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"Pushkin is still fighting with us

 today - for the Russian word!"

June 6th, 2023

(CPRF Central Committee news) 

[Precise of a full report]


On June 6th, communists, Komsomol members, allies and 

supporters of the party, held a festive event dedicated 

to the Day of the Russian Language, and 

Pushkin Day, in Russia. 


The meeting was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the

 Central Committee of the Communist Party of the 

Russian Federation, Head of the All-Russian 

Headquarters of Protest Actions, 

Academician of the Russian 

Academy of Sciences,

 V. I. Kashin.


Vladimir Ivanovich greeted everyone gathered on Pushkin 

Square of the capital, on this day. He stressed that 

Pushkin's work and the Russian language, are 

inseparable. V. I. Kashin also noted the huge 

role played by the Communist Party faction

in the State Duma --- in establishing the 

state status of the holiday. After all, 

it was thanks to their efforts, that 

the relevant presidential decree 

was issued.


Vladimir Ivanovich also noted that the Russian language is

now distorted by our enemies and Russophobes, but we 

will cope with all the threats and will definitely win. 

Because, such geniuses as Pushkin, are also 

fighting for the Russian world, with their 

words, today. And with them - we are 

stronger than all the enemies. 


Then the floor was given to the Chairman of the Central

 Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian

 Federation, Head of the Communist Party faction 

in the State Duma, G. A. Zyuganov.:


- Dear comrades, my friends!


Every nation has its own brilliant creations. And I believe that

the main brilliant creations of our people, are the powerful 

and beautiful Russian language and the great thousand

-year-old statehood, that has covered the Russian 

world, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea 

and the Pacific Ocean.


You probably noticed, that today, the NATO and Anglo-Saxons 

have declared a war of annihilation on the Russian world.
They destroy the memory of the great Soviet era, 

demolish monuments to those who fought 

against Nazism and German fascism, 

and burn books by great Russian 

writers and poets.


Today, the main blow is being dealt to Pushkin – a man who, in

his incomplete 38 years, in fact, embraced the whole world 

and represented the entire great Russian world and 

Russian statehood in poems, fairy tales, and 

other works. 


If you want to know what the Russian world is, you should

start with Pushkin's fairy tales. And there ----- you will see 

that good always triumphs over evil. You will understand 

what the sovereign current of the Neva is. You will see.. 

why "The Bronze Horseman" and other beautiful works
appeared - including those dedicated to the 

Pugachev riot.


At the time of Pushkin, there were no planes or railways. And

yet, he used to go to the Yaitsk steppes on perekladny only

to hear the stories of eyewitnesses and understand why 

the Pugachev riot happened. And in The Captain's 

Daughter, Pushkin brilliantly described the 

popular protest against exploitation 

and humiliation, that manifested

itself in this riot.


If you want to understand what heroism and perseverance

are, open the poem "Poltava". Then you will understand 

why Peter the Great --- when the troops were reeling, 

personally led the battle. As a result, a victory was 

won, after which, returning to the capital, 

Peter was proclaimed emperor, and our 

country received a new recognition 

and quality.


Pushkin is also famous for the fact that, starting from the 

first grade of a Soviet school, already on the second 

page of the primer, you could see the images that 

he imagined in his childhood.


Here --- at this memorable place --- we always celebrate his
birthday, and now, the Day of the great Russian Language. 

And I want everyone in this holy place to think today: why 

Russophobia & anti-Sovietism became the main weapons
used to attack our common great Motherland - the Soviet
Union. Why today, the NATO members and their forty 

vassals, have declared war against the Russian 

world, which they are waging in fraternal 

Ukraine, subjugating it to the Nazis, 

Bandera and fascists. 


At the same time, they shoot at famous Donbass, where 

all the peoples of the great Soviet country, built 500 

factories and broke into the future, ensuring

 new victories.


Today we have opened a magnificent exhibition in the State

Duma --- which presents the works of children from our 

cultural centres from all over the world. And they are 

available in 150 countries around the world. This is 

a great exhibition, that reflects both the love of
Russian word and language, and 

Pushkin's creations.


The State Duma also awarded prizes to the winners of the 

All-Russian Creative Festival-competition "Russian Way" -

2023. These are 458 prizes awarded to those who know

poetry, who love Pushkin, who continue the glorious 

artistic and patriotic traditions. And... I thank the 

entire country that participates in the Russian 

''Lad'' movement. It is not by chance -- that it 

got this name -- because the main meaning 

of Pushkin's work is harmony, with people, 

with nature, with our sovereign greatness, 

and our 1,000 year history. Therefore... 

while congratulating everyone on this 

holiday - I would like us to remember 

that Pushkins words - still penetrate

the armour of German tanks, that 

are crawling across the Slavic 

land again. Pushkin's call for 

unity and unity in the name 

of great power... once 

again inspires us - 

to new feats ---

and victories.


They won't do anything to us! Because the great people who

 created a thousand-year-old state proved in seven battles

 that we are not afraid of either the German knights who

 broke into Russian land, or the Napoleonic hordes who

 brought 100 thousand Poles to Moscow, and then we

drove them all to Paris. We are not afraid of the 

fascist hordes, nor of the new Nazis and 

fascists in Anglo-Saxon uniforms.


We are the people of victory! And Pushkin is the main winner, 

who today is fighting for the Russian world, for the Russian 

soul, for Russian collectivism, for Soviet justice, for our

great power. Happy holidays!


Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party 

of the Russian Federation, First Secretary of the Central 

Committee of the LKSM of the Russian Federation, 

State Duma Deputy V. P. Isakov, noted that back 

in 1990, 350 million inhabitants of the Earth 

spoke Russian. And it has been studied 

by hundreds of millions of people 

around the world.


"This was largely because Russian was the language of the 

world's first socialist state," the speaker emphasized. "It 

was the language of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. It was the 

language of humanity's great breakthrough. And 

people all over the world looked with hope, at

the great Soviet civilization."


V. P. Isakov reminded that the Soviet government provided 

an incredible breakthrough in the field of education, and 

enriched the Russian language. It not only gave people

literacy, but also brought the Russian language to the 

world level. And Pushkin  was known by many 

leaders of countries all over the world. 


"Let's not forget about this - and the Communist Party 

of the Russian Federation, will do everything - to 

preserve our language, our literature, and 

our history!"


The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the
Plurinational State of Bolivia, to the Russian Federation, 

Ms. Maria Luisa Ramos Ursagaste, conveyed greetings 

& best wishes from the Bolivian people. She stressed

-- that Bolivia opposes the discrimination against the 

Russian language, which Bolivians love very much.

In confirmation of her words, Mrs. Ambassador 

read the poem "Flower" by A. S. Pushkin.


Then flowers were laid at the monument to Alexander

 Pushkin. After that, the literary and poetic part of 

the holiday was held, which was attended by 

the laureates....  of the All-Russian Creative 

Festival-competition "Russian Way" - 2023.



Just a glimpse - into the emotional tone

of the Communist Party of the Russian

Federation --- as they fight forward!


It makes me smile, to think of all the

different reactions this piece might

meet --- what do you think?




Vucic spoke about receiving 

more than 200 direct death 

threats ---- every day

June 4th, 3:08pm 


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic receives more than 200

 direct death threats every day. He said this while speaking

 at a ceremony on the occasion of the Day of the Ministry 

of Internal Affairs and Police celebrated in the country, 

TASS reported on Sunday, June the 4th.


"I live with this, I am used to it, when you are the president of

 the republic or a prominent political figure, you need to learn

 to tolerate it," he admitted.


So the Serbian leader responded to a request from journalists

 to comment on the action of the opposition, who brought a

 doll of a hanged man depicting Vucic, to the rally held the

 day before in Belgrade.


"My job is to put up with such filth. I am the president of 

the republic, my job is to endure death threats, even 

such blatant ones," he said, noting that gallows 

have been constantly appearing at anti-

government demonstrations since at

 least 2017, which, according to 

him, he is already used to.


Earlier, Vucic expressed doubts that repeated municipal

 elections in northern Kosovo and Metohija will help 

resolve the current escalation. As the head of 

state specified... he does not know what 

could solve the crisis at the moment. 

The politician said that there is no 

"magic pill" to solve the crisis.

Magic pill? Vucic deserves a rest!

How about trusting in the universal

power of love - working through us
to bring about NATO's destruction?

200 a day is not by accident.
What do you think?


The US is trying to blackmail

 the PRC - by worsening its 

relations with Europe

June 2nd 12:31pm



“Russia’s support is costing China dearly in Europe,” 

say staff at the American Foreign Policy Council 

(AFPC) think tank.


And then they refute themselves:


“Certainly relations between Europe and China were 

already deteriorating before Russia attacked 

Ukraine in February 2022”.


The reason for the “bad” relations between the Old World 

and the Middle Kingdom was “concerns about the

 security of Huawei telecommunications 

equipment, Chinese espionage and 

repression in Hong Kong and 

Xinjiang”, AFPC explains.


There was also the EU’s repeal, back in 2021, of the “long-

awaited investment agreement between the PRC and the 

EU, adopted by the European Parliament by 599 votes to

30 just a few months earlier”.


But that was before the Russian special operation. Now what 

has changed? And then AFPC analysts roll out the “crowning”

 argument that will, they say, force the PRC to side with the

 West and drop its support for Russia. Of course, it’s 

“Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive, which 

will decisively change the contours of 

the conflict”.


After the “Ukraine counter-offensive”, Beijing, according to

 the Americans, “may be faced with critical foreign policy

 choices with consequences for decades to come”. 

Therefore, it would be better to “withdraw 

support from Moscow and try to 

reanimate its relations with 

European capitals”

 even now.


Of course, economic relations with Europe are important to

 China. In 2022, total trade between China and the EU was

 approximately $1.6 trillion, 8 times greater than 

with Russia.


However, first, the turnover within China’s “One Belt and One

 Road” project, which includes Russia, is even greater – 

about $2 trillion. Second, Europe is becoming poorer 

before our eyes and is no longer always seen as a 

“premium” market. And thirdly, it is the EU, under

 pressure from the U.S., that is cutting economic

 ties with China, not vice versa. Given the EU’s

 lack of political agency, it makes no sense 

for Beijing to make concessions.


Of course, Beijing will seek to postpone the economic 

rupture with Europe, that has already been 

predetermined by Washington.


 But not at the cost of refusing to cooperate with 

Russia, which has agency as a political entity.


Elena Panina



Oh, China... knowing that your rise and culture

is feared, hated and despised by the USUK...

and that the US ELITE IS INSANE... know

that the world outside USUK' influence 

loves you - and sees you as the hope 

of the world. Are you, dear reader,

capable of thinking as clearly 

as China's leaders?




 The economic press

 is now a war space

May 30th, 12:53pm



There is one thing you certainly cannot accuse these guys of

 and that is a lack of consistency. No sooner had the big 

scandal broke – along with the successful (to put it 

mildly) visit of Mikhail Mishustin to China – than 

the enormous Reuters story, amicably picked 

up by several media outlets, about China 

abandoning the Power of Siberia-2 in 

favour of the Turkmen pipeline, and 

another scandal broke out this 

weekend following the same 

pattern and using the same 

media grid, now at the 

behest of The Wall 

Street Journal.


The WSJ writes that now it is no longer Beijing, but Riyadh, 

that is allegedly going to break off relations with Moscow 

in the near future. But for now it just expresses its sharp, 

unambiguous dissatisfaction with Russia’s incomplete,
according to Saudi Arabia, 
fulfillment of its promise
to reduce oil 
production amid Western sanctions.


 And, according to high-ranking (but, of course, unnamed)

 sources of WSJ, the heavy conflict between Moscow 

and Riyadh, caused by Moscow’s unwillingness to 

comply with the allegedly agreed oil production 

cuts, was not at all accidental, just on the
of the OPEC+ ministerial meeting.


What can be said here. As Bulgakov’s Woland said, delighted

 by the story of the cat Behemoth, how he wandered in the

 taiga and fed on the meat of a tiger he killed.. “the most

 interesting thing about this lie is that it is a lie from the

 first to the last word”. And we are not even going
refute the stories told only by “Western 

investigative experts” -- and not by the 

Saudis, about Russia not respecting 

the “agreed terms”. But - just to 

remind you that there never 

were any such agreed 

conditions – from the

 word “at all”.


It’s that simple.


Let us recall in order what happened. First, Russia voluntarily

 and unilaterally announced reduction of production, and at

 that for reasons not at all connected with OPEC+ price 

policy. It was simply that when transferring volumes to

 the east – on the short-term track – our oil industry 

was not able to cope with this task purely 

logistically. Then, no less voluntarily and 

also without any mutual obligations, 

some – but by no means all! – 

countries of the OPEC and 

OPEC+ agreements (not 

the cartel, sorry). 


Starting with Saudi Arabia. So once again: there 

were no agreements, at least not formal ones.


Now again, let’s pay attention to how and for whom 

exactly this is being done. For an audience in the

 Kingdom of SA?!


Come on! We all remember all too well how the Saudis feel 

about the Western press. And in general, money loves 

silence. The Saudi authorities have other sources of 

information and other levers of influence on their 

Russian counterparts, mostly non-public.


And the “almighty public opinion” to which the Western media

 appeals, is about as purple as the problems of LGBT people, 

which the WSJ simply cannot be unaware of.


Which means this essay is, sorry, for us. And it is aimed solely

 at splitting not even the Russian society, but at causing 

further confusion in the minds of our already far from 

always professional and not at all staunch elites. 

That is, in fact, all there is to it. That is why we 

are simply stating once again that when you 

read any such materials, you should not 

jump in the mode of a mad squirrel 

from an American cartoon, but 

rather... use a cool head.


Right now the economic press 

is also a war space.


Dmitry Lekukh, RT



It always was -- which is why

the Soviets refused to ''open

up'' ...and now?


What do you think?


Why Europe obediently 

wears the NATO collar

May 25th, 9:51am



In addition to constantly pumping more and more powerful 

weapons into the AFU, NATO is increasing its presence in 

the Baltic states as part of a strategy to “contain” Russia 

-- leading to increased tensions in the Baltic Sea region. 


Will combat aircraft and long-range missiles be handed over 

to Ukraine? Will the United States and its allies be able to

 supply the Kyiv regime with equipment and ammunition

 for long? What are the goals of the alliance’s constant 

military exercises in the Baltics and near other 

Russian borders? These and other questions 

were answered in an interview with 

RuBaltic.Ru by TASS military 

observer, retired colonel 



Viktor Nikolaevich, Russia in Ukraine is essentially fighting

 alone against the NATO bloc. The alliance is constantly

 raising the stakes by handing over more and more 

weapons to Kiev. Will it come to aircraft and 

missiles of even greater range than the 

British Storm Shadow?


''I think it is not ruled out. There could be any number of

 variants. But what is the point? It is an attempt to

 intimidate Russia, but to do such a thing is 

pointless. Russia - is not afraid of anyone. 

We have the means to counteract Storm 

Shadow, as well as Tomahawk, or 

anything else. And, it should be 

understood that Moscow can 

use any weapon - to defend 

its national interests.''


''Russia’s military doctrine states that in the event of an 

attack by a country or bloc of countries possessing 

nuclear weapons, it has the right to use its own.

 Including against NATO.''


''And this is not a matter of intimidation, but of the fact that 

such a situation could indeed arise. The North Atlantic

 Alliance, for example, may well make the Baltic 

Republics into a kind of kamikaze to be thrown

 into the furnace of a big war --- and it is not 

certain, that in case of aggression against 

Russia, they will come to the rescue.''


How much ammunition in the West, given its expenditure in 

Ukraine, will be enough at all? Will the US and its allies be 

able to get their military industry up and running at 

full capacity?


''I call tales of their lack of arms and ammunition, crocodile

 tears or cries of Yaroslavna. The military-industrial 

complex of NATO countries operates in Germany, 

France, Great Britain and other countries. And 

due to the situation in Ukraine, they are doing 

it very intensively, so they have everything 

in abundance.''


''And talk about not having enough ---- can be explained by a 

desire to frighten their own population into not being able to 

defend themselves in the event of a shortage of armaments. 

So they also divert attention from inflation, rising prices, 

and other pressing issues.''


''After all, all this money is being spent on the “holy cause”

 of buying weapons for Ukraine and rescuing the victims 

of Russian “aggression”.''


''At the same time, no one remembers that before this
very “aggression” - for eight years - Kiev shot up
part of its 
territory – the civilians of Donbas.
And it continues
 to do so.''


''I don’t know.... how much the state or private media in the
Baltic states write about this, but if people there had the

 opportunity to watch Russian television, they would

 understand -- why the USO started. So.. it is an 

attempt to smear the real state of affairs, to

 turn everything upside down and justify 

the arms race.''


''The US is ready to reimburse arms and ammunition

 expenditure to other NATO countries at any time. 

It is big business... on blood.''


''For example, Eastern European countries handed over all 

their Soviet equipment to Ukraine, but what is supplied in 

return? American equipment. For which they have to pay. 

And this is covered by stories: that tomorrow a Russian

 Ivan will come and enslave you. Which is, of course, 

a great folly.''


In Estonia, the British-led Spring Storm exercise is underway, 

in Poland the Griffin Shock 23-1 maneuvers are underway, in

 Sweden the largest NATO-led Aurora 23 exercise in 25 years

 has come to an end. All of them are about to “send a signal”

 to Russia. How should we respond to them?


''Moscow is carefully picking up such “signals”. We are 

carefully watching what is going on there, analyzing, 

studying, we are on full alert and will be able to 

repel any aggression against our country. And 

we -- are not scared of the exercises taking 

place in Eastern Europe. It is a senseless 

waste of money -- that will not lead to
kind of movement for Russia,
to speak.''


The head of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer, has

 said that a plan of action in the event of a military clash 

with Russia is being drawn up. However, the Alliance is

 already waging war with it indirectly, using the AFU

 to do so. What conclusions can be drawn about 

the capabilities of the West, based on the 

experience of the SMO?


''Over the course of the special operation, Western countries

 have learned to sacrifice their national interests --- for US 

interests. NATO is simply a tool, to consolidate American

 power in Eurasia. For Europe, this bloc, like the 

European Union, is a kind of collar. After all,

 both are essentially the same states, with 

the help of which Washington solves its

 problems on the continent.''


''Incidentally, none of the countries that have previously 

joined the Alliance have ever improved their financial 

and economic situation, only worsened it. Neither...

 has security.''


''No one was going to attack them before. And now they 

are sacrificing their sovereignty for obscure purposes. 

Because if any of them violates the border with 

Russia and uses arms, everyone will have to

 pay for it.''


''When it is claimed that NATO has plans in case of war with

 Russia, it is a lie – they have all been developed a long time

 ago. After all, the bloc was created to oppose the USSR, 

and now it is being used for the same purpose against

 Russia. Therefore they have ambitious plans.. for 

all occasions.''


''But the thing is, that at every new summit, they talk about 

what new concept they have developed. That the concept 

of “smart defence”, that the concept of “30-30-30-30”

 (assemble 30 battalions of ground troops, 30 air

 squadrons, 30 naval flotillas, within 30 days), 

that the concept of containment, to prevent 

Russia from developing normally, to impose

 their will, their ideas of what is good and 

what is bad.''


''We all understand that, and we are not being drawn into 

the arms race they are trying to impose on us, and we 

have everything we need to repel aggression by 

NATO countries --- both individually --- 

and all together.''


''Including the use of nuclear 

weapons. If necessary.''



Nikolai Ulyanov, Rubaltic.Ru



That's telling 'em.

What do you





US-Israel plot to divide Yemen, 

control its natural resources

 failed: Official

May 23rd 4:36pm



The US, UK and the Israeli regime have made desperate

 bids to sow the seeds of division in Yemen, but their 

nefarious plots have failed, says a senior 

Yemeni official.


In an exclusive interview with the Press TV website on the 

occasion of the 33rd anniversary of Yemen's National Day 

of Unity, the head of media affairs at the Yemeni 

presidency, Zaid al-Gharsi, exposed and 

denounced ---- the meddlesome and 

hegemonic role of the West and 

Israeli regime in the 

Arab country.


The National Unity Day, which falls on May 22nd, marks the

unification of North Yemen and South Yemen in 1990. 

The day is marked every year by massive rallies

 in the Arab country.


Gharsi said the Arab country that has been grappling with

a  Saudi-backed war and siege for years is geopolitically

 important ---- given the location of the Bab el-Mandeb 

Strait, which is one of the most important straits 

in the world for the transfer of oil and global 

trade and transit.


He also referred to Yemen's strategic islands in the Red Sea, 

the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. Socotra, Mion and

 Fatima, are among the most important of them.


Owing to its geopolitical significance, the Yemeni official 

said the Western powers as well as the Israeli regime 

have, for long, been bent on dividing the country.


During the 2014 National Dialogue Conference, he stressed,

 the US ambassador was the first to propose a plan to 

divide Yemen into six regions.


After the September 21 Revolution and during the Saudi-led

 coalition attack, there were clear moves to dominate

 southern Yemen, the Socotra Island and the Bab 

el-Mandeb Strait, Gharsi noted, adding that the 

arrogant powers... have a direct presence in 

those areas that are still under occupation.


The Yemeni presidency's media affairs chief said the

 formation of the Southern Transitional Council was

 a British and Emirati plot --- to push the partition 

move --- and dominate the oil resources of the 

provinces of Shabwah, Hadramaut and etc.


He accused the arrogant powers of conspiring to divide 

Yemen into small states, with plans including the 

"Southern Arab state in Aden", the "Hadramaut 

state in eastern Yemen" and "the state of 

Al-Mahra and Socotra in the East".


He emphasized that a meeting called the "South Currents"

 was held recently with the aim of declaring separatism

 but it ended in failure as other groups refused to take

 part in it.


Gharsi further said the objectives of the US and Israel in
the plan to divide Yemen -------- include the dominance of
geopolitical position; control of Bab el-Mandeb;
over Yemen's rich natural resources and
 helping the Israeli regime, which regards 

Bab el-Mandeb, as its southern gateway, to

enter different countries of the world;
to destroy the September 21 

Revolution which chanted the
of death to America
and Israel.


He added that the US and Israel also aims.. to weaken and 

divide Yemen as it became one of the strongest countries 

on the resistance front after the revolution and changed

 the power balance in the region and played a strategic 

role in supporting regional nations.


Gharsi pointed to Israel's move to set up military bases 

under the cover of the UAE's presence in the islands 

of Socotra and Mion and also the presence of 

Israeli delegations in Socotra and 

other areas.


On the 33rd anniversary of Yemen's Unity Day, he said such

 desperate bids and conspiracies have failed as the Yemeni

 army and people have stood up to counter the occupiers

 and drive them out of Yemen, and to reestablish stability

 in the country.


He added that the leader of Yemen's Ansarullah resistance

 movement had emphasized the need to expel occupiers 

from Yemen to aggression and also announced that 

Yemen's access to military and technological 

power has enabled the country to have a 

presence anywhere in the Red Sea.


The Yemeni official further said that recent drills in the 4th 

military zone on the borders of Aden province carried the

 message that the army can expel the aggressors from

 the country and if the negotiations fail to reach a 

conclusion, the army will expel the occupiers 

from all areas in the country.


The occupiers, including the Zionist regime, have heard

 the message from Yemenis that they will never back 

down until the liberation of the country and 

the securing of national sovereignty.


Gharsi also thanked Press TV 

for supporting the oppressed 

Yemeni people.



In the 1960s, I met some young UK soldiers, who

had left the UK army in disgust. They mentioned

that in a village outside Aden -- they saw troops 

catch hold of a youth, skewer his muscles with 

the wire from wire coathangers, and drag him 

screaming through the village - to frighten

and cow the locals. 


Were these young men telling porkies...


What do YOU think?




Military experts on the significance
of the liberation 
of Artemivsk
"The enemy's potential has

by Alexey Zakvasin, 

Elizaveta Komarova

May 21st, 10:16pm



Artemivsk has completely come under the control of Russian 

forces. Assault detachments with the support of units of 

the Russian Armed Forces knocked out the remnants of

 Ukrainian formations from the city. 


Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian soldiers on the 

liberation of Artemivsk, stressing, that all those who

 distinguished themselves will be presented with 

state awards. 


Military analysts note that the capture of the city was a

 serious blow --- to the morale of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine and significantly weakened the position 

of Ukrainian militants in the Donbas.


"The Head of State congratulated the assault detachments 

of the Wagner PMC, as well as all the servicemen of the 

Russian Armed Forces units, who provided them with 

the necessary support and flank protection... on the 

completion of the operation to liberate Artemovsk. 

All those who have distinguished themselves will 

be presented with state awards," the Kremlin 

website says.


On the night of May 21, the Russian Defense Ministry

 announced the complete liberation of Artemivsk.


"In the Artemivsk tactical area, as a result of the offensive

 actions of the Wagner Group assault detachments with 

the support of artillery and aviation of the Yuzhnaya 

group of troops, the liberation of the city of 

Artemivsk has been completed," the

 defense Ministry said.


Earlier, Evgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner private

 military company, recorded a video message in one of the

 locations of Artemovsk, in which he stressed that the 

assault detachments completely took the city
 house to house".


The battle for Artemivsk (Bakhmut) began on August 1st, 

2022. At the same time, units of the Russian Armed 

Forces and units of the Wagner Group fought for 

the surrounding settlements in order to cut off 

enemy communications and encircle the 

AFU garrison.


The capture of Soledar, in January, was a great success. As 

the ring around Artemivsk tightened, Ukrainian formations 

were methodically knocked out of each block. By mid-

March, half of the city was liberated. The situation 

for the Ukrainian Armed Forces seriously 

worsened in the second half of April, 

with the loss of the Chas Yar road - 

which was used for roughly 60% 

of Ukrainian forces supplies.


The battle for Artemivsk has become one of the largest since

 the beginning of the SVO, experts say. As the head of the 

DPR Denis Pushilin emphasized, the Russian assault 

detachments "did a tremendous job: every metre 

was taken at a high price."


At the moment, Kiev refuses to recognize the loss of

 Artemivsk. In particular, on May 21st, President of 

Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, during a meeting 

with White House President Joe Biden, on the

 sidelines of the G7 summit, did not confirm 

the fact of the capture of the city by 

Russian forces. 


Moreover, he made a statement that the Ukrainian 

servicemen, still remain in Artemivsk & allegedly 

perform ''a very important task." The head of
Kiev regime added that "Bakhmut is
currently surrounded by the 

Russian Federation."


The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has not yet commented on

 the loss of Artemivsk. Earlier, there were reports of fierce

 fighting ...and a slight advance of Russian troops. In the

 summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine on the morning of May 21, it was stated that

 the battles for Bakhmut were allegedly continuing.


Military analysts commented on the significance of the

 liberation of Artemivsk --- and the reasons why Kiev 

refuses to admit defeat --- in an interview with RT.


How important is the fact of complete liberation 

of Artemivsk? Does this allow us to launch an 

offensive in other directions in the Donbas?


Military expert retired Colonel Anatoly Matviychuk:


''Artemivsk was an important defensive and logistics hub 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By controlling this city, 

the enemy could effectively supply the Donbass group 

with ammunition, medicines, and transfer personnel.''


''Now this logistics centre is crushed. The liberation of the

 city allows the Russian Armed Forces to focus their

 efforts on de-occupation of the Slavyansk-

Kramatorsk agglomeration.''


In my opinion, with the liberation of Artemivsk, the Armed

 Forces of Ukraine have lost their offensive potential —

 I mean really large-scale offensive actions.''


''The Kiev regime suffered very heavy losses when it 

defended the city. Reserves, including elite enemy

 formations, were constantly being transferred to 

Artemovsk. The APU had a numerical advantage, 

but still failed to hold the city. In the most brutal 

battles for every house and floor, they were, in

 fact, ground by Russian forces.''


''Now, as I think, the Ukrainian command will focus on

 defense and withdraw troops deep into the Donbass 

to new fortified lines or create them. At least that 

would make sense.''


''However, some decisions of the enemy may be quite

unexpected -- for the Russian army. The Ukrainian 

Armed Forces still have reserves to continue 

fighting in the Bakhmut area. After all, 

brigades trained according to NATO 

standards and equipped with NATO 

equipment and weapons, have not 

yet been brought into battle.''


''In addition at the moment the Armed Forces of Ukraine
...have concentrated powerful groups in the Kharkiv-

Kupyansk direction and in Zaporozhye. With their 

help, Kiev can try..... to stretch the front and 

recapture Bakhmut. In this regard, I think

it makes sense, to build a serious line 

of defense near the city.''


Military observer Sergey Ishchenko:


''Bakhmut has become a kind of trap for the Ukrainian 

Armed Forces. Zelensky killed a huge number of 

people and weakened the combat capabilities 

of his army, trying to hold the city.''


''I think the Ukrainian Armed Forces will try to retake

 Bakhmut, and attack the Russian Armed Forces,
 including in other sectors of the front. But now 

Russia has a significant advantage in tanks. 

It will prevent attempts to counterattack 

and break through the front.''


''Of course... the West will continue to demand success from 

Zelensky. In my opinion, during the summer period there will 

be a large number of local clashes initiated by the Ukrainian 

Armed Forces to report to the Western curators that, they 

say, "we are trying, but you are not helping us enough."


Military expert retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin:


''The capture of Artemivsk opens up space for the liberation

 of the remaining territories of the DPR. However, to do this, 

the Russian army will need to achieve success in the

Ugledar direction, in Marinka and Avdiivka. I think 

that with the end of the battle for Artemivsk, we 

will be able to increase the pressure on the 

positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

 in these localities.''


''There are a number of objective factors that allow us to

 conclude that the military potential of the Armed Forces 

of Ukraine in the Donbas has now noticeably weakened.''


''Artemivsk is an important transport hub of the Donbass, 

a city where roads and railways intersect. Their control 

allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to receive fuel 

and lubricants, weapons, food and everything 

necessary for countering the Russian army,

 almost without hindrance.''


''In addition, salt mines are located in Soledar and Artemivsk,

 which the Ukrainian Armed Forces have equipped for large

 warehouses with weapons and ammunition. Now the Kiev 

regime has lost all that.''


''In fact, this largely explains the fierce resistance of 

the militants. Kiev did not want to lose important 

infrastructure facilities. It is quite obvious that 

the loss of Artemivsk and its suburbs was a 

serious blow to the enemy.''


Kiev presented Artemivsk as a kind of symbol of the 

unconquered fortress city. How can its loss affect 

the positions of Zelensky and the command of 

the Armed Forces of Ukraine?


Military observer Sergey Ishchenko:


''Indeed, the Kiev regime exploited Artemivsk as a symbol. 

They compared the battle for the city to Stalingrad, and 

in Ukraine the song "Fortetsia Bakhmut" ("Fortress of 

Bakhmut") became very popular.''


''So the heroization of the garrison of the city was carried out,

 and society was set up in a certain way. I don't know what 

considerations guided Kiev, but, apparently, they assumed 

that the APU would still hold Artemivsk, and the battle 

for it would turn into a defeat for Russia.''


''Nevertheless, the "fortress" fell, and this, of course, is a

 strong moral & psychological blow to the enemy. In the

 near future, Zelensky and the Ukrainian command will 

have to somehow explain this defeat - both to their 

Western patrons and to society.''


Military expert retired Colonel Anatoly Matviychuk:


''The fall of Bakhmut for Ukraine is in some sense a tragedy.

 It is symbolic that the city was taken during the G7 summit,

 to which Zelensky was invited. One way or another, he will 

have to answer for where tens of billions of dollars of 

military aid go. Where are the real results? Where 

are the "liberated" cities?''


''From my point of view, the media promotion of the battle for 

Bakhmut, initiated by the Ukrainian authorities, was largely 

caused by the West's confidence that their "investment"

 would allow them to hold the city and inflict a heavy 

defeat on the Russian forces.''


''Perhaps there was some logic to it. Moreover, according to

 all the canons of military science, the defenders have an 

advantage, and the attacking forces must suffer heavy 

losses. But it didn't work out that way.''


Therefore, the loss of Bakhmut, is also a blow - to the morale 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The "fortress" was handed 

over, despite all the statements and promises. Zelensky's

 regime now needs to look for a new symbol.''


Military expert, retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin:


''The capture of Artemivsk during the G7 summit in Hiroshima

 is a slap in the face to the Nazi regime in Kiev. He will have

 nothing to answer his supervisors when asked where the

 money of American and European taxpayers goes.''


''But it's also a slap in the face - to all his sponsors. 

The summit participants adopted an anti-Russian 

statement. In any case, for Russia, its value

is negligible.''


''The military and political significance of the liberation 

of Artemivsk --- is very great. I admit that it may even 

become a turning point in the SVO.''


A slap in the face? The end of the beginning?
There are strong rumours/reports that Putin
has ordered the nuclear ''Dead Hand''
to be activated.

We are all at Springtime
and still on thin ice!

Mind... small victories, eh? 
What do you think?


The dollar is
the naked king

May 19th, 2:11pm



As the Americans say, if something looks like a duck, 

walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s most 

likely a duck.


Even people who are far from politics and finance have 

noticed a massive increase in the volume of articles 

and comments from leading experts, about the 

imminent sad fate of the US dollar in the 

most famous international media. 


In an interview given to RIA by well-known American investor

 Jim Rogers, he voiced a simple thought that is inexorably in

 the air: the world is moving away from the dollar faster and 

faster, as a result of which both the US Federal Reserve

 System (FRS) and the International Monetary Fund 

(IMF) will sink into oblivion), and the World Bank, 

and on their ruins a new system will be built, 

where the dollar will turn from a hegemon 

into “one of”.


Even people who are difficult to suspect of disloyalty to the

 financial system of the “golden billion” openly declare that

 the “patient” is not yet dead, but is already mortally and 

terminally ill. According to Morgan Stanley’s lead foreign

 exchange analyst Stephen Jen, the dollar as a reserve

 currency has “suffered a staggering collapse.” 


The head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, said that signs

 of de-dollarization are visible all around. Peter Earl of 

the American Institute for Economic Research,

 lamented that “the dollar’s fate as the lingua 

franca of the world of commerce is sealed 

for the foreseeable future.” 


The head of OmniScience Capital, Vikas Gupta, admitted with

 horror that “it used to be completely unthinkable that other

 countries would even hint at moving away from the dollar, 

but now they are actively looking for a replacement for it.”


Behind these emotions is a dispassionate and dry, like the

 Sahara desert, reality: the share of the dollar in reserves,

 assets and settlements between countries of the world 

collapsed from 73% in 1991 to 47% in 2022, which was

 the lowest figure in history. And this indicator --- is 

declining at an ever-increasing rate: in 2022 --- 

after the US froze Russian assets, and the 

imposition of sanctions, the rate of 

de-dollarization in the world...

 increased tenfold.


Naturally, the US financial elite, skimming the cream off the

 still dominant position of the dollar, cannot but feel.. the

 ground... slipping from under their feet. And - with the 

help of lies, threats and blackmail, they're trying to 

do everything - so that the role of the dollar for 

other countries..... remains unshakable. 


Claims are pouring in that “for any developing country, moving

 away from the dollar means harm to trade and investment” 

and that “the dollar is king forever.” Former US Treasury

 Secretary Larry Summers tried to turn the case into a

 hilarious joke: “What is the best currency for trading

 and reserves, if Europe is a museum, Japan is a 

nursing home, and China is a prison?!” 


But the main message and argument is the same: “The United

 States is the largest democracy and superpower in the

 world, which adheres to justice, law and transparency

 of the financial system. Therefore, for most countries

 there is no other option but to trust the US dollar 

more than any other currency.”


It’s simple: take our word for it, those eyes 

can’t lie. And if so, let’s make believe.


However, after the US used the financial system as a weapon

 against Russia, the world became convinced that this public

 could not be trusted for a penny and anyone could be next.


The result is a sharp rejection of the dollar and an explosive 

increase in cases of switching to settlements between

countries in national currencies.. and the accelerated

creation of new financial systems & currency unions.


Here are just a few recent examples: China announced the 

creation of the CIPS system, which replaces the US SWIFT 

and is intended for settlement in yuan trading; a number 

of European countries --- are hastily building a SWIFT

alternative – INSTEX; China and Brazil agreed on 

settlements in national currencies;  India and 

Malaysia, Brazil and Argentina, South Korea 

and Indonesia agreed on the same; a 

number of Asian countries ---- will 

create an Asian Monetary Fund; 

at the March meeting of ASEAN

finance ministers --- a decision 

was made to move away from 

the dollar in the settlements

between member countries 

of the union; Saudi Arabia.. 

has decided to move away

from the dollar as the only 

currency in oil trading. 

And this list... can be 

very long.


But according to leading Western financial analysts, the 

greatest threat to the dollar is the creation of the BRICS 

currency union with the introduction of a new domestic

 currency, which was announced in March during a visit

 to New Delhi by Deputy Chairman of the State Duma

 Alexander Babakov. According to Babakov, the 

dollar is not backed by anything (except for 

faith in its power), and the new BRICS 

currency, will be backed by real 

resources, including land and

 rare earth metals.


According to Foreign Policy, the new currency “can really 

dethrone the dollar as a reserve currency for the BRICS” 

and begin to spread around the world due to its 

advantages, displacing the dollar. 


The argument is simple: the total GDP of the BRICS member 

countries already now exceeds the GDP of the G7 countries 

together with the United States, and further accession to

 the new monetary union of the Big South and Greater 

Asia --- will further accelerate the erosion of dollar



We can agree with Western analysts on one thing: the fall of

 the colossus on feet of clay will not happen overnight. But

 under its rubble, the dreams of those who firmly believed

 that it was possible to be the king of the mountain 

forever... will be buried forever.


Kirill Strelnikov, RIA



Propaganda - or facts on the ground

- which is winning in YOUR mind?



UK Families Told to: Accept 

Higher Food Prices

May 17th, 3:38pm (FNA)


 UK consumers have been told they must accept higher food 

prices until the government overhauls the supply system

 amid warnings from farmers that homegrown food

 production could soon cease to exist.


As two separate investigations look into why UK food prices 

are so high, Rishi Sunak hosted a meeting with industry

 leaders in a bid to identify ways to reduce costs, 

ITV reported.


The prime minister held discussions with representatives 

from across the food sector, such as retailers, food 

suppliers and farmers - including TV's Kaleb 

Cooper from Clarkson's Farm - who were 

all in Downing Street for the 

"Farm to Fork Summit".


While Kaleb told ITV News, that supermarkets are "probably"

charging too much, the UK Chair of Nature Friendly Farming

 Network said ahead of the summit that Britons are "going

 to have to accept higher prices" until food security 

changes are made.


Martin Lines said the food supply chain must "recognise

 and deliver" rewards to farmers for producing food "

or it won't be there in the future".


"Farmers will change what they produce and move 

away from food production," he warned.


A "perfect storm" is threatening the industry, a report by the

 National Farmers' Union (NFU), NatWest and WWF-UK, has

 said, blaming climate change, post-pandemic supply chain

 disruption and the war in Ukraine, as factors crippling 

farming businesses.


NFU President Minette Batters told ITV News she will be

 urging the prime minister to call in investigation "into 

what's going on" with the UK food supply chain.


"We know that consumers are facing these higher prices - 

we want to see what is going on because it is certainly 

not coming back to farmers and growers," she said 

on her way into Downing Street.


With a hint of optimism, she added that if those at 

the meeting can "find a solution to a lot of the 

challenges" facing farmers, "that.... will 

hopefully help with the cost of living".


If a new investigation were to be launched, it 

would be the third looking into UK food prices.


There's one being run in Parliament by the Environment, 

Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee and another

 by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).


EFRA said it would examine "issues throughout the food 

supply chain from farm to fork", to assess how profits 

and risks are shared. It will also look into external

 factors on the supply chain, such as imported

 food and global commodity prices.


Robert Goodwill, the Conservative chair of the committee 

said MPs want to "get to the bottom of what’s going on".


The CMA plans to investigate whether “any failure in 

competition” is leaving consumers paying higher 

grocery and fuel prices than they should be.


Although it says it has not seen evidence of specific

competition concerns --- “at this stage”, the body 

added it was “important to be sure, that weak

 competition is not adding to the problems”.


It comes as the prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks rose 

at the fastest rate in more than 45 years, according to the

 Office for National Statistics – with the increasing costs

 being a major driver of the cost-of-living crisis.


The UK currently imports more than half of its fruit and

 vegetables, and recent shortages on supermarket 

shelves have exposed the risks associated with

 relying on imports.


Last week, the Bank of England said food prices have stayed 

higher for longer than expected, partly due to Russia’s war 

in Ukraine and poor harvests in some European countries, 

ramping up the cost of living ...for households across 

the UK.


Which? analysed April prices on more than 26,000 food and 

drink products at all the major UK supermarkets and found

 that some meat, yoghurts and vegetables have doubled 

in price - compared to a year ago.


One stark example is the rising cost of onions at Morrisons. 

Twelve months ago a pack of four brown onions was 65p 

- it has now rised by 90.8% to to £1.24.


NFU President Batters said there is a "level of inflation now

 that is baked in" but supermarkets will soon "be able to

 look at ways that they can keep the price down".


She warned that any drop in food production "only creates

 further inflation at the consumer end, so we need to

 keep volume of production up --- so we don't 

drive inflation".


The environment, food and rural affairs secretary, Therese

 Coffey, speaking after the summit, said it was an 

"important" discussion on what how to "make 

sure that we get on with farmers producing

 the best British food possible".


When asked about families struggling to buy the basics, the 

politician added, “People are working very hard to try and 

make sure that we have an affordable, sustainable and 

resilient food supply chain ....and how that helps 

with customers."


“But, of course, the government is supporting people on the 

lowest incomes with the household Support Fund," he said, 

adding, "Payments have been going out to people in order 

to help with that particular challenge. More broadly we’re

seeing changes to the energy costs... seeing them start 

to come down, and that is critical for the food industry 

as well.”


Sunak's spokesman, asked if ministers had pressed

 supermarkets to cut prices, said, “We do want to 

make sure that retailers are passing on any 

savings they find."


“We recognise that they themselves are finding it 

a challenging period, given the global inflation 

pressures we’re seeing," he said, adding, “For

 our part, we’re providing huge amounts of 

support to families, paying half of energy

 bills and there is further support 

through the household support 

fund and other means.”


Issues with UK food supply were laid bare earlier this year 

when fluctuating weather conditions in Spain, first a cold-

snap than a drought, led to shortages here which saw 

supermarkets ration salad items.


A lack of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuces 

showed just how much the UK supply chain relies on 

imports from abroad.


But that does not yet appear to have

 boosted home grown production.


UK production of tomatoes and cucumbers is expected 

to fall to the lowest level since records began in 1985, 

according to the the Andersons Centre.


The NFU's Ms Batters says egg production has "hit its

 lowest level" with one billion fewer eggs being 

produced now, compared to 2019.


And an NFU survey has found 40% of beef farmers and 36%

 of sheep farmers are planning to reduce the numbers in

 their herds, with input prices cited as the core reason.


Batters highlighted two easy fixes which she says would

deliver a fast change for farmers, first to fill the huge

number of vacancies - and second, to bring energy 

costs down.


Urging the prime minister to extend the seasonal worker visa

 scheme, she said, "We simply do not have enough people

 who are unemployed here at the moment to do the jobs

 [in the farming sector] that are available."


She said there are "huge shortages" of fruitpickers, 

butchers and dairy workers - roles that were often 

filled by foreign workers... before Brexit (and the

E.U.'s response, cutting UK visa permits - RR)


To bring down energy costs she is urging Sunak to extend

 the Energy and Trade Intensive Industry (ETII) discount 

scheme, to farmers.


The scheme provides a set discount on 70% of the gas and

electricity used by businesses, if wholesale prices exceed 

certain thresholds but primary food production -------- is not

included in the list of activities eligible for ETII discounts.


Ahead of the Summit, government confirmed a range of 

measures it said would help strengthen the long-term

 resilience and sustainability of the sector and

 provide greater stability for farmers.


Among those, was an announcement that 45,000 visas 

will be available again, to the horticulture sector next 

year ------ enabling them to plan ahead for the 

picking season.  


Other policies include protecting UK food and 

production standards in trade deals, and 

making it easier for farmers to diversify 

their incomes, by repurposing their 

buildings, to use as shops.


Sunak said, “I will always back British farmers, and I 

pay tribute to their hard work and dedication all 

year round which keeps shelves stocked and 

food on our tables."


“Supporting our farmers and food producers must, and

 always will be, at the heart of our plans to grow the 

economy ...and build a more prosperous country," 

he said, adding, “That’s why I’m proud to host

 this summit, and working together, I’m 

determined to build resilience, 

strengthen our food security 

and champion the best of 

British at home and 



Home Secretary Suella Braverman has suggested the UK 

should train its own workforce of fruit pickers and lorry

 drivers rather than import foreign labour, in a speech

 on immigration delivered to the new National 

Conservatism Conference on Monday.


The home secretary said the UK needs "to get overall 

immigration numbers down and we mustn’t forget 

how to do things for ourselves".


She added, "There is no good reason why we can’t train

 up enough HGV drivers, butchers or fruit pickers."


Sunak told his Cabinet that supporting farmers is not about

“some nostalgic vision of the UK’s rural past”, Downing

Street said, "but about growing the economy, creating

 more jobs and building the UK’s food security".


Asked whether that meant Britons being trained to pick fruits, 

as Braverman has suggested, Sunak’s spokesman said,

 “No. He was simply making the point that supporting 

the countryside, supporting farmers, is not simply to

 hark back to the past or a more rural Britain."


“It is vital to everyone in the UK, both in terms of food

 security and growing the economy --- creating more

 jobs,” he added.

Inflation kills any chance of pickers returning

- but, oddly, only the NFU president,
Batters, mentioned that!


Why... do you think?


 (Note Well - inflation is often mischaracterised
as ''rising prices'' when all economists know
that inflation of your money, is the result of
printing so much of it to solve budgetary
deficits -- that it loses its value.)


US media urge Ukrainian intel head 

Budanov to stop pushing the world

 towards a nuclear catastrophe

May 10th, 11:31am



The adventurism and terrorist inclinations of the Director of 

the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of 

Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, can lead the 

Ukrainian conflict to a direct confrontation 

between Russia and NATO --- due to 

provoking the use of nuclear 

weapons ---- in response 

to Ukrainian terrorist 

attacks in Russia.


“The whole of Europe and the rest of the world are now living

 in the Ukrainian rhythm and are waiting for new “special 

operations,” writes the US edition of The Duran.


On the night of May the 3rd ---- Ukrainian unmanned aerial 

vehicles (UAVs) attempted to attack the Russian Kremlin.

 In Moscow, the attack was regarded as a planned 

terrorist attack and an attempt on the life of

 President Vladimir Putin.


 Russian intelligence services said Ukrainian intelligence 

was behind this act. In Kyiv --- they tried to deny the

 accusations. However..... many believe that, as in 

previous similar actions, the Main Intelligence 

Directorate (GUR) of the Ukrainian Defense 

Ministry is behind the Kremlin attack. 

For the GUR, this was supposed to 

be a symbolic operation that was 

supposed to demonstrate to the

US & NATO - the capabilities 

of Ukrainian intelligence.


Around the fall (Autumn) of 2022, Kyiv has been actively 

using terrorist methods - under the guise of a liberation

struggle, for the territories occupied by Russia. On the

morning of October 8th, 2022 - a terrorist attack was 

carried out on the Crimean bridge. According to the 

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the 

explosion was organized --- by Ukrainian 

military intelligence, and its director, 

Kirill Budanov.


After the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, a number of 

other high-profile acts were committed in Russia that have 

a direct connection with the Ukrainian special services. 

In August 2022, the car of Russian public figure Daria 

Dugina, the daughter of famous Russian ideologist 

Alexander Dugin, was blown up. Russia's FSB 

established that Ukraine's special services

  were behind the terrorist attack. 


Washington hastened to disown Kyiv’s actions. On April 

2nd, during a creative evening in one of the cafes, war 

correspondent Maxim Fomin (pseudonym – Vladlen 

Tatarsky) was killed, and more than 20 people 

were injured. And this time, the Ukrainian 

special services became the organizers 

of the terrorist attack, which was not 

hidden in Kyiv. 


Very soon, on May 6th, 2023, an assassination attempt was

 made on the well-known Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, 

who supports Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The writer 

survived -- and was hospitalized. But the driver and

friend of the writer, Alexander Shubin -- died. Law 

enforcement agencies - in hot pursuit - detained 

the suspect. During interrogation, he admitted 

that he acted on instructions from the 

Ukrainian special services.


The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine was also

preparing assassination attempts on the head of the 

Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, the chairman of the State 

Council of the Republic, Vladimir Konstantinov, and

mayor of Crimea's city of Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko.

It also planned a series of explosions on the 

objects of the transport infrastructure of 

the Crimea. This was supposed to be 

carried out.. by an undercover group 

of the Main Intelligence Directorate 

of Ukraine.. which was detained by 

Russian law enforcement agencies.


The terrorist methods of the Ukrainian special services are

closely intertwined with the name of their main ideologist, 

the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, 

Kirill Budanov. The head of the Main Intelligence 

Directorate of Ukraine, since 2020, has been 

highly appreciated by the Americans. 


They noted his extensive combat experience, including the

well-known case of his passage as the head of a sabotage 

group, to Crimea, in 2016, as well as personal units of 

trained special forces killers, capable of completing

the tasks of eliminating any political competitors

in Ukraine. The Washington Post Office writes:


“Budanov’s meteoric rise to the status of one of the youngest

 generals in Ukraine’s history --- accelerated in August 2016 

when suspected Russian FSB non-commissioned officers

 were killed in Crimea. Budanov was considered one of 

the Ukrainian special forces behind enemy lines, and

 was later awarded the Ukrainian “Order of Courage”

 for undisclosed operations.”


Based on the data in various sources and the plots of political 

and contract killings described in the press, over the past 3-5 

years, none of these events, starting with the murder of 

Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet and Ukrainian 

negotiator Denis Kireev, and up to the terrorist 

attack against Darya Dugina and Zakhar 

Prilepin, did not take place without the 

participation of the special services 

of Ukraine (either representatives

of the SBU counterintelligence 

--- or the Main Intelligence 

Directorate of Ukraine).


In an interview with Yahoo.News published on May 6th, the 

journalist told Budanov - that Russia and the United States 

suspect the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian

 Defense Ministry of killing Daria Dugina and attacking 

the Crimean bridge. To this, Kirill Budanov admitted

 that he and his department would continue 

terrorist actions against Russians, 

including civilians.


“Don’t continue this topic. All I will comment is that we killed

Russians and will kill Russians anywhere in the world -- until 

the complete victory of Ukraine”, Budanov said in response.

Further, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, admitted that he does not 

consider these acts to be terrorism.


According to the German publication, Klamm.de, the Main

 Intelligence Directorate - is actively purchasing artillery
ammunition for shelling Russia's border territories. 

Also, the GUR has been - repeatedly - accused of 

simulating shelling of the population of Ukraine 

by Russian troops, for which --- special mobile 

groups of the department are used.


 In addition to mortars, they actively use small UAVs with

 adapted grenade launchers for underbarrel grenade

 launchers. This incites fear and mutual hatred in

 the border areas, and is used as part of the

 information war.


In addition to the ongoing terror, the GUR of Ukraine, headed

by Kirill Budanov ---- actively earn money on the purchase
of weapons for terrorist purposes ---- at unreasonably
high prices. 


Earlier, Klamm.de journalists published documents relating to

 the purchase of weapons and ammunition directly by the

 GUR through dubious intermediaries at inflated prices.

 We are talking about contracts for the supply from 

Poland to Ukraine of high-explosive mines with a 

calibre of 120 mm, produced in 1989-1990.


 The seller for a total amount of about 9 million euros was the 

Polish company “PHU Lechmar” LLC, the intermediary was

 the Ukrainian company “Incompass” represented by its 

director Sergey Slyusarenko, and the final buyer - was 

the military unit A0515 (Main Intelligence Directorate

 of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine) represented 

by the director of the logistics Department, 

Mikhail Posiychuk.


At the same time, the state contract with the intermediary 

(the Incompass company) of the GUR of Ukraine ------ was 

concluded on September 14, 2022. The transaction was

executed in accordance with the End User Certificate 

(EUC) from the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of 

Ukraine represented by Kirill Budanov dated 

08/04/2022 with his personal signature --- 

(journalists showed copies of contracts 

and documents signed by Budanov).


Klamm.de also drew attention to the fact that through the

 Incompass company, owned by Sergey Slyusarenko and 

Roman Meleshko (Budanov’s colleague), or other 

companies (including offshore ones) controlled 

by them, the GUR of Ukraine actively trades 

in weapons, using third countries, like 

Poland and the UAE.


The black arms market, which has been growing rapidly

 since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, has long been 

on the agenda. By sending billions of dollars worth of 

weapons to Ukraine, Western countries have opened 

a Pandora’s box. Already in mid-August --- NATO and 

the EU recognized the need to tighten control over 

arms supplies to Ukraine. US journalist Seymour 

Hersh said that Western countries -- are well 

aware that weapons supplied to Ukraine 

end up on the black market, but the 

world media is hushing it up. 


In August 2022, the US television company CBS released 

the documentary Arming Ukraine, in which it reported 

that only 30-35% of weapons and equipment reach 

the Ukrainian military, the rest is sold. Shortly 

after unprecedented pressure, CBS removed 

the material. Hersh also said that even at 

an early stage of the conflict, Poland, 

Romania and other bordering states 

“were flooded with weapons 

supplied to Ukraine, for 

combat operations.”


The anonymous network “Darknet” has become an excellent

 “assistant” for the GUR headed by Kirill Budanov and the

 Ukrainian army. From the very beginning of the conflict, 

the network was actively replenished with Ukrainian 

advertisements for the sale of weapons and 

ammunition from Western military 

aid packages.


 It is noteworthy that the proposals included both various

 types of small arms and anti-tank weapons, for example, 

the Barrett M82 sniper rifle (USA), the Javelin portable 

anti-tank complex (USA) or the Panzerfaust 3 grenade

 launcher (Germany), as well as air combat posing a 

threat to civilian aircraft. For example, the portable 

anti-aircraft missile system “Stinger” (USA). The 

head of Interpol, Juergen Stock, spoke about 

the danger of strengthening international 

criminal groups associated with the 

uncontrolled situation around 

weapons supplied by the 

West to Ukraine.


 He stressed that a significant part of the weapons from 

the Western military assistance to Ukraine may end up 

at the disposal of international criminal organizations. 

Moreover, both in Europe ...and beyond.


The adventurism and terrorist capabilities of Kirill Budanov 

could lead the Ukrainian conflict to a direct confrontation

 between Russia and NATO over provoking the use of 

nuclear weapons in response to terrorist attacks in

 Russia. What other special operations can a brave 

spy come up with and what can they lead to? 

Nobody in Kyiv seems to think about it. 


All of Europe and the rest of the world are now living 

in the Ukrainian rhythm and are waiting for new 

“special operations” by Budanov, which will 

eventually lead the Ukrainian conflict

 to a nuclear war.

Wait? Is that all we can do?
Of course not!

What can you conceive of,
believe in - and achieve
- to help stop this?


Terrorist regime in Kyiv 

should have a matching

mediaRussian Foreign 

Ministry spokeswoman 


May 10th, 9:34am



The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 

the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, commented on the

 words of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, which called the 

presence of leaders of the CIS countries at the parade in

 Moscow “an immoral and unfriendly step towards Kiev”.

 The diplomat wrote about this in her personal 

Telegram channel.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said

that the Kiev regime is dragging its society onto the path of

- not just the hateful persecution of everything connected 

with Russia - but of full-fledged terrorist methods against

Moscow. This is how the politician reacted to the words

of her Ukrainian colleague, who called the presence of

the leaders of the CIS countries at the Victory Parade 

in Moscow on the occasion of the 78th anniversary 

of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War --- “an 

immoral and unfriendly step towards Kiev”.


“Firstly, they forgot to ask the Nazis. Secondly, let’s talk about

“morality”. The state agency, UNIAN, decided to ask readers

which of the famous TV presenters, military correspondents 

and leaders of public opinion in Russia, they would prefer to 

see the next victims of a terrorist act, after Daria Dugina, 

Vladlen Tatarsky, and Zakhar Prilepin.


Vladimir Solovyov, Margarita Simonyan, Anton Krasovsky are

 on the list for execution, Dmitry Kiselev, Sergey Mardan and 

Semyon Pegov. This is such a bloody attraction. Everyday, 

Kiev style,” the diplomat wrote.


The politician stressed that about 50,000 people had already

 taken part in the vote presented by UNIAN (an information 

agency operating on the Ukrainian market since 1993). 


She noted that neither the Western community, nor

 international structures were outraged by such 

a “survey”.


“Do you think that one of the Western patrons of the Kyiv 

nativity scene pulled up on his wards? Or were they 

indignant in the relevant international structures? 

Not at all. No - for this, this brutalized scum was 

grown. Another son of a bitch of the US, can 

get away with it. Even - as in this case - a

direct incitement to commit terrorist

acts,” she states.


The diplomat recalled that in the Third Reich they actively

 practiced compiling “wanted lists” of enemies, including

 figures of arts, culture, science, and politics, the 

elimination of which should have been carried 

out as a matter of priority. It is noteworthy 

that here the similarity between Nazi 

Germany and the Kyiv regime ---

 is very high.


“The Kiev regime went even further: to involve the entire 

society not just in persecution and Nazi segregation, but 

directly in terror activities. The student, has surpassed 

the teacher”, summed up Maria Zakharova.


Recall that --- in February, the head of the Kyiv regime,

Volodymyr Zelensky, assigned the name, “Edelweiss” 

to the 10th separate mountain assault brigade of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine. The name of the brigade 

was given - by Zelensky - in honour of the 1st 

Edelweiss Mountain Infantry Division, which 

was part of the Nazi Wehrmacht - where 

natives of the mountainous regions, of 

Southern Germany, Bavaria & Austria, 

served. During the Great Patriotic 

War - the division fought against 

the Red Army, in Ukraine, in the 

Donbass, and near Kharkov, as

 well as in the North Caucasus.


According to the singer, Donovan,
we're all one shining luminosity.

If thing go badly, we soon will be!

What do you think?



Russophobia is costing 

Poland a lot of money

May 9th, 11:22am



The flowering of the longstanding Russophobia in Poland,

 which recently reached the terminal stage, has begun 

to germinate.


The country’s largest oil refining company, Orlen -------- is
lamenting that it is suffering huge losses due to the ban

on direct imports of Russian oil. According to Daniel 

Obajtek, the company is forced to buy oil from 

alternative suppliers and, at the same time, 

each barrel is steadily costing on average 

thirty dollars more. Taking into account.. 

the volume of procurement and refining, 

Orlen is overpaying an extra 27 million 

dollars a day to cover national needs.


At the current exchange rate that’s an unbudgeted 

expenditure of two billion roubles. Every day.


Mr. Obajtek reassures his compatriots who are quite logically

 expecting an increase in fuel prices and, consequently, in

 prices for all key product groups, that this is the price of 

not supporting Russia; they have to be patient, they say,

 they see the problem, they understand it and they are 

already trying to solve it together with their Czech 

colleagues in the anti-Russian camp. On the one 

hand, such a trend cannot but gladden all the 

residents east of Smolensk; on the other 

hand, there are a number of strange 



For a start, the daily black gold demand of Poland by the end

 of 2021 was 686 thousand barrels per day. With their own

 meager production of 53 thousand, it is not difficult to

 calculate the net shortfall, i.e. the required volume of

 imports. It should be added that Polish welfare is 

traditionally based ------ on supplies of Russian 

hydrocarbons. Speaking specifically about oil,

 the consumption of this resource has tripled 

over the last half century. The head of Orlen 

apparently, has read too many fairy tales 

- because the promise to break the 

dependence on Russian supplies 

with the help of Czechia - looks 

very much like a tale about a

 white bull.


Any foreign guidebook, if you look in it the structure of

Poland’s energy balance - on the very first page - says 

that since Soviet times, the country has been totally

dependent on supplies, via main oil pipelines from 

the East – and it is the absolute truth. As known, 

the main artery here is the Druzhba oil pipeline, 

which from Russia goes to the Belarusian city 

of Mozyr - and on to the Polish city of Plock 

and the port of Gdansk, where it is loaded

into tankers. Further on, the pipe crosses 

the German border at Schwedt, heading 

south to the plant in Leuna and north.. 

to the port of Rostock.


It is this pipe that Warsaw is fighting with, assuring everyone 

around it, that it has stopped buying Russian oil altogether.


That assertion is slightly undermined by the fact that in 2022 

Poland imported 11.7 million metric tons of Russian oil, only 

a million less than the year before. Ordinary Polish citizens,

 absorbed in the daily routine of making ends meet ---- in

 conditions of record inflation (25 per cent in 2022) ---- 

and rising fuel prices (plus 30 euro cents in the last 

half a year) is presented with the postulate of life 

saving imports from Czechia. This is as much a

 fairy tale... as any of the previous ones.


In Mozyr in Belarus, the Druzhba line splits in two and, in 

addition to the northern part described above, a second

 branch runs southwards through Ukraine. It goes 

straight from the Ukrainian-Belarusian border to 

the border with Slovakia, where it also splits

 into the southern (Hungarian) and northern 

(Czech) branches.


The latter pumps the lion’s share of crude oil, which is 

transformed into petrol, paraffin, fuel oil and other 

refined products at the plant in Litvinov, which 

belongs to the Polish Orlen. This fact is not a 

secret, but Warsaw tries more than once not 

to dramatize the subject, as it breaks the 

anti-Russian hysteria tower, and causes 

logical questions to its own electorate.


The other day the Niezalezny Dziennik Polityczny journal 

published a scathing article, the authors of which openly 

voiced the unpleasant truth: since February of last year 

over 11 million Ukrainians have entered the country, 

most of whom have disappeared in obscurity. 


Although it’s understandable: only in Warsaw 352 thousand

 new inhabitants from the East have officially settled down, 

and in cities like Wroclaw every 3rd inhabitant is Ukrainian. 

This has caused a dramatic increase in crime, related to 

the trade in weapons and drugs, with dynamics so rapid 

that, as the authors write, the police have begun hiding

 the statistics and the nationality of the perpetrators.


If we look at the situation in Poland from the outside, it is

more reminiscent of a fire in a madhouse. Warsaw buys

Russian oil from the Czech Republic secretly...  and at
exorbitant prices, sends arms to the east ----- and in 

return, gets crowds of spongers with extremely 

dubious backgrounds and intentions, prices 

go up - and the population goes berserk.


As they say, let us wish all the participants strength, 

inspiration and, most importantly, not to stop there.


Sergei Savchuk, RIA



I met my first Pole in the early 1960s, when knocking

doors to sell my labour, to buy a guitar... he was very

tight-lipped and dismissed me quickly, ducking back

indoors. I assumed he could be one of the ones who

took refuge in the UK - escaping vengeance for his

unspeakable misdeeds in World War 2. A few days

ago, I met my second Pole serving as a waitress,

and when she told me she was from Poland.... I

grimaced - and she told me off - ''We're not all

bad in Poland,'' she said gently, shaming me.


May she be more representative 

of Poland now! Do you..... think?




 The West - has stopped

reckoning with: reality

May 6th, 9:17am



It is generally accepted ----- both in the West and here (and 

throughout the world) that Russia is an irrational country, 

that Russians are eternal dreamers, disconnected from 

life. On the contrary, the Europeans, the West, are 

extremely pragmatic and calculating, with both 

feet on the ground --- and not in the clouds.


However, the conflict around Ukraine, is clearly not
in favour of perceptions of the West’s prudence
and ability to reckon with reality.


Surprisingly, very few people in the West have realised this. 

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said on Friday: 


“I have no imagination.....  that anyone can defeat a nuclear 

power. It isn't enough for me to imagine, that the Russians
are standing idly by, as they are 
defeated, their political
system is broken, 
their president is assassinated,
attack Red Square - and those who are

 not of childish age, believe they will silently
watch and resign 
themselves to military

defeat. That’s what happens in a fairy 

tale – in reality, it doesn’t.”


Yes, Orban has long had a reputation in the West as an

 autocrat and almost “the Hungarian Putin”; because 

of him, Hungary is even threatened to be excluded 

from the European Union, i.e. his opinion on any

 issues is atypical for Europe. But here it is 

necessary to specify: for what Europe? 


The European elite, which considers the claims about the

 existence of the two sexes and the family as the union 

of a man and a woman obscurantist and out of touch 

with reality. That is, for the Europe that lives in a 

fantasy world and, as Orban says, has not 

grown out of childhood.


It is true that only a very naïve person can believe in

 defeating Russia in Ukraine, but it is not just a child.

 In Europe, the comparison with an old man, who is 

said to have fallen into infancy, is more apt. You 

mean a feeble-minded person? And this is 

Europe, the cradle of the western 

civilisation which started with 

the Greeks and the Romans, 

and which has been ruling 

the world for the last half

 a millennium?


It turns out it is. Though the reasons of how it got to this

 state are complicated, the result is obvious. The West 

lost the perception of reality, boundaries (of its own 

as well as of alien civilisations), the limits of the 

possible ---- traditional, fundamental things, 

constituting the essence of both people 

and civilisations.

Having abolished 
tradition (that is, religion, nation, 

ancestral memory -- and having prepared for the
revision of 
human nature itself) -- the West has
set its sights
on the construction of a post-
humanistic (but 
under the guise of 
humanism) world order... on a
scale - and has lost.


 It lost to reality, to the diverse blossoming complexity of 

world civilizations. But the West.. is not only unwilling 

and unable to admit defeat, because its elite lives in

 the fantasy world... the imaginary world, in which 

everything is determined by the rules, which the 

West itself established. Of course, for centuries 

everything has worked and worked, and then 

suddenly some Russia (again, like in the last 

century) says that there is another reality, 

but it doesn't recognize ours. Never mind,

 we will cope, they say in the West: we 

survived and defeated communism, 

so we will also defeat “Putinism”.


But the problem of the West is that there is no “Putinism”. 

There is a return of the world order, to its natural state
the balance of forces and interests of various world 

civilisations against the background of the collapse

of the Atlantic project of world domination. 


The West cannot abolish the advent of the new era, it is not

 even ready to acknowledge its reality yet. And that is why

 it is trying its best to prevent its coming, thinking that 

the victory over Russia, will help it.


But defeating Russia is impossible, not only because it is a

 nuclear power. But also, because for Russia, it is not just a 

question of eliminating the threat from the west, but of its 

existence as a self-sufficient civilisation, of reuniting and 

restoring a unified Russian world. The stakes for us are 

not just high --- they are not comparable to what the 

West can do. With common sense, the Europeans 

would realise ------ that they have no chance, of 

pushing the border between the European and 

Russian worlds eastwards, but, instead, they 

say some completely naive things: “Ukraine 

will fall in a matter of days if the EU stops 

supplying money. The EU would like to 

spend its money on the welfare of its 

citizens, on hospitals and schools, 

but the EU has no choice: we 

have to spend all the money 

on protecting Ukraine.


This is coming from Josep Borrell, the head of European

diplomacy, who also laments that he increasingly feels 

like the EU’s defence minister. Money, weapons – can 

all this bring victory over Russia, in a battle that is

truly decisive for us? Only naive “children” like 

old man Borrell can believe this, because in 

their world... beyond the “beautiful garden” 

begins a wild jungle of incomprehensible 

savages  ..who have no interests, no 

values.. and no will to win. And it is

impossible --- not to defeat them, 

especially if the war is fought

in the jungle - by the hands of 

some savages against others.


When this Western picture of the world is shattered

 by reality, will the fantasists remember Orban’s 

warnings? Hardly, for in their tale... he was 

the villain.


Peter Akopov, RIA Novosti


John Lennon said our elite is insane.
So they shot him. Difficult to shoot
everyone in the emerging world...
but our insane elite is still trying!

What do you think of them?


 The West has found another 

reason to fear Russia

May 5th, 9:29am



After the revelation of drone footage over the Kremlin our

 strategic opponents have expectedly fussed. Evidently

 fearing something, Zelensky is changing routes and 

wandering around Europe, stubbornly refusing to

 return to his home bunker and dissociating 

himself from the terrorist act in his trade

mark style: it was not me, gentry.


Almost simultaneously, its NATO masters were concerned

 about the problems they might have with Russia in the

 grey zone of military operations. 


David Cutler, the alliance’s Assistant Secretary General for

Intelligence and Security --- has suddenly distracted from

deepening and expanding contacts with the post-Soviet

republics and alerted the public that Moscow has every 

opportunity to critically damage the submarine cables

 linking Europe, Britain and the United States. This --- 

would lead to full-blown chaos in the Western world.


“Moscow is actively mapping NATO’s critical infrastructure

 and could strike at the submarine communications that 

provide Western countries with literally everything 

from gas to the internet,” The New York Times

 paraphrases Cuttler’s report.


According to the NATO general, “the level of patrolling by 

Russian ships in the Atlantic and beyond is significantly 

higher than in previous years”. Domestic vessels are 

“more risky” in the North Sea and the Baltic. All this

 could lead to Western Europe and North America 

“becoming Russia’s target in its war with Ukraine”.


An attack on western infrastructure would give Moscow the 

opportunity to “disrupt western life and put pressure on 

countries that support Ukraine”, Cuttler worries.


Underwater infrastructure is indeed a fundamental thing for 

Western economies. Britain has just calculated: damaged 

cables would block 7.4 trillion pounds a day of financial

 transactions & cut off about a quarter of the electricity

 supply. That is, the London Stock Exchange would 

collapse and the country’s life support system 

would be hit with an enormously devastating 

blow. And that’s just one small island.


But of course it is not just about the economy. Submarine

 communications disruption could break the American 

control of the NATO war machine.


As early as 2020, NATO defense ministers received a 

confidential report that made clear the vulnerability 

of their defense capabilities, which are critically

dependent on underwater infrastructure. With 

the US military’s transition to 5G mobile 

applications and the general craze for 

cloud-based data storage, this threat

 is only growing.


Some 400 submarine cables totalling more than a million

 kilometres transmit 95 percent of the internet traffic

 between Europe and the US. A data transmission 

failure and the Americans find it noticeably more 

difficult to control their siphons on the continent.

 In 2008, damaged cables between Egypt and 

Italy caused the number of US drone sorties

 into Iraq, to drop by an order of magnitude.


A separate difficulty is that such damage occurs in a grey 

war zone, where nuclear deterrence does not work. So

 something breaks down on the ground there, and who

 is to blame? We cannot start a nuclear war on such

 an occasion.


The Americans have demonstrated to the world how it is 

done by undermining Nord Stream. Now they draw the

 world`s attention away from this diversion by making 

their European vassals engage in a humiliating farce

 with the “investigation” of the explosion. Naturally, 

all suspicion falls on Russia.


General Cuttler’s anguish about Moscow’s submarine 

shenanigans is part of this farce. Since Russia has 

undermined its own gas pipeline, further 

sabotage... is to be expected.


Indeed, while the “investigation” is not yet over, the alliance

 has already created an entire department to protect its

 underwater infrastructure, headed by Lt-General Hans-

Werner Wirmann. Under the pretext of protection 

against the Russians, NATO has stepped up 

maritime patrols along our borders.


On the one hand, cries about the Russian threat to submarine 

communications are a classic informational attack by our

 adversaries to legalise their military presence in the 

Atlantic and the Baltic. They may very well plan 

some sabotage to the benefit of the Americans.


On the other hand, the concerted hysteria in which the

 alliance’s sworn friends have united shows that the 

NATO leadership is well aware of all the risks of its 

position. It is no longer possible to pretend that 

this is about Ukraine.


In fact, NATO is at war against Russia – by all means

 available to the alliance, including the Ukrainians. 

Drones over the Kremlin, sabotage on Russian 

territory, strikes on our western cities – all 

done under the direction and with the 

blessing of their American masters.

Their cowardly lies – it wasn’t us,

 it was all Zelensky – can’t 

change anything.


Victoria Nikiforova, RIA



Well, they said it was going to be

a bumpy ride - do we scream or





Odessa Khatyn anniversary reminds: 
Ukraine must be freed from Nazism

May 2nd, 9:18am



For the ninth year now, 2 May is not a holiday for me. It is 

a day of remembrance of a nightmare that cannot be 

forgotten, no matter how weak the human psyche 

resists the strong human memory. There is no 

escape from this day, until Odessa is free, 

and all participants and organizers of

 the mass murder will be punished 

severely, like a hemp rope.


Some of these non-humans have already been punished by

 fate, even before the verdict --- in the “ATO zone” or after 

the start of the SMO, and others, in a mundane drunken 

brawl. Someone simply died from an unhealthy lifestyle,

 as “centurion Mykola” – with a passport Nikolai Volkov. 

The same fatty who fired a rifle through the windows 

of Trade Union House and called some coordinators,

 who were suspected to be associates of oligarch 

Kolomoisky, if not of him personally. This 

character went to hell, back in 2015, 

from his hospital bed, as his ‘twin’ 

associates claimed. At the time 

of his death - Mykola weighed 

around 50 kilograms, and the 

staff of the underworld were

 hardly stirred by his fall. 


The criminal case of fraud, which had 

been dragging on this “Maidan hero”

since 2012 ---- was closed ---- for 

natural reasons.


On the eve of May 2nd, already this year, Nazi blogs sadly

 reported about the disposal of a certain Alexander 

Stankov, call sign Perun, near Artemivsk. 


A member of the Nazi party “Svoboda “*, a member of 

the “Azov” regiment * (banned in Russia) --- an active

 participant in the coup d’état, and the mass murder 

at the Trade Union House. Wearing a black T-shirt 

with an eagle with a fork instead of a swastika, 

he too, had a fair face and was not shy about 

showing it to journalists, especially on 

May the 2nd. 


“I feel that today is not a day of tragedy – but a day of victory. 

And those who died in the Trade Union House are the victims 

of Russian manipulation,” he used to say, every year, to the 

dictaphones and cameras. There was a case in 2015 when

 they tried to prosecute him – no, not for his involvement in 

the murder of his fellow countrymen. For the riots -- near
Verkhovna Rada, when “Svoboda” activists threw a 

grenade, at the feet of the National Guard. Ukrainian 

Nazism, with Stankov’s face, then took four more

 lives with impunity.


He was exonerated after attempts to storm the court by

 “Maidan veterans” and “sorosyaty”  ----- two varieties of 

the same stinking substance. They also exonerated... 

another scoundrel from the square outside the House

 of Trade Unions, Serhiy Sternenko, now an “activist”

 in the Ukrainian media --- who even meets with 

Western diplomats, for domestic murder and 

drug trafficking. He is in no hurry.... to go 

to the front.... and earns his living by 

‘volunteering’ and blogging, like

his colleague in inhumanity --- 

Mark Gordienko. The man (is 

he a man?) ..was accused of 

paedophilia before the coup, 

and of robbery & extortion, 

after May the 2nd. Today....

he describes himself as a 

“network philosopher”.


There is no desire to go on listing the names united by one 

thing – their bearers continue to kill, directly or indirectly,

and do not sit in the dock. Because --- in a state where 

there is no law, the people who have been trampled 

by the criminal code, become “heroes”, and the 

state receives the prefix “anti-“.


Today, few people remember... that on the morning of May 

the 2nd, Ukrainian armed forces began indiscriminately 

shelling Sloviansk from MLRS and warplanes ----- where 

civilians were also killed. But the defence of Sloviansk
became part of the tragedy of Donbass ----- while the 

nightmare of Odessa stands apart. And the thought

and conviction, that the morning and evening of 

May 2nd, 2014.... were conceived by the same 

scriptwriter... that these are two acts of one

mass murder --- intended to crush the will 

to resist, to frighten to death, to trample 

the soul, does not let go.


In Odessa they almost succeeded. The city of soldiers, 

toilers, sailors, scientists, artists and true heroes has 

had its backbone taken out, its face, its character 

and its attractiveness, stripped away. A sweaty 

embroidery cloak, was draped over it...  like a 

monument to Catherine II. Soon, the city will 

be renamed Kotsyubeyevka, and this name 

will suit a Ukrainian capital of cheap sex 

tourism better. For the time being, until 

the name and memory are returned 

to it.


One can argue for a long time, about where in Odessa the 

black mould appeared, how the Gordienki, Stankovs and 

Volkovs were born --- and who infected them with the 

bacillus of Nazism. The picture will be complicated 

and the conversation long. It can begin, with the 

unspoken slogan of the survivors of the Soviet 

Union – “every year 80 kilometres to the 



One can begin this conversation --- and 

immediately end it: today it is fruitless.


Nine years ago, not only people were killed in the Trade 

Union House, but also Odessa itself. Its history, its 

cheerful disposition, its flamboyant language and 

wit. Its famous comedians, who supported the 

Maidan, and did not notice May the 2nd, in a 

moment became boring vulgarists, but with 

certificates of honour, from the state of 

Ukraine. Odessa today, is occupied 

by suffocating Ukrainian Nazism, 

primitive and inhumane, with 

an invented past and no 



And the beginning of its revival, will be the trial of those 

who have shot, bottled petrol, beaten with sticks, and 

simply rejoiced in their deaths. Without retribution 

against the murderers of Odessa, it will not 

rise again.


Pavel Dulman, rg.ru


*a banned organisation on the territory 

of the Russian Federation



This is not propaganda --- this man

shows his heart, soul and culture

and I bow before this.


Do you... feel this too?




 U.S. plan to lure Russia into 

a trap... failed miserably
Global Times

April 29th, 10:07am



America perceived the beginning of the Russian special 

operation in Ukraine with incredible joy, because they 

were sure that they had successfully lured the enemy 

into a trap. Now... the United States is unsure of its 

decision. This is reported by the Chinese edition 

of Global Times.


The publication notes that the United States was confident that

 the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine was a

 successful trap for Russia. However, everything turned out

 to be not so simple. Now America is beginning to 

understand that the Russian economy is 

successfully coping with all the 

difficulties, but the strength 

of the American allies is 

already running out.


The military conflict that broke out at the end of February 2022 

between the Russian Federation and Ukraine was a real 

triumph for the United States and was greeted with 

jubilation. The United States considered that the 

trap set since 2014 had finally worked, and the 

military conflict in Ukraine would destroy the 

Russian economy with sanctions imposed 

on the country, and the ruble would 

quickly collapse.


In reality, everything turned out differently. The Russian

 Federation coped with the sanctions, which cannot be 

said about the European allies of the United States,

 whose economy has collapsed --- without Russian 

energy resources. At the same time, the authors 

of the publication note that the Russian Army 

has not depleted its stocks, and Western 

countries are losing stocks of weapons

 every day due to the supply of 

weapons to Ukraine.


Moscow and Beijing demonstrated their complete unanimity 

to the whole world and jointly declared their commitment to

 a multipolar world order. It is noted that US politicians 

began to notice that the state of affairs, which 

Washington vehemently declares as its 

successes, is in fact far from the truth.


“In announcing last week his participation in the presidential 

election, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. said that the

 rapprochement between Russia and China --- is

 not in the US national interest. For them, it’s 

a disaster. He also noted that the Chinese 

only recently facilitated a peace 

agreement between Iran and 

Saudi Arabia, while the US

 '''strategy'' in the Middle 

East has completely 



Of course the US is right

--- but not in the head.


What do you think?





US refuses to believe in the 

end of a unipolar world

April 27th, 9:36am



And what makes you think - that the unipolar (i.e. American)
world has just ended before our eyes and multi-polarity has
prevailed? There is no such thing and there never will be.
America is the hegemon ------ forever.


This “and Baba Yaga is against” speech (against multipolarity 

in this case) comes from 2 professors from the rather famous 

Dartmouth College (New Hampshire, USA) in their article in 

the new issue of Foreign Affairs. And it’s great as a 

textbook example of “If you can’t do it --- but you 

really want to, you can.” And one really wants

 the world to be American forever.


Our two-headed Baba-Yaga’s method of proof, looks convincing 

at first, because she is keen on arithmetic. The authors lay out

 indicators of power, especially military power, and award 

points to each indicator. It turns out that the nearest 

competitor, China, is not on a par with the US in all 

measures of military power for decades to come. 


What, indeed, are China’s 12 noisy nuclear-powered submarines

 compared to America’s 68 silent ones? Further, you say that 

China has a large GDP, but by our calculations the figures 

are inflated – arithmetic rules again.


This, by the way, is not talking about multipolarity, just two

 poles, as in the last century. But even two arithmetic does

 not show us – China falls short. And what if it is together 

with Russia? It still falls short. And for more poles to 

emerge – some India, not to mention others… It is

 just ridiculous.


Further on... we are persuaded not to get upset. The multipolar

 world was very bad in the 19th century, for example, or 

between two world wars, there were wars all the time. 

(And they don’t today?) Because there were several 

leading countries, roughly comparable in military 

might, all of them were floundering back and 

forth, forming tenuous coalitions and pacts. 


In addition, the technology of that time worked quickly:

 ten years and you have rearmed, now it is slower. 

Anyway, do you really want to go back to that 

fragile time?


Now, a concession for you: okay, today US power is not as

 absolute as it used to be, that is, the nature of unipolarity 

has changed. But that is all.


It is easy for the gullible reader to miss the main travesty that

 Baba Yaga has set him up, literally in the first lines of her 

essay: it is the speculation about what power is. Many 

people, it turns out, think that power is influence, 

that is, “the ability to get others to do what you 

want them to do”. And in fact it’s not quite like 

that: power and authority – it’s simply in 

resources, especially military and 

economic resources.


Very interesting. What about a country’s ability to live 

as it pleases, without asking permission from anyone 

or anything, is this not not power? No, our two 

authors, lovers of simple arithmetic, see 

everything - only as the physical ability 

of someone to win a war. And if there 

is no ability, there is no power, and

you will not force anybody to 

anything and you are not

a pole of influence in 

the world.


So this magic of simple numbers was already clouding

 everyone’s mind – and not so long ago. The mid 1930s:

 the British Empire, by all arithmetic calculations, was 

so much stronger than all the other key countries that 

nobody really disputed that it was a superpower for 

the ages. 


No scenario could even suggest: that this military might, 

with its resources from India, Africa and the Middle East, 

could be challenged. But where was that superpower in

the mid-1940s? And in the ’50s? Incredible coincidence, 

you see. Didn’t calculate it.


And that’s not all. It is not difficult to see that the two 

professors are thinking in categories not even of the 

past but of the century before last: there are nations,

 big and small, each nation has a State, and the 

State has military might, which we compare.


But today’s world is much more complicated, there are different

 lobbies over borders – information, financial, medical, oil and

 gas, green and many others. And we have not yet entered 

into a long and complicated conversation about the 

power of ideas or the fatigue of people or nations

from endless brainwashing. 


Even higher mathematics would not be 

enough, to derive general formulas 

from this.


Dmitry Kosyrev, RIA

Food for thought? Or a temptation..
to find out who or what 
Baba Yaga
truly is... or was?


 What do you think?
(but be careful ---
you might.. find
out something
about - Slavic
folk culture!)


UK government further

 criminalizes........ pro-

Palestinian activism

April 22nd, 4:56pm

by Kit Klarenberg 


On March 30, the British Home Office announced a raft of so-

called "protective security measures,” ostensibly intended 

to safeguard synagogues and faith schools, costing 

$18.7 million.


In reality, the development is a disturbing escalation in the

 British government’s long-running war on pro-Palestinian 

activism, through which the mephitic bond between 

London’s security and intelligence agencies and 

hostile Zionist entities at home and abroad,

 will intensify significantly.


Funding for the measures flows from the Jewish Community

 Protective Security grant, already bankrolled by London to

 the tune of tens of millions of pounds annually.


The sum covers “increased protective security, including 

security guards and other measures such as CCTV and

 alarm systems to protect against persistent hate 

crime, anti-social behaviour, terrorism and state 

threats,” allegedly targeted at Britain’s 

Jewish community.


Few would argue with the need to protect religious observers of 

every stripe, and their institutions, from violent attack. Yet, the 

effort’s core component, a newly-created Jewish Community 

Police, Crime and Security Taskforce, points to a far more
sinister agenda.


The first law enforcement body of its kind in British history, it 

will be chaired by far-right Home Secretary Suella Braverman, 

and run by “senior policing leaders” and government 

ministers, in conjunction with the Mossad-

connected Community Security 

Trust (CST).


According to the Home Office, the Taskforce will meet thrice

 annually, providing “a regular forum to discuss with 

operational partners communal security concerns 

relating to policing, terrorism, state threats, hate 

crime, and public order matters” connected to 

Britain’s Jewish community.


Key topics of consideration in these meetings will be ensuring

 Britain’s police and the Crown Prosecution Service “are using

 their powers to arrest and charge criminals who pose a threat 

to the Jewish community,” and the necessity of “[reviewing] 

operational policing guidance in light of concerns shared by

 the Jewish community,” which “could include guidance on

 specific chants, banners and emblems which 

are antisemitic.”


Outlining the Taskforce’s responsibilities directly from CST’s 

London offices, Braverman told the Jewish Chronicle that 

such “guidance” would assist “meaningful action” being 

taken on “antisemitic” choruses of the “totally 

unacceptable” popular freedom slogan “from

 the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” 

by protesters, “with impunity”.


She also pledged that the Home Office would “encourage 

people to adopt” the International Holocaust 

Remembrance Association (IHRA) working 

definition of antisemitism.


That definition notoriously includes 11 allegedly illustrative 

examples of antisemitism, seven of which explicitly relate

 to the Israeli regime. It has been condemned by legal 

scholars for conflating legitimate criticism of the 

Zionist entity with antisemitism and even 

repudiated by the individual who drafted

 it, on much the same grounds.


Meanwhile, CST in common with many other Zionist 

organizations has long sought to illegalize the chant.


In other words, the British state’s categorization and policing 

of antisemitism is now being directly influenced by an 

organization that seeks to arbitrarily ban slogans and 

expressions of solidarity with Palestine it does not

 like, with deep and cohering ties to a foreign 

intelligence agency responsible for enforcing 

brutal policies of apartheid, which spies on 

and harasses Palestinian solidarity 

activists abroad.


As such, any and all forms of pro-Palestinian 

activism could become criminal offenses.


Prejudicial and proud


The British Home Office announcement’s repeated references 

to “state threats” are another deeply disquieting detail.


Britain’s draconian new National Security Bill ----- is rife with 

references to “hostile state activity” - which is categorized

as “espionage, sabotage, obtaining trade secrets, entering

 a prohibited place for a purpose prejudicial to the UK, 

foreign interference, or assisting a foreign 

intelligence service.”


However, the legislation is so broad, British authorities 

can subjectively designate a wide array of activities 

as “prejudicial to the interests of the UK,” creating 

many new criminal offenses, and imposing

significantly harsher sentences on 

existing ones, by elevating them 

to “state threats”.


Several aspects of the National Security Bill appear to have 

been drafted with specific reference to Palestine Action, a

 protest group that is determined to end the activities of 

Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems on British 

soil through disruptive direct action.


This is particularly true of “state threats prevention and

 investigation measures” (STPIMs), an unprecedented 

“suite” of punitive powers to pre-criminalize citizens, 

enshrined by the Bill.


Under STPIMs, the British Home Secretary can unilaterally apply

 restrictions to individuals suspected of engaging in “espionage, 

sabotage, obtaining trade secrets, foreign interference, entering 

a prohibited place for a purpose prejudicial to the UK, [and] 

assisting a foreign intelligence service or serious violence.”


This includes limits and bans on their movement, personal 

associations, ability to leave the country, use of electronic 

devices, access to financial services, where they can 

work, study and live, and more.


“Elbit doesn’t only make killer drones for Israel, but Britain too, 

and it’s embedded at three RAF bases. Striving to stop mass

 murder abroad is therefore ‘prejudicial to the interests of 

the UK’, and STPIMs could be applied to any of our 

members at any time, simply for being suspected 

of possibly planning to visit an Elbit factory at 

some point in the future... without a court-

approved warrant or even being charged 

with a crime,” a Palestine Action 

representative told me.


STPIMs can be applied to individuals by the Home Secretary

 “where the prosecution and other disruptive action isn’t a 

realistic prospect.”


In an egregious contravention of fundamental legal norms, proof 

of having committed a criminal offense, or intent to do so, isn’t

 necessary for an individual to be made subject to restrictions,

 and the British Home Office isn’t obliged to disclose evidence 

publicly or to suspects themselves, if disclosure “would be 

damaging to national security.”


Strikingly, a speculative STPIM “case study” concocted by the 

Home Office cites “highly sensitive intelligence” obtained by

 a foreign spying service, which cannot be used in open 

court, as an example of evidence that could be used

 to justify restrictions being applied to citizens - and 

the specifics withheld on national security grounds.


“You can only wonder whether the (British) Home Office

 specifically had Mossad in mind when they put together 

that case study. The police have already imposed 

onerous bail conditions on our activists, some 

have even had their passports taken under 

counter-terror laws, and we are subject to 

constant surveillance,” the Palestine 

Action representative lamented.


“This further incentivizes the very elements who wish 

the destruction of the Palestinian people, and their

 international supporters, to not only spy on us 

even more intensely but even bear false 

witness to destroy our campaign.”


The appeal for Zionist entities, within and without Britain, of 

being able to level any charge against Palestinian solidarity

 activists they wish in total secret, and have their activities

 curtailed as a result, is obvious. For Elbit Systems, which 

has repeatedly exhibited a reticence to discuss its active,

ongoing and direct complicity in abuses perpetrated 

against Palestinian civilians in open court, and even

 misrepresented its operations to police 

investigators, the opportunity is surely 

all the more beguiling.


For its part, Palestine Action’s spokesperson says the group 

is undeterred in its goal of vanquishing Elbit from Britain. 

Others may, quite understandably, be discouraged. 



Kit Klarenberg is an investigative journalist and MintPresss 

News contributor exploring the role of intelligence services

 in shaping politics and perceptions.  



(The views expressed in this article ------ do not 

necessarily reflect those of Rhondda Records)



The Labour Party's ''one chance'' - to

move towards democratic socialism

and protest against Apartheid and

racist colonising regimes, is being

blocked now, by a wise wonderful

people, who once loved and lived 

in the Rhondda --- because they

believed we were going to build 

Heaven on earth here, and who

now mostly live in London... to

protect the future of ''Israel''.


Perhaps its the Rhondda's fault?


What do you think?   Can 

we still turn this around

or does the answer lie below?


Leader: Collapse 
of Israeli Regime 


April 22nd, 7:20pm (FNA)


 Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali 

Khamenei called on Muslims to concentrate on strengthening

 Palestinian combatants, and said that the Israeli regime is 

fast approaching its end.


Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting

 with the ambassadors of the Islamic countries in the capital

Tehran on Saturday on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, which 

marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. 


“Today, we are witnessing the gradual decline of the usurping

 Zionist regime; its speed is even increasing day by day,”

 the Supreme Leader said.


“The strategy of the Islamic world - should be focused on

 strengthening the combatant elements inside Palestine,"

 he added.


Pointing to the increasing waves of support for the Palestinian

 people around the world, the Leader said the participation of 

the Europeans in rallies to support the Palestinian people 

is very important, that too, in the countries that are 

dependent on the Zionists.


"The more this resistance increases, the weaker the Zionist 

regime will be, the more apparent its atrocities will become. 

The truly miserable situation that the Zionist regime is 

facing today is the result of the Palestinian youth's

 resistance," he further said.


Elsewhere in his address to the meeting, the Supreme Leader

 said the entire factors during the holy fasting month of 

Ramadan help to bring the hearts of people closer to

 one another, either within a country or in the whole

 Islamic Ummah.


“The authorities of Islamic countries should use this opportunity

 to create unity and togetherness among the members of the

 Islamic Ummah. Today, our problem is division, even 

though the Qur'an forbids division,” Ayatollah 

Khamenei pointed out.


If the Islamic Ummah, which is close to two billion today and 

is spread in the most significant and sensitive geographical 

areas of the world, were united, the Islamic countries 

would achieve many more blessings, the Supreme

 Leader said.


Reiterating that Palestine is not only an Islamic issue but
also, a human one, Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the
Quds Day rallies 
and marches in Muslim, as well as
non-Muslim countries, and 
said, “Anti-Zionist
gatherings on the Quds Day in the US and

 European countries are the result of the
revelation of the crimes
of the usurping Zionists.”


Ayatollah Khamenei said the deterrence power of the Zionist 

regime was coming to an end, adding, “Several decades ago,

 Ben-Gurion, one of the founders of the fake regime, said that

 whenever our deterrence power ends, we will be destroyed, 

and now the world is witnessing this fact, and if nothing

 happens, the end of the usurping regime is near, which 

is also one of the blessings of the self-effacing 

Palestinian youth in the West Bank and 

other occupied areas.”


The Supreme Leader described the proclivity towards Islam as

 the main factor behind the strengthening of Palestinian groups’ 

fight and added that such achievements did not exist in the 

periods when Islamic inclinations were of no significance.


 Ayatollah Khamenei said the enemies' anti-Islamism was the

 result of perceiving the power of Islam in strengthening the

 Palestinian nation and other nations, adding, “Of course, 

by the grace of God and the vigilance of Muslim nations, 

this strategy will end up nowhere.”


Referring to the pioneership of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic

 Republic in supporting the Palestinian issue, the Supreme</