (Donetsk 

People's Republic).


Five counter-attacks launched by assault detachments 

of the AFU 71st Jaeger Brigade, 47th, and 110th 

mechanised brigades were repelled near 

Ocheretino, Solovyovo, and Umanskoye 

(Donetsk People's Republic).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 335 Ukrainian

 troops, two armoured fighting vehicles, and 

three motor vehicles.


In the course of counter-battery warfare, one U.S.-made 

155-mm M777 howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-

propelled artillery system, three 152-mm Msta-B 

howitzers, two 122-mm D-30 howitzers, one 

122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle, and 

one U.S.-made 105-mm M102 light 

towed howitzer were neutralised.


Units of the Vostok Group of Forces took more 

advantageous lines and inflicted losses on 

manpower and hardware of the AFU 128th 

Territorial Defence Brigade nr Makarovka

 (Donetsk People's Republic).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 130 Ukrainian troops, 

five motor vehicles, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777 

howitzer, and one U.S.-made 155-mm

 M198 howitzer.


Units of the Dnepr Group of Forces --- inflicted losses on 

manpower and hardware of the AFU 65th Mechanised 

Brigade and 37th Marines Brigade near Rabotino 

(Zaporozhye region) and Veseloye

 (Kherson region).


The AFU losses amounted to up to 40 Ukrainian troops, 

three motor vehicles, one 122-mm D-30 howitzer, and 

one U.S.-made 105-mm M119 howitzer.


Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 

Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of 

Forces engaged AFU manpower and hardware 

clusters in 114 areas during the day.


Air defence units shot down six French-made Hammer 

guided aerial bombs, 14 U.S.-made HIMARS and 

Olkha MLRS projectiles, as well as 44 

unmanned aerial vehicles.


In total, 603 airplanes and 274 helicopters, 24,700 

unmanned aerial vehicles, 524 air defence missile 

systems, 16,172 tanks & other armoured fighting 

vehicles, 1,318 combat vehicles equipped with 

MLRS, 9,887 field artillery cannons & mortars, 

as well as 22,027 units of special military 

equipment have been destroyed during

 the special military operation.









Surrendered Ukrainians 

talk about shootings

May 27th, 10:23am



The Ukrainian military, who wanted to surrender in the 

special operation zone, is now not so easy to do this -

first they need to overcome their own minefields. In 

addition, they can be shot for trying to lay down 

their weapons.


"They are very afraid. They talk about the shootings 

that are on the opposite side. In negotiations, on 

radio stations, you can hear the phrases "try to 

get out of there", "you can't go any further

 than me". We hear --- all this," Colonel 

Artem Gorodilov.... commander of a 

separate airborne assault brigade, 

Guards said in Vladimir Solovyov's

documentary "117th Week of 

the SVO".


Nevertheless, the AFU servicemen continue

 to surrender, both in the northern and
western directions.


According to the commander of the Russian brigade, 

the enemy's losses can be judged ---- by how many 

new untrained fighters appear on the battlefield.


"You can see them. They're going the wrong way. They 

are lost when the conductor is lost. At the first break, 

they run away. You can see inexperienced, untrained 

people," Gorodilov explained, adding that according

 to his observations ---- the commander of the 

Ukrainian brigade - has already changed 

the "fourth set" of military personnel.









Colonel Artem Gorodilov:

 equipment helps to win, 

but the main thing 

is people

May 27th, 10:10am



The supply of Russian military personnel in the area of 

the special operation has significantly improved: new 

weapons - are being delivered, said Colonel Artem 

Gorodilov, commander of the separate airborne 

assault brigade, Guards.


"New types of weapons have come dramatically. We 

don't have time to train people. Everything is new, 

everything is new," he said in Vladimir Solovyov's

 documentary "The 117th week of the SVO".


Among the factors contributing to the successful 

promotion of the Russian military... is technical 

equipment & competent training of personnel, 

but the most important is the spiritual state 

of people, Gorodilov is sure.


"After all, everyone understands --- that the most important 

thing is not the technique. The main thing is still people. 

People believe in victory, understand who they are 

fighting against. This is good news," the 

brigade commander stressed.


Speaking about how the service in the Airborne Troops 

has changed recently, Gorodilov noted that the units 

have become more mobile.


"The Airborne forces have become even more trained, 

have become high-tech – I'm not afraid of this word. 

Such complexes and systems.. are already used in 

the Airborne Forces, which we did not have before. 

And they give very good positive results," Colonel

 Artem Gorodilov told the Guards.


"Now we all have one common idea. We must 

complete the special operation --- but only
 our victory," he concluded.





APU warned of disaster in case of 

jamming of the Starlink system

May 27th, 3:22am



The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) will face serious 

problems due to the jamming of the Starlink system 

by Russian electronic warfare systems. The British

 analyst Alexander Merkouris warned Kiev about 

this on his YouTube channel.


The expert said that the United States will try to find 

ways to bypass the jamming. However, according to

 him, if Washington does not succeed.. then Ukraine 

will face a catastrophe. "Communications, military 

communications are very much dependent on the 

Starlink system," he said.


Merkouris added that Russian forces have begun 

jamming the Starlink system, and they are doing 

so in an increasingly sophisticated way. 


According to him, the military was able to interfere with 

its work during the offensive in the Kharkiv direction.


Earlier, British analyst Alexander Merkouris said that 

Ukraine refused to use US missiles because of their

 inefficiency. He stated that Russia managed to 

successfully jam the GPS guidance systems 

that the United States supplies to Kiev.






 Czech mercenary predicts 

-- the encirclement of the 

Ukrainian Armed Forces 

by Russian troops

May 25th, 11:58pm



Russian troops' penetration into the front lines of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) -- will allow them to

 encircle certain sections of the Ukrainian defense. 

This was stated in an interview with Lidovky 

newspaper by a Czech mercenary with the 

call sign Pavel.


He explained that from each "salient" the Russian military 

will be able to penetrate to the north and south, and then 

close these areas of defense of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine. Participants in the fighting, were skeptical 

about the possibility of Ukrainian troops to achieve 

success in the confrontation with Russia. In their 

opinion even military assistance from the United 

States will not be able to change the situation 

in Kiev.


"The Russians will advance,"

 the Czech fighter stated.


Earlier, a US veteran said that mercenaries traveling to

 Ukraine are killed during combat operations, because 

they mistakenly believe that it will be easy to fight 

against Russian troops. According to the US 

fighter, mercenaries are used to fighting 

obviously weaker enemies.








Ukrainians who fled to Hungary 

expressed fear of imminent 

death at the front

May 25th, 11pm



Citizens of Ukraine try to avoid conscription, because they 

believe that they will die at the front, where, according to 

them, people live an average of three hours. This was 

stated in an interview with the Hungarian online 

publication Tények by three Ukrainians who

 fled to Hungary a few months ago.


"Civilians have almost no chance to survive at the front. 

According to statistics, they survive an average of 

three hours, so they are practically sent to die,"

 one of the interlocutors shared.


It is noted that the Ukrainians fled to Hungary a few

 months ago - they are terrified that Ukraine will 

demand their deportation to the front.


"Police or soldiers stop people on the street, take their 

documents and then knit them. But those who do not 

show their documents are immediately thrown on a 

bus, then taken to a military camp, where after a 

very short preparation they are immediately 

sent to the front," the source said.


The article also emphasizes that instead of a truce 

and peace talks, European politicians are sending 

more and more ammunition and missiles.


Let's go downhill: the new law on mobilization will 

increase the outflow of men from Ukraine


Earlier, on May 22, it became known that Ukraine began 

to make the first decisions on the parole of convicts for 

mobilization. It was noted that the pre-trial detention
centre --- was ordered to immediately release ex-

prisoners to the National Guard and take them 

to the local territorial recruitment and social 

support centre (the Ukrainian equivalent of 

a military enlistment office) to conclude a 

contract. As it was indicated --- in the 

coming year, the released persons 

will be placed under 




President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, whose term of 

office ended on May 20, signed a bill on the mobilization 

of prisoners on May 17. All convicted persons are 

subject to it, except "persons who have 

committed crimes against the basics 

of national security ----- murderers, 

rapists, pedophiles ----- and those

who committed fatal accidents 

under the influence of 

alcohol or drugs."


In addition, the law on strengthening mobilization came 

into force in Ukraine on May 18. The document signed 

by Zelensky clarifies the categories of persons 

subject to mobilization and toughens the 

penalties.. for evading it. However, it 

does not provide any provisions 

for demobilization.


Among other things --- Zelensky lowered the age of 

mobilization from 27 to 25 years and signed a law 

on the creation of an electronic register of those

 liable for military service, which will combine 

information about the personal data 

of Ukrainians. 


He also abolished the status of a limited serviceable

person in the army. Thus.. patients with HIV, certain 

forms of cancer, residual tuberculosis and men with 

mental retardation... will be able to serve in the 

Ukrainian troops.







The Ministry of Defense of Russia 

--- told about the exploits of the 

military of the Armed Forces 

of the Russian Federation

May 25th, 10pm



The Ministry of Defense told about the merits of the Guard 

of Junior Sergeant Dmitry Kotov, who, while at the visual 

observation point, was the first to see an unmanned 

aerial vehicle of a quadrocopter type approaching 

the positions of Russian troops, and shot it down 

with the help of electronic warfare equipment. 

The drone fell before reaching the protected 

objects and detonated.


Thanks to Kotov's timely actions, it was possible to detect 

and prevent the defeat of UAVs of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine (AFU) objects of the Armed Forces of the 

Russian Federation.


The Ministry also noted the actions of the driver of the 

support platoon of the motorized rifle battalion, Lance 

Corporal Sergei Batrakov. At the risk of his own life, 

he provided first aid and carried seven Russian 

servicemen who were seriously injured and 

unable to get out of the area of enemy fire 

on their own from the battlefield to the 

safe zone. Thanks to Batrakov's 

dedication, it was possible to 

save the lives of the 

Russian military.


It is also noted that the corporal throughout the 

entire period of his stay in the SVO zone 

organized the uninterrupted delivery 

of material and technical property, 

ammunition, fuel and lubricants

 to the front line.







The number of people killed 

during the shelling by the 

Ukraine Armed Forces 

of Belgorod region 

increased to four

May 25th, 8:34pm



The death toll as a result of the shelling of the Belgorod 

region by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) -- has

 increased to four. This was announced on May

 25th, by the governor of the region 

Vyacheslav Gladkov.


"To our great grief, the number of civilian deaths has

 increased to four people. In the city hospital No. 2, 

a man died, who was delivered with multiple 

shrapnel wounds to the lower extremities 

from the village of Oktyabrsky," Gladkov 

wrote in his Telegram channel.


According to the governor, as a result of two attacks, 

12 people are in hospitals: 11 adults and one child. 

He added that eight victims with shrapnel wounds 

to various parts of the body were hospitalized in 

specialized departments — the condition of all 

the victims is assessed by doctors....

 as moderate.


Earlier in the day, Gladkov reported that as a result of

shelling by militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

(AFU) --- from MLRS in the village of Oktyabrsky, 

Belgorod region, two people were killed and 

10 were injured. Later, the death toll as a 

result of the shelling of the Belgorod 

region by the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine increased to three.


A resident of Shebekino, Belgorod region, was also 

injured in a Ukrainian drone attack and was 

hospitalized with concussion and 

shrapnel wounds to her limbs.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to strike at Russian

territories - against the background of a special operation 

in the Donbass, which the Russian Federation announced
on February 24, 2022. The decision to hold it was made 

due to the aggravation of the situation in the region 

due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.




Putin called the work of the defense 

complex "one step ahead" of the 

enemy --- a guarantee of victory

May 25th, 3:04pm



Russia must always go one step ahead of the enemy in 

terms of weapons, then victory will be guaranteed. 

This was stated on May 25 by Russian President 

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with heads of 

defense enterprises in Korolev, 

Moscow region.


"I would like to emphasize this again: we must always be 

one step ahead. We need to stay ahead of the enemy all 

the time, and then victory will be guaranteed," the 

president said.


He pointed out that the effectiveness of the Armed Forces 

of the Russian Federation increases many times --- if the 

enemy is behind by at least half a step.


Putin also clarified that it is important to use the resources

 of the defense industry more effectively — to give an 

opportunity for further development, expansion and 

production, & some of the most effective models, 

according to the president, need to be put into 

service in an accelerated manner.


The President of Russia on Saturday, May 25th, arrived in 

Korolev near Moscow to inspect the production facilities 

of enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC) 

and meet with their leaders. The meeting is being 

held at the site of Tactical Missile Armament 

Corporation JSC (TTRV).


At the meeting, the head of state also stressed the 

importance of increasing supplies for the army. 

Such weapons and technologies include 

unmanned aerial and ground-based 

systems, high-precision weapons, 

electronic warfare systems, and 

counter-battery warfare systems. 


The president also said that the volume of production 

of ammunition in Russia has increased 14 times

in two years, and drones - four times.


Earlier, on May the 15th, Putin held the first meeting on the

 development of the defense industry after the formation 

of the new government. At the meeting, the Head of 

state called for ensuring the needs of the Armed 

Forces of the Russian Federation during a 

special operation.


 He also warned that defense enterprises should be ready

 at any time.... to switch to the production of civilian 

products, and demanded not to allow distortions

 in the Russian economy in the direction 

of defense.


Earlier, on May 14, the new head of the Russian Defense

 Ministry, Andrey Belousov, said that the head of state 

had set him the task of integrating the army's 

economy into the relevant industry common 

to the whole country. Belousov reminded

that defense spending has already 

exceeded 6.7% of Russia's GDP 

and each ruble should bring the

maximum effect ---- so costs 

need to be optimized.


The special operation to protect the Donbass, which Putin 

announced on February 24, 2022, continues. The decision 

was made against the background of the aggravation of 

the situation in the region due to shelling by the 

Ukrainian military.



 A resident of Odessa tried to swim away

 from Ukraine on an inflatable mattress

 with Spider-Man

May 25th, 2:06pm



The Ukrainian State Border Service 

reports it in its Telegram channel.


"Spiderman" from Odessa could not 

cross the border........ on a child's 

mattress," the statement said.


Border guards detained him.


A report on an administrative offense 

has been drawn up.


In March, a group of 16 evaders was detained in 

Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian State 

Border Service, the detainees tried to 

illegally cross the border 

towards Hungary.


The ministry also said that Ukrainian citizens who

 are trying to illegally cross the country's border 

towards Romania may be ambushed by bears 

on their way through the mountains.




Apty Alaudinov: APU equipped 

a studio for creating fakes 

at the stronghold

May 25th, 2:02pm



Special forces "Akhmat" captured a stronghold of 

Ukrainian militants, where there were props 

for filming fake videos.


The commander of the special forces "Akhmat", Apty 

Alaudinov told about the advance of Russian troops 

in the Srebriansky forest district, during which,
studio was found on Ukrainian positions to 

produce fake videos about the successful 

advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

on the Kremen sector of the front.

 Alaudinov's words are quoted by

 the RIA Novosti news agency.


Fighters of the "Aida" group... of the "Akhmat" special 

forces, captured a stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed 

Forces during the clearing of one of the sites, where

 they found ....equipment and props used by the 

Ukrainians for filming --- models imitating 

soldiers in Russian military uniforms, 

Russian equipment, paints to 

simulate blood traces, and 

so on.


In social networks, videos shot in this location have 

already appeared, in which Ukrainian militants 

report on successful progress in the 

Kremen direction.


Apty Alaudinov believes that the enemy, unable to resist 

Russian units in battle, churns out fake videos about 

their military achievements. Instead, Alaudinov 

advised all those who are engaged in such 

"creativity" to make the only right
decision - 
and surrender.








Senator Bondarev: The Pentagon 

and the EU ------ have moved to 

openly provocative actions

May 25th, 1:23pm



The Pentagon.. and the countries of the EU, represented by 

Brussels have turned to outright provocation, which leads 

the world to a global conflict. This was stated by the first 

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee 

on Defense & Security, Viktor Bondarev, commenting

 on the desire of the West to allow Kiev to hit it with

 weapons deep into the territory of Russia.


"By publicly discussing topics related to allowing Ukraine 

to bomb the territory of Russia, they actually give this 

permission to themselves, since all arming and 

controlling troops, we understand, has long 

been carried out with the help of NATO," 

Bondarev wrote in Telegram channel.


The parliamentarian assured that in response to

 the provocative actions of the West, Russia will 

definitely respond ------- the measures will 

be mirrored.







Prisoner of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

on the battles near Kharkiv: there was 

no help, the walkie-talkies were silent

May 25th, 12:12pm



Mykola Perepalenko, a soldier of the Ukrainian border 

guard service, who was taken prisoner by the 

Russian Armed Forces, said that the soldiers 

ran out of ammunition during the fighting, 

and the walkie-talkies they used to ask 

for help... were silent.


Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier Mykola Perepalenko was 

captured by Russian troops of the Sever group in the

 Kharkiv region during fighting in one of 

the settlements.


According to him, he and three other soldiers went to 

reinforce the positions, but did not receive any help 

when they began to run out of ammunition. He 

noted that there were eight of them,

 including a senior lieutenant.


Perepalenko said that the soldiers

"radioed for" help..... but it 

"never came."


"Not everyone wanted to go to defend Kharkiv. There is 

no need to resist," the AFU fighter said in a video of 

the interrogation, provided by the Russian 

Defense Ministry.


Russian troops continue to advance deep into the Kharkiv 

region, defeating the forces of the Armed Forces of

 Ukraine. Dozens of settlements.. and more than 

50% of the territory of Volchansk were taken 

under the control of the Russian Armed 



 In the city of Lubotyn, a railway train carrying 

military equipment of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine - was destroyed.









We wish you good health: almost 100% 

of those wounded during the SVO

return to service

 by Bogdan Stepovoi

May 25th, 12:10pm



Now almost 100% of the servicemen who were injured 

during the special operation in Ukraine are returning

 to service. Moreover, this indicator hasn't changed 

for two years. This was announced by 

representatives of the Ministry of 

Defense at the opening of the 

scientific and practical 

conference "Combat 


in Moscow. 


The Vishnevsky Military Clinical Hospital has opened a 

scientific and practical conference "Combat Trauma". 

The main topics of the meeting were first aid on the 

battlefield and rehabilitation after injuries.


"Despite the varying intensity of combat operations --- it 

should be noted that we managed to achieve that 98% 

of the wounded return to service," Dmitry Trishkin, 

head of the Main Military Medical Department of 

the Ministry of Defense, said at the opening. — 

And this figure has not changed for two years. 

This is one of the most important indicators 

for us. The bar that we try to keep.


He also added that less than 2% of military personnel 

become disabled and are dismissed from the ranks 

of the Russian armed forces.


— Against the general background of all sanitary losses, 

this is an historic figure. This is also compared to the 

previous armed conflicts in which we participated 

(the Great Patriotic War, Afghanistan, and the 

North Caucasus). At that time, such values 

were not reached. Our enemies don't have

 anything like that either," the ministry 

official said.


Speaking about the work of departmental hospitals, he 

drew attention to the fact that medical institutions

 face two main tasks: to provide timely assistance 

to the primary wounded, as well as to treat those 

who need it again.


— The Ministry of Defense has taken on all the necessary 

amount of such work. Starting from the battlefield, ending 

with high-tech prosthetics of limbs. This result.... is the 

merit of all stages of medical care provision. First
all, medical workers from the front line. 


People, regardless of everything, evacuate patients in a 

timely manner. At the level of medical departments, 

such work is organized smoothly," the 

representative of the Ministry of 

Defense said.


It is important that this work is 

carried out systematically.


— The system built over two years is now yielding an 

important result, significantly helping the armed 

forces. The fighters are returning to the ranks, 

continuing to perform combat tasks," 

Trishkin concluded.


By the way, several foreign delegations took part in the 

conference "Combat trauma": from the United Arab 

Emirates, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, and 

Uzbekistan. As the conference guests 

noted, they were certainly interested 

in the experience of Russian military 

medics, primarily acquired during

the special operation.


Several Russian companies that produce various medical 

equipment also presented their products at the event. In 

particular, special mattresses designed for heating

 operating tables and resuscitation beds are now

 used in hospitals and military hospitals. As a 

representative of the manufacturer noted, 

the item is very popular in the field.


- The operating room temperature is not always normal. 

Therefore, heating the patient's body during surgery 

and other procedures becomes important. This 

almost eliminates the possibility of 

complications due to a low 

temperature," he said.


According to the manufacturer, mattresses are purchased

 for the needs of the SVO and used in hospitals stationed 

on the front line. Its cost varies from 200 thousand to 

500 thousand rubles. About a thousand civilian 

specialists have already been trained for 

this purpose.


In addition, the guests' attention was drawn to the 

exhibition dedicated to the means of medical 

evacuation of the wounded. In particular, 

the protected ambulance "Lens" was 

presented, modified taking into 

account the experience of its 

operation in the special 

operation zone. 


This model improves ergonomics in the habitable 

compartment, improves the microclimate and 

air conditioning system, and changes the 

design of the door for faster and safer 

loading of the wounded.


In addition, the wheels of this model are equipped 

with fire-resistant tires. This modification of the 

"Lens" is already being delivered to the troops 

to supply medical units.


In addition to the "Lens", the exhibition demonstrated a 

Ka-226 helicopter, an all-terrain vehicle-based means 

of evacuating the wounded from the front edge, as 

well as the SATI-M isolation transport system.


It supports the maintenance of vital body 

functions and monitors the development 

of complications during the preparation 

and conduct of medical evacuation.








Russian troops near Kharkiv 

continue to advance - deep 

into the defense..... of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine

May 25th, 11:17am



The Russian Defense Ministry reported on the situation 

that has developed over the past day on the front lines

 in the Kharkiv region.


According to the Russian Defense Ministry, on Friday, units 

of the "Northern" group of troops operating in the Kharkiv

 region pushed through the enemy's defenses and carried

 out strikes on the places of accumulation of manpower 

and equipment of the motorized infantry and 

amphibious assault brigades of the Armed 

Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the 

villages of Yurchenkovo 

and Baksheevka.


In the areas of Volchansk and Glubokoe, the enemy 

twice tried to counterattack our positions. The 

attacks were repelled.


During the day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost about 220 

militants, three vehicles, a German Panzerhaubitze 2000 

self-propelled gun, two D-20 howitzers, a Gvozdika self-

propelled artillery system, two D-30 guns, an MT-12 

Rapira cannon and a Czech Vamire MLRS.









Arkhangelsk is liberated by the 

Russian military in the DPR

May 25th, 11:16am



The Center group --- has liberated the settlement of 

Arkhangelskoye in the Donetsk People's Republic,

 the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday.


According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the forces of 

the 24th, 100th mechanized, 25th Airborne brigades of 

the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the 241st Brigade of

 the Ukrainian Territorial Defense were defeated near 

Novoselovka Pervaya, Yasnoborodovka, Zelyony 

Pole, Toretsk and Konstantinovka.


The enemy tried to counterattack – assault groups formed 

from the personnel of the 142nd, 144th infantry and 47th 

mechanized brigades tried to advance three times in

 the areas of the settlements of Shumy, Netaylovo 

and Solovyovo of the DPR, but were 

not successful.


Daily losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are estimated 

at 410 people, 3 armoured vehicles, nine artillery pieces 

were destroyed, including two US howitzers and an 

Acacia self-propelled artillery system & 2 vehicles.









Sheremet: Stoltenberg is obsessed 

with war and wants to hurt Russia

as much as possible

May 25th, 7:48am



State Duma deputy from Crimea, member of the Security 

Committee Mikhail Sheremet called the insanity of the 

call of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to 

lift restrictions on strikes on Russia.


Earlier, Stoltenberg said that NATO should remove

 from Kiev a number of restrictions on the use of 

Western weapons for strikes on the territory of

 the Russian Federation.


Sheremet believes that Stoltenberg's statement is due to 

his desire to further inflame the conflict in Ukraine and 

"harm Russia at any cost," although this may cause

 "catastrophic consequences" for the residents
 Western countries.


Stoltenberg is obsessed with war and does everything 

to turn Europe into a powder keg, the deputy added,

reports RIA Novosti.


Two weeks ago, the NATO Secretary General said that 

there is no point in restoring Ukraine.... if it loses. 


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova 

noted, in this regard, that NATO is not interested in the 

future of Ukraine and its population, Ukraine is only 

a tool for implementing the alliance's anti-

Russian course.


Stoltenberg also said earlier... that the bloc has no 

intentions of directly engaging in a confrontation 

with Russia on the territory of Ukraine.


Russia has repeatedly stated that the West's supply of

 weapons to the authorities in Kiev leads to the direct 

involvement of NATO countries in the Ukrainian 

conflict; pumping Ukraine with weapons does

 not contribute to negotiations.









Four people were injured as a result 

of shelling by the Ukrainian Armed 

Forces in the DPR

May 25th, 1:24am



The Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 69 rounds of 

ammunition at populated areas of the republic.


"24 facts of armed attacks of the VFU (armed formations 

of Ukraine ed.) were recorded by the DPR representative 

office in the Joint Centre for Control & Coordination of 

Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine over the past 

day," the representative office's Telegram 

channel reports.


As it is specified, 16 attacks were recorded in the Horlivka 

direction and eight in the Donetsk direction. In total, the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 69 rounds of ammunition 

at populated areas of the republic. Four civilians were 

injured. Seven residential buildings and one civil 

infrastructure object were damaged.


The Center group of Russian troops, which is pushing the 

enemy forces away from Donetsk, has taken more

 favorable positions on the front line. A week-long 

standoff with the advancing Russian army 

resulted in the loss of about 2,770 

servicemen for the Armed 

Forces of Ukraine.





In Odessa there was a mass brawl 

with participation by the military

May 24th, 9:19pm



A mass brawl between soldiers of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine and civilians occurred in the resort area

of Odessa, Arcadia, reports the newspaper 

"Country.ua"in Telegram.


As the sources of the publication noted, the reasons for 

the fight are unknown. "In the Odessa Arcadia, a mass

 brawl of civilians occurred with the military," 

they said.


Judging by the footage from the scene, several dozen 

people took part in the fight, while there were more 

civilians than military ones.


In February, in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, activists of the 

radical movements "National Corps" (banned in Russia) 

and "Right Sector" (banned in Russia) staged a mass 

brawl with shooting. After a verbal altercation, a 

scuffle began, in which up to 50 people 

took part.








In Britain, they told about the failure 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

 that scared Zelensky

May 24th, 8:43pm



British analyst Alexander Mercouris said that Ukrainian 

Vladimir Zelensky was frightened by the breakthrough 

of the Russian military positions of the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine in the Kharkiv direction, where they did

 not have any fortifications. He told about this on 

his YouTube channel.


According to him, Russian troops managed to conduct a 

successful offensive near Kharkiv, as a result of which 

all Ukrainian fortifications were destroyed.


"We are talking about the complete absence of 

fortifications, minefields, trenches. It seems 

that this scared even Zelensky," the 

expert stressed.


Merkouris believes that the Ukrainian leader is concerned

 about the situation at the front, as evidenced by the

 gathering of a huge number of troops in this 

direction. He believes that Zelensky is 

afraid of losing Kharkiv to Russia, 

realizing that this would mean

 the end of his presidency.


Earlier, the analyst said that part of the Ukrainian military 

in Volchansk was cut off from the main forces. Merkouris

 noted that intense fighting is taking place in this 

direction, and the positions of the Ukrainian 

Armed Forces are being subjected to very

heavy shelling by the Russian army 

--- which does not allow the 

Ukrainians to replenish 

their ranks.







In the Kherson region, they announced

 a massive discharge of water from the 

Dnipro hydroelectric power station

May 24th, 8:22pm



Ukraine has started an urgent discharge of water from

 the Dnipro hydroelectric power station, Governor of 

the Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo said, in a 

Telegram channel.


"According to our information, the enemy has opened all 

the floodgates on the Dnieper hydroelectric dam. There

 is a massive discharge of water, which will arrive 

within a few days," the head of the region said.


Saldo added that significant flooding of coastal areas in 

the Kherson region, is not expected, but in the zone of

flooding - with a high degree of probability - will be
islands in the Dnieper delta.


As the Telegram channel "Military Chronicle" notes, one 

of the reasons for the discharge of water could be the 

offensive actions of the Russian military on the

 islands opposite Krynok. Official information 

from Kiev on this situation has not yet 

been received.








Ukraine handed back unable

 to shoot Leopard tanks

May 24th, 8:07pm 



Kiev decided to abandon the Leopard 1 tanks transferred 

to it by Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, since 

some of them were equipped with cannons that lack 

important parts, which is why the equipment is not 

able to shoot. This is reported by the Danish

 radio station, DR.


"New information about the donation of at least 100 

Leopard 1 tanks from Denmark, Germany and the 

Netherlands to Ukraine reveals a number of 

serious problems. The problems were so 

numerous --- that Ukraine refused to 

accept this military assistance," 

the article says.


It is noted that some of the tanks had problems with

electronics, which did not allow the Ukrainian 

military to effectively hit targets. Also, some 

of them had guns that could not fire at all.


Earlier, Russian military analyst Igor Korotchenko said 

that the Leopard tanks and HIMARS multiple launch 

rocket systems (MLRS) delivered to Ukraine by 

Germany and Denmark will not be able to 

change the situation.. in favour of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and

 will become the next trophies.





Hungary rethinking role 

in NATO, PM says

May 24th, 9:17am



Still unwilling to take part in NATO’s military mission 

in Ukraine, Budapest is reassessing its role in the 

organization, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor 

Orban told the Kossuth radio station.


He confirmed that Hungary had no plans to participate in

 NATO actions.... that could drag member states into the

 conflict in Ukraine and lead to a direct confrontation 

with Russia. According to Orban Brussels is making 

military plans with "task forces working on ways

 for NATO to take part in this war."


"Hungary is opposed to this. The government is working 

intensively to figure out how to avoid participating in

 the war... while remaining a NATO member," Orban 

said, adding that Brussels was aware of this and

 was even calling Hungary a "non-participant."


The head of government acknowledged - that Hungary’s 

stance may appear unusual, given its intention to stay 

in NATO. "There aren’t many situations in NATO’s 

history where member states openly took a 

distinct stance like Hungary is now doing. 

Therefore, its role in the military alliance 

needs to be reassessed. Our lawyers 

and military are currently working 

on this. The issue.... should be 

resolved ------ by Hungarian 

diplomacy," Orban stated.


Meanwhile, he reiterated, that Hungary did not plan to 

take part in any potential NATO operations in Ukraine.

The country will neither allocate funds, nor send 

weapons to the country, nor allow its territory

to be used to store weapons meant for 

the Ukrainian army. 


The premier explained that this position was grounded in 

the belief that it was impossible to settle the conflict in 

Ukraine militarily as there could be no winner, and a

 solution should be found through peace talks.


In addition, Orban pointed out that NATO was a defensive 

alliance that no one had attacked yet. The conflict in

 Ukraine concerns only Kiev and Moscow, the 

Hungarian prime minister said. That is why, 

in his words, the talk about "the Russian 

threat" should be taken as "a maneuver 

by the West and Europe --- to pave the 

way for them to enter the war."







Russian troops employ silhouette-

blurring stealth suits in Ukraine 

operation — designer

May 24th, 8:57am (TASS)


Russian troops are using about 600 latest silhouette-

blurring invisible suits in the special military 

operation in Ukraine, the tech firm HiderX

 told TASS on Friday.


"We began with 25 suits that we handed out to Russian

 troops, for testing. Now about 600 of our camouflage

 'invisible suits' that blur a human silhouette...... are 

employed in the special operation area. A group of
servicemen in the Kharkov direction, also wear 

our suits. Camouflage suits are used in all the

 frontline areas of the special operation,"
 tech firm said.


The suits are designed to hide troops from enemy 

thermal imaging systems, HiderX specified.


"Our suits - camouflage cloaks and camouflage coats - 

operate well - regardless of the season. The gear is 

suitable for daily camouflaging...  but its main goal 

is to hide a soldier from thermal imagers at night. 

The cloak hides both the soldier and the 

weapons he carries because an assault

 rifle is also seen through a thermal

 imager," the tech firm said.


A stealth suit has a weight of up to 400 grams.








Doctors reported an improvement 

in Fico's condition after the 

assassination attempt

May 24th, 8:04pm



The condition of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who 

survived an attempt on his life, is improving at the 

Roosevelt Hospital in Banska Bystrica. 

This was announced on Friday, May 

24, by the directorate of the 

medical institution.


"The dynamics of the Prime Minister's health status, is

 stable with a moderate improvement. We believe that 

this process will continue," the clinic said, on its 

Facebook page (owned by Meta, recognized as 

extremist; banned in the Russian Federation).


This was confirmed by the politician's closest ally,

 Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister 

Robert Kalinak.


"We are no longer talking about his struggle for life, but 

about a stable condition with a positive prognosis,"
wrote on the same social network.


Earlier in the day, the director of the Russian Foreign

 Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, said 

that the assassination attempt on the Prime 

Minister of Slovakia was an attempt to

remove a politician ----- who was 

objectionable to liberal elites, 

who dared to speak out in 

defense -- of the national

interests of his country.


The assassination attempt on Robert Fico... took place on

 May 15 after a meeting of the Slovak Cabinet of Ministers. 

The prime minister came out to greet the audience, after

 which several shots rang out. The shooter turned out to

 be a 71-year-old man - Juraj Tsintula - from the town
 Levice, who was later detained. The assailant 

confessed to police, that his attempt on Fico's 

life was politically motivated. On May 18, the

 court remanded the shooter in custody. 

He pleaded guilty.


After the assassination attempt, Fico was urgently 

hospitalized and was in serious condition. Slovak 

publications specified that as a result of his 

injuries, he had an abdominal hemorrhage. 

The operation lasted almost four hours, 

after which the Prime Minister was
 into an artificial coma. 


On the morning of May 16, it became known that his

 condition was stable. On May 21, the Roosevelt 

Hospital reported that Fico remains conscious 

and continues to communicate.


Fico has previously been a frequent critic of NATO and 

Western policy toward Ukraine. He noted that the 

supply of weapons to Kiev --- is not a suitable 

solution, and the funds that are allocated 

for this are wasted. In addition, he said 

that Slovakia will not ratify the 

documents on Ukraine's 

admission to NATO.





Brazil and China Present Roadmap

 to End the Ukrainian Conflict

May 24th, 4:17pm 



On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi and

 the special advisor to Brazilian President Lula da Silva, 

Celso Amorim, presented a roadmap to end the 

Ukrainian conflict.


The six-point proposal emphasizes that political 

negotiation is the only viable solution to the 

conflict that began after the 2014 coup in 

Ukraine known as the "Euromaidan" and 

continued with attacks by Ukrainian 

armed forces and nationalists 

against Russians in 

the Donbas.


Brazil and China propose holding an internationally

 recognized peace conference with equal 

participation from both nations and a 

fair discussion on peace plans. 


They also propose de-escalating armed confrontations, 

creating conditions to resume dialogue, increasing

 humanitarian aid, avoiding attacks on basic 

services and civilian infrastructure, 

protecting women and children, 

and promoting the swap 

of prisoners.


Brazil and China reject the use of nuclear, chemical, or 

biological weapons of mass destruction. Emphatically, 

the peace proposal calls on the parties to avoid the 

use of nuclear weapons to prevent a larger crisis.


Brazil and China oppose attacks on nuclear power plants, 

which the Ukrainian armed forces frequently engage in 

by bombing the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant 

with drones.


This peace proposal precedes the so-called Peace

 Conference in Switzerland organized by the US 

and its allies for June 15 and 16, to which 

Russia has not been invited, according

to President Vladimir Putin.


Brasilia and Beijing made it clear: that they oppose 

dividing the world into political or economic blocs 

at a time when humanity requires cooperation 

and integration.






Alexander Lukashenko told about 

those who want to lead Ukraine

May 24th, 4:17pm



There are enough people in Ukraine who want to lead the 

country. This was announced by President of Belarus

 Alexander Lukashenko, RIA Novosti reports.


"Again, there is democracy there. There are enough 

people there today, both among the military and 

among civilians, who want to lead the country 

and lead it in a new way to war and against 

war," the head of state said.


Commenting on the situation in Ukraine, Lukashenko 

added that it is "developing as it is developing." The 

Belarusian leader expressed the opinion that 2024 

will determine "a lot" for Kiev.


The President of Belarus also assessed the legitimacy of

 the head of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. He said --- that 

there is "no legal purity in this issue and cannot be"

 due to the state of the Ukrainian judicial system.









Putin explained the need for 

a legitimate government 

in Ukraine

May 24th, 4:15pm 



When resuming negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, 

it is necessary to understand the legitimacy of the Kiev 

authorities and with whom it is possible to sign

 documents. This was stated by Russian 

President Vladimir Putin, RIA 

Novosti reports.


"We must be fully confident that we are dealing with 

legitimate authorities (when resuming negotiations 

with Ukraine). This question should be answered

 in Ukraine itself. First of all I think that from the

 positions of the parliament, the constitutional

 court, or some other authorities," he said.


At the same time, the Russian leader said that

the legitimacy of Ukrainian President Vladimir 

Zelensky -- has ended. According to him, the 

Kremlin is aware that Zelensky's term of 

office has expired.


Putin also said that Russia is ready for negotiations 

with Ukraine. According to him, Moscow is ready to 

resume the process of a peaceful settlement of the

conflict in Ukraine, provided that the agreements

reached earlier, are taken into account.




67 Ukrainian soldiers

May 24th, 2:37pm



On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced

that 67 soldiers of the Ukrainian army had 



It turns out that we are talking about the servicemen 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who laid down their 

weapons over the past week – in the period from 

May 18 to May 24.


Recall that earlier it became known about the case 

when a Ukrainian soldier surrendered after 

arriving at the Russian positions on a 

stolen T-64 tank.


According to some sources, the described events took 

place in the Donetsk direction, where ex-serviceman 

of the 110th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Maxim Likhachev joined the side of the Russian 

Armed Forces.








The Yug group liberated settlements 

and killed more than 3,280 soldiers 

of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

May 24th, 2:01pm



On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry provided data 

on the weekly results of the combat activities of the 

Yug group of the Russian Armed Forces.


Russian servicemen.... continued to advance deeper 

into the defensive formations of the Ukrainian army.


Starting from May 18, three settlements were liberated 

from the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Belogorovka, 

Kleshcheyevka and Andreevka of the 

Donetsk People's Republic.


The enemy's losses are estimated at 3,285 people, 

20 armoured vehicles, including seven tanks

 and 46 vehicles.


Ten field ammunition depots and 32 guns were destroyed, 

most of them foreign – made, which were obtained by the 

Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of Western supplies.


It is specified that during the specified period, the forces 

of seven brigades of the Ukrainian army and four 

brigades of territorial defense were defeated.









Bezuglaya accused Zaluzhny and Syrsky -

for ''difficult situation'' in Kharkiv region

May 24th, 1:40pm



The lack of proper defensive structures in the Kharkiv 

region is the fault of the former Commander-in-Chief 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Valery 

Zaluzhny, and the current one - Alexander 

Syrsky. This was stated by the deputy of

 the Verkhovna Rada Mariana Bezuglaya

 in the Telegram channel.


"Neither the commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine, Zaluzhny, nor Syrsky, prepared 

fortifications in the Kharkiv region. 

Period," the MP wrote.


The Ukrainian politician also noted that in the Kharkiv 

region on the border with Russia ---- there were no

fortifications at all, and in the rear, they were 

built by local military administrations. 


Bezuglaya expressed the opinion... that this was done 

according to the guidelines of the Second World War, 

which were provided by the General Staff of the 

Ukrainian troops. She also noted that, where 

the construction of fortifications - was still 

chaotic, the prices for these works, were 

inflated. But even in the rebuilt buildings, 

the generals did not place soldiers, the 

politician's message says further.


In addition, in the post, Mariana Bezuglaya drew attention

 to the fact --- that the current commander-in-chief of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine, Syrsky, was responsible for 

the Kharkiv region since the summer of 2022. Then, 

according to her, he was the commander of the

 operational group "Khortytsya". Zaluzhny,

according to the deputy, did not control 

his work properly.


The Ukrainian MP stressed that there were units in this 

region without combat experience and proper training. 

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the 

territories on the border with Russia were 

poorly mined.


"Is it indifference, swagger, or working 

for the enemy?" - the MP asked herself.


She stated that such a composition of the top leadership 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is represented in the 

overwhelming majority.


Earlier, Bezuglaya accused Syrsky's subordinates of 

the collapse of the front near Ocheretino & Kharkiv.


Also, the Ukrainian politician said that all the

commanders-in-chief of the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine, over the past ten years, did
pay enough attention to

 fortification issues.


In February, the parliamentarian announced that

 she had left the party of the head of the Kiev 

regime, Vladimir Zelensky, "Servant of 

the People".





Summary of the special operation

in Ukraine from May 18th to 24th

May 24th, 1:31pm



A special military operation to protect the civilian

 population of Donbass --- is being conducted by 

Russia from February 24, 2022. You can track 

the progress of the joint forces of Russia, the 

Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics 

(DPR and LPR), as well as view the map 

of military operations for the week

from May 18th to 24th, in an

Izvestia article.


According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian 

Federation, during the specified period, the Armed

 Forces of the Russian Federation carried out 49 

group strikes with precision weapons and 

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as a 

result of which the enemy's military 

airfield infrastructure, missile 

storage sites, ammunition 

and fuel, plus workshops
the production of 

unmanned boats, &
were hit.


In addition, points of temporary deployment of 

the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), foreign 

mercenaries and nationalist formations, 

as well as enterprises of the enemy's 

military-industrial complex were hit.


During the week, units of the group of forces "North" as

 a result of active operations, liberated the village of 

Staritsa in the Kharkiv region...... and continued to 

advance into the depths of the enemy's defenses. 


They defeated the manpower and equipment of five 

AFU brigades and four tero-defense brigades. 23 

counterattacks of the AFU assault groups were 

repelled in the areas of the settlements of 

Glubokoe, Tikhoe, Liptsy and Volchansk

 in the Kharkiv region. 


The enemy's losses during the week here amounted to 

up to 1,840 military personnel, 6 tanks, 8 armoured 

combat vehicles, 40 vehicles, and 4 multiple 

launch rocket system (MLRS) combat 

vehicles Grad and Vampire, as well 

as 37 field artillery pieces.


In addition, units of the Zapad group of forces occupied 

more favourable positions, and also defeated the 

formations of four mechanized brigades of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine, two teroborona 

brigades and a brigade of the National 

Guard of Ukraine.


 Over the past period, 15 counterattacks by units of four 

brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a brigade 

of the National Guard of Ukraine were repelled in the 

areas of the settlements of Grigorovka in the DPR, 

Chervonaya Dibrova, Novovodyanoe, and 

Stelmakhovka in the LPR. The enemy's 

losses here amounted to up to 2,040 

servicemen, two tanks, 18 armoured 

combat vehicles, 19 vehicles, two 

Grad MLRS combat vehicles, as 

well as 32 field artillery pieces, 

including 14 Western-

made ones.


Units of the Yug group of forces actively liberated three 

settlements in the DPR-Belogorovka, Kleshcheyevka 

and Andreevka — and continued to advance into the 

depths of the enemy's defenses. They defeated the 

manpower and equipment of seven AFU brigades 

and four tero-defense brigades. The enemy lost 

up to 3,285 soldiers, seven tanks, 13 armoured 

combat vehicles, 46 vehicles, and 32 field 

artillery pieces, including 27 Western-

made ones. In addition, 10 field 

ammunition depots.... of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine 

were destroyed.


In addition, units of the Center group of troops improved 

the situation on the front line and defeated the 

formations of nine formations of the Armed 

Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard 

of Ukraine, repelling 41 counterattacks

 by assault groups of 8 AFU brigades 

in the areas of Shumy, Netaylovo, 

Novokalinovo, plus Umanskoye, 

Ocheretino, Arkhangelskoye 

and Solovyovo settlements 

in the DPR. 


Over the past week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have 

lost up to 2,770 servicemen, a tank, 26 vehicles, 35 

field artillery pieces and 20 armoured combat 

vehicles in this area, including:: four Marder 

infantry fighting vehicles manufactured in 

Germany, as well as five Bradley infantry 

fighting vehicles and three MaxxPro 

armoured personnel carriers 

manufactured in the USA.


Units of the Vostok group of Forces improved their tactical

 position --- and defeated the personnel and equipment of 

the AFU motorized infantry brigade, and the teroborona 

brigade. They repelled nine counterattacks by assault 

groups of the mechanized brigade of the Armed 

Forces of Ukraine, the territorial Defense 

brigade, and the National Guard of 

Ukraine ----- in the areas of the 

settlements of Vladimirovka,

Staromayorskoye and

Urozhaynoye, in

 the DPR. 


The enemy's losses amounted to 920 servicemen, 13

 armoured combat vehicles, 39 vehicles, as well as 

18 field artillery pieces, of which 10 were made 

in the West.


Units of the Dnepr group of forces inflicted defeats on the 

manpower and equipment of two marine brigades, three 

AFU brigades, two tero-defense formations, as well as 

a brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. 


The enemy lost ---- up to 350 troops, three tanks, two

 armoured combat vehicles, 35 vehicles, two Grad 

MLRS combat vehicles, plus 24 field artillery 

pieces, including 7 M777 howitzers made
the US and a towed FH-70 howitzer 

made in Great Britain.


It is also reported that during the week, aircraft and air 

defense systems shot down two MiG-29 aircraft of the

 Ukrainian Air Force, eight French-made SCALP-EG 

cruise missiles, 25 US-made ATACMS and Tochka

-U operational-tactical missiles, 18 French-made 

Hammer guided aerial bombs, and 13 US-made 

HARM anti-radar missiles., the Neptune anti-

ship missile, 91 HIMARS, Vampire and Alder

 rockets.... as well as 356 unmanned aerial 

vehicles. During the week, 67 Ukrainian 

servicemen surrendered on the 

contact line.


Since the beginning of the special military operation, 603

 aircraft, 274 helicopters, 24,590 UAVs, 524 anti-aircraft

 missile systems, 16,149 tanks.... and other armoured 

combat vehicles, plus 1,311 multiple launch rocket 

systems, 9,802 field artillery and mortar guns, 

as well as 21,966 units of special military 

vehicles --- have been destroyed.






NYT reported on the suppression of 

Starlink operations in Ukraine 

by Russian troops

May 24th, 1:15pm



Russia is using "advanced equipment" to suppress the 

operation of Starlink satellite communications in 

Ukraine, which is already causing problems on 

the "northern" front, The New York Times 

reported on May 24, citing Ukrainian 

military, officials and electronic 

warfare specialists.


Military personnel of the 92nd Assault Brigade of the

 Armed Forces of Ukraine.. faced a strong slowdown 

in the operation of satellite communications. They 

use it to gather intelligence and carry out drone 

attacks. It is noted that the problems in the 

work began shortly before the Russian 

troops launched an operation in the 

Kharkiv region.


Ukrainian militants believe that "Russia is behind the 

failures", and officials believe that Russian troops 

"have deployed powerful electronic warfare 

systems" and other means to suppress 

the operation of Starlink.


"The new outages appear to be the first time that 

the Russians have caused massive disruptions 

to Starlink. If they continue to succeed, this 

may mark a tactical shift in the conflict," 

the article stressed.


Earlier, on May 17, The Washington Post reported that on 

the day of the start of the Russian offensive in the 

Kharkiv region, the Starlink system failed, 

"blinding" the Ukrainian army. All video 

broadcasts received by the 125th 

Territorial Defense Brigade of 

Ukraine --- were cut off.


At the end of March, Russian forces destroyed a Starlink 

satellite communication station in Kupyansk direction. 

In addition, the enemy's losses amounted to up to 30

 servicemen and two drone control points.


The special operation to protect the Donbass, which Putin 

announced on February 24, 2022, continues. The decision

 was made against the background of the aggravation of

 the situation in the region.







APU tried to kill a French mercenary 

captured by Russia's Armed Forces

May 24th, 12:58pm



The Ukrainian military made an attempt to kill an

 instructor of the French military legion. He was 

captured by the Russian Armed Forces 

in Kleshcheyevka.


This is reported by the Telegram channel "Reports and 

Analytics of the SVO (Reserve)". According to the 

source, the intention of the Ukrainian Armed 

Forces to kill a mercenary from France,
 indicated by his injuries.


It is noted that the foreign soldier was wounded in the leg, 

after which the Ukrainian soldiers tried to eliminate him 

with a shot to the heart. However, despite the efforts
the Ukrainians, the man survived.


Recall that last Thursday it became known that the 

Russian military captured a French officer. He can 

become a valuable source of information - and a 

number of measures have been taken to save 

his life by doctors.








APU soldier surrendered

 on stolen tank

May 24th, 12:22pm



A soldier of the Ukrainian army surrendered in the 

Donetsk direction of the special operation. He 

arrived at the place of delivery in a stolen 

T-64 tank.


According to the DPR law enforcement agencies, 

Ukrainian Maksim Likhachev, a former service-

man of the 110th brigade of the Armed Forces

 of Ukraine, went over to the Russian side.


Previously, he served in the 59th separate motorized 

infantry brigade of the Ukrainian troops, and before

 that - in the 119th territorial defense Brigade, 

writes TASS.


Yesterday it became known that a Russian special forces 

soldier saved the life of a seriously wounded Ukrainian

 soldier, who was left to die by his colleagues in a 

dugout at the AFU stronghold near Avdiivka, in 

the DPR. As a sign of gratitude, the Ukrainian 

sang the national anthem of Russia.








Lavrov: US weapons are 

already hitting targets

 in Russia

May 24th, 12:06pm



Western weapons, including US ones, are already being

 used to launch strikes on Russian territory outside the 

Ukrainian conflict zone, Russian Foreign Minister 

Sergei Lavrov said.


The Russian